Author's note

Hi everyone, welcome to more femmeslash Pellie!

First and foremost, I am ignoring the 'reality' of the series after 'whisper to a scream' because Paige and Ellie make sense and I love them. Putting boys into the occasion is just yuck and should not be done. Unless it's yaoi, or slash.

I changed Paige a little. Not so much the dialogue, but more its, subtext I guess you'd call it. I hope I got all of the Canadian slang right. I'm a dirty Australian foreigner, so sorry if I made a mistake.

So, Ellie doesn't really like Ash and Ash and Craig are together and Spinner works at the Dot. I don't know if this is what actually happens at this point in the series, so I'm just laying it out for you now so you don't accuse me of screwing the storyline any more than I already have.

On with the Pellie slash! Best slash ever! When I am rich and famous I will hire Stacey Farber and Lauren Collins to make Pellie slash TV!

Ahem. I own no aspect of the show 'Degrassi: the Next Generation'.