Quatrain 20, Century 6: Tides of mortals and none/ look toward a new risen/ hidden in the silver roses

Capital Pharmaceuticals Corp.
9:15 AM

"Well, hello." A man said, smiling.

"Hello. I was wondering if you could direct me to your public relations office." The woman said, looking around lost.

"My name is Harold Donaldson, I'm the director of operations. You areā€¦" He prompted.

"Me? Oh, I'm Elise Landon." She said. "I'm supposed to have an interview with Mr. Jenkins in about-" She checked her watch. "Ten minutes. But I am afraid that I am hopelessly lost." She focused her eyes back at Harold and smiled. "I mean, I've tried asking the front desk, but honestly, who do I have to sleep with to get some directions?" She grinned again.

Harold laughed nervously. "Well, uh, if you'll follow me, I can take you to the offices." He said. "You need a special clearance to get onto each floor." He led her to a nearby elevator in a corner, away from the other elevators. "This is for employees only. It leads to the protected offices. The other elevators out in the lobby are for the areas that do not need protection."

"Really?" Elise said, her eyes lighting up. Her interest was captured. "Is there really a need for all that security?"

"Well, Miss Landon-"

"Call me Elise." She said. 'And I hope you're not violating a rule or anything, I'm not an employee." She beamed and pulled a strand of hair from her face. She frowned and adjusted her skirt.

Harold chuckled nervously. "Well, Elise. The security isn't necessarily for outside intruders, more for our own internal company. The projects we work on are often contained in absolute sterile environments. If anyone were to accidentally open the door without the proper gear on, well the entire sterility would be compromised."

"Wow." She said, nodding. "I can see why you need that kind of protection. You can't open a door if you don't have the key."

"That's right. Now, if you're here for an interview, a guide was supposed to meet you down here. You can't access anything without someone with the proper clearance." He frowned. "Did no one meet you?"

"Unfortunately, no.' She said. "I don't know what happened. I asked the secretary up front, such a darling. She tried paging someone but no one came. And I thought that I'd just find my way up on my own, but all these stairs and floors." She laughed.

"Well, it is quite easy to become perplexed in this building." Harold said. "Did you say you were inquiring about a position in the public relations office?"

"Yes I did." Elise said.

As the elevator glided to a stop, the door opened and Elise stepped out, followed by Harold. He quickly took his eyes off the back of her skirt.

Elise glanced behind her and caught the man staring. She started to walk, followed by Harold. She stopped suddenly and turned around, the older man running into her.

"Oh, oops." She said. "I just realized that I left my briefcase in the elevator." She said.


"I'm so sorry." Harold apologized, probably for the 80th time now. Elise shook her head and her red curls shook.

"Not a problem. I think I should be grateful that Mr. Jenkins is in a meeting." She said. "I hope they find it."

"They should." Harold said. He looked at his watch. "There's a lot of floors, but only a certain number are accessed with that elevator."

"Oh." Elise said, smiling. "You can go." She said. "I mean, I'm sure you're a very busy man, I don't want to keep you from your work."

"Oh don't be silly. The only work I have to do is find a lost briefcase." He laughed. Elise laughed at his joke.

A uniformed security guard walked to them then.

"Miss Landon?" He said.

"Yes, did you find it?" Elise looked up hopefully.

"We have located it on our security cameras. " He handed Elise a picture. "Is that it?"

Elise grinned and laughed. "Yes, that's my briefcase. Where is it?"

"If you will come with me to the security area, we have it." He said, turning.

"All right, well uh.." She looked at Harold. "It was nice meeting you. I should go get-"

"Uh, yes." Harold stammered. "Nice meeting you."

As she stood up and smiled, she followed the security guard to an elevator.


" Right this way." The guard said leading her out of the elevator. Several people curiously watched the uniformed man lead the woman to the security area.

When they were inside a small room, the guard closed the door.

"We're in business." A voice said.

Elise looked at the security guard and smiled. "Good job, Eddie."