Ranma1/2/Street fighter: Ranma vs. the world.

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Part one. The legend of the Hadouken.


Ranma sneered at the man before him. To him he was just another way to
pay for his dealings with Nabiki. In the ring of Nerima he had reigned
supreme for almost seven months now. "You look like you might put up a
fight," said Ranma.

The man only put up his hands.

"Karate." noted Ranma in his mind after seeing the man's stance.


Ryoga Hibiki stood in the crowd with a frown on his face. He and Ranma
often met here. This was a regular stop in Ryoga's travels; he was
well known and respected here, but still not as much as Ranma. The
pair had a sort of peace treaty for the empty warehouse. He and Ranma
had many unofficial battles in the large dirt ring. Ryoga had even
seen Mousse there occasionally, but accept for one or two battles with
himself and Ranma, Mousse was a spectator.

The large abandoned warehouse was relatively small; it was only a
short walk from the dojo. Ranma was here all the time, Ryoga doubted
if the residents of the Tendo dojo knew about Ranma's little hobby. He
wondered if his own father even knew about it. This was the real
reason Ranma was so often sleeping peacefully when it came time to

Ryoga's question was answered when he spotted Genma in the crowd,
sitting comfortably beside Cologne and Happosai. "This place makes for
some strange peace treaties," thought the lost boy. He looked at Ranma
who stood confidently across from his opponent. "I wonder if he even
knows?" said Ryoga aloud. "The poor idiot is going to get his ass


Ranma watched the martial artist carefully; and the two circled each
other warily. He was no stranger to this situation; he and his father
frequented the street fighting arena's all over China and Japan during
the days that they were traveling. Usually only betting until Ranma
was old enough to step in the ring. Most of them were holes, rat
ridden second class arenas that served as entertainment for the
locals, but this, this was one of the more famous arenas. It was often
visited by some of the best fighters around. Ranma had defeated many
foreigners here.

Ranma sped up to his opponent and threw a punch at him with his
trademark blinding speed. The man blocked his punch and hit him dead
in the face; the boy was sent sprawling to the ground. Ranma stood and
blinked; He put his hand up to his nose and wiped the blood off. "This
is going to be harder than I thought."


Nabiki watched the fight from her special table. Her young friends sat
next to her and frowned. "You guy's bet on Ranma didn't you?" she said
with a smile. The two girls looked at her with shocked expressions.

"You didn't?" asked one of them.


"Tatsumaki sempu kayaku!" cried the man.

Ranma reeled back as the man performed some kind of spinning kick that
knocked him flat on his back, after landing three blows to his face.
"That does it," he muttered. Ranma rushed at the man angrily "Eat
this! Katsu tenshin amaguriken!" Ranma did the chestnut fist only to
find the man kept just out of range of his blows. He growled in

Ranma's opponent patiently stood back and waited for Ranma to rush him
again. Ranma gritted his teeth. "So you want to play keep away huh?"
he said to the man who wordlessly stood waiting. "Lets see you back
away from this! Moukou takabishi!" Ranma unleashed his chi attack and
most of the crowd fell silent with wonder, he had never used it in the
arena before.

"He must be worse off than he looks if he did that," said Ryoga calmly
as he watched.

Ranma half expected the man to side stop or duck out of the way of the
blast, but what he did he wasn't expecting. "Hadoken!" Ranma watched
helplessly as the man's chi blast cut through the Mokou Takabishi like
it wasn't even there.

"Wha?" was all Ranma could say as the Hadoken blasted him in the
chest. He saw the world flash bright blue and felt the familiar
burning of a chi attack, only this was more powerful than any he had
ever felt, even more than Herb's blasts. His sight returned slowly and
he saw a blur approaching him, he punched out to defend himself.


The man stood over Ranma as he lay on the ground struggling to get up.
Ranma finally fell after getting only to his knees. "That was the best
fight I've had in a while, I look forward to our next battle. You
should learn to be more patient, I may have lost if you were," said
the man before turning away.
Ranma's world went black...


"Wake up son in law," said a familiar voice. Ranma grimaced as he rose
to see Cologne staring at him.

"AAAAUUUGGHHH!!" he cried in revulsion and surprise.

Ranma looked around as his memories flooded back to him, he was in the
middle of a small room that served as a sort of infirmary for the
arena. "I lost?" he said looking at his hands.

