Hey everyone!

Sorry for all the obnoxious notes following these last few drabbles, but I wanted to make sure no one missed only the biggest announcement of my LIFE.

I am going to be published!

Not just poetry, not just a novelette in an anthology, but a real book!

I'm so excited I could keel over at any minute.


My debut novel, CINDER, is scheduled to be released from Feiwel & Friends (an imprint of Macmillan) in Spring 2012, under my real name Marissa Meyer.

Here's the summary as posted in Publisher's Weekly:

"In Cinder, the first book of the futuristic, fairy-tale inspired series, Cinderella is re-envisioned through teen heroine Cinder, part girl and part machine, who must piece together her mysterious past before she can fulfill her destiny and save the kingdom from an otherworldly enemy. Cinder finds allies loosely based on other fairy-tale characters-Little Red Riding Hood (Scarlet), Rapunzel (Cress), and Snow White (Winter)-as they join forces to conquer evil and find their happily-ever-afters."

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So many of you have been following my stories since I started writing (twelve loooong years ago!) and I'm so thrilled to be able to share this news with you. I hope you will read and enjoy CINDER, the entire Lunar series, and all my novels in the future!

With endless love and gratitude for your constant support and encouragement,

Alicia Blade

a.k.a. Marissa Meyer