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Harry Potter and the Fury of the Blacks

The Problem

"No, no, no this can't be right," said Bellatrix looking at the swirling milky pink potion. Bellatrix collapsed in tears on the bedroom floor gripping her stomach as if trying to strangle it. "I'm pregnant," she said.

Now one would think that a woman would be happy at such news but there was a slight problem Bellatrix was married but she hadn't seen her husband in over a year.

But that wasn't Bellatrix's problem . . . . . oh no she knew exactly whose child it was and her mind was working furiously on any possible escape route. You see Bellatrix Black Lestrange is carrying the one the only child of Voldemort himself.



"My most trusted and loyal death eaters it has come to my attention that there are those amongst my own that wish to see me fall" said the cold hissing voice of Voldemort to his inner circle.

"So I have decided that I will need an heir of which we will train to be the greatest dark lord since, well, myself."" Should I ever fall my heir shall lead you all to victory . . . Dismissed."

"Lestrange stay." "Both Lestranges" he said as Bellatrix was beginning to leave. "I have a proposition for you . . ." "Whatever it is my Lord we would be more than happy to do" replied Rodulphus. "Good because I want Bellatrix to carry my heir."

"My Lord I'm honored that you would deem my wife worthy of such a task and I'm more than willing to give her to you for such a noble deed" said Rodulphus. Bellatrix on the other hand was trying to do everything in her power to run like a mad woman out of that room yet all she could do was kneel by her husband before the Dark Lord for Bellatrix had a problem.

Every year since she was 16 her "loving husband" has had her under the imperio potion first because she refused to marry him and then stronger doses when she refused join Voldemort's ranks.

Sure she didn't like muggles or muggleborns all that much but she didn't see the point of killing them. In fact before Lestrange she and he sisters were all very close to a muggleborn named Lilly Evans, correction Lilly Potter since she was now quite happily married to James Potter.

Any way back to the matter at hand "Bella" Voldemort cooed, "What do you think about bearing my heir?" Eeew don't you come anywhere near me you evil little man Bellatrix thought.

But she said "I would be honored my Lord." Yuck I'm going to gag, stupid potion, stupid Lestrange. Bella thought. "Good, you didn't have a choice anyway . . . our child will be the most powerful wizard alive" Voldemort said "Dismissed and Rodulphus I have an assignment for you . . . . ."

End Flashback


"Oh Merlin no, he is going to raise him, he going to take my baby." HE'S GOING TO TAKE MY BABY!! She thought and with that the severely weakened imperio she was under broke. Over my dead body!!!

"I have to figure out away to get out of here," Bellatrix said. Bellatrix began to pace her bedroom she knew that Voldemort was getting impatient ad that tonight Voldemort himself would be there to administer the potion himself. So she knew she only had 4hrs to make a grand escape from Riddle Manner and figure out what to do once she got out.

Meanwhile . . .

Lilly Evan Potter was having a grand day. She had just found out that she was pregnant from the healer at ST. Mungos. Now she was trying to figure out a way to tell James as she walked through the park next to St Mungos.

As she walked her thoughts began to drift to her friend from Hogwarts, in specific the Black sisters Andromeda, Narcissa, and Bellatrix. I miss them, that insufferable aunt of theirs is one of the only reasons I'm at odds with them now.

Lily sighed. Oh well not much I can do about it now, but it would be nice to see them again. Hell I would even like to see Bellatrix and she supposed to be a death eater now she thought as she sat down on the bench in a heavily shade part of the park. Little did she know she should be very careful about what she asks for.

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