-1-Valiant Shinji Chapter 5

-Woohoo! Finally! No I'm not going to say I'm back for the 100000000 time, make predictions of what I'll write next, or how much I'll write. It's a near miracle I got this done. Again, trying to get some writing done. But with the way things are, don't get your hopes up.

-Anyways, on with the story!

As the Angel hovered towards Tokyo 3, the main skyscrapers sank to the ground as the fortified city prepared for battle. All civilians have been evacuated to the emergency shelters and all government officials were notified of the situation.

Within Nerv headquarters, one pilot was already more than ready.

Nerv Headquarters - Eva Cage

"So, it's here sooner than expected," Shinji said as he looked up at the ceiling. In his mind, he could imagine the monster approaching the city. "It doesn't matter. I will stop this threat from causing any more hardships. This is my duty to this city and the world."

Shinji entered the plug as he prepared for action.

Nerv Headquarters - Command Bridge

"The committee is demanding that we dispatch an Evangelion again," Shigeru said as he looked back at Misato.

"Wait," Misato said making everyone in the command center stop and stare at her. "I just need to get ready for the operation!" Misato pulled out a bag and took out a large bottle.

Maya's mouth dropped. "Captain Katsuragi, are you allowed to bring liquor here?"

"Of course I am," Misato said as she slammed the bottle down onto the computer console. "Besides… Commander Ikari isn't even here. Which makes me the commanding officer now."

"Um… what about me," Fuyutsuki said behind them.

"Uhh… all I have it Apple Juice," Misato said as she pushed her index fingers together.

"Oh in that case, that shouldn't be a problem," Fuyutsuki said unfazed.

"…" Ritsuko frowned at Fuyutsuki. "Please tell me you're not serious. This isn't the time for Captain Misato to skirt the rules…" As Ritsuko said that, something clicked in her head. She grabbed the Nerv Handbook and skimmed through it.

"Rules? I don't recall reading that rule," Misato whistled.

Ristuko sighed as she threw the book behind her. "I think Nerv will have to update their policies." Ritsuko shook her head as she decided to save this issue for another time. "Anyways Misato, a bottle of Jack Daniels," Ritsuko questioned as she raised an eyebrow at her. "Is that really necessary?"

"Oh. It's necessary alright," Misato said as she watched the monitor. She noticed Shinji was already in the Eva, ready to begin the operation. "Yes, very necessary."

"Entry procedure initiated," Maya said with trepidation.

Misato unscrewed the top of the bottle. "Alright! Time to get this show on the road!"


Hilltop next to Tokyo 3

With the gate unlocked, Touji and Kensuke climbed the stairs up to the top of the hill that overlooked Tokyo 3.

Kensuke pointed the camera at the arthropod-like Angel in-between the Tokyo 3's blocks. "Cool! All my efforts really paid off! Oh! This is what I've been waiting for!"

Touji watched as one of the buildings raised from the ground, and the massive metal door dropped down to reveal a massive purple machine.

"Knowing Shinji, this is going to be one amazing fight," Kesuke added.

Touji could only stare. A shiver ran down his spine. "Um, the same Shinji that is a little too… gung-ho?"

"Yeah…" Kensuke said unfazed. "Is that a problem?"

Touji gulped hoping his growing fear was not going to be realized. "Well…"

Nerv Headquarter - Command Bridge

"So remember Shinji, just do what you've been trained to do," Misato said. She was mentally praying that everything would go as smoothly as they planned it. Otherwise, who knows what Shinji was going to do with the Angel. "Deploy the AT field and target the center."

"Roger Misato," an overtly determined Shinji said.

Misato took in a deep breath. Deep down, she knew this was not going to go so smoothly.

Streets of Tokyo 3

Unit 01 stepped out and, with rifle in hand, shot at the Eva at full blast.

Bullets began hitting the Angel, cracking the core. Stray bullets nicked the Angel's shell around the core.

Inside Eva Unit 01

"No way," Misato said, "this could actually work!"

Shinji stopped for a moment. "Was there doubt Captain?"

"Well, I… uhh…" Misato wavered. "Wait, don't stop! Keep shoo…"

Streets of Tokyo 3

Two massive whips sliced Unit 01's gun and scratched the top surface of the armor. Unit 01 fell to the ground, both from the shock of the sudden attack, and to prevent any more damage from occurring. The building next to Unit 01 gets sliced in half.

