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Chapter Six; Devil's Food.

"We have to find her."

Robin looked at the loyal remainders of his team. Raven? Captured. Beast Boy? Traitor. Only three remained. Starfire, face still stained with dry tears from watching the tape documenting the betrayal, Cyborg, eyes tight and stern, knowing what he must do. And Robin. Robin himself, clutching to the strings of leadership and sinking further into the mess, into the mire. His orders were routine. His voice was unusual; strained, cracking here and there but nowhere near breaking point. He gave orders quietly and sharply. He kept his head down for the majority of the drill. His directives were simple; track Raven's communicator. Examination of the tape revealed that it remained attached to her cloak as she was dragged through the window in treacherous talons. They needed to track it...and get her out.

Hes got his finger on the trigger

He nodded to them, having given them their orders.

"Oh, Titans..." he added, snapping another birdarang into his utility belt, "You will attack all threats to Raven. Don't hold back...not for anybody."

She was looking right into his eyes. They were green as always; she'd never imagined them to be so bitter to look at. They were always open, always honest.

Her lips felt salty to her. Everything was so confused.

its not a gun its something bigger...

Her shoulder throbbed...

"You tranquilized me?" Her voice was softer than she liked. She couldn't find the hardness threats needed. Beast Boy chuckled, his face inches away from her own.

"Boss' orders, Raven. Couldn't have you freaking out on me, just like you usually do."

That dug deep enough, and she grew angry, opening her eyes properly and glancing around at her prison. Small room. Cold, white floor, made up of tiles with a gritty texture to them...low, dark ceiling, a small light in the corner, frittering yellow. Her wrists were not only secured by two metal chains, heavy and loud if she moved, but they were bound, tight, in some sort of white tape. They were pulled almost vertically above her, making her ribs ache. Her legs hung loose, but she was secured so high to some sort of rig that her toes hardly touched the ground.

Bizarrely enough, looking past Beast Boy's smiling face sickening and examining the opposite wall, Raven realised it was a mirror what the hell?. It stretched the length of the entire wall, and reflected with an odd brightness not only herself and Beast Boy, but the frightening rig she was hanging from. The rig itself was bright white, and flashed in the dull flints of light from the corner. It consisted mostly of thin metal beams, thinner than Raven's arm but obviously strong enough to hold her weight. Five thicker beams held the structure intact, and in the huge mirror before her, Raven, chained like wedding jewelery to the two middle fingers, looked as though she were to be crushed by a huge skeletal hand grasping from darkness.

Odder still were her clothes. Gone was her regular leotard, although her cloak (complete with communicator, bizarrely) hung on one of the "fingers" of the rig. Instead, she wore a plain white gown, sleeveless, clinging to her slim form with two tiny straps about her shoulders. It fell down to her toes, grazing the floor, fitted her eerily perfectly. She shivered.

"Beast Boy...what's going on?"

His face, too close, broke into a brilliant smile.

"Why Raven, I thought you'd never ask!" His breath was musty, like the inside of a car left too long in the sun. Overheated. She rattled her chains viciously, thrusting herself forward as much as she could. No force. Not tall enough. They chinked above her noisily.

He laughed. Right in her angry, heated face, sending the hot breath at her, the laugh smacking her in the face, finding its impression on her scowl. Her arms ached. She wanted to get down. empath remember raven powers Of course.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

She felt the black essence float around her hands, and saw her eyes glow in the mirror. But nothing happened, and she rattled the chains in anger what the where are my powers what is happening

His laugh smacked her again.

"You only help us with your powers, Raven," he slid, teeth glinting. Only glaring at him, furious, did Raven notice that Beast Boy's clothes had changed too. He wore white, simple trousers and a shirt. It clashed with his skin.

"Care to explain things to me, Beast Boy?" Raven forced a smile onto her dry lips. She didn't like the smell in the air, cold and hot. Her fingers craved freedom. The gown hung too loose about her legs.

"It's what Slade and I like to call...Emotional Warfare," he grinned suavely, charmingly. Her gut wrenched.

"Slade and you?" she could hardly push the words through her teeth. "You're working with him?"

