This is another story I co-wrote with a a bunch of other authors, though it wasn't written at the same place as my other collaborative works. However, as before, I wrote the passages for one of the characters (Alana) and edited the rest for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

The rest of the authors and their characters are:

Garagara: Matt
SuperSeviper: James
CrystalEspeon: Crystal
Renegade: Heather
Chaos: Jason
Damian the Duck: Zeod
Raposa Dalua: Atsuto

There were a couple of other people who signed up, but they never actually contributed anything, though I did keep their characters. This was a joint venture between the eight of us - I compiled it because I was the one who had the idea for it in the first place.

Chapter One


I looked in the mirror, staring at a face that was no longer my own. The reflection showed a being that resembled a cross between a human and a Mightyena; the bone structure was still recognisably human, but the eyes were red, there was a black triangular mark next to each one and the nose was black and moist like a real Mightyena's. I looked at my hair, which had once been auburn but was now jet black with a hint of grey at the top.

I, Alana Willis, was a hybrid. I hadn't always been one; once, I was a fully human trainer on a Pokemon journey. I'd completed the Pokemon League in my home region of Johto and had decided to look for new challenges for myself and my Pokemon. But, whereas most Johtonian trainers travel to Kanto when they've finished with their own Pokemon League (and vice versa) I elected to venture further afield, to Hoenn. So I travelled to Mauville City, where one of my aunts lived, and began my Hoenn League quest from there. Soon, with a little help from my Jolteon and Combusken, I was the proud owner of a Dynamo Badge. After that, I moved on to Petalburg and earned the Balance Badge.

It was when I went to Rustboro to try for the Stone Badge that my life changed forever. I'd barely entered the city when two guys ambushed me and rammed a needle into my arm. It must have contained some sort of drug because, the next thing I knew, I was in some sort of laboratory. Not only that, I had been injected with Mightyena DNA.

That was why my face had changed, why my fingers had claws instead of fingernails, why I had a black furry tail sticking out of my backside. Because this group called Proteus had some crackpot idea about creating an invincible army, an army of people who could use Pokemon Attacks. The DNA injections they gave us enabled us to use the Attacks of the Pokemon concerned, but they also caused us to take on the physical characteristics of that Pokemon.

I sighed and pulled away from the mirror. There were ten of us in this place, ten ordinary humans who had been turned into freaks by an organisation hungry for power . . . Well, actually, there were supposed to be fourteen, seven males and seven females, but four of the girls managed to escape one night. The agents spent weeks looking for them, but no trace was ever found. Maybe, they managed to get away. At least I hoped they had. But where could a bunch of hybrids go without arousing suspicion?

Anyway, after that, Proteus clamped down on security. None of the remaining hybrids was allowed out of their facility; our world consisted of our cells, the canteen and the training area where we had our developing Pokemon abilities tested. I had been here for eighteen months and I was beginning to think I'd never get out, that I would be a prisoner of Proteus for the rest of my life.

Just then, however, a voice came over the intercom. "Alana Willis, report to the training area! Alana Willis . . ."

I sighed and headed off down the corridor. This was part of life here; they would make us train for hours on end, forcing us to perfect our Attacks. Anyone would have thought we were fully Pokemon, except no decent trainer I knew would have pushed their Pokemon as far as Proteus pushed us. I certainly never pushed my Pokemon . . . I paused, thinking of the Pokemon I had trained: Combusken, Ivysaur, Sealeo, Jolteon, Pidgeot and Ariados. The Pokemon I hadn't seen since I ended up here.

Walking along the corridor, I noticed a few of the other hybrids. A Nidoking boy was talking to an Espeon girl and a Gengar boy, but I couldn't quite hear what they were saying. That was hardly surprising, however; as I was a Mightyena hybrid, my senses had become pretty sharp so people tended to lower their voices to keep me from overhearing private conversations. I was used to my heightened senses now, but, in the beginning, I thought I would go crazy if I had to endure it for too long. Still, at least I hadn't received the DNA of a Psychic Pokemon.

This place was my home - and my prison. There was mesh on all the windows and the building was located behind a high fence. No-one who was not involved with Proteus was allowed in and we hybrids were not allowed out; Number 1 (as the mysterious head of the organisation was known) didn't want his little secret to become public knowledge. That was why security was so rigorous, especially after the last escape. Sometimes, I longed to follow those four girls, but would I ever find the courage or have the opportunity?