Inside Eva Unit 01

"…[expletive deleted]," Misato said.

"Looks like it's going to take more than a little shooting to take this monster down," Shinji said as he directed the Eva back on to it's feet. The Eva made a martial arts pose as it stared down the Angel.

"Wait wait wait, I'm sending you a spare rifle," Misato frantically said.

"Don't worry Misato," Shinji said with a glint in his eye. "I will ensure this monster is going to meet the Fist of Justice!"

Nerv Headquarters - Command Bridge

"Oh look at Shinji take the initiative," Ritsuko said beaming. "This is going to be another great day." Ritsuko turned to Misato. "What do you think Misato? Misato?"

Misato was chugging the bottle in her hand.

"Ehhhhh…" Ritsuko eyed Misato incredulously.

"Ahhhhh!" Misato said taking the bottle off of her lips. "That was good! Now beat that Angel Shinji! Whooooooooooooo!"

Hilltop next to Tokyo 3

"What the Hell is that guy doing," Touji said. His hands grabbing his hair as he stared dumbfounded by what he was seeing.

"…maybe the punch screwed him up more than we thought," Kensuke said.

"There is no way that punch could have done that to him!"

Streets of Tokyo 3

The Angel shot out its whip-like tentacles at Unit 01. Unit 01 side stepped the attack, grabbed one of the tentacles and pulled it behind it. The Angel was sent flying forward as Unit 01 jumped. Just as the Angel began passing Unit 01, Unit 01 sent a strong back kick at the Angel's back, sending it to the ground. Before the Angel could recover, Unit 01 grabbed the top of the Angel threw it into the air.

As the Angel fell back to the ground, Unit 01 round housed kicked it through the streets of Tokyo 3, pulverizing blocks after blocks of the city.

Hilltop next to Tokyo 3

"…gotta say that is pretty awesome," Kensuke commented as he continued to film the battle.

Touji on the other hand was shaking violently. "This is the guy I tried to mess with?"

"Maybe we should befriend him rather than fight him," Kensuke suggested.

Streets of Tokyo 3

Unit 01 sprinted towards the Angel when its progressed came to a sudden and violent stop. The Eva dropped on its butt. Unit 01 looked back and noticed the electrical cord was at the limits of its reach. Unit 01 reached back, grabbed the plug, and unplugged the electrical umbilical cord.

Inside Eva Unit 01

"Shinji, what are you doing," Misato said. "You only have 5 minutes of power."

"That's plenty of time…" Shinji said. He commanded Unit 01 to punch its fist together. "To end this."

"…right." Misato said. She could be heard chugging down something. "Go get him Shinnnnnnnnnnji!"

Streets of Tokyo 3

The Angel slowly raised its upper body, terrified as he turned towards Unit 01. Whatever his expectations where, he knew he did not sign up for this. He watched as Unit 01 got into running position before sprinted full blast at him. The Angel frantically moved from side to side hoping for an escape from this weirdo. Seeing as there was no way to avoid the hit, the Angel brought his two tentacle beams in front of him in the hope of reducing any pain from this attack.

Unit 01 brought its foot down, creating a trench as it slowed towards the Angel. With its right hand, Unit 01 brought up a powerful uppercut at the Angel, sending it flying miles into the sky. Unit 01 stood up, turned around, and brought out the progressive knife. As the Angel sank behind Unit 01, the Eva slammed the progressive knife into the Angel's core. White light sprayed out of it. Cracks appeared on the core as the glow disappeared.

The Angel's remain stood upright for a moment, before falling backwards from the attack.

Inside Unit 01

Before the Eva used the final amount of energy left, Shinji gave one more message. "Monsters! You can (not) advance!"

Hilltop next to Tokyo 3

Kensuke continued to film the aftermath. "This is going straight to Nico-do."

Touji continued to shake uncontrollably, knelling on the ground next to him.

Nerv Headquarters - Command Bridge

The bridge crew could do nothing but stare dumbfounded at the screen. As the final seconds ticked down, and all connection with Unit 01 ceased, the command bridge remained quiet.

