Beginning the Biggest Journey

"YYYAAAWWWNNN" Alex moaned as he started to wake from his last day of being nine. He was shocked he thought it was such a step turning ten and being able to get his first Pokemon.

He slipped out of bed and got dressed for one of the greatest days of his life. He ran out the door and started off to Prof. Oak's lab.

By the time he got there, the whole place was crowded. He ran through the people outside the door and saw his sworn enemy-Jared Oak, crowding the door ready to be first. And then, before Alex could say anything, the doors opened.

Everyone rushed inside to get the Pokemon they wanted, but before anyone got a Pokeball, Jared snatched one of his own and then Alex after him.

Once he got outside with Jared, standing there Jared demanded a battle. Alex excepted. Jared threw his Pokeball, and out came Squirtle, Alex then threw his Pokeball, and out came Charmander.

Jared: "Bubble know Squirtle" he shouted.

Alex: "Charmander ember" Alex yelled.

Jared: "Water gun. And know finish him off Tackle"

Charmander stood there ready to take the blow, as Squirtle was picking up speed.

Charmander got closer and closer to the ground and then, "BOOM" Charmander had jumped three feet in the air avoiding the blow. Charmander turned to see Squirtle stuck in the ground a few feet away.

Before Charmander could use slash attack, Jared called his Pokemon back and Alex had won his first battle!

Alex then continued on. He was very desperate to get a second Pokemon, so he set out looking. He took a minutes worth of steps and there was a Pokemon that caught his interest. He flipped out his Pokedex and it told him that the Pokemon right in front of him was a Bagon: a Pokemon about the size of Charmander.

Alex stood there a second and then said " Charmander! Ember!"

Charmander leaped in the air and all of a sudden, Bagon turned from sleeping and blew an ember of its own at Charmander. The flames got very hot and then, BOOM. There was an explosion and both Pokemon blasted into the air. When they landed Alex returned Charmander. He then hoped that he could catch Bagon so he through his Pokeball and then … … … Bagon was caught! Alex jumped up with joy as he went to tell his mom.

Alex: "Mom, mom look I caught a Pokemon" He said with joy!

Mrs. Ross: "Oh that's nice, what Pokemon is it?" She asked.

Alex: " I don't remember….. but I can check on my Pokedex" He exclaimed.

He then pulled out his Pokedex. He was so excited to hear that Bagon was a dragon type. Alex let his Pokemon rest and get a long nap before he set out to Viridian City.

His Pokemon finally woke up an then he packed up his bags, took all his savings in his house, and then set out on the biggest journey of his life.

To be Continued……………