"Well it looks like I made some money tonight," said Ryoga from his
chair in the corner. "You don't even know who that was, do you Ranma?"
he said with an arrogant smirk.

"Wha?" said Ranma clutching his chest in pain.

"The man you fought was Ryu, that's the guy who beat Sagat, the Mui
Tai champ, a few years back," said Nabiki from the other side of the

"Yes, and he used a most powerful technique," said Cologne.

"What was that thing ghoul, and how do I beat it?" said Ranma looking
at Cologne with a serious gaze.

"It is a technique called the Hadoken. It is a chi attack like the
Mokou Takabishi or the Shi shi houkou dan, and you don't beat it, you
can only hope to achieve it. It is the most powerful form of chi
attack. It was that very technique that Shampoo's great grandfather
used to defeat me," she said with a sigh.

"What?" said everyone in the room with a look of complete surprise.

"The Hadoken uses natural ki from everything around you. Unlike the
Shi shi houko dan and Moukou Takabishi, it is not fueled by emotions.
Your attack uses your confidence to filter and gather strength from
inside you. It also makes it easier to control the chi. However the
Hadoken uses natural raw energy that is unfiltered by the body and
emotions; Thus it is much more powerful. " Cologne smiled at Ranma as
he looked at her wide eyed.

"Not that ghoul, the other attack," he said simply.

Everyone face faulted.

"What?" said Cologne.

"That uppercut thing, the chi blast only stunned me for a moment, it
hurt a lot more than a Shi shi houkou dan but it still only fazed me.
I want to know about that Shoryuken thing," said Ranma.

Cologne sat at the edge of the bed. "I don't recall any 'Rising Dragon
Punch' move. All I saw was an impressive jumping uppercut."

"That thing was more powerful that Hadou-whatever, I want to learn
It." said Ranma.
Cologne stared at Ranma for a moment. "Are you sure?"

"If he had used that at the beginning of the fight it would have been
over right away, I've never felt a blow that strong before," said
Ranma with determination burning in his eyes.

Ryoga perked up suddenly; he stared at his rival silently. "If I could
learn that move..." he thought.

"I'm afraid I won't be much help son in law. My husband was a student
of a man named Shen long, he had only studied under him for a short
time, he was very secretive about his art. That is all the information
I can give to you."

"If Ranma manages to learn it first..." thought Ryoga angrily.

"The only way to learn it would be from that man," said Genma from his
own seat.

"Then I'm going after him," said Ranma standing from the cot.

"Ranma wait. I'm coming too, you'll need my help," said Ryoga.

Everyone looked at him. "Ryoga?" said Ranma looking at him oddly.
"If you learn that move I'll never be able to defeat you. If I go with
you I still have a chance." thought Ryoga bitterly. He stood silently
before his rival and waited for a response.

"All right," said Ranma after a moment of consideration.

"It won't be easy to find him Saotome. He travels even more than I
do," said Ryoga.

Ranma nodded. "Why are you so eager to help?"

"I may have given up on Akane, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna get
soft and let you beat me so easily," said Ryoga with a malicious grin.

"Wow, I don't think you've ever been so direct before. Usually you
just come up with some lame excuse to help me," said Ranma with a
friendly smile. "He'll get lost after the first day." he thought to

"Besides you probly just want me to lead you to him, then you'll try
to dump me."

Ryoga frowned and muttered too himself. "How could he know that?! It's
gonna be a long trip."

Together the pair went towards the dojo to get some sleep and prepare
for the journey.


Akane sat across from Ranma and watched him stuff his bag with the few
things he would need for his trip. "What's going on Ranma? Where are
you going?" she said to him in a confused and worried voice.

"Just on a training trip with Ryoga that's all," said Ranma smiling at

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Jeez Akane, we've been over this. I'm not sure, besides I'm going
with Ryoga, you know how that will turn out," he said without stopping
his packing.

"Since when do you and Ryoga get along so well?" asked Nabiki with a
smirk from the doorway.

Ranma glared at her. "Since China."

Nabiki looked at him and walked out. She knew better than to continue,
ever since they had returned from the trip to China Ranma and all
involved had been on edge and reluctant to discuss it. She knew Akane
had almost died and that Ranma had 'killed' someone named Saffron, but
that was about it. She hated being in the dark about things like this.

Ryoga stood as Ranma walked out of his room and met him at the stairs.
"Is she gonna be OK about this?" he said quietly as he saw Akane watch
Ranma walk out with him.

