Title: Ice Queen
Summary: Raven is having a hard time keeping her 'ice queen' attitude up when a few new emotions appear and start getting her railed up over a certain green team mate who's been injured. How will she handle it all? With the help of a crazy alien girl, anything is possable.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans; all I own is the plot line of the fan-fiction.
Genres: Tragedy, Romance and Humor.
Rating: Teen

Kim: I think each chapter is going to have a nice song behind it...I'm not 100 sure right now but the 1st chapter has a song behind it now and if I continue in the pattern I'll put the artist and song title up so if you want to look it up and listen to it you can.
The Way I Write:

Chapter Song: Green Day – "Give Me Novacaine"

Chapter 1 – An Injured Titan

Raven's eyes widened as she watched the green boy titan fly back into a lap post that came crashing down onto his head followed by a large cracking noise. 'Oh no!' her mind screamed as she raced over to him. "Beastboy? Beastboy can you hear me?" she asked shaking him.

"Uh." Beastboy muttered. 'My head…it feels like I got ran over' he thought sadly.

Take away the sensation inside
Bittersweet migraine in my head
It's like a throbbing toothache of the mind
I can't take this feeling anymore

"Are you okay BB?" Cyborg asked walking over.

"My...head..." he muttered softly looking at him then Raven. "Raven?"

She nodded. "Yeah…it's me Beastboy. You sure you're not hurt?"
Beastboy blinked. 'Why is she asking me? Does she really care?' he wondered as he stared into her violet eyes, not noticing Robin and Starfire walking over.

"We're going to take Cinderblock down to the jail. You should take Beastboy back to the sick bay.."

Beastboy blinked. 'Sick bay?' he thought before the voices all started to sound the same. 'Focus Beastboy…stay awake…' he mentally yelled at himself. His eyes closed slowly.

"Beastboy?" Raven asked watching him. "Beastboy?" she asked again louder.

Drain the pressure from the swelling,
The sensation's overwhelming,
Give me a kiss goodnight and everything will be alright
Tell me that I won't feel a thing
So give me novacaine

Cyborg nodded to Robin before turning back to the other two members. "Common Rae lets get him back to the tower."

Raven nodded picking up Beastboy carefully. "Azerath Metrion Zinthos" she muttered softly as a black raven swallowed the tree titans and transported then back into the tower. She sighed walking over to a bed and lay Beastboy down.

"Beastboy? Can you hear me?" Cyborg asked shaking him gently. "Get up BB." He muttered. Beastboy didn't move, his chest moved up and down calmly as if he were asleep though he didn't open his eyes.

'My eyes won't open…what's wrong with me?' Beastboy thought wandering around a pitch black area.

Raven blinked watching. "Why won't he wake up…" she muttered softly.

"I think the shock to his head…has sent him into a coma…" Cyborg muttered softly while rapping a bandage around Beastboy's skull.

'A Coma? When am I gonna wake up? Cyborg? Dude!' Beastboy sighed looking around the black area. 'Now what…'

Raven sighed and sat down in a nearby chair and watched as Cyborg worked hooking Beastboy up to a few machines to measure his heart beat, brain waves along with a few other things.

Out of body and out of mind
Kiss the demons out of my dreams
I get the funny feeling, that's alright
Jimmy says it's better than air,
I'll tell you why

Beastboy sighed as he heard foot steps followed by the swooshing of a door. 'Guess they left…great..' he thought sadly then blinked as he heard foot steps again. 'Who the-'

"Beastboy I'm sorry." A feminine voice said softly from, what he assumed, was his right.

'Raven? Why is she…wait? Did she say she was sorry? To me? DUDE and I'm not even awake to see her! Unfair!'

"If I had been watching…maybe I could have slowed your crash and you won't be here." She continued. "I don't know if you can hear me but…"

Drain the pressure from the swelling,
The sensations overwhelming,
Give me a kiss goodnight and everything will be alright,
Tell me that I won't feel a thing,
So give me novacaine

'But…' Beastboy thought ushering her on in his mind then mentally groaned as he heard the door open again.

"Friend Raven?" Starfire's soft voice came.

"Starfire…hello." Raven said softly.

"Hello to you as well. How is friend Beastboy doing?" she asked walking over beside Raven looking down at the 'sleeping' titan.

"He's in a coma Starfire…he's breathing and heart rate seam normal.." she muttered softly.

"Please…what is Coma?" Starfire asked softly.

Beastboy inwardly laughed. 'That's Star..'

"It's like…a really deep sleep Starfire." Robin's voice came from the door way as he walked in.

Oh Novacaine

Starfire nodded. "Oh…so I shall fetch the clock of alarming to wake him." She said smiling.

"That won't exactly wake him Star." Robin said laughing softly.

'Great…no one is saying how long I'll be out…and I wonder what Raven was going to say…I wish Robin and Star would leave…maybe she'd continue her though…' Beastboy thought to him self as he sat down in his dark place.

"Why not Robin?" Star asked softly.

"Because he's too deep in sleep. It's all up to him when he wakes up Star." Cyborg said walking in. "I tapped all the machines into myself just incase."

Starfire nodded. "I understand…shall we leave him to rest then?" she asked looking at the others.

"I think that would be a good idea." Robin muttered softly as he walked out the door followed by Starfire.

"You coming Raven?" Cyborg asked looking over at her.

Her hood was now up covering most of her face along with the sorrow in her eyes. "No...I think…I'll stay here for a while, maybe meditate."

"Okay…if that's what you want that's cool." Cyborg said walking out of the room.

Drain the pressure from the swelling,
The sensations overwhelming
Give me a kiss goodnight and everything will be alright,
Tell me, Jimmy, I won't feel a thing,
So give me Novacaine

'Why did she stay?' Beastboy thought softly. 'And how come no one really seamed sad?'

"Beastboy…please, wake up soon." Raven's voice came softly then the sound of foot steps were herd. "I'll be back okay BB…"

'BB? Since when does she use my nick…' he paused as he heard her sniffle then the door close. 'Was she? Crying…over me? Oh my god…' he sighed inwardly. 'This is all my fault…'

Well...that's the first chapter. Hope you all liked it. I did my best for this chapter…I'm not to good at Teen Titan Fictions…sorry…oh well..