Author's note: This is the last chappie of A Vacation to Hawaii I hoped all of you guys enjoyed the story :

Title: A Vacation to Hawaii

Chapter: Going Home

"Anna?" Yoh asked as they was about to boarded on the plane.

"Hm?" Anna said as she turned around.

"You know…this vacation turned our pretty well" Yoh smiled.

Anna smiled back. It was indeed a great vacation. Unlike the last one they had.

Throughout the ride it was the last time that Yoh and Anna get to see each other until next vacation. Yoh and Anna and the others go to a different college and plus everyone has jobs and school.

---8 Hours later---

"Well this is it" Yoh smiled as he dropped Anna at her house.

Anna smiled as a tear trickled down her cheeks.

"Don't worry we'll see each other very soon" Yoh whispered as he kissed Anna. Anna kissed him back. She didn't want him to leave. She made a big mistake when she wanted to leave him for high school because she said that he will never change. But she was wrong.

"WAHHH! I DON'T WANT US TO SPLIT APART AGAIN!" Pirika sobbed as she saw Yoh and Anna parting.

"Don't worry its not like were not seeing each other for a year or so" Macchi sighed.

"Wait it is a year or so! Noooo!" Macchi shouted as she cried along with Pirika.

"We'll see each other very soon" Yoh smiled as Anna went upstairs.


---One week later---

It was the typical day for Anna. It was time to go to school now. She got up and got dressed. Her normal red bandana over her blond hair. And her school uniform. She then got her school books and went out the door.

Anna did make some new friends at school but they weren't the same. She missed Yoh and his tactics to make her laugh. Tamao's cooking. Pirika's screams even though they make her get irritated. She missed swinging her itako beads around Horo's neck. She missed everyone.

"Anna pay attention in class" The teacher stated as Anna's eyes darted to the teacher. This wasn't the usual thing that the teachers would say to her. This was the usual thing that teachers would say to Yoh.


The bell had rung. It was already fifth period and everyone went to lunch. Anna sighed. It was just like a typical school day for her.

"Ren you are so obnoxious. Yeesh you cant even stop showing off for about like 5 seconds" A voice said sounding so familiar.

"I'm just hallucinating" Anna thought.


"Onii-chan I want ice-cream!" A girlish voice said as she ran across the cafeteria.

"Don't worry Horo everything is going to be alright Pirika will give back your wallet." Another voice said. Anna stopped dead in her tracks, She know that voice. She can recognize it anywhere. Anna turned around to see her old school friends dressed in her school uniforms.

"Hey Anna" Macchi smiled as she gave Anna a big hug.

"Anna-chan!" Tamao smiled as she gave Anna a hug also.

"ANNA!" Pirika squealed as she ran over to Anna.

"Anna didn't I tell you that we'll see each other soon?" Yoh smiled as he gave Anna a kiss. Everyone gasped. It was just like high school. When the girls knew that Anna and Yoh were engaged they would shout, scream, and cry.

"Five…four…three…two…" Macchi counted down.

"Ashiteru" Anna cried as she dug her head into Yoh's chest.

"I love you too Anna" Yoh smiled as he hugged Anna.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" The fan girls screamed as they saw Anna with Yoh. IT was just like old times…just like old times…