Power Rangers: Galactic Strike Force
Prologue: A New Team, A New Mission
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: May 21, 2005

Genre: Action/Romance
Ships: Tommy/Kim, Billy/Cestria, Pallaton/Rhiannon, Peta/Kaia, Chogan/Kimana, Ashley/Andros, Cassie/T.J, Kendrix/Leo, Maya/Damon, Conner/Kira, and Zhane/Karone with mention of Tommy/Kat
Timeframe: AU, 1 year after Dino Thunder
Setting: Earth, Eltar, Aquitar

Disclaimer: I don't own Tommy, Kim, Billy or any of the characters from the series Power Rangers. I do own The strike force characters. PLEASE DON'T SUE!

"I miss the way you used to hug me; I miss the way you used to kiss my lips, but most of all I miss the way you held me and my heart. I miss you..." Unknown


September 1998
Royal Palace
Landing Pad

"Presenting Lady Crane of Phadoes!" a pair of guards called out as a figure in a slim, pale pink satin dress stepped from the mid-sized space ship that had just come from the surface. Her face was covered with a gauzy pink coverlet, leaving her beautiful, doe-like brown eyes and her caramel, sun-kissed colored bangs the only of her attributes visible as she strode toward the group waiting for her.

Standing back a safe distance, as was proper in this greeting ceremony, were the Aquitian Power Rangers, Lady Cestria, and Aquitar's Earthen Ambassador, William "Billy" Cranston, former Blue Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger of Earth and Zeo Ranger technical advisor. The Aquitian Rangers flanked Cestria and Billy as the pair made their way towards their guest. "Welcome back to Aquitar, Lady Crane," Cestria greeted, bowing slightly. The Rangers bowed as well, leaving Billy to smile at the pink dressed figure before him. Formal protocol was forgotten when Billy rushed forward, prompting the figure in pink to start her own mad rush. The two embraced tightly, laughing and crying at the same time.

"Billy!" she laughed when he spun her around in circles before setting her down and hugging her to him.

"Kimberly, welcome back."


Cestria's Quarters

"Ok, so I don't get it, why did you ask me to come all the way here from Phadoes?" Kimberly asked as she sat with the Aquitian Rangers, Cestria, and Billy in Cestria's quarters.

"Kim, a lot of things have happened since you left here, since you left Earth, hell, since I left Earth," Billy started. "The Eltarian High Council is working in conjunction with members of the Alliance of Peace to put together a stand-by Ranger team."

"I don't understand," Kim spoke. "I thought that everything in this sector had been peaceful since Zordon's death? I know the Galaxy Rangers have been facing some minor problems on Terra Venture, and on Mirinoi, but I don't think that's cause for a new team, is it?"

Delphine sighed. "Recent activity on Earth suggests that a new team of Rangers is nearly upon us. This is a map of Earth," Delphine spoke as the computer screen on the wall to Kimberly's right lit up.

"That's Mariner Bay," Kimberly murmured, her brow furrowing in confusion, her mind thinking of her brother Kenny, who was now living there.

"There's a pocket underneath, where a clan of demons once ruled from, we have reason to believe the next team of Rangers will come from Mariner Bay, and will hopefully be able to stop them, as someone has been snooping around the tomb where they were incased."

Kimberly turned to look at Billy. "You have something to do with that, don't you?"

Billy nodded. "As does Andros and the Space Rangers, but that's top secret information. Kimberly, the council has a team selected, they just need a Pink Ranger, but what they really need is a leader with Ranger experience."

Kim frowned. "What about you?"

Billy shook his head. "While I've been able to access my Blue Wolf Ninja powers, I cannot hold a Ranger power, we've already tried, several times. Because of the explosion at the Command Center and the destruction of our Power Coins, I may never hold Ranger Powers again."

The former Pink Ranger swallowed. In the last two years, Billy had been with her through every step of her recovery process, couple that fact with the fact that they were childhood best friends and there's nothing Kimberly wouldn't do for him. "When do we get started?"

Cestria and Billy laughed while the Rangers smiled. "Soon."


