Ai no Yume



She was cold and wet and her skin felt frozen. Lips blue, hidden by a curtain of her blonde hair, she stumbled haphazardly along the road, naked aside from the long, tumbling locks of her silken hair cascading around her. She knew who she was…Venus…

Wrinkling her nose, she crossed her arms about her chest, trying to force away the freezing rain. The Princess…she had to find the Princess.

'Mercury!' she cried desperately in her mind, 'Mars! Jupiter! I am Venus, you must respond!'

None of her subordinates, her friends, her sister by oath, replied. She was alone, along an abandoned stretch of empty, broken road, unable to feel the normally close aura of her home planet, Venus-sei. "Oh, please, God, I beg, do not let me be alone…," she whimpered, tripping over a small pebble and landing on her outflung arm and her splayed knees, bowing her head as she wept. "How can we summon the Crystal Era if we cannot find each other?" she moaned, pulling herself into a ball, knees and shins on the ground, feet arched, arms wrapped tightly around her breasts. As she moaned, low and keenly, she was swept by a barrage of memories and instructions…

[["Minako-san, our battle with Chaos signified the beginning of the Senshi dormancy," Diana, the petite kitten, explained to the puzzled Senshi leader. "Within the space of five years, each one of you guardians of the inner planets shall enter a deep slumber, as the four outer guardians return to their individual kingdoms, to await in their own sleep the coming of the Crystal Era. You will awaken into a world of destruction and hurt, caused by the inflictions of a super-race known as the Saiya-jins, brought about by a solitary soldier named 'Kakorotto.' "]]

"No," Venus cried again, softer and with a great deal less fervency. "This cannot be. We were supposed to be near each other…near the Princess."

Sniffling and feeling her sorrow and loneliness turn to rage, she screamed, pounding the ground with her fists, raging and cursing in a language she was only just beginning to recall. "Damn you, Queen Selenity!" Venus heaved, thrusting a fist deep into the icy roadside mud, "Damn you times ten!"

Sobbing wildly, she knelt over again, burying her face in her arms, not caring about her lack of clothing or the freezing precipitation. All she knew was anger and sorrow and a longing…a deeply rooted longing…

And she realized in that moment of pure clarity, that she needed to find her companions and her Princess…but she was tired and exhaustion coursed through her veins, brought about by the sudden, unexpected rush of adrenaline in her bloodstream.

Before sleep could claim her completely, she plucked several strands of grass, rolling onto her back as she wove the greenery into an intricate mat that fit in the palm of her hand. Murmuring a spell sleepily, the miniscule mat stretched and arched, forming an elegant green dome around her, through which only those pure of heart could enter.

She never would have imagined the man who would find her…

Well? Whaddaya think about it so far? I'm righting this impulsively, so it might get weird at times. Why, yes, the man who finds Venus is none other than Juunanagou (drop-dead gorgeous 17…king of all bishounen…*le dreamy stare*) and whom else does he take her to but his sister, Juuhachigou (18), and her husband, Kuririn? Anyway, I swear, this WILL get better. And, please, if you're wasting time reading this, could you spare the half a minute it'll take to review? Please? I'd love to hear from any readers out there and I absolutely adore getting to read suggestions! I even use 'em- -giving credit where it's due, of course.


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