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Chapter One.

Through out the night of July 2nd, the clouds were as black as night and the thunder and lightening was shattering throughout the sky. Thunder breaking through the dead silence of the night and lightening advancing towards the ground with every flash. In a small room in the residence of number 4 Privet Drive, a young man, was thrashing around in his sleep. His untamed hair was lying across his face, and above his eye was a scar, shaped like a lightening bolt.

"SIRIOUS!" he yelled as a flash of lightening clashed in the night sky.

Opening his eyes to reveal emerald green eyes, Harry Potter slipped on his glasses and got out of bed. Turning to see that it was only 5:30am, he headed down stairs to cook himself some breakfast, before the Dursley's woke up and forced him to cook their breakfast. After eating his eggs and back bacon, he went back up stairs and showered and got dressed in under ten minutes. Before he left his room to go back to the kitchen, his clock said that it was 6:45am.

"Better go start their fucking breakfast," he sigh heading to the kitchen and pulling out another pan and started, "and I really do not feel like getting beaten today."

With in a few minutes, Harry had three plates on the table with three cooked eggs on each, four pieces of bacon, five sausages, and eighty pancakes in the middle of the table. After, Harry washed the dishes, and noticed that when he looked out side, the shy was still pitch black, but it wasn't raining. When Harry was finished washing the dishes that he had used for the breakfast, he was going to go get a job so he can get out of the house a little, but on his way to the door.


"I already cooked it Uncle Vernon, and now I am going to find a job," Harry gritted through his teeth.

"FINE! Now, go," his Uncle said as he sat down and started to eat while reading the paper.

"Finally," Harry sighed and opened the door and left.

----Else Where----

"BLAISE, GET UP NOW!" her father yelled though her door.

"Yes father," she mumbled back.

Blaise Zabini was a young beautiful girl, that had ice blue eyes, a perfect shaped head, rose lips that any male would want to kiss, and a body of a goddess. Even though her body was covered in cuts and bruises, she was still attractive. This young witch, was a graceful beauty, but it didn't help that her parents didn't treat her properly. Blaise got up, and pulled her bath robe over her silk night gown, and opened her door to be met by the back of her fathers hand.

"Next time, get up on time. Your mother and I had to make are own god damn breakfast, but you get to clean the house while we are work for a punishment for today. NOW GET GOING!" her father yelled at her and pointed to the kitchen that was down the hall.

"Yes father," Blaise sighed as she placed a hand on her cheek.

As the day went on, Blaise cleaned the house and as she did, she did nothing but wonder to herself about her parents behavior over the last two years. She had done what they wanted since she went to Hogwarts. She had made friends with Draco Malfoy, even though she hated him, she became a Slytherin, and not a Gryfindor, she had been mean to anyone that was not from her house, and most importantly, she had become an enemy to the man that she loved, ever since she saw him, she was forced to hate Harry Potter. Even though she watched him from a distance, she had never told anyone that she loved him, not even her best friend, Joyce, a muggle that lived down the street from her, but hasn't seen her since last summer. The one thing that Blaise could think of, that made her parents act like this, was what she refused to do, when she got back from Hogwarts, last year.


As she walked with her parents towards the car, she noticed that they were acting differently around the wizards that were with Harry Potter. They hide their faces and covered themselves with black cloaks. When they got to the car, Blaise sat in the back with her black Owl, while her parents drove.

"Blaise, honey," her mother said in a calm voice.

"Yes mother," she smiled back.

"Your father and I have something that we wish for you do take," her mother's face sudden;y turned very serious.

"W ... What is that," Blaise stuttered back.

"We want you to take the dark mark, and serve our lord," her father said in a very dark voice.

"W ... Wh ... What? I ... I refuse to. You can't make me," Blaise said with anger, but also with a little scared.

"You are going to wish you never said that," her mother and father said in unison.

-----End Flashback-----

Blaise never did regret saying that, but she regretted coming home this summer. As she drained the water out of the sink, and place the food on the table, she was about to o to her room when she heard a car door open, and close.

"Oh, shit. He's home, and he is probably drunk to. Fuck." Blaise turned on the spot, and was about to run to her room, but was grabbed from the back of her hair.

"Were do you think you are going?" her father asked, and she could smile the Fire Whiskey on his breath.

"No, let me go, nooooooooo," Blaise said, as she was dragged to her room by her father and thrown on her bed.

"Now, you are going to lay there a not scream. Understand?" he said as he stumbled to the bed and fell on top of her and started to kiss her everywhere.

"No, get off, stop it," Blaise said as loud as she could.

"Shut up slut," her father commanded and slapped her across the face. And then he ripped open her bath robe and removed her night gown that she was still wearing from the night before.

----With Harry----

Harry had walked from the Dursley's to the nearest mall, which was a good hour away. As he walked around, he noticed a few stores that he stopped in an looked around. He was determined to find a job anywhere, but before he went to hand in his resume that he has secretly typed up on Dudley's computer, he heard a very familiar screech. As he turned on the stop, he noticed that an owl was flying around and diving at people in the mall. When Harry took a closer look, he noticed that it wasn't Hedwig, but it was a snow owl. Doing the only thing that he could think of, he walked out of the store he was in, and took his index finger and thumb, and whistled to the owl, and then stuck out his arm for the owl to land on.

"Now, where did you come from?" he asked himself as it landed on his arm, and stroked it.

"Hey you," and man said as he was running towards Harry.

"Yeah, what would you like?" Harry asked the man when he stopped in front of him.

"First, I would like that owl back, and second, how did you do that?" he asked, as he caught his breath.

"Well, I have worked with owls before, but why should i give it to you, last time I checked, pet stores don't sell owls." Harry said to the man.

"Well, I thought that I would give it a try, and people like them, but these are untamed, and are going nuts, but she seems to like you," the man said back.

"OK, here then, and I guess I'll stop by and look at the others," Harry said, and he turned to walk away until.

"Wait, please, maybe I could offer you a job," the man said.

"Really, just to look after the owls?" Harry asked back in a surprised voice.

"Well, you well need to take care of the other animals I assign to you, but I well pay you extra if you could tam these owls." he stated.

"How many owls?" Harry asked curiously.

"About twelve or so," the man answered.

"I could do that, I'm in." Harry said and stuck out his hand.

"Good, you start today," the man said taking Harry's hand, " and the name is Mike."

"OK, Mike. Could you let that one fly, and she'll follow me," Harry said.

"Sure, but again, how do you know?" Mike asked.

"I have my own owl," Harry said, then realized that he shouldn't have, "I found her and healed her injuries, and she never left me." Harry covered himself as Mike was giving him a weird look.

"Oh, well, what's your name then?" Mike asked.

"Harry, Harry Potter."

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