"Yeah, I had to promise to write her and all that, but you know how
women are," said Ranma looking back as the Tendos and his parents
waved him off.

"Not really," said Ryoga.

"Oh come on! Akari tell us all about how you write her all the time.
Her and Akane are practically best friends," said Ranma with a grin.

"Really?" said Ryoga in genuine surprise.

"Be careful my son!" cried Nodoka as she waved. Ranma turned and waved
in acknowledgment. The goodbye had been short and everyone was
cheerful about it, after all Ranma would only be gone for a short
time, everyone but Akane that is. She watched him fade away into the
distance with tears in her eyes. She wasn't really worried about him
or anything. After all, he could take care of himself. She just had a
feeling, It was as if she knew he would not return for a long time, it
was as if she knew that all his past voyages would be nothing compared
to the one he was on now, and she was here left behind. She sighed and
stood in the road for a long time before Kasumi came and called her
back in.

"Akane come inside, Ranma will be fine, dinner is almost ready," said
her sister in her eternally sweet voice.

She turned to look at the horizon one last time and walked inside with
her family. "Hurry back... you idiot."


Part 2: A journey begins.

Ryoga stood in Nerima station with Ranma next to him and frowned. "We
can't really afford to take the train Ranma," he said impatiently.

"Then we'll just have to stop and pick up a fight to get some money on
the way won't we? We won't catch up to him on foot for a while if we
don't take the train," said Ranma with a smirk.

Ryoga frowned and nodded his head. "I guess so."

The pair boarded the Train and took their seats. After a few moments
Ranma dozed off and they rode to Kyoto.


Ranma stood at the door of the small alleyway bar and knocked. A small
hole opened and an obviously large man peeked through.

"No one under eighteen kid," he said and closed it quickly.

Ranma knocked again slightly irritated.

"You deaf kid?" said an angry voice as the hole opened again.

"We aren't here to drink," said Ryoga. The man shifted behind the door
and saw Ryoga standing to the side.

"Oh, its you," he said with a small amount of recognition. The door
opened and the pair were let in to the smoky hole of a bar. Some of
the patrons watched the young boys as they were escorted to an even
more dank hole in the back.

"You've been here before?" asked Ranma.

"Yup. Even I have to have money sometimes. Those things I used to
bring to Akane aren't free ya know," said Ryoga seriously.

Ranma nodded as they watched two over grown men beat on each other in
the small concrete arena surrounded by loudly cheering men and women.
They were approached by a small and snaky looking man who grinned at
them without many teeth.

"Ah, it is good to see you again Mr?" said the man.

"Hibiki, and this is my friend Mr. Saotome. We need some quick cash so
give us a good spread OK?"

"Not many people here will recognize you, its mostly new blood in the
crowd so that shouldn't be difficult," said the man as he gazed at the

"That's good," said Ryoga.
"Your friend, is he experienced?" asked the small man.

"Yes, he was the champ at the ring in Nerima for a while," said Ryoga
with a smirk.

Ranma growled for a moment, but did nothing else. "I'll get you for
that later Hibiki," he hissed under his breath.

"Oh, so you're that Ranma kid. I hear you had a run in with Ryu," said
the small man.

"Yeah, you know where he's headed?" asked Ranma.

The evil looking man smiled and held out his hand. Ranma took out a
large Yen bill and put it in his hand with a sigh. "Not many people
can tell you that I'm afraid. He travels randomly and goes to
different hot spots around the world, last I heard he was going east
after he passed through here a few days ago."

"Great, if he leaves Japan we'll never catch him," grumbled Ryoga.

"Well, If you want to participate tonight you had better get in there,
it looks like Tanka is looking for another opponent," said the man.

Ranma and Ryoga turned to see a huge muscular bald man with scars all
over his body and a heart shaped Tattoo with 'Okasan' written in it on
his left breast.

"Looks like fun," commented Ranma.

"You hang back Ranma I want this fight," Ryoga pushed passed him
towards the ring.

"Sure." Ranma leaned against the bar and watched with a small frown.

Ryoga stepped into the ring and smiled at the man. "You're gonna fight
me?" asked Tanka with a grin.

The lost boy gave his best grin and scratched the back of his head. "I
guess so."


