Forget to Remember


AN: I got bored….started scribbling thoughts….we'll see how it goes. This is the prologue, nothing dialogish here….just an introduction to where we are today.

DC: If I can't download it, I can't own it.

Quick Summary – An alternate reality with no villains or superheroes. Serena and Darien are married here, but there is a crack in the perfect image. Somehow…they skipped a step. They forgot to remember to fall in love.

Serena Tsukino – Suddenly captivated by some whom she used to despise. When did she become so taken with Darien Chiba?

DarienChiba – Tired of being lonely, tired of searching for that one person. He looks to share part of his life with someone, anyone he could stand to live with for the next 30 years, not necessarily love. He was always so cold. Darien does notice a change in Serena's behavior towards him. He begins to see her in a new light; a light of opportunity. Serena was beautiful, sweet, and amusing. Could she be the one to ease his loneliness?

One day, this opportunity, falls right into his arms. In her usual spouts of clumsiness, she tripped and he was the one to catch her. Serena fell, but more in a figure-of-speech sort of way. Darien was curious about this feeling he got from holding her, however he never considered it that true love feeling. For Darien, he'd never experienced anything close to an intimate relationship, so he just figured that this was a feeling you goy whenever the opposite sex was sinking into your arms. For Serena, it was heaven. And then Darien added to it by kissing her. Now don't get me wrong, Darien wasn't trying to trick her into falling in love with him, he was only testing her susceptibility to the concept. But no matter, that light flutter of a kiss had already caught Serena's heart, and Darien's curiosity.

For the next couple of weeks, Darien continued to test her. Serena was so happy to be with him that she never really noticed the emptiness in his eyes, and Darien never noticed the times that his smile reached his eyes. One evening, while they were watching their Saturday move, Darien made a bold move. He proposed to her. Serena accepted but not for the same reasons that Darien had asked. Serena had dreams of that prefect fairy-tale life. She honestly believed that she could achieve this with Darien. Darien just wanted her permanent company. A month later, they were wed.

The honeymoon was the best week of Serena's life. For this was the only time for a long while that what they shared was real and genuine. He treated her mind and body like it was a shrine, a temple to pay tribute to. But after that week, it was all different. Serena didn't understand. Did he no longer love her? It was then that she realized he never did. It struck her one night while they were making love. It was rough, as if the act annoyed him, like he only considered it an act of duty; like he just wanted to get it over with. His eyes were vacant; he never looked at her, never made any intimate gestures. It was all an in and out procedure and as soon as the act was complete, on his part, he rolled over and went to sleep. He never held and caressed her; she'd never felt so used. What a delusion of grandeur she had had.

Serena was heartbroken for a few weeks, then angry. She considered stopping her birth control and getting pregnant. If he didn't want to love her, she'd make him love something. She immediately abandoned the idea. She would never harbor the idea of a child growing up in a home where there was no love, especially taking into consideration the possibility that Darien wouldn't be able to love the child either. For the next few months, the same situation continued, Serena feeling lower with everyday. The feelings of love she once held for this man turned to feelings of hate and her heart turned to ice. She eventually stopped allowing him to sleep with her. When he questioned her, she simply told him he could do the same by himself. She was hateful and distanced from him, but its not like he didn't merit it.

Darien began to resent her, calling her hateful names…fooling around on her. He began to sleep in another room. Serena didn't care. As far as she was concerned, he could do whatever the hell he wanted. Except divorce her. Serena wouldn't allow a divorce for several reasons. One being, she couldn't disgrace her family. Two, she convinced her father that Darien was a good man, she could never face the embarrassment of hearing I told you so. Three, Darien had money…not a big reason Serena wouldn't divorce him, but she liked the feeling of living comfortably. Four, she never asked him, he never asked her. Five, a small part of her heart didn't want to because it still cared deeply for him. Despite all the hateful things that occurred between them following the first few months of their marriage, Serena still cared. Darien was as cold as ever.

He of course still expected her to be the perfect wife in the public's eyes, since he was aiming to be the head of the hospital, and Serena was. In the public, Serena was loving and supportive, as was Darien. One night he came to her with a proposition. He had been advised that having a child would up his chances. Serena promptly told him to go to hell, that she would never give him a child when he couldn't give her the one thing she desired most. He asked her was it was and how much it cost. She laughed in his face and told him that it couldn't be bought, not even with his money. That it was something that had to be given only by possessing it first. He was incapable of it. She then slammed the door in his face and locked the door. Darien, angry with her response and behavior, went straight to the liquor cabinet. After drinking nearly an entire bottle of Jack, he went to be with one of his whores.

Serena sat in her room, bitter tears falling down her cheeks. How could he be so cold and inconsiderate? And he wondered why she never had anything to do with him anymore. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. There were shadows underneath in her face and wrinkles were making their early scratches at the corners of her eyes. She'd wasted 5 years on this loveless marriage, and it showed on her badly. She was nearly in her 30s, with nothing good to show from it. She considered divorcing him then, that no amount of love could encompass the hole he'd already stabbed in her heart. It was then that the phone rang. Darien had been in an accident. He'd wrapped his car around a tree.

AN: I do hope that this does intrigue you….at least enough to ask will they ever get back together. The first chapter will be normal, present day like. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing it. I compromised with the names….I wanted to make it American since I'm American and know hardly anything about the Japanese culture. But I wanted to keep the Japanese aspect…so I will use their dub names and Japanese names.