Padme and Dorme enjoyed the presence of their husbands' company for the next six months before duty caled them away once more. Clinging tightly to them on the loading platform, each woman affectionately kissed their husbands goodbye. Neither of them moved from the platform until the ship taking the Jedi away was out of sight.

They then turned toward one another, smiling gently, knowing that they had each other's comfort and understanding. Padme took Dorme's arm as they made their way back to their transport.

"I have a surprise for you." Padme said quietly.

"For me? What is it?"

Padme stopped to turn and face her friend. "Obi-Wan and I are going to have a baby."

The words, finally sinking into Dorme's brain, brought a large smile to her face and she hugged her employer and best friend tightly. "That's wonderful!" She hugged her again.

The two once more began walking, this time Dorme taking Padme's arm.

Dorme was surprisingly silent and Padme wondered and slightly worried about what she could be thinking. Dare she ask? She inhaled deeply and took the chance. "What are you thinking about?"

Two words from Dorme's mouth made her regret her decision.

Dorme smiled widely, that ornery and conniving sparkle returning to her eyes before she proudly exclaimed. "Baby shower!"