-Valliant Shinji

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City Streets

Shinji scanned the scene in front of him. He was the only one in the street. All the buildings were empty. All phone service has been disrupted due to the pending emergency. Yet that didn't bother him. Not one bit. "I can go back to the shelters if I want. But I can sense that this city needs me!"

For a split second, Shinji thought he saw a blue haired woman standing in the middle of the road.

"That woman should not be there! She should be in the shelter!" Shinji narrowed his eyes. "I must go to her and…"

Suddenly, a huge explosion ripped through the area. The power lines started wavering, and the metal doors rattled. After being distracted by the sound, he turned back to where the girl was standing. Except the girl wasn't there. "She must've gone to the shelter. Wise move!" Shinji turned to the sky behind him and saw the UN Fighter shooting missiles at the HUGE humanoid monster. The missiles exploded on the monster, with absolutely zero effect. Suddenly, the monster raised his arm, and blasted the UN fighter with some sort of energy weapon. The UN fighter came crashing down, crashing down near him!

BUT, Shinji was unafraid! The fighter hits the ground and a massive explosion threw pieces all over the place. Shinji simply stood his ground as metallic pieces rushed past him. Shinji glared at the monster in front of him. "So, you're the monster threatening this city! If I had the power…"

Before he could say anything else, Shinji heard a screech right next to him. As he turned, he could see a blue car with a woman in it. The door opened and the woman lowered her sunglasses that she was wearing. "Sorry, were you waiting long?"

Shinji stood up with his hands both clinched in a fist. "Not at all Miss Katsuragi! I am ready to be taken to this NERV!"

"EH?" Misato looked at the strange, determined, fearless, maybe a little overconfident boy there. "Uh…get in?"

"Yes ma'am!" Shinji quickly walked to the other side, opened the door, and got in.

A few missiles veered off slammed into nearby buildings. Misato quickly reversed the car, spun it around, and slammed on the gas. All the while, pieces of the building were hitting the roof of her car, and the monster's massive feet stomping towards them.

As Misato sped towards a more safe distance on the open road, she eyed the boy that she just picked up in the corner of her eye. She noticed his expression of seemingly overconfidence, and complete fearlessness. 'I know he lost his mother at a young age, and his father, the commander, didn't take care of him could do a lot to a kids mentality, but THIS?' After a short silence, Misato tried to strike up a conversation. "So, Shinji, um, how has your visit to Tokyo 3 been so far?"

Shinji turned to Misato. "I see a great need to protect it from that evil monster! If there is anything I can do to stop it, I'm up to the challenge!"

"EH?" Misato's mouth was completely wide open when she heard that. 'Did someone drop this kid on the head or something?'

After driving for a while, Misato stopped the car off by the side of the highway.

"Why did we stop here?" Shinji asked in the same overtly serious determined tone he had been using.

Misato again stared at Shinji with a bewildered look. "Um, I want to see how well the UN is doing against that monster called, um, Angel?"

Shinji, without changing his expression, responded. "Sounds good. I want to see how the proud UN military soldiers do against that Angel!"

Misato was opening and closing her mouth for she was completely at a lost for words. "Uhhhhhh…yeah…" 'Not that I call them proud but uh…euh…um…' Trying not to get too bothered by the increasingly bizarre behavior of Shinji, she leaned out of the open window and peered at the UN fighters with her binoculars. Suddenly, all the fighters scattered. "Wait a second. They're going to use an N-2 mine?" Misato brought Shinji's head down. "Get down!"

KABOOM! The massive explosion in front of them causes the car to rollover into the field. Once they came to a stop, both Shinji and Misato looked out of the car window and stared at where the Angel used to be. And, if they stayed any longer, they would see that it was still there.

Once the waves died down, Shinji spoke up. "If they used an N-2 mine, this enemy must be formidable."

"Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh…" Misato was again at a lost of words. 'I got to get to NERV fast!' "Yeah… Um, hey Shinji…can you help me right this car?"

"Absolutely Miss Katsuragi." Shinji jumped out of the car window and landed on the ground.

Misato followed suit. With both pushing the car, they were able to get the car upright. "Great. Now…" She entered the car and turned the key. The engine refused to start. "Damn. The blast must've ruined the battery…or something." Misato looked down the road. "I guess we can always acquire batteries from those parked cars. They seemed to have been protected by the blast."

"Not to worry Miss Katsuragi! I will help you acquire those batteries!" Shinji said with determination in her eyes.

Misato had to do a double take. "Uh…okay…?" Misato's eyebrow began to twitch.


