"Let's jam together again someday!"

Ryuichi pillowed his head with his arm as his own words bounced around in his head. He'd meant what he'd said. Shuichi was one of a kind, and he would really miss the little freak.

A crooked smile tugged at the ends of Ryuichi's lips as he thought of the way he had made Shuichi cry time and again. For some reason it was just so amusing to poke fun at the kid. Staring out the window, he wondered if somewhere below him, Shuichi was singing. He hoped so. Singing, music, it was all so precious…

Music was life, after all.

Ryuichi's smile turned downward as he thought about the life he was leaving, about the friends he knew he'd never see again, about Tohma…

He wondered if Tohma even guessed at how carefully he had watched Shuichi, making sure that the kid was not the type to ever abandon NG, like he had. Tohma probably did know, Ryuichi sighed. He was never one to miss much. Ryuichi supposed that it was just another thing he would have to silently apologize to Mika-san for.

"…It's only because that's what you wanted…"

Ryuichi remembered the look in Tohma's eyes as he had whispered those words to him. He wondered if Tohma knew how much it had hurt, then, to say good-bye. He wondered if Tohma had sensed him wavering, wanting to stay. He scrubbed at his eyes. Tohma had to get on with his life though. They both knew it. It was better this way, for everyone. Tohma had a wife now, and a baby. It would have hurt more to stay.

Some things were better left in the past.

Ryuichi sat up straight in his chair. He at least would not forget. Ryuichi reached over and pulled down the plastic window cover. No, he couldn't forget. Leaning back into the cushioned chair, Ryuichi closed his eyes. How could he, when all he saw as he drifted to sleep were Tohma's lonely eyes?