I Wish…



Kagome sighed as she listened to Sesshoumaru ramble on about something. She heard slight hissing and noticed Sesshoumaru was inches away from her face. She dodged the poison whip and cursed him. He rolled his eyes and told her to pay attention. Sesshoumaru watched as she transformed the Tetsusaiga and summoned the wind scare with ease. His nose twitched when he smelt the fox come closer. Sesshoumaru growled at the scent. The damn Kitsune had been stealing Kagome's attention from her lessons. It had been a three years into her training and she had managed to master Tetsusaiga, she only needed to keep practicing with her poison.

The Kitsune had a left a few months back in order to compete in the Makai tournament. He then left to attend his Mother's remarriage to some Ningen. Sesshoumaru noticed Kagome's nose twitch and he sighed. The lesson was over.

"Remember to wear your gloves," Sesshoumaru scolded.

She had almost killed one of his guards when she tried to glomp him for his cute wings. The guard then had been the butt of most of Kurama's pranks or cruel jokes. He did not take well to the fact that someone dared steal her attention. They had been engaged for six years now, even though their child was now five. Sesshoumaru sighed as he thought about the little hell spawn they had produced. The kid had melted half of desk with her so-called 'sour kisses.' Then her other hell spawn, the male also known as Akago had picked up his own poison. The kid loved to melt things with Miasma.

"You know that was an accident," Kagome sighed as she pulled on her gloves.

They were made of a special dragon skin. It felt like silk, but the gloves wouldn't let any poison leak out. Kagome had been grateful for this gift Sesshoumaru gave. All she had to do was watch her tears and kisses. Kagome chuckled as she watched a silver blur dart through the forest.

"Don't bring any more hell spawns into this world," Sesshoumaru warned as he walked back to the castle.

Kagome blushed, as she smelt Kurama a few yards away. The last time they had a run through the forest she had ended up pregnant. Kurama was different when in his Youko form. The Tama had granted Kurama use of Youko form anytime he wanted it. The cursed Tama was still with her and would always be. Kagome gasped as she felt herself lifted off the ground. Silver flashed in her vision as she was spun around. Kagome laughed as she felt herself tilted and captured in a kiss. She lost herself and the poison slowly leaked out of her lips.

"Your love stings me," Kurama sighed as he placed her own the ground.

Kagome grinned and reached up to his silver ears. She tugged on the appendages and laughed as they twitched. Kurama sighed and dropped to the ground. Kagome followed suit and soon lavished his tail with attention. Kurama grinned as Kagome smoothed the frazzle fur down.

"How's your mother?" Kagome softly asked.

"She is happily married with a stepson," Kurama answered.

"Happiness is finally found," Kagome sighed as he took her hand and squeezed.

"I found my happiness when I found you," Kurama whispered as he kissed her cheek.

"You're only going to get stung by my kiss," Kagome warned as he moved his lips to the corner of her mouth.

"Love with danger, delicious," Kurama whispered as he kissed her. Kagome concentrated on stopping the poison. His fang scrapped her lip and she pulled away before she lost her grip.

"You didn't think it was delicious when we first tried…" Kagome sighed as her face went red.

Kurama pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her with a grin. Kagome continued to blush as Kurama laid his lower half of his body on her. He held himself up on his elbows.

"I told you it healed when I changed into this form," Youko said as he grimaced at the memory.

"I still feel bad," Kagome mumbled.

"You didn't feel bad a few moments after," Youko purred as he nipped at her neck.

"You fiend," Kagome moaned as she bit the tip of his nose.

"So now I am fiend?" Kurama questioned with mock hurt. Kagome's eyes sparked with mischief.

"You stole everything from me," Kagome teased.

"Apparently I didn't do a good job if you consider me a fiend," Kurama mused.

"Apparently not," Kagome boldly said as he growled at her.

