Author: Obligatory, Author's note. First fic up, in a long...long...while. Haven't really written anything in over a few years but you know how that go-

Janus: Get to the damn story already, the readers don't come to be bored.

Author: Oh shut it, and get on stage, yer up in ten...

Janus:blows him a raspberry

Author: Anyways, if this gets boring…um…you don't have to read it ; it's just an explanation to everything within this universe I've created. Just imagine the speaking voice of the narrator as one of those old "50'ish style World-of-Tomorrow-voices" male voice, as my girlfriend so eloquently put it. Then it seems kinda funny.


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Newbie's Walkthrough

Welcome new user to the Pokémon OnLine Universe, the new generation in Pokémon gaming. In the world which you are about to enter, you will embark on a grand adventure with you as the hero. Speak to people and check things wherever you go, be it towns, roads, or caves. Gather information and hints from every source.

New paths will open to you by helping people in need, overcoming challenges, and solving mysteries. At time, you will be challenged by others and attacked by wild creatures. Be brave and keep pushing on. Through your adventure, we hope that you will interact with all sorts of people and achieve personal growth. That is our biggest objective.

It is important for new players to know the rules implemented in POL. Hacking your character in any way, shape, or form, shall result in your immediate deletion, and a banning of your IP address. Hacking WILL NOT be tolerated.

Always remember courtesy, you are not the only player in the world of POL. Always show respect to your administrators and moderators of you're server, they're there to help you. Regular level members will not be permitted access into staff-only areas.

Remember to register yourself as an Official Pokémon Battler; you will not be able to battle other trainers without registering first. This prevents the different "classes" (i.e. Breeders, Watchers, etc. ) from being drawn into battles they want no part in.

A new feature added recently is the Gym Trainee Program, or otherwise called the GTP. You may join a Gym and train under the Gym Leader (GL) of that gym and be allowed to take over their position for them. Note: this is a highly esteemed position, and should an admin or mod see you as unfit to be a Gym Leader, your badges shall be revoked and your powers as a GL revoked. You may NOT withhold badges from players if they win, nobody likes a sore loser.

The rules of joining Gyms vary; please consult their rule books when you join for further information.

Trainers are allowed to have one Pokémon out as a traveling companion, but only one at a time, unless you are involved in a double battle or training your team solo. In which case, please look at the Battles section of your manual for more help.

Due to the nature of POL, a level cap has been put on the Pokémon, should they exceed a certain level, and they have been found to rebel against their trainers due to the emotions chip within them. In POL, the Pokémon are as close to living, breathing beings as you or I in this virtual world, they are more then just your standard AI thanks to the latest advances in technology. Also, a power cap has been put on Psychic Pokémon to protect you, the trainer, from suffering lasting damage in the real world. Please ask the admin of our servers for more information on this.

Because of their adverse powers and rarity, all legendaries have been removed from the game. That is all.

The world of POL is comprised of four main regions and several islands branching off of them, these continents include the original three (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn) and a new region, specifically made for POL. These regions are all based under a different server. Enjoy exploring this new land, and learning its secrets.

Also, remember that the Neuro-antenna is not a toy; it connects your brain to the game and enhances your experiences to make them as realistic as possible, remember to be careful, as pain is transferred from the game to your body.

We close with saying that all harm caused from this game, is in no way the responsibility of Game Freak, Creatures Inc. or Nintendo. Thank you for reading the Beginners Walkthrough, have a fun and safe gaming experience.