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Summary: What happens when the SK gang decides to go on vacation to an island getaway to Hawaii? Its teenagers gone wild! It's not just all fun and games, love will bloom and relationships will be on their way! Hawaii will never know what hit them!

Title: A Vacation to Hawaii

Chapter: I'm bored!

"Onii-Chan!" Pirika screamed over the phone. It was a long time since Pirika has spoken to her brother. Because of school and work the whole gang has split up. Including Yoh and Anna. As the days of high school passed they all went to separate colleges.

"Oww, what?" The young Ainu answered. He knew who it was the second he heard that voice.

"I'm bored and summer vacation is days away and we still don't have plans yet."


"I know!" Pirika said cheerfully.

"O god…" HoroHoro said knowing that his crazy sister has thought of another wacky idea.

"Hold on I'll three-way call Tammy"

"Ok" he sighed at least he had someone to talk to besides his crazy sister.

"Hello?" Tamao answered.

"HII TAMMY!" Pirika smiled happily. She almost wanted to hug the phone

Tamao answered in a cheerful voice. "Hi"

"Hi Tamao" Horo said while he sweat dropped at what Pirika said.

"Hi there"

"OK can we quit the hi's and Onii-chan call Yoh and Tammy call Anna" Pirika shouted.

"Ok" They both answered.

Later the whole SK gang was on the phone. It was just like high school. Everyone would get on the phone for about an hour or so before hanging up. But everything changed now.

"So what's the big idea of calling me in the middle of the night?" Macchi asked.

"I was about to eat my oranges" Yoh sobbed.

"Yea and I was about to drink my milk in peace until the phone rang." Ren said in a mad tone.

Anna smiled. It was like the good old days until they all separated and went off to start their freshmen year in college.

"Lets go on vacation for the summer!" Pirika yelped over the phone.

"Cool! Vacation! Where!" Macchi suddenly became fully awake.

"I dunno where do you people want to go?" Pirika asked.

"How about America I have always wanted to see the empire state building." Tamao said.

"SIX FLAGS!" Macchi screamed over the phone while everyone held the phone away from their ear.

"I dunno" Ren said " They all sound so boring."

"SIX FLAGS BORING! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" Macchi once again screamed over the phone.

"Um…How about Hawaii?" Anna asked.

"YEA!" This time it was Yoh.

"Hahaha I have always wanted to see Ren in a skirt." Horo laughed hysterically

"KISAMA!" Ren screamed over the phone while his face was filled with fury.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Hao went their once. He said that there was nice scene's there and it was pretty fun neh Aniki" Yoh asked.

"Well what are you waiting for? Lets start packing and go!" Pirika yelped.

"Umm…we don't have tickets." Tamao mouthed over the phone.

"Niceee…." Yoh replied.

"Otouto I have it under control" Hao chuckled.

"You do?" Anna asked.

"Yea I can get the tickets easily from my friend Ryu." Hao said.

"GREAT!" Macchi screamed.

"Can you keep it down, Mari is trying to sleep." Mari told her friend.

"Ok guys Mari's complaining now, So I'll talk to you people later." Macchi said as she looked at her watch.

"Yea I have to get my rest anyway tomorrow is my presentation" Anna replied.

"Why talk on the phone when we can meet?" Pirika said cheerfully.

"Ok how about this we all meet at Nichrome's house tomorrow after school at 3:30"Yoh answered.

"Nichrome's in here?" Macchi asked.

"Huh?" Nichrome answered in a sleepy voice.


"Hi Macchi" Nichrome said with a yawn.

"Ok so we'll meet at Nichrome's house?" Ren asked.

"Yup" Tamao answered.

"Ok night night people." Pirika yawned.

"Good night "They all said and hung up the phone.

The next day Anna got dressed in her school assigned uniform and went to school like any other normal day. But when she got out, there was a certain someone that was waiting for her at the main entrance way. She came closer and saw Yoh.

"Nice day isn't it huh?" Yoh asked.

"What are you doing here?"

"I thought since our schools weren't that far apart I thought we might go to Nichrome's house together." Yoh said as he lit up a smile.

Anna blushed and nodded.

When they arrived at Nichrome's house everyone was already there but since Yoh and Anna walked in together everyone's mouth drop open.

"What?" Anna said with an ice cold stare.

Yoh just chuckled. They knew that Yoh and Anna was engaged but then never acted like they were. They usually saw Yoh panting and sweating when he was next to Anna.

"I guess things change since high school." Hao said.

"HEY!" Yoh shouted. "Come on lets go inside." Yoh continued.

"What do you think we have been trying to figure out all this time?" Ren asked.

"Nichrome didn't get home yet!" Macchi sobbed.

"I know a way." Hao said as he went to the back and leaped over a fence.

Five minuets later they heard a click at the door.

"Aniki! You opened the door!" Yoh shouted.

"How?" Horo asked.

"I got my ways" Hao smirked.

"The looser is sleeping." Anna said while she walked around Nichrome's house.

Macchi yelled but no use.

"I know what to do" Ren snickered.

Next thing you know he came in with a big bucket of ice cold water and poured it on Nichrome.

"AHHHHHH!" Nichrome shot up and ran around in his boxers.

"Hahaha" Macchi laughed at him hysterically.

While Nichrome was changing everyone was discussing what they should do when they got to Hawaii. And besides tomorrow was the last day of school.

The next day after school everyone started packing. All they knew that it was going to be a vacation to the island of Hawaii, but it was much more when they get there.

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