"Don't sound too surprised Raven," Beast Boy came closer again, touching her chin with his hands. She couldn't bring herself to cringe at the touch. He was one of her best friends Beast Boy and it was difficult to believe it's impossible totally crazy what he was telling her hes lying has to be maybe a spell a trick

"It's no trick, no spell. It's what I want, Raven."

The chains clattered again as she pulled against them, ferocious.

"Are you insane? He's a lunatic! All he does is manipulate people, berate them, humiliate them--"

"And you guys treated me any better?"

Raven fell silent, and the room was filled with Beast Boy's shallow, enraged intakes. She waited. How was she supposed to respond to that? the others good grief the others are they alright

"You just used me," he continued, snapping the silence. "Little Beast Boy, comedian of the team. I helped you along, gave you the best of my abilities, and what did you give me? Jeers. Snide comments. No respect. Who stood by me when Terra broke my heart and betrayed me? None of you.'Grass-stain'."

He leaned in closer. Raven watched with wide eyes. Heart thudded.

"And you, Raven. The perfect team member; no emotions. How can you be betrayed with no emotions? You'd never understand how I felt."

Where the hell is all this coming from "Beast Boy...if you just spoke to any of us...about this...we're your friends..."

"No!" it echoed, twice, three times. "You're not. None of you. And now it's your turn, Raven dear."

My turn my turn for what where are the others

Whats he going to do he's gone crazy

will he hurt me

he's my friend

you saw this coming raven saw it in the pool

no hes a friend he won't he wouldn't couldn't better not

where are the others will they save me

"Time for you to understand just how it feels to be betrayed, Raven..." his voice was soft, smooth, like oiled rubber; slippery.

He wants to you see what it feels like to be him

"Time for you to feel what I felt..."

what it feels like

"Time for you to understand every inch of the pain I suffered..."

to be him what it feels like to be him

"And time for you to finally learn to respect me!"

"Robin, calling Raven...Raven do you read? Raven?"

Robin slammed his communicator shut and refastened it to his belt. He stood next to the R-Cycle, preparing to board it. Starfire hovered close, hair a little stringy looking, biting her nails anxiously. Her face was tear-stained, and her hands shook, tense. Nearby, Cyborg typed viciously on a small pad built into his forearm. Raven's communicator could be tracked. It was just a matter of finding her quickly.

"Cyborg. Any luck yet?"

Robin's voice was hard, and official. It frightened Starfire. It was the voice he used when searching for Slade, the voice he reserved only for the worst criminals, the most dangerous threats, the deadliest minds. She moved forward after Cyborg shook his head ("Give me time, Rob...") and touched Robin's arm.

"Robin," she said meekly, her tone thin. Her eyes were still wet, like emeralds in the bottom of a pool. "Perhaps it is not wise to be so angry at Beast Boy. Perhaps he is not the one to blame."

"Starfire, you saw the tape--"

"Yes, but may be his intention to remove Raven from danger, out of love, out of friendship!"

He turned his face to her, and she could smell the anger on him. She loosed her grip on his arm, only to have him snatch her's, snarling.

"Starfire...that's not love pumping through his veins. He wants Raven for the worst of reasons. I can only hope we stop him in time."

She pulled her arm free, wincing at how tight Robin's stressed grip was.

"Perhaps...Robin...a friend does not simply go bad like that..."

"Well, in this case," Cyborg entered the conversation, his face bleak, "I think he did. From sun into shade. I found Raven's communicator. Check out my tracker."

He held out his arm like a prize, and Robin pulled it towards him, Starfire hovering overhead anxiously. Raven's communicator flashed in bright yellow on the screen.

"Is that not near the abandoned library?" Stafire asked, lime eyes studying the tracking device. Cyborg nodded, and wiped his free hand across his head, a disappointed expression melting his features.

"And look who else I found."

He clicked a small button to the left of the pad, and two more flashes appeared on the screen, in the same vicinity as Raven's. One glowed green, showing Beast Boy's location.

The other was a fat red "S".

