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Harry Potter and the Fury of the Blacks

Taking Care of Business

Malfoy manor…

Narcissa quirked and eyebrow and said "Even if I could help you get out of here, where would you go? Since you said you remember the last time you ran, you also remember it did not end well." Bellatrix smiled at this and said "But, last time I couldn't come to you."

Narcissa's eyebrows damn near disappeared into her hair line at this, and she said "What makes you think you have me now?" Bellatrix laughed at this and said "because you far more afraid of what I could do to you if you don't."

"Besides," Bellatrix began "From the looks of things you're not faring to well without someone to watch out for you. You know just as well as I do, Lucious never hurt you because he was afraid of the Black's magic protecting you, but that doesn't work so well if the person hurting you is of Black blood, huh?"

Narcissa let out a growl and said "How long do we have to plan?" Bellatrix tilted her head a bit and said the trunk's flux can be sped up if you like it is currently on 1 day equal 2 years. But I would recommend that we make an appearance before anyone can get suspicious. Especially since Voldemort is the only one aware of this trunk's capabilities."

Narcissa nodded her head in agreement and said "well that one problem solved but do you really think you'll be able to run far enough especially since Voldemort already knows that you are having his child." Bellatrix smiled and said "It's not a matter of running, dear sister it's a matter of who has the better army."

Greengrass Manor…

Daphne had been floating on cloud nine for the past few days as she eagerly awaited a summons from her betrothed. She had practically been skipping through the manor and Blaise was not happy about it, no not one bit.

Blaise glared at Daphne as she stepped through the floo into the girl's room and said "How could you possibly be pleased by this? That bitch has us by the balls and you absolutely love it." Daphne smiled and said "Well, I did send her the book just to make sure that something like this did happen."

Blaise rounded on her screaming "YOU WHAT?" Daphne smiled and said "While I didn't expect for her to be so deliciously forceful about it, I did hope that she would at the very least take control as the alpha wife. "

Blaise marched angrily up to Daphne and said "And why would you do that?" Daphne laughed and kissed Blaise on the nose and said "Because if I have to submit to someone other than my husband, I'll be damned if it was you. "

Blaise snapped and backhanded Daphne into her bed post and shouted "You think this is funny." Daphne smiled and said "No, I think it's fucking hilarious and the best part about it is that Hermione likes me a hell of a lot more than you. So what do you think is going to happen should I choose the leave this bruise?"

Blaise turned away for a moment to collect herself and said "She not going to do a damn thing to me, Harry won't let her." Daphne tapped her fingers along her bruised cheek and said "Right cause that worked so well for you last time. Hermione is going to have way more free time with us than Harry will and I bet she'll wait till she's got nothing but time to voice her displeasure with you."

Blaise answered "I'll just have to make sure she never gets that chance won't I? Good bye Daphne I'll see you soon, my dear betrothed" and stormed back into the floo.


Harry walked into the building prepared for the worst. As he entered the room he noticed Madame Bones seated at the head of the table looking over some paper work. Harry cleared his throat and she looked up at him with a wan smile.

"Mr. Potter, I wish we were meeting under better circumstances but it seem that this meeting is long overdue." Harry nodded and moved to shake her hand and said "In light of recent events I'm sorry to say I wish for this meeting to be as quick as possible."

Bones let out a very weary chuckle and motioned for Harry to join her at the table. Once Harry sat down Bones pushed a small stack of parchment towards him and said "Harry, these papers need your signature in order for the persons mentioned to be charged."

She took a deep breath and continued "Most of these individuals have already been caught or have agreed to turn themselves in at a prearranged date and are currently under ministry surveillance." Harry quirked and eyebrow and surveyed the parchment in front of him and when he came across the Weaslys he let out a small huff at their listing as under surveillance. Harry picked up the quill next to him and said "Do you mind if my advisor looks over theses first? I seem to have a bad run of luck when my signature is involved in anything ministry related that they haven't seen first."