"Yes. Don't worry about it. His safety is my top priority, so could you get a car train ready for us? The express one." Misato said on the car phone. "Though there's something about him that…well, I'll tell you when I get there! Bye!" Misato hung up the phone.

After a short silence, Misato eyed Shinji quickly before turning away. She was still trying to figure him out. For one thing, she was still trying to figure out whether or not she liked him. In fact, she was so intrigued by Shinji that she wasn't even concerned about the state of her car or her finances at the moment. 'Well, at least he isn't a quiet reserved kid but…this?' Misato shifted her eyes from one side to the other. 'I guess one good thing is, he seems to like following orders well…'

After a long silence, they finally entered NERV.

"NERV. Is this some sort of secret organization?" Shinji asked in that same serious determined tone. "And is that where my father works?"

"Yeah on both counts…" Misato replied. 'Did his father put a stick up his ass and forget to take it out?' "Do…you know what he does?"

"Only that he is important to the safety of the human race." Shinji replied without wavering. "Sounds like a worthy goal!"

Misato blinked. "Well! It seemed you don't have any problems with your father!"

Shinji frowned a bit. This was the first time Misato saw a change in expression. "While I believe that my father is an important man when it comes to the safety of humanity, he was by no means, a true father!"

Misato's mouth was again, wide open. "Ehhhhhhhh…"

Train to NERV

"And um…this is NERV." Misato pointed out through the window. "You probably read it all in that handbook so I guess um…I guess you don't need me pointing it out. Hehehe…"

"No need to apologize Miss Katsuragi!" Shinji said. "You have a ton of help for me, and I'm sure you will continue to do so!"

Misato's mouth was again wide open. In fact, she had her mouth open so many times, she was afraid that it might get stuck like this. "Thanks…Shinji? And um…OH! And um…" She turned to Shinji who seemed to be stuck in that determined expression of his. "Did your father give you the ID card and…papers?"

"He did Miss Katsuragi." Shinji handed Misato the papers. "I apologize for withholding them."

"Hehehe…" Misato lightly chuckled as she took the papers. "Um, no need to apologize."

Shinji bowed slightly to Misato. "Very well Miss Katsuragi!"

Misato let out a huge breath that she did not realize that she was holding. 'Can't this train go any faster?'



Misato gulped. She again stared at Shinji who seemed to like walking upright and with his fist clinched. "So…Shinji, what do you do for fun?"

Shinji held an expression of pure determination…um, okay, he held it since this morning, and he probably held it since he went to bed last night. In other words, it did not change one bit. "I read comic books ma'am!"

'Hmm. If I know anything about comic book heroes, that might explain a few things…' Misato thought. 'But to completely emulate his personality like those, he must've been really fu…' Suddenly, the elevator stopped, and the doors opened.

Ritsuko walked into the elevator wearing a swimming suit and a lab coat. She first, looked at Misato, then at Shinji. "Why are you wasting my time, Captain Katsuragi? Aren't you aware that we're short on both time and manpower?"

"Um…sorry?" Misato shrank a bit from her position.

"You're a Captain?" Shinji said turning to Misato.

"Uh, yeah…" Misato said with a little reservation. 'Knowing him…'

"I completely apologize for not giving you the proper title Captain Katsuragi!" Shinji said in…yes, all seriousness. "Please forgive my rudeness. I did not mean any disrespect Captain!"

Ritsuko eyes darted to Shinji. Her eyes nearly bulged out. "Eh?"

"Oh, no need to apologize to me Shinji! I um…" Misato scratched the back of her head in embarrassment. "It's all my fault! I failed to mention my rank. So don't worry about it!"

"Still…" Shinji continued. "I should have given you the proper respect. I promise that it won't happen again!"

"Eh hehehe…" Misato gave another embarrassed smile. "Okay?"

Ritsuko shot her head towards Misato. "Um, Misa…Captain, this is the Third Child Shinji Ikari right?" Misato lightly nodded. She narrowed her eyes at her. "What did you do to him?"

Misato leaned in close to Ritsuko's ear and whispered. "I…I didn't do anything! He was like that when I got him! Completely uptight, self-assured, and I might even say fearless hero type! Just like in all those comic book heroes form the 1950s! Mind totally freaked up if you ask me!"

Ritsuko took this all in as she turned to Shinji. 'Ooooooooooooookay! I guess Shinji not having parents that care for him must've really screwed him up!' After a short moment, realization hit her like lightning. 'WAIT! That might mean we don't have to convinced him to pilot!' She turned to Shinji. "WELCOME TO NERV SHINJI IKARI!"

