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As the seventh month dies, she will be born. The Daughter of Darkness will endure more pain than he that was born by those who thrice defied the Dark Lord. She will fall in love and then betray him whose heart she has given. For she will be either the destructor of the Light or the Executioner of the Dark. She will be born as the seventh month dies…

Harry Potter exited the Potions room, his insides burning with hate for the Potions Master, Severus Snape. The raven-haired boy hated the professor more than Snape hated him. Beside him, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley bickered over some insignificant thing. Harry didn't care right now, he was just glad that dinner was next. The first day of classes was always hard for sixth years because now they were taking N.E.W.T. classes.

Frowning, Harry rubbed his scar. It had been bothering him all day, hurting between and during classes. Now that he was nearing the Great Hall, the pain seemed to bother him more. Hermione glanced at him.

"Are you ok, Harry?" she asked, her brown eyes full of concern.

"It's just my scar, 'Mione," Harry muttered. Ron looked over.

"You think You-Know-Who is anywhere near by?" he asked. Hermione pursed her lips.

"Seriously Ronald," she said, rolling her eyes and entering the Hall. "If he was anywhere nearby, Harry would know it, the scar seems to hurt him more when he's near." Taking their seats at the Gryffindor table, Harry, Ron, and Hermione noticed that the food had not been set out like it normally was. Professor McGonagall, the Head of Gryffindor, stood in front of the teacher's table, the Sorting Hat in her hand.

"Wonder who hasn't been sorted?" Hermione mused aloud. Harry wasn't listening. His eyes were fixed on the cloaked figure standing next to Snape. The hood of the cloak was up, so Harry could not see who the person was. Rubbing his scar furiously, he turned to the middle of the table where Dumbledore sat. The old wizard winked at Harry behind his half-moon spectacles. Harry nodded in acknowledgement. Dumbledore stood, signaling silence in the loud Hall.

"I hope you all have had a good first day," he said, his eyes twinkling. "Before you set your mouths upon the food, however, we have one more student to Sort. Miss Abigail Futarro, please step over to Professor McGonagall." The figure moved hesitantly away from Snape's side, but after a nod, she moved over to the professor. Removing her hood, the girl averted her eyes to the floor.

Her ebony skin shone in the candlelight. Her corn rolled raven-colored hair flooded from the hood and reached her waist. But that wasn't what made the Great Hall gasp. Her eyes glowed blood red in the light with a tint of purple and green in them.

Professor McGonagall frowned, placing the Sorting Hat on her head. Everyone watched the mouth of the enchanted hat move mutely and saw Abigail's twist up in rage. Tearing the hat off her head she hurled it at the Great Hall doors.

"I will not be reminded of my past nor my future!" she screamed, her eyes flashing dangerously. Professor Snape rushed up and grabbed her arm, twisting her around. He hissed something to her and she looked away from him, tears forming in her eyes. Snape let go of her and levitated the fallen hat onto her head. The mouth of the Sorting Hat opened.

"GRYFFINDOR!" it shouted. Both Professor Snape and Abigail looked shocked at the choice. Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw all looked relieved. Gryffindor looked somewhere between horror and anticipation. Dumbledore broke the awkward silence.

"Well, let the feast begin!" People immediately began talking. Abigail did not join the Gryffindors at their table. She instead followed Snape back to his seat and sat next to him. Harry, Hermione, and Ron watched as Snape whispered something into her ear that made her smile slightly. Then she did the unbelievable. She kissed Snape on the cheek! Ron made a gagging sound, Hermione's face twisted into a face that was most unbecoming of her, but Harry looked only curious.

The trio ate dinner in silence and headed back to the common room. Sitting around the fireplace, they began to talk.

"Where do you think she's from?" Ron asked. Hermione shrugged.

"She could be from Africa, South or North America, or somewhere in the Middle East. Though, judging by her skin color, she's probably African." Harry rubbed his scar again as it began to hurt. Hermione eyed him worriedly.

"Harry," she said nervously. "I think you might want to talk to Dumbledore about your scar. It's never really hurt you for this long, only for short amounts of time. You really should!" Harry only shook his head.

"Dumbledore can't be bothered right now," Harry said. The portrait hole opened and Professor Snape walked in, followed closely by Abigail. Oblivious to the Gryffindors on the couch, he turned to the new student.

"This is the common room, and your dormitory is right up there," Snape said, pointing to the stairs leading to the girls' rooms. "If you have questions about your schedule, you know where to find me or ask one of the girls in your room."

"What if Mum owls?" she asked in an anxious voice. Snape's face darkened.

"It will come to me, not you. You know that already."


"You know your mother will not owl," Snape hissed. But something in his dark eyes contradicted his statement. Abigail sensed it in his voice.

"You want her to owl just as much as I do," she muttered. Snape sighed and left the common room. Abigail watched him go then turned to the fireplace. It was then that she noticed Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting on the couch. Actually, she didn't notice Harry.

Frowning, Abigail walked towards the stairs and disappeared up into the dormitories. The trio exchanged glances. What had that been about?

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