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Episode 1: Reunion

"Leave me alone!" a little girl cries out. "Somebody help me!"

"Would you listen to this kid?" exclaims one of three older boys surrounding him. "She tells us to leave her alone and then she wants someone to come to her."

The other two boys laugh at the little one's plight and proceeded to pummel her. The little girl tries to shield her body from the older one's strong kicks as best as she could. She was surprised no one would come to her aid since all this was happening in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Just give us all of your money and we'll go," spoke another of the older boys.

"No!" the little girl cries out in defiance.

"Then we'll just kick it out of ya!" shouted the third one.

Just when the little girl couldn't take it anymore, a young girl in her teens saunters through the group without saying a word. Her blue jeans, worn at the bottom, swept along the sidewalk, just able to cover her discolored black sneakers with rattled white shoelaces. The little red t-shirt she wore just barely covering the black sports bra underneath. Its sleeves were worn up to her shoulders and the bottom portion was worn up to the end of her bra, exposing some of her stomach.

Her walking posture was nonchalant, with her hands buried deep in her jean pockets and her eyes faced down to the ground. Her pale skin made her seem as if she was a ghost, just floating through the group with her scraggly short black hair obscuring much of her face.

"Hey!" cried out one of the older boys whom she nudged him aside.

He shoots out his hand and grabs her by the shoulder. She stops at his touch.

"You ran into me," he tells her fiercely.

She turns her head and looks at him with an apathetic eye.

"Sorry," she uttered quietly.

"I didn't hear you," he says sarcastically. "Say it louder."

"I'm sorry," she uttered a little louder, but still softly.

"That's not enough," said another boy. "You push our friend without even saying 'excuse me.' I think that's considered rude."

"My apologies," said the girl.

She tries to walk away but the boy's grip on her prevented her from doing so.

"You're not going anywhere, bitch," he growls. "You mess with us, you pay the price."

With a jerk of his hand, he spins her around and throws a punch at her. The little girl's eyes went wide as she watches the girl's arm shoot up in the blink of an eye and catch the older boy's fist in her hand.

"What the hell?" exclaims the third older boy.

"No, I won't," she says in a low voice. She raises her head and looks at the boy's face with icy eyes. "You're the one who's rude."

The boy froze in fear at the sight of her eyes. Before he could think, the girl pulls him toward her and knees him hard in the stomach. He instantly loses consciousness and falls to the ground. The other two boys gasp in fear at the sight of such a quick defeat and turns tail to run. The girl turns her head towards them and runs after them. In a moment, she takes a strong leap with a thrust of her legs and lands in front of the two boys, cutting off their escape. Before the boys could do anything, the girl punches one in the face and kicks the other in the stomach. The two fall to the ground and black out from the force of her attacks.

The girl sighs a breath of disappointment and thrusts her hands back into their respective pockets. With that, she turns around and heads back to the sidewalk, walking as if nothing had happened.

"You're amazing," the little girl said in awe as she got up.

The girl simply looks down at him and continues walking. The little girl, curious, decides to follow her.

"What's your name?" she asks her.

"That doesn't matter," she responds nonchalantly. "Go home kid."

"Don't you have a name?" continued the little girl. Obviously she's not going anywhere without an answer.

"Meihu," replied the girl with a sigh. "The name's Meihu."

"Ooh, my name's Suzie," introduced the little girl. "Want to be my friend?"

"I already have one," said Meihu. "One's good enough for me."

"Oh, but having more is even better," said Suzie with a smile. "Won't you please be friends with me?"

"Go away kid," demanded Meihu. Perhaps leaving the little girl in one piece wasn't such a good idea after all.

"But why?" asked Suzie with a saddening face.

"You're annoying me," answered Meihu unkindly.

Suzie hangs her head at the sound of such an answer and turns to run away. Meihu watches her leave, making sure nothing and no one else bothers the kid. Behind her, a black tigress with red stripes appears. She wore red gauntlets that came halfway up her forearms, as well as red cloth wrapped around her hind ankles. But what really made this tigress stand out was the fact that she was standing upright, like a human.

"That wasn't very nice," uttered the tigress.

"It's for the best, Tigramon," replied Meihu.

With a curious look in her eyes, Tigramon disappears and Meihu continues her way through the city.


"Hurry up everyone!" Takato Matsuda shouts eagerly to his friends.

The 11-year-old ran excitedly towards the secluded area of the park as his friends lagged behind him. He was anxious to get to the digital portal so he could be reunited with his beloved digimon.

"Don't rush us, gogglehead," Rika Makino retorts back with a scowl.

"Calm down, Rika," said Ryo Akiyama with a smile. "You're gonna pop a vein if you don't watch out."

"Last one there is a rotten digi-egg!" exclaims Kazu.

"No fair; I'm always the rotten digi-egg!" complains Kenta, adjusting his glasses.

"We've still got to wait for Suzie and Jeri guys," noted Henry Lee. "No one goes until all the tamers are here."

"Oh, right, I almost forgot about them," uttered Takato, stopping right outside the gated enclosure where just a year ago he was keeping his digimon Guilmon from sight.

Minutes later, Jeri Kauto appears with a smile on her face.

"Takato!" she greets him as she gave him a happy glomp.

"Jeri, you're here," he hugs back.

"You weren't planning to leave your girlfriend behind, were you?" Jeri asks with a questioning look.

"Uh, no; of course not," stuttered Takato.

"Hmm, I thought so," she responds with a catlike grin.

"Now all we need is the baby," declared Kazu.

"Where could Suzie be?" exasperated Henry, crossing his arms.

"If she's not here in the next 5 minutes, we're leaving without her," said Rika sternly.

"You aren't serious, are you?" wondered Ryo.

"Yes I am," replied Rika. "We've waited a year for this and I don't want to wait another minute to reunite with Renamon."

"That's my Digimon Queen," chuckled Ryo.

Four minutes later, Suzie's petite body could be seen in the distance.

"There she is," sighed Kenta.

"Suzie, hurry up or we'll leave you behind!" Henry shouts at his little sister.

"I'm coming; just hold on!" Suzie shouts back.

When she got there, Henry glares at his sister with an angry face.

"What took you so long?" he demanded firmly. "I told you to meet us at the park at 2:00 sharp. It's now 2:10!"

"I'm sorry," she apologizes with a bow. "I was getting picked on by some very mean boys."

"Some boys were picking on you?" echoed Henry with concern. "Are you okay? I knew you should've come with me instead of going out on your own. You're too young. You're only 7 years old."

"I'm okay," assured Suzie. "A nice girl helped me. Well, she wasn't so very nice afterwards."

"A girl?" reiterated Kazu with an arched eye.

"Suzie, how many times do I have to tell you not to talk to strangers?" sighed Henry.

"But she helped save me from the mean boys," argued Suzie.

"If you guys don't mind, we'd like to go see our digimon again," interrupted Rika impatiently. "If I stand around you guys any longer, I might contract stupidity."

"C'mon guys; let's go!" whooped Takato, leading the group of tamers into the cemented structure and into the tunnel where they first went into the digital world. "Guilmon! Here we come!"


Narrator: Who are Meihu and Tigramon anyway? Is that the last we'll see of them? Find out next time on Digimon Fusion!