Kagome laughed as he rested his body on hers and kissed her. Kagome moaned when she felt his tongue graze her lip. She loved himin any form. His Youko form was more durable to her poison. Kagome sighed as she ran her tongue along his fang. Kurama growled and moved so he was straddling her. Kagome giggled when she felt his tail brush her inner thigh. She wondered why he was so…so hormonal in this form. Kagome pulled away from his kiss and noticed his usual pale lips were a bit pink.

"What's wrong?" He asked with a look of concern.

"I was wondering why you were so hormonal in this form," Kagome answered, as he looked way and his cheeks softly tinted pink.

"Is it a bad thing?" Kurama seriously asked.

"No, but I was wondering why," Kagome spoke.

Kurama sat up and remained on her as his ear twitched. His tail softly swayed in between her thighs as he thought. Kagome growled in annoyance, he knew his fur tickled her.

"It is because I love to touch you, and my human form is to weak to stand your poison. So, I make up lost time in this form anytime I can," Kurama answered.

"Oh," Kagome mumbled.

"I love how you taste…even your poison. You're usually sweet, but the poison gives you extra spice," Kurama explained as he briefly kissed her.

"What's it taste like?" Kagome seriously asked. His eyes widened in shock.

"You don't know?" He seriously questioned.

"Nope, it's just like a scent…I don't notice it much," Kagome answered.

"It tastes like…a sour apple," Kurama answered as he kissed her.

"Doesn't it make you sick?" Kagome questioned.

"This Youko Kurama would not be harmed by such a simple thing," Kurama proudly said.

"Yeah right…it gives him gas," Akago shouted as he ran out from the castle.

Kagome looked at Kurama before she began to laugh. Akago grinned as he noticed the Kitsune's left eye twitching. Kagome grabbed him around the wrists so he wouldn't take off after Akago. Kagome grinned at him and he rolled his eyes.

"Then I shall stay with my gassy Kitsune," Kagome teased as he softly growled at her.

"I feel sorry for you," Akago mumbled as Kagome began laughing.

"It smelled bad!" A soft voice added as a small girl climbed off Akago's back.

"I thought I told you not to speak of that," Youko scolded the little girl.

"But Akago heard you!" The little girl protested, as Kagome turned red from laughing.

"Sango," Kagome scolded her daughter with lighthearted smile.

The little girl sighed and rolled her blue eyes. Her silver tail twitched as she watched her mother push her father off of her. Kurama stood up and ruffled her long platinum her despite her protest. Kagome laughed as she fixed her daughter's hair. Kagome smiled as she placed her hair back in place around the little girl's Kitsune ears. Sango smiled and embraced Kagome with a kiss on her cheek.

"How's my little girl?" Kagome teased as Kurama watched them with a fond smile.

"Uncle Hiei scared me!" Sango whined as she sniffled.

"What did he do?" Kagome questioned with a growl as Akago began to laugh.

"He got upset with me because I…" and Sango began to sob.

"What did you do?" Youko asked with slight worry.

"I accidentally made a hole in his pants!" The girl cried. Kurama's face went serene before he began to laugh.

"Mukuro was watching and everything!" Akago added.

"How'd she do it?" Kagome mouthed to Akago as the girl sobbed.

"She hugged him and forgot her gloves," Akago explained.

"I'll talk with Hiei and he won't be mad for long," Kurama assured.

"Thank you daddy!" Sango cheered as she ran over and hugged him.

He picked up his daughter and embraced her. Kurama held onto her with a smile and closed his eyes. Sango hadn't been born cursed, but with poisonous glands in her wrists and lips. She would eventually be able to control them with time or have them removed. Kurama set her down and she ran off with Akago. Kagome sighed as she smiled and tilted her head to the side.

"Don't think to hard," Kurama sighed as he ran his fingers along her jagged stripes.

"I can't help but think I'll wake up. Every time I close my eyes I expect to open them and be in Naraku's presence," Kagome whispered.

"He's gone for good, and all you'll have to fear is waking to my gas," Kurama mumbled as she began to laugh again.

"I love you so much," Kagome whispered.

"I know," Kurama teased as he kissed her forehead. "I love you too."

