Code Name: Heero Yuy

Code Name: Heero Yuy

Serious ficcish thing by Cat Who

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AC: 202

Heero stirred in the bed, unable to really sleep. Next to him, Relena was knocked out, oblivious to the world at large. She wasn't snoring, although he wouldn't have minded if she had been. The Vice Foreign Minister had come back from a ten day trip to the colonies last night, and had simply collapsed on her bed after Heero gave her a welcome-home kiss. He was beginning to worry she'd burn herself out at this rate.

He touched her nose gently before sliding out of the bed, yawning and stretching in his nightclothes. Ever since he'd moved in with Relena two years ago, he'd gotten into the habit of wearing regular pajamas, mostly because she insisted on it. More often than not they had ended up on the floor, unheeded, in those early days. Heero smiled slightly to himself at the memory.

There was his laptop, drawing him in like a magnet. He turned it on, sighing as the power cells warmed up the backlit gel display. The soft glow of the monitor filled the room. Next to it, last night's cup of coffee beckoned as well, but it had been sitting out for quite some time, and as Heero suspected, the dregs at the bottom were ice cold. Not that he needed coffee anyway. It was probably the whole reason he couldn't sleep to begin with.

He logged on to the wireless network to check his email. Spam, spam, more spam, hmmm, note from Quatre, more spam... a vaguely familiar return address caught his attention. He frowned as he wracked his memory for the name... Derrick Inverness? Who was...? Suddenly, he remembered, and quickly opened the email, his heart beating unexplainably faster.

Mr. Yuy:

Remember that hypnosis session we had with Dr. Myers last month? One of the leads we uncovered may have panned out. Odin Lowe checked into a hotel on Colony Four once under the name of Hiroshi Yuy. It's too much of a coincidence for me. Let me know when you can get in touch so we can investigate this further."

Derrick Inverness

PS: Delete this email after you've read it.

Heero hesitated before deleting the email. After nearly a year of exhaustive investigation... a lead had finally turned out something. He'd undergone hypnosis last month to comb his childhood memory for anything, any fragment that might help him discover his origins. Although he didn't remember any of it, there were hours of recordings of him, droning out places they'd visited, people Odin Lowe had killed...

Wait a minute. He hadn't started going by the name Yuy until after Odin Lowe had died. Before then, he'd usually been called Odin Lowe Jr. when he needed a name... why in the world did Odin use the name Yuy to check into a hotel? Inverness was right. It was too much of a coincidence.

He sent a quick reply to Inverness, saying he'd meet him tomorrow evening it that was convenient. It was probably just that, a coincidence... after all, Yuy was a fairly common name, and Odin had used whatever name and tax number combination he could get his hands on to stay undercover. But Heero had a gut feeling. They were onto something. He knew it.