Bones looked a little affronted, but gave consent any way. Harry nodded to the goblin at the door and it quickly scurried away. A few moments later it came back with Harry Goblin advisor, Ragnok.

Ragnok looked at the parchment and then snapped his fingers and two more goblins ran in and stood to either side of him. Then he said "This is acceptable but some of these people are to be tried by goblin law since they have falsified information given to Mr. Potter and the bank. In light of these things please don't take our dealings with your ministry personally."

He then motioned to the goblin on the right side of him and it took out a vial and let two drops of a clear liquid fall on the parchment. It glowed gold for a second then Ragnok said to Harry and Bones "That was to prove the validity of these documents and Harry, please sign."

Harry signed and the goblin on Ragnok's left pressed his thumb on it and a copy was made. The two goblins then took the copy out of the room. Ragnok turned to look at harry and said "will that be all?" Harry shook his head no and said "I would very much appreciate if you stayed for the remainder of this meeting."

Ragnok nodded and took a seat next to Harry. Madame Bones just starred for a moment then gently shook her head and said "The ministry has absolutely no qualms about handing the intended over to you regardless of the outcome of their pending trials. We only ask that they be tried by us first."

Ragnok nodded his acceptance of that and said "And what of the runners that you have not caught yet?" Bones tilted her head to the side and said "If they are caught outside of the ministry jurisdiction do with them as you please, but it would be much appreciated if you were to provide a written and aurora verified confession to the ministry."

Harry smiled at that and said "Does it matter what auror verifies it?" Bones answered "As long as it is an active duty aurora, no it does not." Harry smile got a little wider and said "I have plans to leave the country soon and I would like an aurora of my choosing to accompany me. This will also assist with the goblin search and the requested verification of the confessions should we come across them while away."

Bones thought about it for a moment and she agreed "So who did you have in mind?" Harry pretended as if he was thinking for a moment and said "I want Auror Tonks." Bones quirked an eyebrow and asked "Any particular reason why?" Harry nodded and said "Her age, and she the only auror I've had any contact with that I know is related to me in more ways than one."

Bones let out a small chuckle and said "Ok, I'll have the paper work drawn up and sent to your advisor. Harry nodded his acceptance and stood to shake Madame Bones' hand and said "I do hope that in the future we can meet under better circumstances." Bones smiled and said "I feel the same as well, Mr. Potter."

With Hermione…

Hermione walked at a brisk pace up the cobbled path leading to towards the ancient castle also known as Hogwarts. The building almost seemed to shudder at her approach as if it new nothing good would come of this visit by one of its most adored students.

As Hermione got to the gates and saw that they were locked so she shot off a patronus alerting someone to the fact that she was there and waited. A few minutes went by and then Hermione saw Hagrid ambling down the path with a set of keys in his hand.

"Hermione" He bellowed "What ya doing round here during break?" Hermione gave him her biggest grin and said "I left something in the tower and I was hoping to get it and speak with McGonagall if she was here. "

Hagrid open the gates and held them open for her and said "Well, McGonagall went home for a few weeks and she'll be back before the school year suppose to be starting back up, but I can defiantly get you to the tower to get you things."

Hermione smiled gave Hagrid a hug and said "Thanks Hagrid, you're the best." As they walked up the path leading to the school Hermione took Hagrid's hand and said "Hagrid? How do the teachers know where all the muggleborns are in order to get them to school?"

Hargrid thought for a moment and said "Each school has a quill that records all magical births and where they are currently located." Then if the child is a muggleborn it is recorded in a separate book so that we can locate them for their schooling if the child is in our region."

"In our region?"Hermione asked. Hagrid paused to open the big wooded doors said "Yep, in our region it wouldn't make any sense for us to go pick up a French muggleborn just because she's a muggleborn and Beauxbatons would be quite annoyed with us if we started doing things like that."

"But…" Hagrid started as they began down the path to Gryffindor "I wonder who's teaching the muggleborns around Bulgaria." Hermione furrowed her eyebrows and asked "What do you mean? Wouldn't they attend Durmstrang?"