This silence was not broken until Ritsuko spoke up. "That went better than I expected."

Misato drank the last of the bottle. "So it's over?"

"Yes Misato, it's over," Ritsuko replied.

"Woohoo! Time to ," Misato slurred as she stumbled and smashed her head into a nearby computer console. "Hey! Where did thissss compuuuuter come frommm?"

Ignoring the Captain's plight, Maya turned her head back to Ritsuko. "You sure this is alright," Maya said pointing at the computer screen. "I mean we won… and that was pretty awesome and all but…"

"Of course it's alright," Ritsuko said beaming. "Did you see that uppercut? Who would have thought the Evas were capable of such flare?"

"Yyyyyyyy…your lessssssssssbiiiiiiiiiiian subordinate…" Misato said as she struggled to get back on her feet. "Haassssssss a point. Thissss… is bad. Shinnnnnn-channnnn needs to be fixord."

"Yeah. I think he went a bit too far…" Maya added, "And I'm not a lesbian!"

"Oh please," Ritsuko crossed her arms. "We defeated the Angel right? Plus, we did it with just over a half a trillion in damages, and without any significant casualties. We only lost some meddling American kids."

"And their stupid dog too," Misato added. The world around her was spinning as she found a nice comfy seat. The fact Mokoto was already sitting there did not seem to bother her one bit. "Weeeeee!" Misato began spinning around in the chair.

"Ca…Cap… Captain," A red faced Motoko said. "I don't think this… this… ahhhh…"

"Hmm." Maya said as she eyed her superior with suspicion. "I still think we need to get Shinji checked out."

"Oh I can do that," Ritsuko said a bit too happily. "I mean if you insist that something is wrong with him…"

"Absolutely not!" Misato bounced on her chair, incensed by Ritsuko's blunt statement. Causing more 'discomfort' for Motoko. "There is no waaaaaaaaaaaay we will let you sheck out Shin-channnnnn." Misato lost her balance and nearly fell off.

Motoko quickly grabbed Misato's waist. "Are you okay Mi… Captain?"

"Hands off looooooooser!" Misato grabbed Motoko and forced his hands off of her.

Motoko cried stream of tears. "Yes Captain."

"In that case there is no problem with him," Ritsuko said. She turned back to Fuyutsuki. "Right?"

"He seems fine to me," Fuyutsuki said.

Maya eyed Ritsuko, and then turned to the screen showing the deactivated form of Unit 01. Her eyes narrowed as dark thoughts began to form.

-The Next Day

Random Street in Tokyo 3


Shinji stopped walking. He turned around to see Touji and Kensuke. "What is it fine citizens?"

"Um… don't you remember us," Kensuke said. "We're your classmates after all. I'm Kensuke Aida. And this guy…" He pointed to Touji. "Is Touji Suzuhara. He's the guy that punched you remember?"

"Gah! You don't need to remind him," Touji said hiding behind Kensuke. He took a big gulp and bowed to Shinji. "I'm really sorry about punching you! I'll never do it again!"

"You should not be the one apologizing Mister Suzuhara," Shinji said. "It is I that put your sister in danger, and I am the one that should be begging for forgiveness."

"No no no," Touji said. Suddenly feeling self-conscious about the situation. "I, you see my sister is totally fine with what happened. She saw that, um…" Touji scratched the back of his head. "She sees you as a hero trying to do good."

"I am humbled by that response," Shinji said nodding slightly. "That just makes me even more determined not to bring harm to any more innocents. Intentional or not."

"Well, I still shouldn't have punched you," Touji said. "So… I want you to punch me."

"…you want me to punch you Mister Suzuhara?" Shinji eyed Touji questionably. "I do not think that is necessary."

"Oh. If you don't punch him, he'll never get over it," Kensuke added. "And um, if we're friends, can you call us Kensuke and Touji?"

"Yeah. I don't mind if you use our first name," Touji said rubbing the back of his head. "And still, just… punch me."

"Thank you Kensuke and Touji for your confidence in me. As for the punch, I will grant you that wish if you insist," Shinji said as he brought his arm up. "I still say that is unnecessary."

Touji stiffened as he got ready to take the hit. "Oh, and one more thing, don't hold back."

Shinji stopped. "I do not believe that is a good idea."