"Let's go talk to Uncle Hiei," Kagome sighed as laughed again.

Hiei sat in the study with a scowl on his face. Mukuro grinned as she watched his crimson eyes narrow in anger. Hiei noticed her dark blue gaze on him and scoffed. She shook her head and her orange hair followed in the motion. Hiei scoffed again as he watched the doors open. Youko stepped through along with the Miko. Hiei was grateful that her hell spawn had not come. Youko grinned as Hiei tried to glare him to death. Kagome rolled her eyes and turned to Mukuro.

"Good to say you Lady Mukuro," Kagome greeted.

"It's good to see you too," Mukuro calmly said with a smile.

Kagome studied the woman and softly smiled. She had talked to the woman that Hiei currently lived with, worked for, and had a relationship with. He had met her at the Makai tournament. Kagome felt sorrow for the female youkai that had purposely disfigured half of her body. She wore a deep purple vest with a lighter blue undershirt. A red sash secured her green pants and her shoes were black. She also had half of her face covered by a blue monocle.

"I came to apology for Uncle Hiei's pants," Kagome teased the youkai.

"Hn," Hiei uttered as he looked away.

"We will replace your pants and have Sango give you a proper hug," Youko seriously said.

"Don't worry," Hiei coldly said. "If you mention this to the others I will tell them about what Kagome's poison does to you."

Kagome hid her laughter behind her hands as she began to laugh. Mukuro looked confused as Youko tensed. Hiei smirked as he watched the Kitsune glare at him.

"I will kill you," Youko promised.

"Please don't kill Uncle Hiei," Kagome teased as she tugged on his tail.

"That woman has you wrapped around her finger," Hiei spoke as Kagome stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hiei, will you be making dinner?" Mukuro questioned.

"Yeah, I'm making steak," Hiei automatically answered as Youko began laughing.

"I believe it's a draw," Mukuro said to Kagome as they both laughed.

Kagome sighed as she stood at the edged of the castle and watched the sunset. Kurama came up and wrapped his arms around her waist. Kagome looked over and saw that he was in his human form. Tonight they were going to go visit the family she had reunited with. Kagome smiled as she softly hummed. Kurama kissed her cheek and smiled as she softly laughed. They would also have to stop by Yusuke and Keiko's ramen shop. Kagome ironically laughed at the thought, Inuyasha would love Yusuke and Keiko.

"Can we visit Kuwabara and Yukina?" Kagome softly asked.

"Sure, I think Kuwabara is off from work tomorrow," Kurama replied as he softly swayed with her pressed to him.

"Being in the law must be tough," Kagome mumbled.

"You should know Mrs. Ambassador," Kurama teased.

"Not until I serve my sentence," Kagome sighed.

"By then we'll have another four kits," Kurama happily replied as she ran her gloved hand along his thin face.

"Four…and I suppose I have to pop them out," Kagome sighed.

"I can be very persuasive," Kurama purred as he kissed her neck.

"Better persuade another time, we have to visit my parents," Kagome scolded.

Kurama nodded and watched as she pulled out her communicator. They had called Botan and she opened a portal to the shrine. Kagome grinned as she called Akago and Sango to her. They ran through the portal and Kurama sighed. Kagome stepped through and her face lit up with joy when she spotted Kohaku and Shiori. With Naraku's influence fully gone, the boy had aged to a teenager.

"What are you doing here?" Kagome questioned.

"It's your birthday," Kohaku said with a scowl.

Shiori smiled when she hugged Sango and Akago. Kohaku led her into the house with the others. She had met Souta who had pulled her into an embrace. The room's lights flipped on and everybody screamed 'happy birthday.' Kagome squealed when a cake was put in front of her. She grinned when she noticed the number on her cake. It had the wax numbers five hundred and twenty-five.

"Make a wish!" Souta urged with a smile.

Kagome smiled and glanced at everyone before she closed her eyes and blew out the candles.

'I wish this happiness would never end.'

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