From the bar, Ranma smiled. "Gee Ryoga you play dumb so well, you must
have had lots of practice." he commented to himself. The bartender
snorted in amusement and gave the woman next to him her drink.

"You bet on that man?" she said to him.

"Sure, he's a friend of mine," said Ranma casually.

"Looks like you lost some money," she said with a confident smirk.

"You think so?" said Ranma with a knowing smirk.


In the ring the match started with the cry of 'Fight!' from the
ringside. Ryoga dropped into a defensive stance and smiled at the
larger man. Tanka charged and swung at Ryoga who blocked and kicked at
his head. The large man ducked and rolled missing Ryoga's kick my
millimeters. He looked at Ryoga in confusion. That punch should have
sent a guy like him flying across the ring, blocked or not.

Ryoga smirked. "You hit like a girl," he taunted.

"What?! I'll show you!" yelled the man as he charged Ryoga.

The boy smiled and stopped his punch and forward momentum with one
hand easily. He stood in a relaxed stance and smiled as the man
strained to move forward. He yelled and swung with his other fist
catching Ryoga off guard. The boy staggered for a moment and stood
back up straight with the man's fist still in his face.

"That's not a punch," he said and slugged the man hard in the stomach.
"That's a punch." Tanka fell slowly to the ground clutching his
stomach and most of the crowd cried out in rage and tore their tickets


"Shit!" grumbled the woman at the bar as she downed her drink in one

Ranma smiled at her and she gave him a sour stare. He walked over to
collect his winnings. The snaky man gave him a wad of bills that was
small compared to what he had made from the fight. "I just love it
when you naturals come in here, no one ever expects it," he said and
counted off his own earnings.

"You have a good eye my friend," said a large man behind him "That
marks only the truest of warriors."

"Not really I know the guy," replied Ranma with unusual modesty.

"I can see that you are as true a warrior as he is, perhaps we could
have a match?" said the man.

"Now?" said Ranma.

"Of course. There is no better time," said the large man.

"Here bet this on me," said Ranma handing back the money to the snaky

The man accepted the cash eagerly. "To think I'll make all this back,"
he said to himself gleefully.

Ranma turned to face the man who was now in full view in the lights
and standing in the arena. He regretted his decision almost
immediately. His jaw dropped in disbelief. Standing in the ring was
the most famous sumo wrestler in Japan. The man who had disappeared
after becoming the Grand Master of Sumo Wrestling... E. Honda.

"You bet all our money on this?!" screamed Ryoga as he rushed up
beside him. "You had better win Saotome."

"Not all of it," said Ranma as he walked towards the ring with a hard
look on his face.

The crowd rushed towards the betting tables.


Ranma stood and faced the sumo wrestler. "Fight!" cried the voice from
ringside again. The pigtailed martial artist charged in with a flying
kick to Honda's head. The sumo merely shifted out of the way. Ranma
landed and rolled away as Honda stuck out at him barely missing and
creating a crater.

"Damn! He's faster than he looks. How can some thing so big move so
fast?" he thought in frustration as Honda kicked him in the head.
Ranma fell and rolled with it. "Strong too." he thought as Honda
laughed heartily.

"You are a good fighter, but to weak to face me. Perhaps I was
mistaken about you?"

Ranma stood and glared at the sumo. "Oh yeah?" cried the boy as he
rolled into an elbow strike that hit the sumo in the gut and knocked
the wind out of him and sent him to the ground on his ass.

Honda growled and stood "You should not have done tha-" he was stopped
as Ranma kicked him hard in the face. Honda faltered and almost fell
under the blow.

"You talk to much," said Ranma coolly.

Honda suddenly became very calm and stood facing The boy. He lifted
one foot in the air and slammed it on the ground in traditional
preparation of a sumo match he then slapped himself all over his body
and charged his opponent, attempting to crush him by leaping into the
air and coming down on his butt. The move left a large crater in the
center of the ring.

Ranma stepped away from and behind him as he landed. He quickly turned
and punched the sumo's back near the base of his spine causing the him
to cry out and kick at him. The boy spring-boarded off his leg and
kicked his face sending the much larger warrior to the ground on his

Honda stood and shook his head and slapped himself repeatedly all over
his body again. He shifted back for a moment and shot towards Ranma
headfirst like a torpedo. The boy lay flat on the ground and Honda
sailed over him. The boy pushed himself up into a jump as Honda
recovered and faced him again. He slowly moved towards Ranma with
small movements of his feet. As he neared him Honda's hands became a
blur of motion. Saotome was backed into a wall and stood his ground.
His arms also became a blur of motion as he desperately blocked the
sumo's attack.