"Please. Just for my ego," Touji smirked.

"Very well. But…"

-The Next Day

District 13 Tokyo 3 Junior High School Class 2-A

"Touji Suzuhara…" The old professor repeats as he scanned the classroom. "Touji Suzuhara? Hmm. He's absent today?"

Kensuke raised his hand.

"Yes Mister Aida," the professor said.

"Touji Suzuhara is in the hospital," Kensuke relayed. "He got knocked through a brick wall, three parked cars, a street lamp, and another brick wall yesterday. He should be back tomorrow."

"Hmm. I'm sorry to hear that," the professor said as he marked down his name.

Shinji Ikari stood up and bowed apologetically. "It is my fault he is in the condition that he is."

"Well, what's done is done," the professor said as he dismissed the two students. "Well, with all students accounted for, time to begin the lecture."

As Shinji sat down and paid perfect attention to the professor, the rest of the class all stared back at Shinji.

Hikari felt someone poking her back. She turned back to see the girl. "You need something random classmate girl?"

Random classmate girl frowned as she thought about the fact the author did not even bother to give her a proper name. But that was not why she was poking Hikari. "Don't forget, tomorrow afternoon we have OFS meeting."

"Yes, I know," Hikari said. "I am the defacto leader apparently." She did not understand how being class president automatically made her leader of OFS. But whatever, she would be a sworn supporter of OFS anyways. She took out a sheet that showed all the time and dates OFS meets this month. She looked back at Shinji and blushed. She then thought back to the Nico-do video she saw and frowned. "This is going to be a real challenge."

-The Next Day

Random Café in Tokyo 3

"Wow. Time seems to be going by fast," Misato said as she laid back in the café's chair. "What did we do in the last few days?"

"Oh the usual stuff," Ritsuko said as she sipped on some tea.

"Which is?"

"Stuff," Ritsuko said. "I think, something to do with investigating the Angel remains?"

"I guess," Misato said. "Just feels like some high up being wanted to just skip through the last few days as quickly as possible. Like he couldn't think of anything creative in mind for the rest of us."

"Well you don't want to dwell on things too much," Ritsuko said. "If it wasn't that, what else would we be doing?"

Misato contemplated this for a moment. She eyed Ritsuko suspiciously. "Good point."

District 13 Tokyo 3 Junior High School Courtyard

"So what exactly happened two days ago?" Touji said as he laid down on the bench. It was the lunch break and Touji and Kensuke already finished their lunch.

"Well after Shinji knocked you unconscious, he picked you up and headed straight to the hospital. On the way, he picked up some random guy that was also on the street," Kensuke said as he browsed the Internet with his laptop.

"Wait, so he saved someone else while I was out," Touji raised an eyebrow at this revelation.

"Well, I'm not sure about saved," Kensuke said. "After the nurses took you away, Shinji had a hard time telling the clerk at the desk the name of the second person who needed help."

"Why's that?"

"Well, it was the ER. So it was really really noisy," Kensuke answered. "So Shinji took out a notebook that he found on the guy and wrote his name in it. Poor dude died of a heart attack right there."

"Well, can't save everyone," Touji said as he eyed Kensuke's laptop. "What are you doing by the way?"

"Oh just checking on a few forums." Kensuke frowned as he saw a posting on an MMO board. "Ah man. They're going to increase the amount of mana usage for fire storm? Isn't the mage already over nerfed?"

Touji subconsciously shivered.

This did not go unnoticed by Kensuke. "Something wrong Touji?"

"I don't know," Touji said sitting up. "I got this weird sense of deja vu. Like, I feel like there was a transfer student named Mana."

Kensuke looked from one side, then to the other. "No, we don't have a transfer student with that name." He scratched the back of his head as a nagging feeling came over him. "Though we do have a lot more transfer students in the past few days than normal. And well…"

"They're on the weird side," Touji finished Kensuke's sentence.

"True." Kensuke said as he thought about the constant threat they were under. "Maybe that should be expected," "I mean what sane person would want to move to Tokyo 3 right now?"

"True. You'd have to have a few loose screws just to consider moving to this messed up city." Touji said as he narrowed his eyes. "Granted, not as weird as Shinji though."

