Author's Note
I'm going to keep this page as a running response to reviewers as to the end of my story. An overall response: yes, I know that a good deal of you are upset that it ended up being a Ron/Hermione pairing, but trust me, I didn't intend for it to turn out this way! Sometimes, when you're writing something, you intend for it to turn out a certain way, but it ends up in another. I sincerely promise that someday I will write a Draco/Hermione story, so keep your eyes peeled ;). I just felt that this one would work better as a Ron/Hermione fic.

Anyway, I know that a lot of you are now screaming for a sequel. Well, you're in luck! After I get through with my new story, No Idea, I'd be happy to write a sequel to this one, seeing as the cogs are already turning in my head for it. I hear the hallelujah chorus coming from all sides, lol. So anyway, this page will probably be updated weekly until the reviews stop coming in. Thank you all for reading my story, and I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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