"How can this be? He blocks my Hundred hand strike?!" said Honda as he
intensified his attack.

Ranma kept up and Honda began to feel blows on his body, only a few,
but enough to make his attack falter. The pigtailed boy reared back
and punched him dead in the center of his forehead. Honda's head
snapped back and he fell back to the ground. "I-Impossible!" he said
before he passed out.

"I won," said Ranma as he fell to his knees.

"Damn right you won!" growled Ryoga. "How much of our money did you
bet anyway?" he asked as he held up a large bag of cash.

Ranma smirked and flipped him a fifty yen coin.

"What's this?" asked Ryoga in confusion.

"The money I didn't bet," said Ranma with a smirk as he walked out of
the ring.

"How dare you bet all our money on yourself! You reckless over
confident bastard!" yelled Ryoga as he began to chase him around the

"Hey, boys I got some info for ya. I'll even give it to ya free on
account of ya made me so much money tonight," said the snake like man
as he moved between them.

"What?" said Ryoga impatiently.

"We just got word Ryu arrived in Tokyo this morning. If you two boy's
hurry you can catch him," said the man.

An hour later Ranma and Ryoga were on a train and on their way to


Ranma Vs the world.


Ryoga's conflict. "I can't fight a girl!"


Ryoga stood in the center of the concrete ring in Tokyo with a
frustrated look on his face. He had beaten his opponent easily and was
annoyed to no end. He casually walked over to his companion, who was
standing outside the fence that separated the crowd from the ring. He
had a smug grin on his face.

"I was hoping to let off some steam. Traveling with Ranma is a pain in
the ass." he grumbled.

He and Ranma had been in Tokyo for about three days now and were
beginning to think that they might never find Ryu. No one had any
information concerning him in the area.

"Ryoga did ya hafta do that? I mean look at the poor guy," said Ranma
looking at the unfortunate man crumpled on the floor.

"You shut up! I'd like to see you do better!" growled Ryoga.

"I understand you two are looking for Ryu," said a small man from
behind them.

"Yeah, what of it?" said Ranma rudely.

"I know someone who may be able to help. You'll have to beat 'em to
get any info though," said the man.

"Humph, I can take anyone you can throw at me," said Ryoga with a

Ranma chuckled and sat down. "Where is this guy anyway?"

"She's climbing in the ring now," was the man's reply.

Ryoga turned and stared at the young woman who stood before him. She
was about twenty years old and dressed in a light blue Karate gi. She
had a long white ribbon tied across her forehead.

"Hi," she said with a smirk as she gave him a small wave.

"I can't fight a girl!" cried Ryoga. "Ranma go change and get in
here!" he said clutching the fence in desperation.

Ranma sneered at him. "Good luck P-chan." he took a seat near the ring
and relaxed.

Ryoga turned and stared at the girl helplessly. She smiled and kicked
him in the face. The boy just looked at her. "I-I can' do this, you're
a girl!"

The girl stared at him for a moment. "What do you mean?"

"I can't fight girls, It isn't right," he said timidly.

The angry young woman punched him in the face hard. "How dare you,
come here of all places with that attitude you wimp."

Ryoga looked at her sadly. "What am I gonna do?!" he thought
desperately. The girl was having problems of her own. This guy had
just taken two of her hardest blows and he didn't even seem to notice.

"Tough guy huh? Eat this Hadoken!" she cried and performed a rough
looking chi blast that hit the lost boy dead in the chest.

He stared at her in disbelief from the ground at the base of the
fence. "Huh?"

In the crowd Ranma stood and stared at her open mouthed. "That was..."
he stuttered

Ryoga stood shakily and saw the girl charging at him angrily. "Sho
oken!" she screamed.

Ryoga tried to jump out of the way and as a result took the blow in
exactly the wrong place. The girl landed and the glow around her hand
died down. Ryoga heard her walk up to him as he lay on the ground
clutching his groin in pain.

"How dare you enter my arena with that attitude pig." she said and
turned away from him.

The gears in Ryoga's simple mind began to turn and he stood shakily.
He had felt something strange during the fight when she had performed
the Hadoken. Then something registered in his head.

