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Blood punched the stunned Cyborg in the chest, sending him to the ground a few yards away.

Cyborg tried to raise him self to his knees but only fell back on his face after forgetting his missing arm.

Blood walked over to him slowly, enjoying Cyborg's sudden collapse of demeanor.

Cyborg received a savage kick in the chest, denting the already scorched metal and sending him yet another few yards. He regained his composer, he had too, this is how people lost battles, one thing changes and it all pivots, he got back up, Blood was coming closer. He looked at where his arm should have been, where it was, and grimaced. Blood had stopped about 20 feet away; Cyborg squared against him.

Blood began firing pot shots at Cyborg, again forcing him to leap around the rooftop with as much agility and speed he could muster. Blast after blast came for him, Blood was firing haphazardly around, shooting in Cyborg's direction but not much more, still forcing all Cyborg had in reflexes to show themselves.

Cyborg knew what he had to do but he knew that Blood was trying to draw him into the same trap as before, he had to let him think he was, then strike as fast as he could, finish it, before Blood could do the same. He threw a metal bar at Blood with his free hand, causing Blood to block it and giving him the crucial milliseconds he needed to get out of the line of fire and into striking distance of his foe.

Cyborg raced at Blood from high, coming down to deliver his blow, his adversary turned to face him but found he was too late as Cyborg's feet connected with the villainous school teacher simultaneously, sending both of them to the ground. Cyborg lay on the ground for a moment, looking up, seeing a crane overhead, a dozen steel beams suspended from its boom.

Brother Blood and Cyborg both scrambled to get to their feet, they were back where they had started, Cyborg's arm was nearby. Cyborg tackled Blood sending them both to the ground yet again. They rolled around, trading punches, Cyborg doing his best to keep Blood to distracted to use his weapon, they wrestled, then threw themselves away from one another and were, again, back were they started.

The stood facing each other, Blood at the edge of the building, the rain still coming down in sheets, one bolt of lighting flashed, the thunder was absent. Cyborg's severd arm was only a few feet to his left, he would have to jump, be as fast as he could. They stared for an eternity, but then the second lighting blot flashed; their cue

Cyborg dived to his left, using almost all his power reserves to give him an extra boost, his battery was mostly drained now, but it had to be done.

Blood fired as Cyborg jumped, the beam collided with Cyborg's leg as he dived, vaporizing it in an instant.

Cyborg didn't care, he was about to reach his goal, Blood started to turn to finish him off, Cyborg was now in a very vulnerable position. Then Blood saw what he was going for, what he had landed on, what he was arming, what he was firing.

Cyborg shot the cannon's final remaining charge, but the angle he had chosen was not for Blood, but for the crane above his head, the very crane that was holding many tons worth of steel.

The cord was struck, it was snapped; the metal began to fall.

"No…" Was all Blood said as the many beams of steel crashed into him, crushing him of the edge and continuing with him all the way to the mud and water below.

Cyborg breathed a sigh of relief before the warnings that all his sensors were giving him stopped and he shut down. Just before he did he thought he heard his name being called, but he couldn't be sure.

Cyborg's mechnical eye came to life first; it took in its surroundings, he was in his room, he could tell his batteries were recharging, his human eye soon followed.

"Uhhh, what happened?" He asked to the room, he didn't know whether it was occupied or not but he got an answer.

"You got in a knock-down-drag-out with Brother Blood remember?" It was Beast Boy.

"And you were seriously injured…" added Starfire.

"Luckily for you though, most of your parts are replaceable." Said Raven, motening to his arm and leg which he now noticed had tempory replacements installed, it would take him a few days to build new limbs or repair the old ones but these would do for now.

"How'd you find me?" Blood had destroyed his communicator and the tracking device along with it.

"The incomplete call to 911, it took us forever to trace it back, but we did, even without Robin's help." Beast Boy came down a little after the last part of what he said.

"Before you ask he's doing fine right now, still in a coma but stable. And all you need is your batteries to recharge." Raven added, seeing his mouth open in question again.

"What day is it?" Cyborg couldn't keep himself from asking.

"It's a about five minuets past midnight, Wednesday." Raven told him.

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