Hammered Home

Rating: I'm going to say G.
Pairings: Unrequited Cloud/Nail Bat, and Buster Sword/Nail Bat. (Yeah, you read that right!)
Words: 385
Warnings: Sword romance, unrequited love, Nail Bat the whimpering uke.

Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII, or any of the places and characters mentioned in that game and this piece of fanfiction. No profit is being made, I write for free.

It wasn't easy being stuck in a millennia-old temple sometimes. The lack of creatures with the hands to hold a poor lonely bat… sometimes it all got too much. Sometimes all that was needed was some basic human contact.

Nail Bat had never thought himself a complainer, but even he got down from time to time. Oh, of course people had made attempts to make him theirs; but every adventurer who had ever got close had eventually been killed or driven mad by the mazes of the temple.

No, it wasn't easy being a young bat with no company. Nail Bat had thought that things would always be that way. He'd seen himself lonely forever.

But Cloud Strife had come into his life, and things had changed. Everything was different now.

Oh, I wish… Nail Bat thought, gazing into Cloud's eyes, the young man's hands wrapped protectively around him. Cloud Strife had come into his life, and he'd thought that things had changed for good. Not anymore. He soon learned that materia slots were sometimes more important than brute strength alone. He had never been needed by Cloud, not really.

Alone, abandoned, Nail Bat sat despondently at the bottom of Cloud's inventory and moped. Oh, I wish… he thought, pulling idly at his nails. If only things were different.

"Nail Bat, right?" came a sudden voice from behind him, and Nail Bat turned to face the newcomer with alarm.

He wiggled a nail in greeting. "Yes," he said, wary, not trusting the sword before him just yet.

"I'm Buster Sword. You can just call me Buster." Nail Bat stared. "Look, I'm just going to come out and say it. I know how it is to be alone, Nail Bat. Cloud has barely touched me since Shinra Headquarters." He took a deep breath, eyes downcast. "I understand."

Nail Bat's heart swelled until he felt he would burst. Finally, somebody… somebody who understood! "Oh, I've waited to hear those words for so long!" Nail Bat cried, weeping and throwing himself at Buster. He sobbed. "I'm not alone anymore!"

Nail Bat had thought that things would always be this way, lonely and depressed. He'd seen himself abandoned forever.

But then Buster had come into his life, and at long last… he felt as if he had finally nailed his target.