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chapter 14

When he stopped his car in front of his house he saw Sara sitting on the steps, her elbows on her thighs, her head on her hands. She didn't move when he left the car and neither did when he walked over to her.

He slowly kneeled down in front of her, his hands reached out for hers and slowly covered them. She let them drop into her lap, the feeling of his hands on hers blew the last bits of anger away and filled her with butterflies. That annoyed her a little bit, she wanted to be angry, wanted him to know that she was angry. There had been so many things that she had wanted to tell him, so many things that she had wanted to say, she had wanted to tell him how much he had hurt her...

"I'm so sorry." He whispered, his hands softly squeezing hers.

She shivered softly not because she was cold but because of a wave of different feelings that ran through her, she couldn't really describe them... They were a weird mixture of anger and love, pain and happiness, disappointment and anticipation...

She said nothing. He had been the one who wanted to talk with her so she waited for him to talk. She didn't know what to say anyways, what should she say? Everything had been said before... If he wanted to clear the situation up then he needed to make the first step, the first steps, there needed to be done more than one, she would stay where she was... He was the one who needed to walk.

"Sara I didn't mean to hurt you. What I said...I... I want this lie to end but I don't want...I don't want to end it between the two of us. What happened between us was true, all the time. And when I said that I don't want to lie anymore I meant telling my mother the whole truth about us, about the last days... I want to tell her that I made up this lie. That I tried to escape from an awkward discussion with her by telling her a lie, I want her to know that I asked you for the favor to help me, that you helped me because I didn't give you any choice..."

His thumb slowly ran over her fingers and their eyes met for a moment. She felt tears rising up in her eyes, she did her best to swallow them...

"...and that I fell in love with you, long long time ago..."

...she didn't succeed.

"...But that I never acted on my feelings, never even allowed these feelings to me because I was afraid to let you know too much about me. I want her to know that things are different now. That I know how to act on my feelings and that I love you..." He noticed the tears that ran down her face and his one hand left hers and reached for her cheek. He wiped them away with his thumb, slowly brushing it over her skin.

Now her whole body was shaking. She hadn't expected that. Not like this, not yet...

"...That I truly love you and that I... Sara, I don't want our love to be hidden by a lie."

He pulled her into his arms, holding her close to him. Her arms slipped around his neck, her right hand rested on the back of his head, burying itself into his hair.

He felt her breath on his skin and it sent showers of sensation down his body, his heart was literally jumping by the fact that she was back, in his arms. And by the fact that he had finally been able to tell her what he felt.

She sobbed harder, pressing her body closer against his chest. She couldn't control herself anymore, he loved her. He had told her that he loved her, he had said that he truly loved her. She couldn't believe it. This was what she had been waiting for, she'd been waiting for five years, longer even, so much longer...

His hand slipped over her back, over her shoulder, reaching her cheek after brushing a strand of hair out of her face as he pulled away from her. "I know that I used exactly the wrong words and explanations when we were arguing. I am an idiot. I should learn to say what I feel and not what I think hides my feelings the best. I'm sorry my Angel... Can you forgive me, please?" He pleaded softly.

She smirked softly, still crying but she just couldn't help it. She nodded. "Yeah." For the first time she spoke and it felt so good to hear her voice again.

The need to hold her close again rose up in him and grew stronger and stronger with every second. He pulled her closer to him again, his lips softly touched her skin, then he started to kiss her tears away.

The feeling of his lips on her skin sent a wave of heat through her body. She reached up for his cheeks and dragged his lips to hers, meeting him in a passionate kiss. Their tongues massaged each other, danced around each other, teased each other...

She leaned back, leaned against the cold stairs, dragging him down with her. His hands supported his weight on the top steps while his lips traced down her neck.

Neither of them cared that they were lying on the steps in front of his house, it was dark anyways. Except for the light over his door nothing illuminated the closer area around them.

Neither of them noticed Gretchen who opened the door for a few inches and watched them for a minute until she stepped out into the light. The door shut behind her with an barely audible tone but Grissom heard it and looked up. As he spotted his mother he immediately let go off Sara, who realized that something was wrong and also turned to where Grissom was staring. That was embarrassing.

Sara was chewing on her bottom lip while Grissom helped her up on her feet. She knocked off the dust from her jeans with her hands, feeling how blood rushed into her cheeks... She had never before been caught while she was making out with someone, though she knew that for Grissom it was probably worse because it was his mother.

/We were just.../ Grissom started but was interrupted by his mothers hasty gestures.

/You were making out on the stairs! What did you think.../

/...Mom, Mom we need to tell you something./ Now it was his turn to interrupt her.

Gretchen raised an eyebrow.

He took a deep breath, Sara reached for his hand and softly squeezed it before letting go off it again so that he could sign. /We better go in for that Mom./

/I'm not moving until you explain this to me./

He sighed and glanced at Sara, he saw that she was still chewing on her lip and he wondered if he should tell her to stop. But that wouldn't help at all, it would only piss her off and that was the last thing he wanted right now. /It's about me and Sara Mom, we really better go in./

Gretchen stayed hard-bitten, Grissom didn't want to tell her the truth here, not outside, not in passing, not like that...but he knew his mother. /We are not engaged./ he signed with shaking fingers.

Gretchen threw an asking look at him.

/We were not even involved when you came here. I'd really rather tell you this inside./

/Are you involved now/

Grissom looked at Sara who smiled supportively at him. /Yes./

/And you love her/

He nodded. /Yes. Yes I love her...we love each other./

/Where is the problem then/

Grissom raised an eyebrow and looked at Sara who threw an questioning look at him. "What did she say?" Sara asked whispering.

"She asked me where the problem is when we love each other..."

Sara glanced over to Gretchen, a bemused expression in her face. Gretchen simply smiled at her.

/Let's go in and just celebrate what's still left of Christmas. Who cares about since when you are involved...as long as you are now./ Gretchen signed smiling and went back into the house.

Grissom stared after her, unbelieving. Sara softly tugged on his arm. "What did she say?"

"That we should celebrate Christmas and not care about since when we are together, it wouldn't matter." He said as if he was in trance.

"I don't get that."

Grissom shrugged, then slowly slipped his arm around her back and guided her upstairs. "You know what I have been wondering about all the time?"


"You said she was in my office when you met her..."

"...rummaging through your stuff." She said nodding.

"I locked my office when I left and only Catherine, whom my mother claimed to meet for the first time when we met her in the restaurant, had a key."

Sara's eyes widened. "No." she said shaking her head in disbelieve. "No..."

He opened the door and held it opened for her. "Yes." He said following her in.


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