Hi! Since I'm slightly obsessed with the ring I just wanted to make a fic.

(Answering machine beeps)

Hello Rachelle I'm from the (insert that one hospital where samara is from) on news about Samara, her Mother was let off for good behavior once 13 years ago and came back with a baby so Samara has a younger sister named Jasmine who is thirteen years old, The bad news is, that she ran away when she was four and took with her a knife, Samara's lockets, and lots of hair bands. That's all I have to say good luck on the investigation, bye. (Answering machine beeps off)

(A/N this scene takes place at cabin 12)

"Jasmine! Are you going to go in?" Mike asked.

"You go in fist it's supposed to be haunted,"

"Wow the never afraid Jasmine, not going in," James teased.

"Hey have you guys ever heard of the movie that's so scary you're supposed to die a week later," Pete asked once they all were inside.

"Yeah, I heard that it's real, REAL FAKE!" Jasmine teased.

"Well, I watched it and now I'm scared!" he replied.

"Sure you did," Jasmine still teased.

Jasmine took two steps then fell through a rotten board.

"We are out of here!" Mike said as he and James left leaving Pete in the kitchen and Jasmine in, where ever but she's right next to the well! The TV started to go fuzzy.

"Pete are you trying to scare me?" Jasmine yelled.

There was a big bang noise as the TV fell and sucked Jasmine in.

'Where am I?' Jasmine thought as she walked to the well. There was a banging noise inside it.

"OHMYGOD! Who's in there?" She yelled.

"Help me…" was the faint muffled voice inside the well.

Jasmine pushed the well open and went face to hair with her sister. She was about to scream when she got sucked back into the real world when she hit the well.

"Wasn't that closed when I came," she thought out loud "I'm O, U, T Pete!" she ran out of the Cabin.

"Don't leave me," he whimpered as he was still looking for food.

Well, I bet you know that Samara's going to kill someone, someone whose name starts with a P. Ta Ta!