"I don't think anyone can beat Shinji in that category," Kensuke said. "Anymore illustrious entrances like that, and I don't know if this school can survive with the overwhelming weirdness."

"Gah!" Touji shivered again.

Kensuke blinked dumbfounded. "…what'd I say now?"

Touji sat back in his chair with a nauseated look on his face. "I felt like we've been through this situation before. Angel fights, transfer students… sans a cornball Shinji."

"Hmm. Could it be?" Kensuke blinked as he felt a revelation come to him. "Maybe we've been stuck in a time loop! Maybe we've been living the same story over and over again with minor changes here and there to keep it interesting!"

"…like one of those animes?" Touji eyed Kensuke wearily. "That only happens in idiotic third rate animes when they run out of ideas. The worse is when some movie studio later wants to milk an old series and reboots it."

"Well time loops is one thing, reboots is another," Kensuke added. "I mean they do it all the time in comic books. How many origin stories does Superman have?"

"But aren't most of them like, the same? Maybe one or two things different but…" Touji sighed as he looked up at the sky. "Seriously Kensuke, time loop, reboot, whatever, that only happens in fantasies. This is reality. And we only have this one (expletive deleted) world."

"Hey. It's possible," Kensuke said as he turned to the side. "Don't you think it's possible Shinji?"

"Shinji?" Touji nearly fell off the bench as he subconsciously sat straight up. "Wait he's here?" Touji shot his head next to the boy standing next to Kensuke. Sure enough, it was the boy wonder himself. "How long has he been…" Fear washed over Touji as he knew how the new kid would take to anything related to comic books. "Kensuke! Don't give him any…"

"Time loops? Ah yes. I have thought of that possibility," Shinji said. Still posing like a body builder. "Those happen due to the failure of the hero to resolve the crisis that will ultimately save everyone. Obviously if this is what is happening, than it is my duty to make sure I do it right this time."

Touji felt himself about to gag. Fighting that off, Touji face palmed. "See what happens Kensuke?"

For no explicable reason, a short girl wearing a green dress and long purple hair appeared just outside the school gates.

"Huh," the girl sounded as she looked around her surrounded. "Where are we? Hanyu!"

A ghostly figure, a girl wearing a miko dress with two noticeable horns on her head, and unseen by anyone except the young girl, appeared behind her. "Hauu Hauu Hauu. Looks like we're in a big city."

"A big city? Why would we be here?" The young girl blinked in complete bewilderment. "Have we failed before we even started? Has the tragedy already happened?"

"Wait Rika, maybe, maybe this is a good sign. Maybe this is the change we've been looking for," Hanyu said.

Shinji noticed the young girl talking to herself. "Looks like that girl is lost." He walked up and greeted her. "Hello little girl! It seems you are new to this fine city! I'm Shinji Ikari! Citizen and protector of Tokyo 3. As a proud citizen of this city, I can show you around the many sites of the city. And if you find yourself in any danger, I'm always here for your safety."

Rika stared blankly at Shinji. "…Mii."

"Hauu Hauu Hauu," Hanyu sank her head. "Looks like we have to try again."

Touji and Kensuke watched the little girl trot off away from Shinji.

"Someone really needs to put a leash on him," Touji said, face palming again.

-Later that day

District 13 Tokyo 3 Junior High School

"I'll see you two another time," Shinji said to Kensuke and Touji. "I'm off to Nerv to do some more training. The next time you see me, I'll be even more prepared for those evildoers."

"Uh… yeah," Kensuke said rubbing the back of his head. "See you later Shinji."

As the two watched Shinji off, Kensuke and Touji turned to each other.

"Man," Touji crossed his arms. "That weirdo is completely serious. What the Hell did that Nerv place do to him?"

"Well, it does work with his job," Kensuke reasoned. "I mean, he did defeat that Angel."

"But that was going too far," Touji yelled. He grabbed his hair ready to rip them out. "I mean seriously! I know he rides around in that huge machine but… that doesn't mean he should be acting like a super hero all the time!"

-meanwhile, in a classroom right next to them…

"Hey, has anyone seen Orihime," Hikari asked as she looked around the classroom. The first true OFS meeting was already standing room only. Any more members they might have to move to the assembly hall.

