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Chapter 1

"Snow! Snow!" Sana Kurata ran through the long hallway of her mansion, flapping her arms wildly, like a chicken who is trying desprately to fly. "It's snowing everyone! YIPPIE!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

The door belonging to her mother, Misako, flung open. She stuck her head out, Maro, her chipmunk clinging to her oddly styled hair. "Kurata rule number three, if you're going to get all excited, do it in your own room!"

Sana stopped in mid-step, "Mom! Did you see all of that snow?" she exclaimed in her usual perky voice.

"Sana, it just started snowing ten minutes ago, there isn't much snow on the ground yet." Misako hated to burst her only daughter's bubble, but it was imperitave that she make her deadline for her new book, My Daughter and I, 2, a follow up to her last book about Sana, and herself. That book had caused so much controversy, and yet, it had helped them locate Sana's biological mother. Of course, this book wouldn't cause as many problems, it was simply about Sana and Misako.

"Don't you worry, Mom! It'll cover the whole ground!" She struck a theatric pose, "Oh, I love the snow!" Misako watched Sana flitter down the hallway, and for a moment, regretted putting Sana into a theatre group.

Sana skipped happily into the living room, and found Rei Sagami, her manager, sitting on the couch. He looked rather busy, with something resemblng a schedule laying across his lap. Her loud persence made him look up, "Oh hello Sana, just looking over your work schedule."

Sana wrinkled her nose comically, "Not now, Rei! Look at that snow! Isn't it great!" She plucked the papers off Rei's lap and danced around the room. "I'm a beautiful dancing snowflake!" She sang in a high pitched voice, and knocked over a table.

Behind Rei's sunglasses Sana could see that Rei was cringing, though she could not figure out if it was because of her voice, or his now empty lap or could it possibly be that her antics were destroying the lving room...? He stood up, and in one swift motion, took the papers from Sana, stood the talbe upright, and sat back down. "You know, Sana, after winter break, you have work again." He stated, matter of factly. Sana stopped dancing, and stood still, arms akimbo.

Then, sticking her tongue out, Sana plopped next to Rei on the couch. "I know, but you need to relax Rei! Break starts soon! Forget about work!"

"I'm trying to be a good manager here." He shuffled the papers and placed them back inside a white folder. It was tough to be a mamanger of such a big star, espicailly because she was, well, a slightly eccentric star. "I've also been meaning to ask you, do you want to be in Miko Ono's new movie?" Sana looked at him in an odd way. "I already checked, he's not actually using dynamite." Rei added quickly, waving his hand in front of his face. He still didn't trust that Ono, he was just too sketchy.

"I don't know..." Sana looked spacey, well, she always looked like that when she was thinking too hard.

"Naozumi's also been asked to be in it," Rei said, hoping to persuade her. He didn't like the director, but this movie would give Sana more publicity, and the pay was also very nice. "He's accepted a part as one of the lead roles."

"Nao...?" Sana's friend Naozumi Kamura was also a child actor, they had both perviously starred in another film by the infamous Miko Ono, Mansion of Water, which had won an award for best movie. "I don't know, Rei, I'll have to think about is. Is that okay?"

Rei nodded enthusiastically, at least she hadn't refused. "That would be fine. There's going to be a meeting for the movie in a week, so you have a week to decide." Last time, it had taken a great deal or persuasion for Sana to finally accept the role. But the movie had turned out a huge sucess, even if it was at Sana's expense. Rei was going to make sure that this time, Sana would not be put in any danger, at all. After Sana was almost engulfed in the flames of a buring building, he had been very careful about what jobs she would be taking.

"Oh!" Sana said loudly, making Rei jump. "I forgot to tell you, Akito called three weeks ago and said that he and his family would be moving back to Japan! Isn't that great!" She bounced up and down on the couch, in pure child-like delight.

"You forgot? It was three weeks ago." Rei commented, but wasn't sure that Sana could hear him, she was being all sparkly. "When exactly is he comming?"

Sana blinked, once, twice, and rubbed her right eye. "Oh, um, he said he would be comming back...December 23!" Sana's eyes then shot open when she remembered the date, "That's in two days!"

"TWO DAYS?" Rei shouted, slapping his forehead. "Sana!" She was so forgetful, it was almost distressing at times. He supposed that she would be even worse now, that Akito would be comming back, she would be sparkly twenty four seven. How much more of that could he take?

"Oh, yeah, and I said that you could pick them up at the airport." Sana added so fast that Rei could barely understand. Maybe if she said it quickly, he wouldn't be as mad.

"WHAT?" No luck.

"Sorry, Rei." She smiled a cheesy smile, Rei could never stay mad at her. "Could you pleeeeease pick them up? Please?"

Rei's annoyed expression melted into a small smile. "Sure, Sana. I will." He could never go againt her wishes, as he saw it, he owed his life to Sana. She had saved him from being homeless. Sana had a heart of gold, even when she was little, despite all of the adversity, and that was hard to find these days.

"Yay!" Sana sprung to her feet and embraced Rei in a bone crushing hug. "You're the best!" She did a theatre step and then proceeded to run out of the room. Akito's name alone made her heart thump in her chest. She had been waiting to see him for such a long time, three years. Talking on the phone wasn't enough for her, her very soul burned to see him, he was her sole reason for life. Was Akito's arm better? How was his katare? Was his family getting along better? How much did he change? So many questions raced through her mind she almost couldn't take the anticipation. This would be the best winter break of her life, and Sana was going to plan the best "We-got-so-much-to-celebrate party" there ever was.