But little did I know that fate would soon play me an unexpected hand.


There I was, panting on the ground. I had just finished taking out two Pokemon in a double battle versus me. And now the next Pokemon were coming in, ready for battle. They didn't even give me time to catch my breath. "Proteus," I thought to myself. "Such a place should not even exist." Quickly running to the back of the room, I prepared for an Attack. The opponents were Venusaur and Typhlosion.

I had been living at the Proteus compound for a while now. I couldn't remember the exact date, as the days had begun to bleed together. Out of nowhere, Proteus had just snatched me away, down an alley, into a truck and to the lab to be injected. That was the last day of my life.

Luckily for me, I had owned a Swampert, so I knew the Attacks and how Swampert work. But that's where my luck ended. They made us fight all day, with little food, no healing and barely any sleep. Most of the other hybrids that were there also had mostly gotten used to it. Day in and day out, same old thing. The only thing that kept me going, was the simple thought of some day getting out and going to my Pokemon. But I knew it was improbable.

I jumped into the air as high as I could, just as Typhlosion dived at me. Barely missing him, I purposefully landed hard, sending shockwaves through the ground beneath me. They struck the Typhlosion just as he turned around to look at me. He was hurt and dazed as he fell to the ground. Behind me, though, Venusaur took the opportunity to use Vine Whip. The vines stretched around my body, squeezing me tight. Typhlosion finally got up off the ground, running towards me with Quick Attack. It struck hard, right in the chest, knocking the breath out of me. Throwing me up in the air and dropping me hard to the ground, Venusaur released his Vine Whip. Big mistake

As Typhlosion came towards me again, I shot a Surf Attack at him, leaping over him and turning around to begin shooting Ice Beams towards Venusaur, using Typhlosion as a body shield. As several of the beams struck, ice crystalised all over Venusaur's body, freezing him completely. Leaping into he air, I used Earthquake, finishing off Venusaur and Typhlosion.

As the two were returned to their Poke Balls, I collapsed to the ground, panting heavily. I tried to cool off by using Water Gun, but it wasn't doing much good. Two more Poke Balls were tossed to one side of the arena as I used my hands to drag my body across the floor. Upon getting to the other side, I knew it was useless to try and stand. So I quickly dragged myself to the pool, diving under the water to try and get away. The water was cool and quite refreshing.

"When will this end?" was my last thought before I saw a Lapras diving beneath the water after me, firing an Ice Beam. "And what will become of me?"


I am a nobody. You most likely don't know my name. You most would likely never want to know my name. But here it is: Heather Smith.

I wanted death. At least it would be freedom from this hell. I heard something, but I ignored it, focusing on the pain dancing up and down my back. I should have let myself been knocked out; that could maybe result in my death. But, deep down, I didn't really want to die.

Breathing harshly, I cracked my eyes open, wincing as light assaulted them. Giving a hiss, I pulled myself to my feet. I hated training. I hated fighting. I just wanted to be what I was before, what I couldn't remember. Flashes zipped by so fast I couldn't hold onto more than one or two - and not for long either.

I remembered laughter and a red Pokemon. Then it was gone, leaving me feeling lost and alone in this world.

The Pokemon from before was laughing at me in its own tongue and had started to attack again. The heavy armor of the Golem was protecting it from most, if not all, of my Attacks and causing me heavy damage whenever I got too close or stopped moving for very long. My ears picked up a sound like gravel falling continuously, while heavy thuds alerted me to it approaching. I didn't want to fight anymore. I couldn't fight any more.

The Golem gave a mocking roar and suddenly the earth split, swallowing me up . . .

Gasping for breath, I sat bolt upright, my heart struggling to stay in my chest as my eyes snapped around the room. Had it all been a dream? No, I had fought against a Golem a while ago and lost. The memory of my near-death experience still haunted me. Closing my eyes and giving a shake of my head, I picked myself up off the floor. Beds and blankets were too awkward for me now; my teeth and tail kept snagging on everything. Giving a small yawn, I ran a hand over the false hair on my head, flattening the spikes, then scratched between them to get rid of anything that could be stuck there. Standing up slowly after this was done, I looked around. I wanted out of this hell, but I couldn't get out.

Unlike some of the others, I didn't want to be human again. I had no memory of my past really. So why should I return to the past when I had a future to think of? Well, a present. Looking down, I doubted I would be human again. My ebony and cream skin seemed to scream that at me, while mock scars of violet lay on my limbs and also seemed to exude that this would never be taken away from me. I was neither Pokemon nor human.