Oh god hes got her slades got her are beast boy and slade together in this raven god raven is she ok we have to find her

calm down


you can track her and find her

what if the pool was right god what if shes sweating and screaming now and i'm not there to stop the hands or break the chains raven god raven


calm down and tell your team what to do you'll never save her if you drown

go titans go you need to move go GO damnit MOVE


"I'll explain it to you once, Raven. You can either co-operate, which will probably hurt a little less, if you're lucky...or you can fight us."

"Us." Raven spat, her eyes dark with disgust. "You and him. You're a fool to think you're anything more than just his puppet."

"I'm no less than what I was with the Titans--"

"Was? As in 'no longer am'? Beast Boy, you're out of your mind--"

"I'll explain it once, Raven. You listening?"

She stopped. There was no use fighting with him – when it boiled down to the facts, she was the one chained up, in a vulnerable position, and unable to use her powers. She watched the ground, watched his shadow in the jaded light. He paced before her, typically.

"The rig you're attached to is designed to absorb your powers. Once I remove those white bandages on your arm, the machine will run gentle electric impulses through your body, slowly sapping the emotional strength from your bones and body. The rig is attached by wires to that mirror...which is more than a mere mirror. You follow me so far?"


Hes going to take my powers he doesnt understand theyre so dangerous

he cant i wont let him he has no choice I have no choice

what does he want with them whats the mirror god he wont get my powers while im breathing where is robin he likes how i laugh and he will save me i know he will because he loves how i laugh and star and cy they will come stop this rig bandages will it hurt whats he doing god beast boy come back to us you fool

"Beast don't have to do this."

He smiled, pervertedly.

ignore it ignore the pool ignore what you saw damn it raven IGNORE IT

shes angry at you Beast Boy

Look at her pathetic dress clinging to her rodent shes a rodent ugly rodent she will pay for it all

how dare she ignore me steal my respect she deserves more than i can give her so much more

the way the light shines i can see her breasts through that dress

i want her to understand what it feels like to have everything sucked out from inside she will know by the end of it and slade has what he wants i'll show her im the man and shes the toy im the beast and she is NOTHING


He moved to her arms, hands outstretched like a dying soldier, and Raven began to struggle. She couldn't let him take what was her's. If Slade held her powers in that mirror (she assumed) all hell was likely to break. She rattled the chains, growled, cried out, kicked and twisted, animal in a snare. She bit.

It wasn't enough. Beast Boy merely watched her struggle, grinning that beater grin that left her weeping inside for mercy and help. Her grabbed her left arm and before she had chance to wrench away further, the bandage was off, loose, dead on the ground. The right one fell soon after.

Raven prepared herself, resisting the urge to close her eyes but clenching her fists and her body taut with adrenaline. She felt the fabric of the dress whisper against her cold skin. And there was silence for a while. you only help us with your powers Raven

He stood there and watched her, intently, the beater grin growing less and less as the seconds dripped by. All her heard was her breathing, hard and angry and sticky; all he saw was the rise and slope of her chest; almost meditative.

He had expected more. No power was being drawn from her. There was no flash, no thunder like he'd imagined. He stepped away for a moment, envy eyes now moving to the frightening rig, flicking to the mirror, back to the rig. Nothing.

He spun around.


The communicator was built into his collar. "It's not working".

Slade's voice was clear, as gentle and wickedly persuasive as ever. Raven glanced about, wondering where it came from. It was too loud to come from the communicator Beast Boy wore. Hidden speakers? Or was he there? In the room, watching and enjoying?

"She's figured out the rig."

Beast Boy glanced over to Raven, who watched him carefully, hands still taut and gripped.

"Care to share, Raven dear?"

She didn't like the way Slade spoke. Like the ocean; calm, easy blue...dangerous underneath, treacherous and slippery and black.

Her response was quiet, calm. Lacklustre. "Beast Boy already told me that my powers only help you. My powers are fueled by emotions. No emotion, no power."

Beast Boy's grin had entirely faded, and he stalked up to her, pressing his face inches from her's once more.

"WHY no emotions Raven? Aren't you scared?"

"Not of you."