Sakura was walking away with a disgusted look on her face. She had
been expecting a real match, like the ones she had when she was in
high school, instead she got this wimp. She felt something dangerous
and familiar behind her. She turned and her eyes went wide as Ryoga
stood shakily to his feet.

"What did you call me?" he growled.

"Pig," she said involuntarily.

"I'll show you a pig! HADO SHI SHI HOUKOU DAN!" he cried and released
the chi he had gathered from the air around him towards her.

She felt the energy slam into her and she was thrown violently against
the fence. "Damn!" she cried and rolled as she hit the ground.

Ryoga dove for her and touched the floor. "Bakusai Tenketsu!" Sakura
felt the ground explode around her and pelt her with rubble. She stood
and faced him.

"Hadoken!" she cried and fired her blast at him.

"Hado Shi shi houkou dan!" replied Ryoga and sent a blast back at her
that stopped her Hadoken in a small explosion.

She growled and leapt at him "Shun pu kayaku!" she cried and spun into
her hurricane kick variation and knocked him flat on his back. Ryoga
rolled instinctively and grabbed one of his bandanas. He spun them and
threw them towards Sakura as his roll stopped. She had not yet
recovered from her Shin pu kayaku and took it in the back of the head.
She slammed into the ground hard.

The fight was over.

Ryoga regained his senses and stood looking at Sakura in horror. "W-
what have I done?!" he cried and fell to his knees beside her.

A few moments went by and She opened her eyes as the fight medics
swarmed her. "That was a good fight. I thank you."

Ryoga didn't know what to say as she was carted off to the infirmary
nearby. He just nodded.

"Ryoga c'mon the guy said she had information on how to find Ryu, we
have to go after her." said Ranma as he appeared beside him and
dragged him off.

"So you want to know how to find Ryu?" said Sakura as she lay in the
cot with an IV sticking out of her arm.

"Yeah, can you tell us?" said Ranma.

"He won't teach you," said Sakura. "I spent two years of my life
chasing him, I know." Her face fell as she said this.

"We have to try. I have to learn the Shoryuken," said Ranma with a
determined gaze.

"That technique? I spent two years after him and my Sho oken is as
close as I got," she said with a laugh. "You two should give up and go
home to your families."

"Just tell us where he is," said Ranma impatiently.

"I've already learned the secret behind his techniques, I'll learn it
in no time," said Ryoga with a glare.

"What? I'll learn to do that in a few days," growled Ranma.

"Not if I don't show you," smirked the lost boy arrogantly.

"No fair Ryoga!" cried the pigtailed boy.

"Fools, learning to pull the chi from the air is not even half of the
secret of that technique," said Sakura with a bitter smile. "If you
really want to know he probably went to Hong Kong," she said and got
the reaction she wanted from Ryoga. Ranma, however, was a different

"Hong Kong?! Damn we'll never find him now," said Ryoga angrily.

"Why not?" said Ranma earning glares from both Sakura and Ryoga.

"How the hell are we supposed to get there Ranma?!" yelled Ryoga
angrily. "Have you forgotten that there is an ocean between us and

"We fly. Ryoga do you even know how much money we've made since we
started? We can afford first class tickets if we wanted them," replied
the boy calmly.

"Wha?...We can?" said Ryoga with wide eyes.

Ranma nodded and the pair walked out of the building bickering amongst
each other, all the way to the airport.

"What strange people," commented Sakura as she watched them walk away.
"He'll never teach them though..."


Ranma and Ryoga stood in line to get their tickets and watched several
people go in and out of a nearby doorway. Ranma of course recognized
what it was immediately. He tapped Ryoga on the shoulder.

"What?" said the lost boy looking annoyed.

"Hey check it out P-chan."

Ryoga looked and snorted. "We just came from one."

"Yeah, well our flight doesn't leave for a few hours so I'm gonna go
check it out."

"So, go." said Ryoga.

"You're coming with me. I don't want to spend all night looking all
over Tokyo for you, c'mon," said Ranma as the young woman gave them
their tickets.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" yelled Ryoga defensively.

"Employees only," said a large man that stepped between them and the
door. Ranma shoved a bill in his hand and he moved out of the way.

"Jeez, get over it c'mon, he said dragging Ryoga behind him.

"No damn it what did you mean?!" he cried angrily.


