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Chapter 1 Meet Harry And Hermione

"You have run from me, you have hid from me, now…you will DIE by my hand! After all the years…all the attacks and deaths, you knew it would come down to this. You knew I would be the end of you. After all, you are a Seer, are you not? Did you foresee your death? Do you know exactly how I plan to go about killing you? Will I make it quick and easy? Slow and fill you with such pain even the Gods would be frightened of me? Tell me, Jonas Potter, will you beg for mercy…?"

"…Two rivalries will face each other…for centuries and centuries to come…"

"…I ask you, Oh-Great-And-Powerful-Jonas, Did you foresee this coming? If you did, why didn't you try to avoid this? Did you know you couldn't defeat me? Did you just want to end it all? If that's what you want, it's not happening. You will be tortured for days, as if you were in a washing machine from Hell in my torturing chambers, and then hung out to dry, flesh hanging off your body, on a jagged rock that pierces through your skin…"

"…Their hate for each other mounting to an unmistakable high, surcease of all limits and no boundaries…

"…You will be mingled and no one will be able to tell where you end or begin. You will be unrecognizable and a mutated form of all that you are…Potter scum! All of your, and my own, decedents will know how weak you and your line of blood really are…"

"…But hope will rely on the alliance between the two of them when they reach an understanding despite all the opposition they will face from each other and others…"

"…And think, what will everyone think, a Potter defeated by me, your name will be tarnished and none of your blood line will be able to face society again with a respectable face. All the honor your family demands and receives will be flushed down the toilet…"

"…Their love and bond must withstand all discrimination and be doubtless in the certainty of forever being joined together…"

"…What am I going to do next, Jonas? Are you ready for this to end? Are you ready to start your torture? I must say, I've never been one with words, I'm much better in action…"

"…And only then will the rivalry between the two families with such bad blood between them be demolished and a new beginning, based on their giving each other everlasting devotion, shall be recognized and in effect until their love wilts, which would only have bought years of peace between us, but still ending in failure…"

"…Are you ready to die, Jonas…"

"…Two rivalries will face each other…for centuries and centuries to come…"

"…Think, Jonas, a Potter defeated by me, a Granger…Now say good-bye, Jonas…Bow to death, Potter…Bow to your defeater and your rival…the Potter Family Bloodline rival…a Granger…" Dark brown eyes stared into the broken-down green pools of Jonas, relentless and evil, as somewhat of a generous smile crossed Jonas's face, he had made the prophecy, maybe, just maybe, all wasn't lost…

Centuries later…


Harry groaned. "I'm up!" he called. The sixteen-year-old boy pulled the covers back over his head, shielding out the sunlight that was threatening to come through his closed curtains. He definitely wasn't a morning person. He wasn't fully awake until after a shower and breakfast. He tried to recall his dream again; it had been a really good one, something about him becoming a famous Quidditch player. That was one thing he loved, probably the only thing he loved. He was really great in school, almost top of the class. He could cook about anything and charm the socks off about anyone. Among all his near-perfect qualities, he had a knick for getting in trouble, whether it came to sneaking around school after hours or taking a tour in the Forbidden Forest and night time strolls in Hogsmeade. However, his parents didn't know about all that, which was a good thing. They saw him as the perfect kid, and that's how he liked to keep it; made him seem more trustworthy. Not to mention the fact he was a Potter, they had a reputation of being respectful and well respected. Old family that had many connections, and if Harry played his cards right, he would be as smart as his parents are and have thing go great for him too.

Their rules were simple, keep your room clean (sure), get good grades (not too hard, a little studying never hurt anybody) , no girls (Hogwarts is full of sluts anyway, so never having a girlfriend wasn't anywhere near heartbreaking), do your chores (hey, after everything you do for me, I'll be glad to), no foul language ( I don't need to use those words anyway, that's what a thesaurus is for, well at least around you anyway), choose good friends (Ron and Draco were good influences), be a role model for the rest of the wizarding world (hey, I'll do my best) , no drugs or drinking (hey, I got Quidditch, I don't need that stuff) and lastly and probably most important…never trust, talk, think, or associate in any way with a Granger, (easy, their the Potter family rivals).

The last one was definitely a biggie. That name was disrespected and hated by all Potters. Harry had never encountered any Granger, so he didn't have to worry about them. Harry didn't know exactly why, but they had always been haters of each other; their hated multiplying by a thousand after one of his ancestors and a great times like a thousand grandpa, Jonas Potter, was brutally murdered by Ashen Granger. Everyone knew that story and after the Grangers had done that, they had lost almost all respect from the wizarding world. No one would talk to them and they are a disgrace. What was once a pureblood family had become almost all Muggles; it was a rarity to have a witch or wizard. They couldn't show face in the wizarding world, so they were unofficially exiled into the Muggle community. They married and almost all magic blood was gone. Even if someone magical were born in the family, they would just ignore it. They were Muggles as far as they were concerned, as well as the rest of the Magic world.