The fury in his eyes faded, and suddenly, Raven was facing Beast Boy. Garfield. He was back there, just for a second.

"Beast Boy..."

Slade's voice stabbed at the moment like a scorpion pierces its prey, and Beast Boy was hard in the eyes again, a gem doused in dirt. He continued to stare deep into Raven.

"Make her feel. Do whatever you must."

the pool the pool raven he wouldnt dont let him he wont he is still in there beast boy where is robin i need him here where

He stared, stolid and cold, an icepick. She held her gaze with as much porcelain as possible. She was cold back.

"I'll turn them all against you, Raven," he growled, that grin clawing back up his face. "They're going to hear it all."

His breath was too hot on her face. She held out.

"Hear what, Beast Boy?"

too close too close get away beast boy the pool he wont he will not

"Hear you finally respecting me."

She fought the urge to shout, to weep, to struggle.

"You won't enjoy this, Raven..."

A portion of her control slipped, and she felt a tiny impulse run through her hand. She quickly glanced up, forcing serenity upon herself, and saw a slither of black snake upwards from her hand into the rig. She didn't see its final destination.

"Cyborg? What will he think of you, eh? Actually, I don't really think he ever liked you, did he? You can't imagine the names he calls you when you're not in the room..."

fight it stay calm stay controlled you know what will happen robin where are you cyborg you wouldnt didnt i know you you didnt LIAR

"And pretty Starfire. When you're gone, Raven, and this is all over, I'm going to have her. I might even lock her up here, right where you are. She can wear your little gown. All for me and Slade."

oh god star he wont ignore it oh god dont god

Another impulse, stronger now, and Raven breathed out, feeling it leave her this time. It pulled right in her centre, ragged up and out.

He was closer now, and she recoiled as his hands slipped about her shaking waist.

"And Robin..."

Before he even said anything Raven felt a huge slip of her energy clamber up through her arms and dive into the rig. It stung. It left a gap, a hole.

"Beast Boy..."

"You think I haven't seen how he looks at you?"

someone help me robin robin

"Oh...he wants you, Raven...I see it, hear it in his voice, smell the desire all over him...he won't get you first though...will he?"

The hands released from her waist suddenly, and Raven felt another chunk of power run laughing into the rig. It was leaving her weaker and weaker...and something was forming in the mirror.

Beast Boy stepped over to her cloak.

"Do you want to call him, or should I?"

His voice was chill, his grin manic and beat beat beating on Raven's eyes. His skinny body threatened her beyond belief. The room grew hot and sweaty. She couldn't find words to form on her dry lips as he flipped open the communicator.

"Beast Boy calling Robin, do you read?"

The sound of tires as Robin dragged his bike to a stop deafened for a moment, and then smoked in the air. Cyborg and Starfire, traveling close behind in Cyborg's car, quickly came to a halt.

"Beast Boy. Where are you? Where is Raven?"

The three of them gathered together about Robin's communicator, which he quickly turned on to loud speaker. Robin's voice was calm. The anger bubbled underneath.

"Details you already know, Robin. Raven is with me. Cyborg knows how to track a signal as well as any other robot."

Starfire quickly placed a hand on the metal man's arm, as he shook with anger.

"Beast Boy, friend. We merely wish to know what is happening. Please, tell us."

"Still hoping I'm good, eh, Star? Cute. Can't wait to get to you later."

Robin growled. "Beast Boy, tell us now, what you want with Raven. Is she alright?"

"Fine, actually. Like I said, she's with me. Raven's been having a ball of a time, right, Rae?"

Robin didn't like it. He heard the ooze of Beast Boy's voice, the silence on behalf of Raven.

"Let me see her. Let me see she's alright." His voice was pleading now. There was a laugh on the other end of the communicator.

"Hear that, Raven? They wanna watch. Well, who am I to refuse such a request, eh?"

Robin glanced at Cyborg and Starfire. They looked as bemused as he did.

The screen on the communicator flickered, and then switched on. The saw Beast Boy's face, grinning widely, teeth showing white.

"Here's your princess, ladies and gents..."

