Life Revisited Chapter Five: Confrontations

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The Sandaime Hokage stood in front of his prize pupil, fifteen ANBU ninja accompanying him. He knew that one on one he stood a decent chance, but he wasn't going to risk that right now. He wore his battle armor, which could be hardened with chakra to become so tough that practically nothing, even Orochimaru's leaf cutter sword, could cut through it. There was still the risk that Orochimaru could slip the blade in the small gaps in the armor, as he was an excellent swordsman, so he hardly planned on just letting himself get hit with the blade.

"Orochimaru, you are a Class S missing-nin, wanted for treason against your village and numerous murder charges. We will arrest and detain you until you have been charged and then executed. If you resist arrest, we will kill you now. What do you say?"

"Sensei, you must not know me as well as you think you do if you think I'd accept either of those options. I'll take option three; killing you all, kidnapping Sasuke-kun, and leaving."

"So that's it, you want the Sharingan."

"Of course I do, with the Sharingan I can finally reach my goal of learning all of the ninja techniques."

"Even after all of these years you're still babbling on about that? Prepare youself traitor!" The third bit his thumb and formed seals, "Kuchiose no Jutsu!" There stood Enma, Lord of the Apes. The ape took a second to take in what he saw.

"So, it finally comes down to this, huh?"

"Enma, if you would please transform?"

"Sure thing." The ape put his hand into a seal and shouted, "Henge!" The next second he was a long staff, held by the Sandaime. Orochimaru smirked and brought his sword up into a fighting position. After a few tense seconds, the two collided, sword against staff, and backed off again. The ANBU just stood, almost like a fence, not wanting to interfere with the fight in front of them, indeed knowing that they would probably not be able to fight the sannin if they tried, just boxing the fight in. After a minute of no gain on either side, the Hokage jumped back, made five kage bunshins, and all six of them jumped back into battle. After a few seconds of blocking, one of the bunshins got a clean hit in on the snake-nin but he just dissolved into mud. The Hokage quickly spun around to block a downward slice from the real sannin and followed through with an upward swing of his staff, sending the sannin flying up into the air. One of the bunshins jumped up, flipped while extending his pole, and whacked the snake back at the ground. He landed in a crouch and wiped a bit of blood from the side of his mouth, smirking.

"It's been a long time since someone's made me bleed, sensei." (A/N: No one makes me bleed my own blood! XD)

"Get used to it, you'll be doing a lot of it today." Suddenly another hunter-nin appeared next to the Hokage and whipsered something in his ear, the Sandaime smirked a smirk worthy of Orochimaru himself. "Things just got a little more interesting Orochimaru, it seems someone else is about to join our little reunion." If he were capable of doing so, Orochimaru would have paled. Sure, the snake could probably take his old sensei, but not if he had help from him. "I had my hunter-nin go around and check all the hot springs, it seems that he came back because of all of the people in town for the exam." Orochimaru knew that he'd have to end this before he got there, so he flung himself at his old teacher. The two fought, attack for attack and pary for pary, but it seemed like Orochimaru had the slight edge, as he was pushing his old teacher back. He was about to get a clean hit in, when a foot came down from above, slamming him into the ground. There stood a ninja in red and white robes, with long white hair, and with a strange forehead protector with spikes that bore the Konoha leaf. The Orochimaru on the ground melted into mud.

"Hello, Jiraiya." The Hokage said.

"Hello Sarutobi-sensei, it's been a long time face to face, ne?"

"Yes, it has. But it seems that you won't be able to see your old teammate face to face today, it looks like he's slipped away."

"He always was the slippery one, wasn't he?" The Hokage nodded, and they poofed back to the Hokage tower to discuss what preparations had to be made, leaving some pretty confused ANBU who soon followed suit.


Naruto's team arrived at the tower during the first night of the exam around three in the morning. Sasuke and Sakura were exhausted, neither of them would let on, but Naruto knew. They had only had one run-in on the way to the tower, and that was with a group of mist-nins.


The clearing they now stood in was encased in fog, any ninja with experience could tell you that the fog wasn't natural.

"Leave your scroll and turn around if you want to live." A voice was heard from somewhere in the fog. Naruto looked at Sasuke and nodded. Sasuke activated his sharingan and formed some hand seals then shouted, "Kai!" Naruto had told him a little about his sharingan during the break they had taken. He didn't know how Naruto knew anything about the sharingan, but didn't care as long as what he said made him stronger. The fog slowly disappeared, revealing the three mist nins standing in the center.

"An Uchiha, interesting." One of the mist-nins said.

"He's the least of your worries" A voice from behind the mist-nin said. They spun around, ready to attack, only to see no one there. "Behind you." They spun around again, this time Naruto was there. There were kage bunshins making a circle around them. "Here's the deal. If you want to live, you leave right now. I don't even want your scroll, just go." A path formed through the bunshins. The nin that was the leader of the group spat at the real Naruto, the spit seemed to pass right through him.

"A bunshin." Then all the other Naruto's poofed out of existance.

"No, not a bunshin." Sasuke was in awe, with his sharingan he was able to tell that Naruto had indeed moved, but he couldn't even pick up the movement.

"He's fast." Sasuke whispered to himself, Sakura overhearing realized that Naruto had moved so fast that it appeared that the spit had passed right through him. She felt a lot of pride for the boy in front of her. 'That's the man I love alright,' she thought 'Konoha's number one ninja at surprising people.'