January 1999
Alliance of Peace Council Meeting
Parliament Building

"Presenting Ambassador William Cranston of Earth," the council announcer started as Billy stood from his seat next to Delphine and the Aquitian Rangers. Walking to the center of the room, the former Blue Ranger took a deep breath. He was about to cause a commotion among the members of the alliance, but he really didn't care. He had the proof to justify his choice.

"Welcome, Ambassador," High Councilman Minas of Eltar greeted.

"High Councilman," Billy responded, stepping into the light.

"Ambassador, you've been put in charge of bringing together the Galactic Strike Force Ranger team. Last year, you brought us seven candidates, and two have had the power awakened within them. Now, your reports suggest you've chosen a Pink Ranger, and a team leader, when you're still in need of five more Rangers. Is this correct?"

Billy took a deep breath. "Yes. I've chosen a Pink Ranger, and a leader for the team." Turning, Billy motioned for the pink dressed woman sitting next to Delphine to step onto the floor. "This is Kimberly Hart, my candidate for Pink Ranger and for leader of the team."

"You bring us a female!" Councilman Conrad of Alpha Centari screeched in dismay.

"I'm not just some female!" Kimberly sputtered in protest. Billy sighed, having felt Kimberly's anger simmering under the surface since they'd entered the parliament room. She'd heard the rumors about the council's opposition to a female being put in charge of any Ranger team, Delphine not withstanding.

"Silence ingrate!" Minas commanded, glaring at Kimberly.

"Whatever. Just because I'm a girl, you don't think I can lead this team. I'll have you know that that just goes to show how far along in the times you are. Zordon thought I was capable enough to be the Pink Ranger."

The council of one hundred quieted at the mention of Zordon's name. "How did you know Zordon?" the councilwoman from Inquiris asked.

Kimberly turned to stare defiantly at the woman, only to smile in recognition at whom she was talking to. "Because, he chose me to be the First Pink Ranger of Earth."

Kimberly's admission silenced any protests that were about to spring up. Suffice to say, other than Billy, Jason, and Tommy, the council had no idea that any of the original Rangers were still alive on Earth, let alone still associated with the power. Zordon had kept their identities a secret even from the Alliance of Peace and the High Council of Eltar. "I have also just spent a year and a half on Phadoes with the last Master Warrior of their planet, Dulcea. I am more than qualified to lead this team."


Eltarian Capital Residence
Ranger Wing

Kimberly stood in the corner as Billy and the Aquitian Rangers spoke with the two new Rangers. One was a young boy, no more than fifteen, with the brightest blue eyes and hair that couldn't be described as any color other than gold. The other was a man, older than Kimberly, who looked remarkably like Zordon as far as his facial structure was concerned. The former Pink Ranger had overheard Cestria explain to Delphine that this man, with white eyes and military cut blue hair, had known Zordon for millennia, and had been friends with the Eltarian Wizard before he'd been encased in his time warp.

"Sani, Peta, allow me to introduce Lady Crane of the Ninjetti," Billy introduced her to them. Peta looked at her, wide eyed and in shock, while Sani merely nodded; his face stoic like Zordon's often had been, though he seemed to recognize her.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Pink Crane. Zordon spoke highly of the woman who he first chose to be the pink power holder of Earth." Kimberly blinked back the tears, her grief over Zordon's death still too fresh and deep for her.

"Lady Crane, this is Duke Peta, son of the Archduke Anoir of Alpha Centari. He's going to be your Gold Ranger," Cestria told Kim, gesturing to the young boy. "And this is Lord Sani of Eltar, a Priest in the order of the Morphin Masters, and a senior member of their Council of Elders. He is the Blue Ranger."

Kim could only nod. "So, we still need to find how many Rangers?"



June 9, 2005
Reefside, CA
Reefside High School
11:00 A.M.

"Dr. Oliver, please report to the office." Tommy looked up from his desk and sighed. His class, which consisted of all seniors, was taking their finals. "Christina, you're in charge until I get back. If I find out any of you were talking to each other while I was out of the room, I'll fail you on the final. Do I make myself clear?" The students nodded and watched in stunned amazement as Dr. Oliver raced from his room toward the office.

