HEy guys. I am so so so...so so so so sorry this took so long. I've been sick for like a week and still not totally well. so..enjoy..maybe. and again i am sorry. Also I am making this the last chapter. Not what i planned but i think i'll be sick for a while longer. it ends good trust me.

(When Luke came down stairs and noticed Lorelai was gone, he assumed that she had just gone to work. During the day he tried to call her but she never answered. When he didn't see or hear from her by late afternoon he began to get worried.)


(Rory answers the door and sees Luke)

RORY: Luke, hi.

LUKE: Hey Rory. Um….. is your mother home.

RORY: No. She called and said she was working late tonight. Why, is something wrong?

LUKE: No. No, I was just wondering.

RORY: Oh, ok.

LUKE: Ok. So … bye. (Luke turns to leave)

RORY: Hey Luke?

LUKE: Yeah? (he turns back)

RORY: Just so you know. I happy about what happened. (she smiles at him and he smiles back)

LUKE: She really does tell you everything.

RORY: Except the dirty stuff.

LUKE: Good to know that…and the other thing too.

(Either of them saw Max Medina coming up to the porch)

RORY: Mr. Medina.

MAX: Hello Rory.

RORY: What are you doing here?

MAX: Actually I was hoping to speak to your mother. Is she home?


(Max looks at Luke then turns back to Rory)

MAX: Do you know where I can find here?


MAX: You know Rory you should really take care of that five o'clock shadow. (he says to Luke)

RORY: Um.. Mr. Medina this is Luke. Luke, Mr. Medina. My English teacher.

LUKE: Since when do English teacher make house calls?

MAX: I'm very dedicated to my students.

LUKE: And their mothers?

RORY: So Mr. Medina why are you looking for my mom? (Rory said trying to keep the intensity to a minimum)

MAX: Well she called me about three nights ago but we didn't get a chance to speak, because I wasn't home and my machine answered it. I tried to call her but she not answering her cell, so I came over.

LUKE: Ok, well she's not here so you can leave now. (he said becoming agitated)

MAX: Who are you again? (Max response with the same attitude)

RORY: Luke's mom's boyfriend. (she say quickly)

MAX: What?

LUKE: You heard her. I'm Lorelai's boyfriend.

MAX: Oh…. I didn't know.

LUKE: Now you know.

RORY: And knowing is half the battle.

MAX: I guess I should go then.

LUKE: Good guess.

MAX: Good night Rory. Tell your mom I was here.

RORY: I will. Bye.

(Max leaves)

LUKE: So that's Max?

RORY: Yup.

LUKE: I don't like him.

RORY: I wouldn't worry about it. Mom likes you a lot more.

LUKE: So why did she call him. (Rory doesn't answer and there is a sad silence) Bye Rory.

RORY: Bye Luke

(Later that evening Lorelai comes home)

LORELAI: Hey sweets.

RORY: Hi mom. (Lorelai goes to the kitchen and Rory follows her) You had a couple gentlemen callers.

LORELAI: Unless it was Ben and Jerry I'm not interested. (she sit at the table and Rory joins her)

RORY: Close. It was Luke and Max.

LORELAI: Max? What was he doing here?

RORY: Said you called him.


RORY: Did you?

LORELAI: No!…Well yes, but I didn't talk to him. His machine picked up.

RORY: Why did you call him?

LORELAI: I don't even know. It was the eve of the Firelight Festival. Everywhere I went I saw all these lovey-dovey couples, doing their lovey-doveyness, in their lovey-dovey ways and I just felt …..

RORY: unlovey-dovey?

LORELAI: Pathetic…and lonely too, but really pathetic.

RORY: Mom your not pathetic.

LORELAI: Hey I didn't say I was pathetic I said I felt pathetic.

RORY: But you were with Luke.

LORELAI: I was pretending to be with Luke. It was before the whole Dirty Dancing incident.

RORY: Ohhhh. You should mention that to Luke because he didn't seem too happy when he found out you called Max.

LORELAI: They were here at the same time?