"She left this message," Yukari said, handing a piece of paper to Hikari.

Hikari took the paper and began reading it aloud. "Getting kidnapped by bad guys and getting Ichigo to save me. BRB shouldn't take long!" Hikari crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it to the side. "Well I guess that means we won't be seeing her for the rest of the year." She turned her attention back to the full classroom. "Since this is our first meeting, this probably won't take long. So, for our first meeting, what should be first on our agenda?"

A girl raised her hand. "We should figure out Shinji's psyche!"

"…don't we already know what his psyche is," Hikari noted.

The girl shook her head. "We know it's (expletive deleted)ed up. But we need to know the full extent of the (expletive deleted)ed up-ness."

"I talked to Shinji yesterday," Chie said. "It was not pretty."

"Sounds bad." Hikari tapped her chin with a pen. "We should get someone to follow him."

"You suggesting we should stalk him?" A random girl said.

"Stalking is a little… too harsh of a word. How about… just… information gathering," Hikari said. "Now I need a volunteer to follow Shinji around. Someone that is good at sta… gathering information."

A girl and random classmate girl raised their hand.

"Hmm. Maybe someone more significant."

Random classmate girl huffed. "How come I'm not significant? I mean I don't even have a character description!"

"Hey! At least you're not just 'a girl'," a girl said.

"I don't know what you two are going on about, but…" Hikari scanned the room again. "How about you Chie? You already talked to him so even if you're caught, it wouldn't be like he'd be weirded it out if he caught you following him."

"Um… I'm not sure about that…" Chie said. "But… okay! I'll give it a try."

"Now that we got that out of the way, is there any other topics we need to discuss before I wrap up this meeting?"

"Ooooo!" A short haired tomboyish girl and wearing a yellow hair band said. Let's call her Ritsu. "How about if I set up a music club which Shinji can join? We can eat cake and drink tea all day!"

"…wouldn't that make him gay?" Hikari noted.

"Oh! That reminds me," A curly haired girl cut in. "We need to keep Shinji away from those two freaks?"

"What two freaks?" Hikari blinked at the sudden intrusion.

"Suzuhara and Aida," The curly girl answered. "They're trying to make our Shinji-kun join the dark side!"

"What?" Hikari continued to blink. "You're not saying that they're gay are you?"

Another girl spoke up. "Oh the horror! I mean just think of all the things those two could be doing with Shinji!" In her mind, Shinji would be doing (censored) and (censored) and (censored) as Touji and Kensuke would be doing (censored) and (censored). A bit of drool trickled down her mouth.

"Umm… yeah. Okay. I don't think…," Hikari shook her head. "Suzuhara and Aida gay? That's ridiculous." Hikari walked towards the door. "Well I have to hurry in order to get ready for tomorrow's class. So this meeting is…" Hikari opened the door.

"…next thing you know Kensuke, he'll be walking around in his underwear playing the hero."

Hikari slammed the door shut. After standing there for a few seconds, she turned around to address the group. "We need a group to keep an eye on them."

Nerv Headquarters

"Hey Ritsuko," Misato said, exiting the break room, "since when did we hire that old guy in there? And why does he keep asking for Joey to bring him coffee?"

"We have an employee named Joey?"

"Not that I know of. The old guy is probably senile," Misato added. She eyed at the room behind her. "Still, doesn't answer the question of when we hired him."

"I… I think it was yesterday. He had some design ideas for an Eva," Ritsuko noted as she tapped the edge of her chin. "They must've liked what they saw and hired him on the spot." Ritsuko opened her coat and pulled out a folder. "Actually I have the designs right here." She opened the folder, took out a few pictures, and showed them to Misato.

Misato grabbed one of the pictures and examined it. "It… looks… American. Why would we design something that looks American anyways?"

"Beats me," Ritsuko said shrugging. "Maybe it's that odd appeal that American things are cooler if it's Japanese made. I'd personally would reject these designs simply because it looks bulky. Besides, I think I have a better design feature for the Evas anyways."

"No. We will never add a cape!" Misato gritted her teeth. "I made sure Commander Ikari will auto reject that idea!"

"Come on! Aesthetics is important too," Ritsuko said dejectedly. "Capes are a very important for the well being of the pilots."