The camera moved, and soon they could see her, hanging by her arms, head down, breathing heavy, white like a virgin, looking away.

the pool robin remember no its not beast boy wouldnt

"Raven!" Robin shouted into the communicator, a light rain beginning to tap down upon them as they watched. The street they were on was deserted. The only audience was the rain.

"Raven, get away from him! Get out of there!"

"Robin, do you honestly think she hasn't tried? She's attached to a rig, which slowly but surely saps her powers from her. Slade and I have great plans for her. She should see it as an honour, but, you know, Raven didn't always see things the way everyone else did. However, her powers were a no-show for a while – so I've got to provoke them..."

Robin knew now. He knew the pool, knew the vision was there, was him.

Hes a parasite and hes trying to suck the life out of you

"Raven..." Cyborg was catching on, and glanced at Robin. He wanted to hear his leader deny it, prove it wasn't going to happen that way. Robin's eyes merely glued to the screen, sweat beading down his face and dancing with the rain, falling harder now.

The screen moved to the floor, rested on an angle in which Raven was entirely visible. She looked drained, exhausted. Her hair straggled to her face, and for a moment, her eyes turned to the screen, meeting all of theirs. They screamed for help. Starfire's hand flew to her mouth.


Beast Boy moved closer to the prey, hands out. Robin could taste the heat in the air as tears gathered about his eyes. They were helpless. So was she. It was warm on his tongue.

She made not a sound. They watched, rain and tears writhing down their skin as his hands moved, as material tore, as he forced and forced. Starfire looked away, sobbing. Submission hurt. Cyborg's head shook no, no, no as he watched, unable to scratch out his eyes. Animal grunts. She was silent, as a reed battered by wind. The chains about her wrists rattled back and forth, swaying.

Get off me this is not yours you have no right

You cannot take this it is mine

Please leave me alone do not touch me no you were my friend

Please stop you mustn't STOP he is not listening to me

I trust you I know you won't

Will he believe that will it stop him

No I trust you you will not take me you will not I know you you you won't hurt me you won't use me

Why are you with him

No please no help me somebody

Why aren't they listening

He will not break me I won't let him

Oh God it hurts so much he hurts that's mine give it please don't take it why

These chains are cold on my wrists

It hurts I must be bleeding I can't cry I already am

Where are you

You said you wanted me to laugh well how do I laugh at this

He said he'd steal my pain but oh God this hurts why is he hurting me

Tears streamed down her face. Her eyes were closed tight. The rain fell harder and harder, pushing them.

Shes mine and its perfect

god help me somebody

her powers are leaking out shes mine mine i am the man now she is the toy RESPECT ME

robin help me im sorry robin robin god help me

all mine now all mine

Robin watched, fists drooped, weak. If the rain got any harder, he felt as though it would sink him into the ground.

you're devils food

Black flashes of power erupted from her hands and she groaned, throwing her head back, soon an outcry. Beast Boy let her go, zipped his trousers, grinned that grin. Robin shook, wept behind his mask, so much he could hardly see, hardly breathe. Cyborg shivered. Starfire sobbed.

Raven let go.

The whole rig shuddered, and was engulfed in black light, powerful and hungry as the sea. It roared, and the screen was encased in the light, flickering and only noise now. They heard things dropping, things falling, cracking. Metal flickered. Robin grew more angry now, more volcanic, teeth clenched, legs stiff, heart pounding enough, pulsing, pulsing hard, hurt so much to let go...


He heard her voice, no image on the screen, but her voice. It shook. Tremulous. It broke the sound of the rain. It rained too much.

"R-Raven?" He was broken. He could hardly speak.

She was quiet, still resigned, gasping for breath. "Is Cyborg there?"

"Yes." Cyborg stepped in and responded.

"I need him to guide me out of this building."

How can she do that how is she still fighting this he took her took her away won over us how can she fight how is she still alive

Cyborg pressed button after button on his arm. He already had blueprints of every building in the city. He brought up the required ones, face stony, still shivering, Starfire still clinging. Robin had stopped.

"Raven...the door is to your right..."