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Know Your Stars

AN: Thanks Nintendo Queen for this idea

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Victim… I mean guest one is Yakumo Fujii

Yakumo comes in looking around. The eerie silence makes him suspicious. He sits down.

"Hello? Someone said they had the Ningen no Zou?"

"Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars…" a disembodied voice echoed. Yakumo looked around, confused. "Wha-" He was interrupted by that same voice.

"Yakumo Fujii… he is the last of the Sanjiyan Unkara"

"Um, that's Pai. I'm her Wu… If you haven't already noticed" Yakumo said to no avail.

"Yakumo Fujii… he has a Choang-Rin-Rin on his forehead"

"No I don't! Neither Does Pai now so shut up!" His face was turning red.

"Yakumo Fujii… he has a pet named Takuhi in a walking stick"

"What? Do I look like Pai to you?"

"No, she's way cuter then you" The voice said slyly.

"I'm not Pai and don't mention that. She's still sensitive about talking about it."

"Yakumo Fujii…he's Pai's boyfriend!"

"B-b-boyfriend?" He was a dark red by now. "I'm not her-"

"Oh right, You're Mei- Shin's boyfriend!"

"Where did you get that idea?"

"From her diary…" the voice chuckled a little.

"Why you…"Yakumo said getting up from the chair.

"I Yakumo Fujii call apon the demons. I summon the Tou-Chao!" The Tou Chao took out the camera and sent a cameraman to the hospital.

Having some technical difficulties


"Now you know…Yakumo Fujii"

"No they don't! They think I'm Pai! Where are you?" He turned to the audience.

"I'm not Pai! You know that, right? I'm not Pai!" The new camera and cameraman slowly back away from the set, leaving Yakumo shouting at the voice and the audience.

AN: Okay, there's chapter one, chapter two will be finished ASAP. Our 'guest' will be the actual Pai! Now thank Nintendo Queen and you get a cookie. Any flames and I'll sick the Tou Chao on you!