"…I seriously doubt that Ritsuko," Misato eyed Ritsuko with suspicion. "Besides, capes are dangerous. What if they get caught in a airplane engine?"

"…there is an engine larger than an Eva?" Ritsuko eyed Misato questionably.

"…well…" Misato, caught in her own logical fallacy, said before quickly diverting the discussion. "Anyways, no capes!"

Ritsuko opened her mouth.

"And no mask for the pilots either!"

Ritsuko's mouth was wide open. Her eyes became watery.

Misato face palmed. "What the (expletive deleted) is wrong with this world?"

-The Next Day

Streets of Tokyo 3

A blue sports sped through the traffic choked streets of Tokyo 3. How this is possible given that it is 'traffic choked', did not say 'sped' through legally.

"Gotta admit, I'm amazed at how fast the city can get back on its feet. Most of the damage you did in the last Angel attack is gone," Misato said.

Shinji looked behind him as a bus narrowly missed hitting Misato's car, and instead crashed through a random store. "It is amazing the amount of ingenuity the local citizens do knowing that they have a reliable protector."

"," Misato said as she swerved around a stopped car. The fact it was stopped at a red light did not deter her. "Anyway, we have to stop at the store to get a few groceries. Ritsuko is coming over for dinner."

"Ah a guest," Shinji said. "It is always beneficial to take time out and socialize with fellow co-workers. Though I am surprised Doctor Akagi accepted your invitation to join us for dinner."

Misato frowned as she cut another driver off. "I didn't invite her. She forcibly invited herself to come. If I had it my way, she wouldn't be coming at all."

"Whatever circumstances that brings her to our apartment, I'm going to ensure that her time with us will be a positive one," Shinji said as he eyed a passing alleyway.

Misato eyed Shinji, "Something wrong Shinji?"

"I do not believe it is a danger," Shinji replied, "however, I do have the feeling that I'm being watched."

"That's probably just Nerv security keeping an eye on you," Misato said dismissively.

Shinji shook his head. "I do not believe it is just them. I've already pinpointed all of Nerv personal keeping an eye on me and all the places they are stationed."

"…" Misato narrowed her eyes. "I guess Nerv personal aren't as great as advertised." She turned back to Shinji and smiled. "Well, who do you think is watching you then?"

"I do not know," Shinji said. "It's probably one of my fans that knows of my heroic duties. If so, while I'm flattered, I would have to tell them there are other ways to show their appreciation."

"…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight," Misato sighed. Misato slammed on the brakes, turned, and drifted into her parking spot. "Anyways, let's get ready for Ritsuko's arrival!" Misato took out her sidearm and pulled back the slide of her pistol. "Hopefully nothing stupid will happen tonight."


"Oh oh oh!" Ritsuko jumped up and down. "I'm going to meet Shinji tonight." Her eyes narrowed. "At Misato's," she said in a monotone voice. "Hmm. Now what should I wear?"

She opened her dresser. "Hmm. This one is a bit too revealing. This is basically just string. Would be great if Misato wasn't there…"

As she was rifling through her dresser, a keycard fell out of one of her jackets.

"Huh?" Ritsuko picked up the keycard. On it was Rei's picture. "Oh, I forgot to give this to her earlier. Wonder if I should ask Shinji to give it to her…"

-End of Chapter 5

Next chapter… Will Valiant Shinji give Rei the keycard? Will more insanity ensue with it? Will I pussy out and not even do anything with that scene? And the next Angel fight, how insanely awesome will Valiant Shinji make that fight now that Wondergirl will be involved? Until then…

Additional note: For those that don't know, Nico-do refers to Nico Nico Douga. A Japanese video sharing site similar to Youtube. Except, what makes Nico-do unique is that the comments scroll through the video.

Not much to say other than, FINALLY, finished an update for one of my main fics.


Touji: Hey! It's Shinji! He's about to take on another Angel!

Hikari: Yeah!

Touji: Come on! Let's all cheer him on!

Kensuke: *takes out a horn* BBBBBBBZZZ!

Touji: …


Hikari: …


Touji: …Kensuke! Stop the (expletive deleted) before I kill yo…



I hate those vuvuzelas.

[edit]And Damn you FFN for taking out the BBBZZ because it was too long by your format thing!