When Tommy arrived in the office, Ms. Stellar, the secretary, pointed to the phone that was blinking, the line connected to it on hold. "Hello?"


Tommy's eyes widened in shock. He hadn't heard the voice of the caller in years. "Billy? Is that you?"

Billy chuckled. "Yeah, it's me. Look, I know you're still in school right now, but I need to speak with you. It's urgent."

"Sure. How about coming to my house, it's pretty secluded, and if the tone of your voice says anything, we're going to need the privacy."

"We are. What's your address? I'll meet you after you get out of school."

"1992 Valencia Road. It's out in the sticks."

Billy laughed. "I'm sure I can find my way. I'll see you later."

"Billy, is something wrong?" Tommy asked suddenly, before could Billy hang up the phone.

"Depends on your definition of wrong. I'll see you in a few hours." Tommy laid the receiver back on the base, his eyes dark and confused.


Dr. Tommy Oliver's House
1992 Valencia Road
Reefside, CA
4:00 P.M.

"Man, Dr. O, you and Hayley certainly fixed the lair up; it looks better than before!" Conner McKnight, the former Red Dino Thunder Ranger quipped as he, Trent Fernandez, Ethan James and Kira Ford - the former White, Blue and Yellow Dino Thunder Rangers - entered the lair from the stairs, which came from inside of Tommy's house.

"Hey guys!" Hayley laughed, turning from her spot at the computer.

"Some things never change, huh? You guys still don't know how to knock, or call," Tommy grumbled.

"We missed you," Kira told their former teacher and mentor. The quartet had graduated nearly a year before, shortly after they lost their powers in the final fight with Mesogog last May.

"Expecting company?" Ethan asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Actually, we are." Tommy's comment brought the four teenagers up short. "Sit down, be quiet, and you'll get to meet one of my original teammates as soon as he gets here."

"Awesome!" the boys laughed.

Kira looked thoughtful before she quietly asked, "Who is it?"

"Me." All eyes turned to the forest entrance, where a man in a pair of steel gray pants and a blue and gray shirt stood.

"Gang, allow me to introduce William Cranston, otherwise known as Billy, the original Blue Ranger of Earth, and the genius behind the Morphin and Zeo teams."

The four teens and Hayley looked shocked to see Billy standing before them. "Wow."

"It's a pleasure to meet our successors to the Dino Powers," Billy told them. "Zordon would have been proud of you, Tommy."

The former Ranger leader nodded, but didn't speak. He couldn't, not when Billy had just bestowed upon him the gift he had. "Billy, what brings you to Earth?" Hayley asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

"I came to ask Tommy for his help. Four days ago, the Galactic Strike Force Rangers were attacked at their residence on Eltar, and their Pink Ranger was kidnapped. Unfortunately, they need someone to lead them to get her back."

"I don't understand," Conner softly commented.

"Strike Force are new Rangers, having just joined the team within the last two years, at least all of them are except the Pink, Blue and Gold Rangers. I need someone with Ranger experience to lead them, and the only person I know who can do it successfully is standing before me." All eyes turned to Tommy, who was shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, Billy, but I hung up my spandex suit last year after the defeat of Mesogog. I'm a science teacher now, not a warrior. I've done my duty, several times over. I'm ready for a break."

Billy nodded, choosing his next words carefully. "I understand, and you'll have to forgive me for the tactic I'm about to use on you, but I need your help. The Strike Force Pink Ranger is the veteran Ranger of their team, and someone you know quite well."

Tommy's face paled, wondering which of the female Rangers he knew and had served with had taken the Pink mantle. "Who is it?"

"She is known as Lady Crane to everyone else but you know her as your Pink Princess."

Hayley and the former Dino Thunder Rangers gasped when Tommy's face suddenly lost all color. There was only one person Tommy Oliver had ever called his Pink Princess. She was the first girl he'd ever loved, the girl who'd gotten him out of his shy shell, and above all else, though Tommy wouldn't admit it vocally, she was THE love of his life. "Kimberly?"