"HARRY!" Harry was stirred from his thoughts, hearing his mother's call once again. He sighed and headed for his bathroom, ready to begin the day…

She had gotten her letter a week ago. She got one every year, but her parents told her to throw it away. They wanted no part of the wizarding world. She could understand that, why be somewhere when no one wants you to be around? Why bother people with your company if they would like nothing better than to see you drop dead? However, she wasn't the kind that just went with the crowd. Hermione was the kind that went against the rules of conformity. She did her own thing, which never did boost her popularity. Being a bookworm and not supermodel material had taken a toll on her. School had a guarantee stamp with the promise of Hell. She was the one that knew everything and everyone hated her for it, sometimes even the teachers. Hermione didn't fit in at all, so she had zero friends. It seemed that on one could stand her. And it she was honest with herself, it did hurt her. When she sat down with someone at lunch, they either got up and sat with someone else, or completely ignored her, so school wasn't so hot. Nevertheless, she had something to look forward to, something that took her mind off all the nasty and cruel comments made by her fellow students…magic. Even though she knew Grangers were exiled from the magic world, that didn't stop her. She knew it was useless to learn magic, but she couldn't help herself, it was just so fascinating, So, after very much begging and argument with her parents, they allowed to learn it by herself as long as she kept her grades up, which wasn't a problem; she did schoolwork at school, then practice magic in the evenings, usually when others would be out hanging with friends.

Getting her magic supplies had been tricky. She had to sneak into the Leaky Cauldron and ask someone to go into Diagon Alley and get her and owl, and since then, she would just owl the bank, Gringotts, and exchange Muggle money for their currency. Then send orders to the shops that had the supplies she needed. Hermione had found an old Wizarding library, Madam Suddusk's Volumes, and she went there all the time. She could still remember her first time there when she was 14...

Hermione looked at the old building; it looked almost like a house. It was brown with dark brown shutters on its high windows. The doors looked like they came straight out of a medieval castle. A maroon sign was in front, hanging off a pole, and in fancy gold lettering that was fading it said Madam Suddusk's Volumes. The knobs were brass, but were rusting slightly. She was quivering when her hand pulled the huge door open. Hermione quickly stepped inside, feeling really nervous. She had walked into a lobby-like room, except much bigger. There was a door on her left. The walls had a rich trim tracing all the way around the room, at the bottom, and to the start of the ceiling. The ceiling was…well the only word that came to her mind was magnificent. Stained glass started where the trim stopped, the ceiling cone-shaped, and looked as if it didn't stop. The floors were made of wood, the same rich color of the trim; it shined like a brand-new penny. The door opened and a woman with graying brown hair that was tied up into a bun on the top of her head stepped into the room, her eyes watching Hermione spin around slowly, taking in the beautiful interior.

Hermione caught the woman watching her and stopped twirling abruptly. She walked over to the woman, slowly at first, then more briskly, "Hello, my name is Clarence Suddusk, Is there something I can help you with Miss…?"

"Hermione. And y-y-yes, I would like to look at some books. Here. That are about m-m-magic. Please."

The woman looked at Hermione, as if trying to see something that wasn't there. Then Hermione saw something in the woman's eyes, recognition and surprise, but then it disappeared. "Of course, Miss Hermione…?"

She wanted her last name. What in the hell was she suppose to say? 'Not Granger', said a little voice in her head. "Um,…Hermione…Si..I mean, Solsi…Solstice." Hermione mumbled, looking scared of her wits.

"Solstice?" Madam Suddusk repeated, almost disappointed, but then quickly recovered and smiled softly at Hermione. Hermione nodded, returning the old woman's smiled. "Well, it shouldn't be too hard finding a book on magic here, if you would just like to follow me," and she led Hermione through the door.

Hermione's eyes grew as big as saucers when they reached the next room. It was lit by many torches, and had hundreds or bookshelves. It reminded her of the library in the movie Beauty and the Beast. It had the same wood floor and walls as the first room did, as well as the high ceiling. They went down the staircase and onto the ground floor, which had tables with chairs and many couches for comfortable luxury reading.

"So, what exactly are you looking for Miss…Solstice? She asked, looking in Hermione's eyes. Hermione gulped; there was something about the woman's eyes that told her she didn't believe her at all.

"Um…I-I-I'm quite sure. I just thought I'd do a little browsing and just kinda look around."