Hagrid shook his head no and said "Durmstrang doesn't accept muggleborns." Unlike here, they don't have the restrictions on magic and the law is made by the purebloods in power. So all magical children are trained at an elementary level and then the purebloods and halfbloods among them get to go to Durmstrang to complete their education."

Hermione scrunched her face up and asked "So, what happens to the rest?" Hagrid shrugged and said "Don't know, I guess they just stop there and that's it." Hermione huffed and said "That is absolutely ridiculous someone should do something about that."

Hagrid paused at the stairs leading to the tower and said "Well, up you go I'll wait for you here." Hermione nodded and quickly jogged up the stairs and through the portrait hole. She ran into the girl's stairway and whipped out the marauders map.

Hermione let out a small laugh as she located the records room next to the headmasters' chamber. Hermione then, folded the map up and quickly ran through the passages leading up to the records room. She did a quick time check and noted that it took five minutes to get there. Then she pulled out a blank book, and set it next to the quill that was writing down names and locations at a rapid pace.

She looked around and found another book that had names appearing on it and flipped a few pages. She stumbled across her name and the names of several other muggleborns and quickly deduced that this was the muggle born registry.

Hermione grabbed her blank book then charmed it to copy all the names in the registry and to continuously update itself. Hermione checked her watch and the map "damn!" whispered as she saw Hagrid heading toward the stairs.

Hermione looked at the book to make sure that it was updating and quickly shoved it back into her bag and took off running towards the tower. Hermione barely managed to bolt inside the common room as Hagrid pushed open the portrait and knocked on it.

Hagrid poked his head around the corner and said "Hermione? You ok in here?" Hermione took a dep breath and said "I'm fine Hagrid I could find it in my room so I check the boy side as well." Hermione gave Hagrid a big grin and waved a random book she had in her bag at him.

"Thanks again Hagrid. If I hadn't found this it would have been incredibly hard for me to finish my summer assignments." Hagrid let out a chuckled and said "No, problem Hermione" and Hermione wrapped her hands around his hand and allowed him to lead her out of the building.

Gringotts Weasley meeting…

Harry walked to the next door and took a deep breath and headed into the office the next office. Harry glared and the man inside. Arthur took a shaky breathe and motioned for Harry to join him at the table. Harry sat down and said " Speak quickly."

Arthur nodded and passed Harry a small stack of paper. Once again, Harry nodded to the goblin at the door and it quickly scurried out and Ragnok came in again to supervise the meeting. Harry looked over the document and said "What is this?"

Arthur gulped at the tone and said "These are the list of crimes against you and your family that and the confessions from the perpetrators." Arthur let out a sigh and said "Harry, I want you to know that not all of my family had something to do with what happened to you and it sickens me that it took this long for any of us to find out about it."

"Harry," Arthur started again "I know I'm in no position to ask this of you but please, keep this quiet. I have already delivered Molly, Ron, and Ginny into Ministry hands and I will consent to the rest of my family undergoing veritasurem just to prove we have no ill will toward you. But the Weasley name is all my family has that is good and unblemished. I beg of you to allow us to keep it that way"

At first, Harry said nothing, he merely looked upon the documents as Ragnok authenticated them and once Ragnok nodded Harry let out a shaky breath and said "Arthur, I will allow the DOM and the goblins to interrogate you and yours and I will keep this quiet cause you have been the only good thing in my life for so long. Think of this as you one free pass. If you ever cross me again I will destroy you. Is that understood?"

Arthur nodded and Harry stood up and left the office, leaving a very relieved Arthur in his wake. Ragnok looked at Arthur and said "Those of you that are not in Ministry hand are to be here tomorrow morning at 8am for the Gringotts interrogation. Once the members of your family that you have already handed over to the ministry have been tried they will be interrogated by us. Is that clear?"

Once again Arthur nodded and said "We will be here. We have nothing to hide." Ragnok nodded and left the room with Arthur following after him.

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