Ai no Yume


Epilogue | Blonde Wisdom

She opened her eyes slowly, gazing through the fog hazily. A weight was on her legs and she realized, absently, that she was Minako; she had switched back from Venus.

Propping herself up on her elbows, Minako stared at the sleeping Juunanagou, his head resting on his crossed arms which, in turn, were resting on her legs. He was seated in a chair pulled up to the bed she was asleep in and she smiled fondly.

He's very beautiful and sweet at times, she thought suddenly, and then her eyes widened. I did _not_ just think that! Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts!

"My brother has been there the entire time you've been unconscious, once he himself came to."

Juuhachigou drew a chair up beside the bed, smiling at a blushing Minako. "He hides his deepest emotions from people…I know he acts stubborn and arrogant and he treats people like dirt…but he has a good heart underneath all that bravado." She smiled again, one hand coming up to rest on her enlargening stomach. "It took a man's wish of a dragon to show me that my softer emotions weren't malfunctions, and it took my love for that man to show Juunanagou that love and honesty weren't weak."

Minako fell silent, fingers playing with her golden hair, hair ribbon folded on a bedside dresser.

With a laugh, Juuhachigou picked it up with her fingers. "Red ribbon," she smiled, pointing to the patch on her shirt.

Minako giggled, then sobered. "What happened to the boy, Gohan? Where is Ginzishou-ryuu?"

Juuhachigou sighed, wrapping her arms protectively about her middle. "He was taken by Metallia and Cell. Ginzishou is in the alcove over your head."

Minako glanced up to see the silver sheen of Ginzishou's scales and she heard the soft sound of even, sleepy breathing.

"I thought once that I was invincible," Juuhachigou said softly, suddenly, "and that death wasn't something I should fear. But now…I have a husband, who loves me more than life itself as I do him, and I carry our child in my womb…I can't not be afraid of death." She lifted her ice blue eyes to stare piercingly at Minako. "I have no choice but life."

The Senshi of Magellan Castle of Venus sighed, shoulders drooping. "I have no reason to live," she confessed sadly.

"You have Ginzishou-ryuu," Juuhachigou argued, "You have your friends, who are worried sick about you. You have your love for my brother, whether or not you are willing to admit its existence."

Minako's breath caught in her throat and she stared unseeingly at the still-slumbering Juunanagou, his lips parted slightly and his short eyelashes standing out on his pale skin.

"Yes…," Minako whispered to herself, leaning over to caress his cheek once as Juuhachigou smiled tenderly at the scene, "I have love to live for."

She blinked back tears.

"I have love."

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end "Ai no Yume"

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