"Uh-huh, and would you like some assistance?" The woman asked, glancing around the deserted room. "As you can see, I'm not too busy right now."

"Um…sure, that would be great."

"Alright, shall we?" They looked around, stopping here and there. Hermione was completely clueless on anything to do with magic, so she just nodded and tried to pretend like she knew what she was talking about. But her little charade didn't last long. Madam Suddusk asked Hermione what school she went to and Hermione said Hendwarts, instead of Hogwarts. The woman raised her eyebrows. "Hendwarts? Oh, really. You know, the Headmaster there, Ashworth Canddice, she has got to be the best headmaster that school has ever seen. Do you agree?"

"Of course, she is really great and I look forward to seeing her every year!"

"Oh do you? That's fascinating, because Ashworth Canddice isn't the headmaster of Hendwarts. In fact, there isn't a Wizarding school called 'Hendwarts'!" Hermione just stood there, her mouth slightly open and her eyes wide. "So, tell me who you really are, Miss Granger, and why you are in my library, please." She put emphasis on the word 'Granger,' yet her voice was still kind and soft.

"I..I..I don't know what you are talking about," Hermione lied. "I think it's time for me to go, good day Madam Suddusk." She made to turn around; trying to hide her humiliation, but Madam Suddusk stopped her.

"I think you do know what I'm talking about," and with that, the woman grabbed Hermione's arm and turned her around to face her. Hermione was quivering, tears threatened to spill and she didn't know why.

"Alright, my name is Hermione Granger, and I did lie to you about Hogwarts. And I haven't a clue about anything in the Magic world," Hermione confessed. "And I just wanted to learn some of it myself, so I thought I'd come here and teach it to myself."

"And that's perfectly alright, dear, I'm not mad or anything, just curious,"

"How did you know who I was?"

Madam Suddusk smiled, "Your eyes, they are a Granger's eyes. Did you think I couldn't tell? I recognized you from the start, and you were absolutely terrible at trying to fake you knew the Wizarding world. Now, let's see here, how old are you"


"Alright, that would make you a fourth year, so let's see what we can make of you, shall we?"

"You mean you are going to help me?"

"That's exactly what it means."

"Thank you, Madam Suddusk," Hermione whispered.

The woman waved her arm and said, "Please, call me Clarence, and we got work to do."

From that day, Clarence had helped Hermione whenever possible in her training. She had once been a teacher at Hogwarts herself, and had great teaching skills. In a few short years, Hermione had learned what regular Hogwarts students took 6 years in learning. She could do about any charm you asked her to, and could tell you the counter-charm, when the charm was used, and some history about it. That's what they would do, since Hermione was a fast learner, they would research a charm, learn its history and how to use it. Then, Hermione would practice it. Sometimes, Clarence would give Hermione an oral quiz, just to make sure she remembers everything. When other people were there and it was busy, Clarence would give Hermione an essay or something and have her research on her own and come and check on her every once in a while; other times, when the library was empty or not too many people, Clarence would help unless she had something else to do. They had grown quite close, so Hermione had decided to ask Clarence what she thought of her idea first. They had talked about Hogwarts, and Clarence said she was sorry she couldn't make it as fun for Hermione learning magic as it was for her. So, today, Hermione was going to see what she thought. Taking some floo powder and tossing it into the fireplace, Hermione watched the green flames erupt and stepped in, "Madam Suddusk's Volumes" and she disappeared, her Hogwarts letter clutched in her hand.


She landed with a thump. "Uuhh, I can't wait until I take my Apparition test."

"Of course you can't, but you will, and you will pass it with distinction!" A voice said proudly. Hermione looked and saw Clarence grinning her way, a quill in one hand, and the other was going through a book, making sure there weren't any damages. Hermione bounced over to her and returned her grin.

"Of course I will," she said, smirking, "I am so incredibly brilliant, why should I get nervous about some petty test that I will be taking in a few days? Instead of getting uptight, why don't I just go throw a party and say 'hell, bring it on.'?" Hermione said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Sure, why not? I'll write the invitations." Clarence said happily, grabbing a notebook, she started listing name. "Okay, how about Connie, one of my good friends, oh and she has a son, a little older than you but a fine dancer, maybe I could get you two to dance…"

Rolling her eyes again, Hermione said, "Yeah right, I was joking, I'm so nervous and excited, I just don't know how to feel!"

Clarence laughed, "I know you were, honey, but you needn't be nervous. Trust me, you will pass with distinction. You're loads more prepared than I was, and I passed!" They both laughed and Hermione came to sit by Clarence, Hogwarts letter still clutched in one hand. "What do you got there, Hermione?" Clarence said, pointing to her hand.