RORY: Yeah. Almost poked my eye out with those things there swinging around. But after I told Mr. Medina that Luke was your boyfriend he just said to tell you he was here then he left.

LORELAI: I don't have a boyfriend. (she said sadly)

RORY: Yes you do. I mean, I know at first it was just a favor, but he did ask and you did accept.

LORELAI: Yes, and now its over.

RORY: What do you mean.

LORELAI: Luke and Rachel are getting married.

RORY: What? When? How?

LORELAI: Luke and Rachel are getting married. I don't know. Using a black tux, white dress and a priest maybe.

RORY: Mom. Are you sure? How do you know?

LORELAI: (she took a deep breathe) After you left for school yesterday, I when up to Luke apartment. When I got to the top I saw Luke on his knee, with a ring, in front of a standing and smiling Rachel. Then she took the ring he got up, they smiled, they hugged. What to you think?

RORY: O man. I was so sure he likes you.

LORELAI: Well he doesn't.

RORY: Mom I'm so sorry.

LORELAI: Me too. (Lorelai gets up from the table and goes to her room and cries silently)


RORY: Are you sure you want to do this.

LORELAI: Yes. If he's gonna dump me I'd rather it be as soon as possible.

RORY: Ok. Let's go

(Lorelai and Rory leaves the house)


(Lorelai and Rory enter the Diner and sits at a table near the window. When she was settled in her seat, Lorelai turned towards the counter. She immediately locked eyes with Luke, who had just turned around from the coffee pot. At first they both looked at each other sadly. Then Luke began to remember their dance and a faint smile came across his face. Lorelai somehow knew what the smile was for and returned it. It wasn't much, but it was nice remembering. Soon Luke diverted his eyes to the door and his smile faded. Lorelai also looked to the door.)

LORELAI: Max? What the hell are you doing here?

MAX: Nice to see you too Lorelai.

LORELAI: Max whatever it is now is not a good time.

MAX: I just want to talk. Five minutes?


(Max sits down)

RORY: I'm gonna go and get a myself a um… thing over there by the.. um …you know…so that you can…yeah so …I'm gonna go. Bye. (Rory gets up and move to the table next to theirs.)


MAX: So… the diner guy?

LORELAI: His name is Luke.

MAX: Right. Luke.

LORELAI: Get to the point Max.

MAX: You called me a few nights ago. Why?

LORELAI: How do know I called?

MAX: Once the machine picks up, the number is recorded.

LORELAI: (sighs) I thought I needed you for something. But it turned out I didn't.

MAX: Why did you think you needed me?

LORELAI: I didn't say I needed you. I said I needed something and it doesn't matter because I didn't.

MAX: I think you missed me.

LORELAI: I missed what you were.

MAX: I think you wanted to get back together, but was afraid of what I would say.

LORELAI: I don't want to get back together Max. (she was getting agitated)

MAX: Lorelai, I can't stop thinking about you. I keep seeing your face and everything I do reminds me of the time we've spent together. I want to be with you Lorelai. And I think you called me that night because you want to be with me too.

LORELAI: No Max, I don't. Unplug your ears for crying out load

MAX: Look I know you said you're with this coffee guy..

LORELAI: Luke. His name is Luke. (getting visible upset, but Max ignores it and continues )

MAX: And you think you're happy with him, but he's just the rebound guy.

LORELAI: He is not the rebound guy. (she is almost screaming)

MAX: Lorelai, I'm saying that I want to be with you. I want to have an 'US' again. I want…

LORELAI: And I'm saying I don't want you. I want Luke. (This time she screamed. The people in the diner didn't have to strain the ears to hear this one. At the sudden silence of the diner, Lorelai realised what she had said, where she had said it and how load.)

LORELAI: That came out a little bit load didn't it? (she asks looking over to Rory. Rory sympathetically nods.)

(Max was surprised and saddened by the out burst. Without saying another word, he gets up and leaves. When he was gone Luke came over to Lorelai's table.)

LUKE: Hey…

LORELAI: Not now. (Lorelai say and gets up to leave)

LUKE: Oh. Sorry.

LORELAI: (Lorelai then turns back) No. you know what…now. Do it now.