Ranma stood and stared at the ring before him. It was amazing, How
they had managed to hide this in an airport he didn't know, but here
it was. It had a professional ring and everything. A large crowd
gathered around it and cheered for the two fighters inside. Ranma
walked over to the counter and smiled at the man.

"Hey, I want to book a fight as soon as possible, I gotta flight in a
few hours and all."

A sparkle of recognition hit the man's eyes and he smiled. "Ah Mr.
Saotome I have just the man, we were in need of an opponent."

"You've heard of him?" asked Ryoga dumbfounded.

"And you as well. You'll find word travels quickly in this business. I
heard about your defeat of the young Sakura moments after it
occurred," said the man as he smiled at the pair warmly.

Ryoga growled and blushed, he was still unhappy about beating her.

"I suggest you get to the ring sir. Your fight starts in a few
minutes." continued the man and pointed towards the ring.


Ranma stood facing the tall twenty something man before him and
frowned. "I know you..."

"I am called Guy, and it shames to say that my exploits are eternally
well documented by the media due to my friends," said the man who
faced Ranma with a frown. He was dressed in red ninja garb without a

"Yeah, your the guy who fought that Gang a while back." said Ranma as
he got into a ready position.

"Fight!" cried the man from the ringside.

Guy rushed the boy and leapt into the air with a downward crescent
kick. It was obvious he was trying to finish up early.

Ranma snorted and jumped up with him catching his leg and bring him
down on the ground hard. "Air attacks are my schools specialty." he
though to himself.

Guy rushed and punched at the boy repeatedly in a fury. Ranma blocked
desperately and could not find an opening in the man's defense.

"This guy is better than Konatsu," he grumbled as he was caught by an
uppercut. "You're fast," he said to Guy as he dodged the next few
punches. "But not fast enough. Katsutenshin Amaguriken!"

Guy felt an unbelievable amount of blows strike his body and was
thrown against the ropes. "Damn," he thought as he almost blacked out.

Ranma leapt at him and yelled as he fell for the final blow.
"Perfect." thought Guy. "Bushin hassou ken!" he cried as he jumped up
to intercept.

He could not stop it. Guy repeatedly punched and kicked him higher and
higher into the air and then performed a crescent kick at the peak
that slammed him into the ground.

"Ranma!" yelled Ryoga from the ringside. "If you lose any more of our
money I'll kill you!

The pigtailed martial artist stood and faced the ninja again, only to
see that he was already attacking. He recognized it immediately. It
was a variation on the attack Ryu had used on him. The hurricane kick.
Ranma fell to the floor again and rolled under the attack. He stood
and back kicked the ninja in the back of his head, sending him
sprawling to the floor out cold.

"Damn you Ranma! How dare you hit him from behind! Coward!" yelled

"Aren't you ever satisfied?! I won didn't I?" said Ranma as the two
collected their earnings and walked out to their flight.


Ranma vs. The world 4

The assassin and the bird.


Ranma stretched and stood in the room he and Ryoga had stayed in the
night before. The room was small but comfortable and cozy. The hotel
they were in was a nice middle class vacation type hotel and it had a
small gym.

He and Ryoga decided that since they were in the city that it would be
better to stay indoors rather than seeking shelter in a park or an
abandoned lot like Ryoga intended originally. Besides they could
afford it. The pair had made a surprising amount of cash in their
battles in Japan, especially the last few.

Ranma walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open to look
out at Hong Kong. They were only on the third floor but the view was
still impressive.

Ryoga snored loudly and scratched his head in his sleep. Ranma smirked
and walked over to him. "Hey, P-chan wake up," he said giving him a
hard kick. The boy muttered and kept snoring. "C'mon Ryoga we gotta
practice you dope."

Ranma was getting irritated at his companion's reluctance to wake up.
A smile formed on his lips. He walked into the bathroom and pulled one
of the small plastic cups from the sink and filled it with water from
the sink.

"What are you planing to do with that?" said Ryoga from directly
behind him causing the pigtailed boy to start and splash the water all
over himself. Ryoga poked Ranma in the back of the head causing her to
fall face first into the sink. "You let your guard down."

"You jerk! I was thirsty!" cried Ranma

"Yeah right, That's why I heard you giggling to yourself all the way
over here. Besides, you aren't thirsty now."

"I'll get you for that," grumbled the redhead irritably.


About an hour later in the gym both boys had attracted quite a crowd
during their sparring match.