"My ass you're not a bunshin!" The nin yelled, jumping to attack with a kunai. Naruto blocked the attack with his own kunai, giving the mist-nin a foxy grin, and flipping the nin into the air.

"Sasuke, now!" Sasuke formed hand seals.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu" The large fireball made by the technique flew toward the group of ninja, all of whom jumped out of the way and watched as the fireball flew towards the forest, disintegrating everything in its path. The fireball had taken more out of the Uchiha than he would let on, but Naruto knew that he definitely wouldn't be able to make a fireball that big again until he had rested up some. Naruto stood face to face with the three mist-nins, no one giving up any ground. Naruto concentrated chakra into his eyes and internally formed seals, "Kirameki no Jutsu!" There was a flash of orange light, confusing and unbeknownst to them, putting everyone under Naruto's genjutsu.

"If you've ever heard anything about the Yondaime Hokage, you'd probably know that he was reknowned as the 'Yellow Flash of Konoha.' He could move so fast that all you could see was a yellow flash on the battlefield followed by the red of blood from the bodies he left in his wake. And though I may go by my mother's name, I still carry my father's blood!" Pushing chakra into his eyes, Naruto felt his power and speed increasing. He attacked, knocking one of the three mist-nin unconscious, all anyone saw was an orange flash and then the crumpled form of the mist-nin with Naruto standing over him.

"If you want to live, take your companion here and leave, or else I'll seal your fate for you." Taken aback, the other two mist-nin grabbed their teammate and ran, not wanting to face the wrath of one of the most powerful ninja that they had ever encountered. Sakura and Sasuke were in awe at Naruto. How could a genin have so much power? Naruto was the son of the Yondaime? Naruto had a lot of questions to answer, but he was ready. Last time through he hadn't let anyone know about his secrets, but this wasn't going to be like last time. He had always sworn to protect his precious people, but how could his precious people trust him if he didn't trust them? So Naruto sat his team down and spilled. He told them about the Kyuubi, about the Yondaime, and about his blood limit. He wasn't going to tell them about his time travel, because that would bring up a lot of awkward questions, ones which they wouldn't really want to hear the answers to. After he finished they all sat in silence as the two contemplated what had just been told to them, with Naruto hoping that they wouldn't despise him. The first person to move was Sakura, who after five minutes or so got up, walked over to Naruto and gave him a huge hug.

"I can't even begin to imagine how horrible it must have been for you growing up, all the pain, yet you haven't gone insane and tried to kill anyone. Don't worry Naruto, your secret is safe with me." Naruto's eyes were tearing, but he stopped himself from crying. Sasuke 'hmpfed,' grabbing the other two's attention.

"All I see this meaning is that now, with me and my Sharingan and you with the Kyuubi and the Shunshin, our team is unstoppable. Telling people about your abilites would make us lose the the element of surprise in battle, which wouldn't be a sound tactical move at all." Naruto smirked.

"Thanks, Sasuke-teme."

"No problem dobe."

After this incident they all ran straight towards the center of the forest without stopping, the reason why Sakura and Sasuke were so burnt out.

End Flashback--

Naruto was surprised that they were so accepting of him after they had found out about the Kyuubi. He still wasn't sure that they weren't going to turn on him the first opportunity that they had, but he would deal with that if it became an issue. Naruto had immediately suggested opening the scrolls once they had gotten inside of the tower, after all, Anko had said that they shouldn't open it before they got to the tower, not after. It took a little coaxing, but after a few minutes, Naruto was able to convince Sakura into doing it, but only if Naruto did it at the same time as her. So there they stood, facing each other, both Naruto and Sakura took a deep breath.

"One, two... three!" On three they both yanked their scrolls open and stared at the contents. Inside the scroll was a long seal, that Naruto recognized to be a summoning seal, but stared as if he didn't anyways. Sakura, realizing what it was that she was holding shrieked and dropped it. Naruto followed suit. Just before Naruto's scroll hit the ground however, there was a poof of smoke. When the smoke cleared, there stood Kakashi.

"Yo" Kakashi said. He had a cool demeanor, but he was actually quite intrigued. Naruto was the talk of the higher-class ninjas at the moment, and they were saying that he could use Kirameki no Jutsu and Shunshin no Jutsu, calling himself the 'Orange Flash of Konoha.' This brought up two questions to Kakashi. First off, how could he even use those techniques? They were blood-limits to a clan that had become extinct when his teacher died. And two, who taught him them? Even if he did have some Kazaara blood in him, none were alive to teach him.

"Kakashi-sensei, do you know what happened with the Sandaime?" Naruto asked, his eyes clearly showing the concern he felt.

"Orochimaru got away, but the Sandaime is unhurt."

"That's good."


"Yeah?" Naruto's face tilted up to look at his teacher.

"Can you really use Kirameki and Shunshin?" Even though Naruto couldn't see most of Kakashi's face, he could tell by the way his eyebrows tilted that Kakashi was interested.

"You're just gonna have to wait and see."

After an unbearably awkward silence, Kakashi nodded. "Alright, you guys get to go and rest for the remaining duration of the exam. The rooms are through these doors and in the back. They should be labeled. See ya." With another poof, Kakashi was gone, leaving the three genin to their own devices. After their first day of rest, the team was ready to continue training, which was made convenient by the training room in the building.

Three days later, the exam was finished.