Sometimes I hated waking up and finding myself alive. Because it meant I'd have to fight again and be pushed past my limits.


There I sat, eating a plate of my favorite food, spaghetti. This particular plate had meatballs, meat sauce and just enough Parmesan cheese to give it a bit more texture without make it taste all cheesy. The Proteus chefs and I had come to an agreement: I could have any food I wanted as long as I cooked it myself. This was actually good since they tried to feed me Pokemon food.

"Zeod Suriyamma, report to the training area. Zeod Suriyamma . . ."

"It is time for you to train," a voice in my head said. It was my Ponyta. We could never be separated, especially since they used my Ponyta's DNA to fuse with mine. He was my old friend.

"Yes, Pony, I heard them. They will just have to wait until I finish eating," I said taking another bite.

"Zeod Suriyamma, I don't care if you're eating, report to the training area now!" the voice on the intercom boomed.

"I guess they heard me," I said to Pony.

"I guess they did," he said, laughing.

I took my last bite and went to the training arena. When I got there, they had me fight a Mightyena girl.

"Well, we might as well get this over with," I said to myself.


After having a conversation with two other hybrids, I walked to my room. That was what they called it. It was more like a stinking jail cell to me. The cell had a hard bed that was only good for sitting and that was pretty much it. The thing was designed so I couldn't get out, unless I had another "fun" training session in store.

Training was a nightmare. As soon as I headed for my cell, I heard that intercom boom as loudly as it could. "James Anai, report to the training area!" It made me cringe; my ears were now sensitive, due to the fact they were Nidoking ears. In fact, my entire head was that of a Nidoking.

I sighed. "Here we go again," I thought. This was my life. Here I was, nothing but a poisonous guinea pig. They thought it was funny to see me in my ripped clothing, attempting to beat off everything they gave me.

I walked toward the door that literally smelt of pain and death. I stared, ramming the door with a horn in annoyance, denting it until it finally opened for me. As soon as I put a foot forward, the door slammed behind me, leaving me in a large room that resembled a colosseum. The ground was hard orange dirt, almost like the ground on Mars. I looked up angrily, watching the scientists staring down at me as if they were going to record everything I did.

The other side of the room had a door similar to the one I had gone through. Out came a Lapras, the confused creature looking around before staring at me. Then, the trainer also came to the field; it was yet another despicable agent of Number 1.

"Lapras, Ice Beam!" the grunt shouted as the Lapras reluctantly shot out a white, cold beam. I immediately felt frigid, realizing that I had been trapped; from my neck down, I was frozen solid.

My eyes widened when I saw the Lapras preparing to hit me with some nameless Attack. It rammed into me. Unfortunately for it, that Attack shattered the ice. I was shivering wildly and decided it was my turn. I always got migraines whenever I tried an Attack that didn't require my body; it was almost as if I looked for some kind of switch in my brain. In a desperate attempt, I used Thunder; lightning started to spark before it successfully rained down onto the Lapras. The Lapras went down and I thought I could go. Of course, I should have known they were probably going to keep me until I was lying on the ground, writhing like a worm.

As expected, the Lapras was returned to its Poke Ball and the door re-opened, revealing a hoof.


I was a girl, a girl whose life was ruined eighteen months ago. I wasn't a famous girl, but at least I was a somebody then. I was a girl, an average girl. I had two Pokemon, an Espeon and a Dragonair, which I nicknamed Aurora and Sky. They were loyal Pokemon and best friends.

I remember the first day on my journey. I'd just turned eleven and I was heading towards to Fortree City to battle Winona, the Flying Type Gym Leader. Training along the way, my Pokemon were becoming stronger.

The next day saw my first battle. I was fighting a trainer's Absol with my Eevee. Then, the trainer raised the stakes a little and sent out his Beautifly. It was a double battle. I called out my Dratini and started the battle. It was challenging, a battle that I would never forget. I won.

The boy said his name was Jason and he was a traveling Co-ordinator, heading to my hometown, Lilycove. I continued my journey and saw some amazing things. I won the Feather Badge, the Balance Badge, the Mind Badge and the Rain Badge. Each of those took about three tries to actually win them. After I won the Rain Badge, I went back to Lilycove to see my parents. I was going to check how they were doing. Flying across Route 124, with my newly evolved Dragonair, I could barely see the shoreline of Lilycove, since it was about midnight since I had last checked my watch.

