About the story: This story takes place on Vegeta-sei. It will most likely end up being a Goku/Vegeta (yaoi), so if you don't like that crap, don't read this.

Also, this is written for The ChiChi Slaughter House, so that she will off of my back about writting a Goku/Vegeta. Thank you and enjoy the show.


Eight year old Kakarott was hot. He was hotter than just plain 'hot.' Hell, he was boiling in his own skin. By his standards, anyway.

He had taken to lying on his bed, a makeshift nest of hay, plumb naked. He had lain there for hours, trying to get over the extreme heat.

His brother Raditz had walked in, and laughed at his baby brother's dilemma. He had asked Kakarott all sorts of questions about being 'hot and bothered,' as he put it.

Kakarott had answered to the best of his young mind's ability. Raditz had laughed some more, telling poor Kakarott he was suffering his first heat. Then, Raditz had run out of the room to tell their father.

At the palace, fifteen year old Prince Vegeta was going through the same point of every Saiyan's life. But, instead, this was his second heat, and he knew what to expect. Though, he yearned for something he hadn't wanted before.

Vegeta had come of age to take a mate. He didn't know who it would be. All he knew was that whenever he saw them, he would become obsessed with that person, until they mated. And he could never take another as his mate.

Alright, if you reveiw, then I shall write more. As soon as i get in the mood to write more, of course.