LUKE: Do what? (Luke understandably is confused)

LORELAI: Tell me now.

(at this point the whole diner is watching and listening)

LUKE: Tell you what?

LORELAI: That we're done.

LUKE: We're done?

LORELAI: Thank you. Bye.

LUKE: What? Wait a minute. (Luke reaches out and grabs Lorelai's wrist, then turns to Rory) What the hell is she talking about.

RORY: Your engagement.

LUKE: I'm engaged?

LORELAI: Fine rub it in. (she says and tries again to leave, but Luke pulls her back and continues to talk to Rory)

LUKE: To who?

RORY: Rachel.

LUKE: I'm engaged to Rachel?

LORELAI: Could you let me go now.

LUKE: No. (he says to Lorelai and continues to question Rory) Why the hell does she think I'm engage to Rachel?

RORY: She saw you propose to Rachel.

LUKE: How could she see something that didn't happen.

RORY: She's Lorelai.

LORELAI: Hey, she (Lorelai points to herself with her free hand) is right here.

LUKE: (Luke turns to Lorelai) I'm not engaged to Rachel.

LORELAI: Did you give her a ring?

LUKE: No, I did not give her a…well I gave her back a ring, but that was..

LORELAI: Were you on your knees?

LUKE: Yes, so I could… (Luke was trying to get her to listen to him)

LORELAI: Did you guys hug?

LUKE: Only because…

LORELAI: Sounds engaged to me.

KIRK: Me too.

LUKE: Eat your food and get out Kirk. (Luke shouted at Kirk)

LORELAI: Look Luke, its ok. I'm …glad that you found someone to …love and spend the rest of your life with and if she makes you happy that's ….great. So congratulation on your … (she couldn't finish. Luke was kissing her)

(Before she could finish Luke had pulled her even closer to him, held her head in place and was kissing her. It was a surprising sweetness that Lorelai eagerly returned, but before it got much further Luke pulled away and Looked at her. She look dumfounded. )


(Luke smiled. Glad she seemed to be finally be listening to him, he slow kissed her again. It was pleasing to the taste and lasted a bit longer than the first. When he pulled away again, Lorelai was still confused, but willing to accept that answer. )


LUKE: And I didn't propose to Rachel.

LORELAI: But I saw you….

(Luke kisses her again, figuring it was the only way to get her to shut up and listen to him. She wasn't complaining)

LORELAI: Ok. (she says again smiling and Luke smiled back)

LUKE: She dropped her ring and I gave it back to her. Then we hugged good bye.

LORELAI: Good bye?

LUKE: She left yesterday.


(they were silent for a while, then Luke's smile again faded)

LUKE: So you called Max?

(Lorelai looks at him seriously)

LORELAI: It was a mistake and it was before ….that night.

LUKE: So you and him are not….

(Lorelai pulls Luke's face to her and kisses him before he could finish the question. His hands went around her waist returning the kiss. Then she pulled back.)

LUKE: So are you and I….

(She kisses him again. This kiss seemed longer and sweeter than the others. They both began to smile in the kiss and then pulled back. )

LUKE: Good. (he whispers)

MISS PATTY: Its about time.

RORY: Here. Here.

KIRK: Pay up, Andrew.

(The diner cheers and Luke and Lorelai hug each other tightly and kissed again.)

RORY: Hey, get a room.

(Luke and Lorelai finally broke. Rory came over and hugged her mom and then Luke. While she's hugging Luke Lorelai goes behind the counter. Luke sees her)

LUKE: What are you doing.

LORELAI: Getting some coffee.

LUKE: You're not allow behind the counter.

LORELAI: But I'm the girlfriend.

LUKE: Get out from behind there. (he says going behind the counter)

LORELAI: The cute, funny girlfriend.

LUKE: Get out.

LORELAI: The sexy girlfriend.

LUKE: Out.

LORELAI: You know I'm not seeing the benefits of this relationship. (she says with a huge smile on her face)

(Luke walks up to her, put her hands on her hips and pulls her into him.)

LUKE: How's this?

(Luke Kisses Lorelai.)

The End