When Sky and I reached the shore, we were ambushed with a couple of people known as Proteus agents. They chased us. I was panting, gasping for air, as I ran towards Route 121. I couldn't shake them loose. I released my Espeon, told both my Pokemon I loved them dearly and that I could not bear to see them captured by evil men. I told them to flee to my house. They were both wearing a collar and each collar held a note, hastily written while I on the run. They was hardly legible, but they were still understandable. Espeon and Dragonair fled while I was still on the run. I then came to a dead end. The two agents lunged towards me and injected some sort of drug in me . . .

When I woke up, I was never the same again. I started to hear all sorts of voices in my head. I turned my head to a mirror. I had a mysterious red jewel in the middle of my forehead, a tail sticking out of my jeans and two strange ears sticking out of my head. My hair was no longer the lovely ebony shade that I carefully took care of when growing up but the shade of lavender that I had only seen on an Espeon. In fact, all of these symptoms added up to one thing; I was no longer a human, only a freakish Espeon-hybrid.

If that wasn't enough, well you haven't seen what this place was like. It was a living hell. I was never allowed out of this place, I was forced to train day and night, and there was no mercy for a hybrid like me. I wanted to kill myself, but what good would that do?

I couldn't control my mind-reading abilities at first. That had brought me many sleepless nights and days full of headaches as everyone around me drowned out my own thoughts with theirs. I was glad I was actually able to control them now; I had no wish to read minds any longer. However, that still wasn't a relief from living here. The only time had to myself was when I slept. The rest of my time went to training and being awake.

I was shot out of my memories by the intercom.

"Crystal Lily Breeze, report to the training area immediately. I repeat: Crystal Lily Breeze, report to the training area!" the loudspeaker boomed into my ear. Reluctantly, I walked the long walk to the training area.

The security was tight around here since four female hybrids escaped one night. I wished I could have escaped with them too. I hoped for the best for those four girls, since I was not sure if they were still alive.

I stepped onto the training area and took my battle stance, expecting a battle. I knew a quote which had proved true over my lifetime. "Hope for the best, expect the worst. Life is a play, we're unrehearsed," was my last thought before I faced an Umbreon.

"Let the slaughter begin," I thought as I saw the Umbreon lunge towards me.


I was going to train in Battle Room 4 and I pushed the door open apprehensively, wondering what I was going to face. In the past, I'd had to take on some pretty powerful Pokemon, including a Tyranitar which knocked me out with a Hyper Beam. And, if you got hurt in this place, you only got a cursory glance at the "medical facility", along with a few doses of Potion - if you were lucky. So I always dreaded being calling to the training area, fearing that I might have to face an opponent I couldn't possibly handle.

Instead, to my surprise, I found myself facing one of the other hybrids. He was a Ponyta, with flames in place of hair, named Zeod Suriyamma. Two Proteus agents were also in the room and I wondered what they were doing there. Then, I found out.

"Zeod, use your Flamethrower!" directed one of them.

In response, Zeod reluctantly threw back his head and blasted a jet of flames at me. I knew exactly what was expected. Before the flames could hit, I dodged out of the way and used Protect, creating an invisible force-field between myself and Zeod's Attacks. The other agent nodded approvingly. "Good girl, Alana. Now try a Take Down!"

I was just about to begin running towards Zeod when something snapped inside me. This wasn't right. I was still a human being, even if I did have Mightyena DNA. The way that agent was talking you would have thought he was a trainer and I was a Pokemon. "Oi!" I thought. "I'm not your Pokemon, so quit treating me like one!" I sat down on the floor and refused to budge.

Then, I felt a sharp kick in my side. "I told you to battle!" snarled the agent. His cohort and Zeod were looking at me in confusion, clearly wondering what was going to happen next. "You'd do well to remember where you stand here!" He moved to kick me again. That was when I decided to really let this jerk have it . . .

I felt my rage building up inside me as I thought of all the terrible things Proteus had done to me. I recalled the long hours of training, the enforced isolation, the injustice of the whole system . . . Then, a sudden blast of energy caught the agent full in the chest and knocked him to the floor. I ran at him and was about to follow through with a Bite to a certain part of his anatomy when his fellow agent grabbed hold of me.

"That will do," he said firmly, holding me tightly to keep me from doing what I so wanted to. "Both of you . . ." He indicated Zeod. " . . . get out of here! This will be reported to Number 1!"