Impromptu Inquiry

By: firefly

Note: Heehee, written for a drabble challenge at LJ, where I had to include the characters Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and Shikamaru, and the words "jealous siblings." Hope you like!

Impromptu Inquiry

This is troublesome…

Shikamaru tried not to fidget as the two brothers sitting across for him glared poison in his direction.

Why did I let her talk me into this…troublesome woman…

As if reading his thoughts, the younger of the two leaned slightly forward in his seat, eyes narrowed dangerously. The other crossed his arms, working his fingers so his knuckles cracked threateningly.

And these two are the most troublesome…

"When are you going back?" the elder one asked in short, clipped tones.

Shikamaru swallowed, grip tightening on his cushioned seat.

"It should be in two days…"

"What business do you have here again?" the younger one questioned, his tone both flat and suspicious at the same time.

"Yes, please refresh my memory," the other added with a frightening smile.

"The Hokage instructed me to deliver a shipment of medicinal herbs to your village," Shikamaru answered without hesitation, hoping his answer would get them off his back. "And I was told to find a place to accommodate me…" he trailed off uncomfortably.

"Kankuro-san, your sister offered—"

"We're aware," Kankuro cut him off, eyes gleaming as he leaned forward. "Shika-kun."

"What relationship do you have with our sister?" Gaara asked tonelessly, ice-blue eyes alight with something between possessiveness and killer intent.

"Relationship?" Shikamaru echoed, his throat dry. "There's…no relationship beyond that of friendship."

"Let me tell you something," Kankuro said calmly, leaning forward and grabbing his shirt. "There's no such thing as a "just friends" relationship between opposite sexes."

Gaara merely stared at him, narrowed his eyes further, and then decided to let the shit hit the fan.

"Touch her, and I'll kill you."

Kankuro's grip tightened. "We'll both kill you."

The barest hints of a smirk lifted the corner of the insomniac's lips. "She's ours."

Kankuro drew a finger across the chunnin's throat. "And only ours."

They both looked at him contemplatively. "Do you understand?"

"Perfectly," Shikamaru answered without hesitation, totally aware that these were insanely powerful jealous siblings that would and could utterly annihilate his existence.

Kankuro's brow receded a bit, a sadistic little smile adorning his face.


"Hey Shikamaru, you ready to go?" Temari asked airily, entering the room.

Kankuro quickly released his grip and pretended to be dusting off and straightening the disturbed chunnin's collar, and Gaara immediately became expressionless as he slouched back in his seat.

"Kankuro," Temari said slowly. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Just helping our guest settle in," he replied casually, getting to his feet. "Do you mind if Gaara and I come with? We have a couple of errands to run ourselves."

"Sure," Temari shrugged, missing the look of mortification on Shikamaru's face.

"The more the merrier."