Shinji shot Ritsuko with a tough guy expression. "Thank you for the welcome Miss…"

"DOCTOR RITSUKO AKAGI!" Ritsuko proudly proclaimed. "Say! I have something to show you…"

Misato rolled her eyes. 'At least someone here likes Shinji like this…'


Eva Cage

After a short elevator ride, they enter a completely dark room. When the elevator doors closed, they were temporary consumed by darkness.

"What is that you want to show me Doctor Akagi?" Shinji said in his…do I really have to say it?

"You'll see!" Ritsuko grinned. Ritsuko pushed a button, and the entire room was flooded with lights.

Shinji covered his eyes for a second as they quickly readjusted to the sudden illumination. Then, he saw it. "Amazing. Do you mind me asking what it is Doctor Akagi? I did not read it in the manual given to me by Captain Katsuragi."

"You won't find it in there." Ritsuko noted. "That is Man's ultimate humanoid fighting machine, the first model of the synthetic life form Evangelion, Unit 01. Built here in secret, it is mankind's last hope."

Shinji stared at Eva Unit 01. "So, this weapon is designed to stop those monsters from terrorizing the city."

"Not just the city Shinji, but the world!" Ritsuko said with just a bit too much drama. She was starting to get a little overtly excited. "Without Eva Unit 01, our world could be DOOMED!"

Misato's eyebrow started to twitch. 'I think I need to talk to the Psyche Ward about admitting a few patients. One for Shinji, and for Ritsuko.'

Shinji turned to Ritsuko. "Why are you telling me this?"

Ritsuko straightened her jacket. "Because…YOU are to pilot it!"

Shinji frowned. "Is this why my father brought me here?"

Ritsuko was aghast. Her resolve was slightly eroded. 'Don't tell me he's backing out now? But…but…but…'

"That is correct." Gendo Ikari said in a platform above him.

Shinji looked up and glared at his father. Then, he looked back at the Evangelion. His eyes lit up. "I'll do it!"

"YES!" Ritsuko jumped up before becoming professional again. "I mean…I see."

"BUT!" Shinji said stopping everyone else in mid thought. "I am doing it for the world! Not for you father! Or should I call you Commander Ikari to be more respectful?"

Gendo Ikari grinned. 'I don't know what happened to my son, but I love his attitude.' "Whatever you see fit!"

Misato opened her mouth, but, again, had nothing to say.

"We're moving out!" Gendo said.

Misato's eyes widened. "Right now? But doesn't he even get some training in or…"

"We do not have time." Gendo noted in his cold tone.

"That's okay!" Shinji said back. "Just tell me how to move this thing, and everything should be fine!"

Misato again opened her mouth, only to again, have absolutely nothing to say.

"Okay!" Ritsuko smiled brightly. "Well, now that we have that out of the way, let's get started!"


NERV Command Center

"Are you, you know, absolutely sure about this Ritsuko?" Misato asked with a little concern.

Ritsuko face held a strange glee. Her eyes were also a little, psychotic looking maybe?

Misato stepped away from her friend. 'I am now officially scared.'

"Synchronization ratio at…85.4 percent?" Maya eyes nearly bulged out when she read that.

"Holy crap!" Misato yelled. "What the heck is in the water in Osaka?"

"No training and yet it is that high? A miracle has descended upon us!" Ritsuko excitedly yelled, causing everyone in the room to stare at her. "Uh…I mean…" She decided to quickly change the focus of attention off of her. "Are you ready Shinji?"

"Ready and able!" Shinji said with his ready to kick ass voice. "Time to hand justice for all humanity!"

Misato gently kept a hand under her chin in order to make sure her mouth would stay closed.

Ritsuko's smile widened. She then turned back to Misato. "Let's do it!" However, Misato was still too stunned to speak, much to the annoyance to Ritsuko. "WELL?"

Misato was snapped out of her shock, which seemed like the billionth time this day, by Ritsuko's voice. "Huh? Oh yeah, um…well…" She turned back to the computer monitor. "PREPARE TO LAUNCH!"

Behind them sat Gendo Ikari and Kouzou Fuyutsuki. Gendo sat in his typical pose and Kouzou of course, stood next to him.

Kouzou eyed Gendo. "I have to say, Shinji has been a complete surprise."

Gendo grinned. "And those fools at SEELE think I'm a loon for giving Unit 01 to my son!"

'Well, I wasn't so sure about that either.' Kouzou thought. 'Still, it seemed to have been a big boon for us.'

After all lights go green, and the preparations for launch complete, Misato gave the final order.

"LAUNCH EVA!" Misato yelled.

The command crew watched as Eva Unit 01 was shot out of the Eva Cage and into the streets of Tokyo 3; ready to confront the Angel that has been terrorizing the city for most of the day.

-------End of Chapter 1

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