Hermione glanced down at her hand and remembered why she had come in the first place, nervousness settling in her stomach. How in the hell was she suppose to say this? "Well…it's just a Hogwarts letter. You know, new school year coming up."

Clarence frowned; she knew how much it hurt Hermione when she got her letter because she couldn't go to school. "Yeah, well just think, we will have a big year set up for us! Seventh year is always important. Maybe I can get my hands on a N.E.W.T.S. test and see what you'd get!"

Hermione smiled, nodding, then sighed. "I was thinking about Hogwarts a few weeks ago," she started, "so they take exchange students? Like if someone went to another school for their other years of schooling? Would they still take them?" Hermione asked innocently.

"I'm sure they would, as long as they have the education. If they are too behind, they might have to go a year younger than they are supposed to take." Clarence answered thoughtfully. "I'm sure they'd give them a test to see what they know."

"Oh, do you think I'd pass that test?" Hermione asked with a smile.

"Of course you would! You know things I never learned until after Hogwarts, girl"

"What sort of test is it?"

"Well, I think each teacher would test the person, probably orally, and give them their marks and see if they measure up to par. If they do, then they get to go in that year; if they are too behind, then they simply go back a year. Why are you so interested in Hogwarts?" Clarence asked, wrinkling her forehead curiously.

Hermione shrugged, "I was just wondering, you know. Just a little food for thought I guess." Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but still she pressed on, "I was thinking, maybe if I knew as much as all the other soon-to-be seventh years, and if I was good enough, then maybe I could…well, you know, if my parents said okay and since I did get a letter, you know, maybe I would be one of the seventh years this year at Hogwarts," Hermione finished awkwardly. Looking up, she waited on baited breath for Clarence's reaction.

"You want to go to Hogwarts this year?" Clarence asked, Hermione couldn't tell if she was for or against it.

"Yes!" Hermione breathed, "I've wanted to go since I was 11!"

"You do know all the opposition you'd face, the Granger name isn't very popular among witches and wizards, as you know."

"Yes, I do know that, but I'm going to learn, not make best friends! I don't want the rest of the world to stop me from going to school! I don't deserve not to have an education from school, and I don't think my name should be held against me!" Hermione said, angrily.

"Hey honey, chill out, I'm not the one you have to convince. You know what you will face, but you're a brave and courageous girl, and I think, no I know you would be able to handle it. I think it's a great idea. You need to show the world there are still Grangers out there that aren't going to take any crap from anyone. That you're not dead to the world and still have a voice in the system." She hugged Hermione tightly.

"You really think I can handle it?"

"I know you can."

"Now I just have to ask my parents…"

She waited until after dinner to bring the subject up. After she cleared the table off and did dishes, she went into the living room, where her parents were about to watch some TV. "Hey, I was wondering if we could talk." Hermione asked, standing in the middle of the room awkwardly.

"Of course dear, what is it?" Her mother asked, looking slightly worried. "Is something wrong?"

"No! Of course not. I just, well I got my Hogwarts letter today and well," Hermione glanced at her parents', noticing the glance they shared, but nevertheless, she pressed on," Yeah well, I was wondering what you guys thought about me maybe attending Hogwarts this year, you know, it would be my last year, and I've worked really hard the last couple years. I want to be able to graduate from a real Wizarding School." She looked up again, there was that glance again.

Her father sighed, "Hermione, you know that's not a good idea. That would just lead to trouble. Let Madam Suddusk continue to teach you, you don't need to go to Hogwarts." His voice was flat, and Hermione scowled.

"I think your father's right, honey, it's for the best," Her mother said, tonelessly.

"It's not fair. I think I should be able to go! I don't care what in the hell my last name is, I am not going to be held back because of it! I didn't do anything wrong! If they can't like me for me, then that's their problem. I know the opposition I will face, but I know I can handle it. Clarence thinks it's a good idea. It will show everyone Grangers aren't quitters, and that there are still some of out there!" Her parents wouldn't understand. There was no way they would ever know the thrill of waving a wand and turning a cat into a candle, or making a book across the room fly straight to you. They were Muggles, so were their parents, and their parents, there hasn't been a magical person in the family for years. She wasn't going down without a fight.

"Watch your language young lady and, I said no and I'm not going to argue with you!" Hermione could hear the finality in her father's voice, yet still she wasn't done.

"I don't see why I can't go! It's my life. If I want to go, I know what I'll face, but I know I'm strong enough to handle it! I almost seventeen years old, I think I can make my own decisions!" But nothing was going to work, she couldn't persuade her parents, they were a rock. And as she ran into her room that night, she promised herself she would be going to Hogwarts this year, there wasn't a doubt about it. She only had a few weeks to come up with a plan.

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