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Summary: Now that harry's dead, and draco is now holding a secret that threatens to break him. Can he raise their child alone, and is keeping the truth from the boy really the best thing for him.

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"Harry wait." Draco said before they went threw the doors out to the Death Eaters, and the Dark Lord himself that had made their way pass the Hogwarts gates.

"Yes Draco." Harry asked not looking at all worried.

"I wanted to tell you something." Draco paused. After a few moments Malfoy looked like he was having a conflict with himself.

"What did you want to tell me?" Harry said looking at him closely.

Draco snapped to his senses, "I wanted to, I love you."

Harry pulled Draco into a tight hug, and whispered 'I love you too, always remember that." he pulled back holding Draco's face in his hands, "No matter what happens today."

They looked at each other for what felt like forever, and Harry went in and kissed the other boy. Harry kissed Draco as if trying to pour all of his feelings threw this contact. When they broke apart Harry smiled and went out the doors.


That seemed like eternity ago, they all could have been fighting for days for as tired as Malfoy's body felt. Fatigue had been trying to take hold of Draco, and seemed to be finally winning. As he had been fighting a Death Eater his reflexes seemed slowed. As he hit the man with a final curse that knocked the man down, but he couldn't completely dodge the curse the man had cast before going down.

It tore a gash up his right arm, he fell to the ground gripping at his injured arm and his hair falling into his eyes. He was panting at the pain from his arm, and his eyes were burning from sweat. He tried to find were Harry was, but he couldn't see him anywhere. But he did see Granger, and Weasley, Hermione had been fighting a rather large man but didn't have to much trouble taking him down, and Ron was not to far from her trying to keep two at bay. After he took one out the other hit him with something making him go down, and Hermione took that one out. She was down by the red head's side, and from the look on her face he must have been alive.

When he looked back around where he was a tall death eater was coming after him probably figuring he would be an easy target. He stood quickly and ignored the pain and fought not wanting today to be the day he would die. He flung a final curse at the man causing him to fall quickly, he stood on shaky legs his body was not cooperating anymore. Fatigue had finally won over his body. He glanced around and saw that Ron was up again, and the couple were fighting once again. He tried to retreat to a safety spot, but when he heard Hermione scream, "HARRY!"

His blood went cold, and he could have swore his heart quit. He turned to where he saw Hermione last and saw her, and Ron running, with out caring about how hurt or sore he was he ran after them. As he approached he saw Harry on the ground not moving. Hermione kneeling next to him, and Ron standing over him, he pushed harder to get to him. Ron turned and saw the blonde running at them, he moved to intercept the blonde barreling down on them. He caught Draco by the shoulders keeping him from going any farther, Draco twisted and pulled in the red heads grip.

"Let me go you fool!" Draco commanded tears falling down his dirt smudged face, Ron still not letting him go he cried,"Harry!"

He looked over at Hermione next to Harry her hand on his neck, 'No' his mind screamed, Harry couldn't be. He began fighting to free himself from Ron's grasp managing to free his uninjured arm.

"Let go of me Weasley!" Malfoy said heated his fist clenching.

"You don't want to go over there Malfoy." Ron said sadly.

Draco looked over Ron's shoulder at Granger, everything seemed to slow down as she looked at him tears falling down her face. He pulled sharply from Weasley's grip, and moved quickly to Harry's side falling hard on his knees. He studied Harry laying on the ground, his face had cuts, and his clothes hade some tares. Other then that he didn't look like he was dead, he couldn't be, he only looked asleep. He could feel the tears stinging at the back of his eyes, as he pulled Harry to his chest resting his cheek on the boys four head.

Holding tightly he whispered in a ragged tone, "you were going to be a dad you know that, I've been trying to tell you."tears were falling now his breathing hitched, "I can't believe I was so stupid in not telling you." His voice broke, as his body began shaking slightly.

Hermione moved around them kneeling next to Draco putting her hand on the blonde's shoulder. "Draco", she said softly, "you need to let him go."

"I can't." he said sounding desperate.

"You have to." Hermione said squeezing his shoulder slightly.

He looked at her as she wiped tears from her eyes, and looked back down at Harry's body in his arms. He softly laid Harry back down, once his hands left the body he feel back on the ground sitting trying to breath. The once simple natural function seemed so complicated now with his face in his hands.

People started to gather around Harry, causing Draco to sober up, and pulled himself together. He stood with a face of stone, the only thing still holding anything visible was his red eyes. When Dumbledore finally came over Malfoy felt rage rise from somewhere deep inside, but he tried his best to keep himself under control.

"Well you finally got what you wanted didn't you."He said shortly.

"I never wanted this." the Headmaster said sadly signaling to Harry's body.

The old man's voice just seemed to make him madder, "Maybe not but as long as Voldemort died you didn't care what sacrifices you had to make." he finished causing the people around to fall silent.

The Headmaster bowed his head shaking it slightly, "I'm sorry you feel that way mister Malfoy." he said pulling his wand out, "but you should know this was Harry's choice. He chose how far he wanted to take this, and this was the best way he thought to end this." he pointed the wand at Harry's body causing it to raise off the ground, "I only hope you can understand that." the old man said walking back to the castle with Harry's body in front of him.

The people dispersed to check the people that were laying on the ground, seeing who was alive, or how hurt they were. Some Aurors took what was left of Voldemort's body, and left the grounds with it.

Hermione came up next to Malfoy, "Draco" she said to get his attention, "I'm sorry."

He looked at the her wanting to yell or scream, but the look on her face kept him from doing that to her. He simply looked at the ground, and suddenly he felt the pain in his arm griping it with his other hand.

"I have to get this taken care of." he said flatly walking off to the castle.

He couldn't go to the hospital wing, so he just went to the Slytherin dorms, there he performed a healing spell to stop the bleeding, and wrapped it up tight with a some bandages. He laid back on his bed thinking about what he was going to do now. True they had graduated almost a week ago, everyone was surprised that they had even gotten that far, and most of the students went home after that only a few had stayed after hearing that Voldemort was going to attack Hogwarts soon. Of course Harry stayed as did most of the graduating class, only Draco was one of the few Slytherins that stayed. Of course the Slytherins were all mostly to afraid of what was coming, and Draco was no different, but he stayed because Harry did.

(Flash back)

"Of course I'm staying, I wouldn't want you to run off and get your self killed now would I." Draco said smirking.

"I know I just thought you would go back home, I really don't want you hear when everything happens." Harry said softly from his spot on the bed.

"Despite popular opinion I am quiet capable of taking care of myself." Draco said slightly annoyed.

"I know that I didn't mean you couldn't handle yourself, I just meant that I'm just worried about you getting out of this alright is all." Harry said softly.

"Shouldn't I be the one worried here." Draco said raising an eyebrow walking back to the bed.

"I guess, but..." Harry was cut off by Malfoy.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore, I'm staying and that's it on the matter." Malfoy said in a tone that signaled that the conversation was closed.

Harry smiled at the blonde, "Fine." he laid back down on the bed with his arms behind his head.

Draco got under the covers and laid close to Harry resting his head on the others chest, and they laid like that till both had fallen asleep.

(End of flash back)


He had been so close to tell Harry then about his condition that night, but he knew those times together were nothing more then stolen moments. He didn't know if it was him just being a coward, or what Harry would say if he did actually tell him.

"He wouldn't have been so reckless." He said out loud.

He was just making himself more frustrated, and upset again he knew he should be taking it easy after today. It couldn't be good for him or the baby if he couldn't calm down and let his body heal it's self. He rolled over onto his side and fell into a restless sleep, that brought nothing but disturbing dreams.