Ryoga jumped up at Ranma and punched at his gut as Ranma kicked off
his chest and blocked. "Hey, ease off P-chan we're only sparing."

"Quit your whining and fight," sneered Ryoga. "How dare you call me P-
chan in front of all these people!" he roared and leapt at Ranma
again. The boy dodged and weaved around his blows.

"Ryoga you dope, they don't know about that. Besides most of them
can't understand us anyway!"

"That's no excuse!"

"Here it comes..." thought Ranma tensing himself.

"Hado shi shi houkou dan!" said Ryoga as he shot his blast at his
hated rival. He took it in his side and was shot across the gym and
into the wall. He stood and groaned in pain.

"Damn, I still haven't figured it out," muttered the pigtailed boy

Ryoga stood and looked at Ranma as he stood up shakily. "I have to be
careful about that, if I use it on him to often he'll figure it out,"
he thought to himself. "That's enough practice for today Ranma. Let's
go find this Ryu guy."

"Ryoga you dope that goes to the pool!" cried Ranma as he chased after


In the crowd someone frowned. "What do they want with Ryu?" he
wondered and turned away.


Ryoga stood and watched the amateur punks beat the crap out of each
other in the alley way behind a restaurant and frowned. "You say Ryu
went through here?" he asked some of the men. The pair had run into a
group of men who spoke very passable Japanese, one of them was even
from a place near Nerima.

"Yeah, a few days ago. He beat the hell out of Billy here," said a man
pointing to a heavily bandaged man nearby.

"Did he say where he might be going?" asked Ranma.

"Well, he didn't say much, but he asked where the Golden dragon pan
was," said another of the men.

"The what?" asked Ryoga.

"Golden Dragon pan' damn good food, a bit expensive. Maybe they can
help?" said one of the better-dressed punks.

"Thanks," said Ryoga shoving the group a few bills.

Ranma turned to walk away but was stopped when he nearly ran into an
elderly man in Chinese robes.

"You want to find Ryu?" asked the man as he stroked his thick white
beard calmly.

"Yeah, you know anything about that?" asked Ryoga.

"No, I know he is a very capable warrior, but not much else. It has
been a few years since I've seen him. I am in search of another," said
the old man. "One who escaped me."

"Well, I'm afraid we can't help much old man," said Ryoga as he
started walking away.

"Perhaps not, however...I need my skills to be in top form when I face
him again. Perhaps you can help me with that?" said the man pointing
directly at Ranma.

The boy caught on quickly. "How much is it worth?"

Ryoga gave him an odd stare. It was unusual for Ranma to worry about
money that way.

The old man pulled out a bag and set several gold coins on a trash can
lid. Ranma smiled and placed a large bundle of money next to them.
"Stay here and guard the cash," he said to Ryoga.

The punks all watched wide-eyed. Ranma wasn't totally stupid, he and
Ryoga had set up an account at the bank of Japan before they left and
put most of their money in the bank soon after receiving it.

However the amount they had amassed coupled with his and Ryoga's
savings was substantial and Ranma carried a good bit around with him.

"Well young man, shall we begin?" asked the elderly martial artist as
he took up a strange stance.

"Kung fu? Not bad old man, So-ryu right?" asked Ranma as he took up
his own ready stance.

"Perhaps, I am called Gen by the way, not old man," he replied with a
small smile.

Ranma rushed him and swung for his head. Gen caught his arm and
pressed firmly against his shoulder with two fingers. The boy cried
out in surprise and pain. "If you try to play with me boy you will
die," said Gen as he looked at his opponent coldly.

Ranma shifted his weight and tore out of the painful hold. His arm
hung limply at his side and the man's stance changed. "What's he up
to?" he thought. "Now he's using Ko-ryu style..." Ranma dodged and
blocked with his good arm while Gen took the offensive. "He's trying
to kill me!" thought Ranma desperately as Gen charged again. Most of
the old mans blows could have killed him had they struck him.
"Katsutenshin amaguriken!" yelled Ranma as he charged and punched at
Gen hundreds of times.

"You are too slow with only one arm boy. Hyaku ren Ko," said Gen
calmly as he blocked Ranma's blows with his own variation of the

Ranma felt something jab his side and stomach through the Chestnut
fist attack. He fell to his knees clutching his wounds as he realized
what Gen's attack was, He was using something similar to the Chestnut
fist to attack his nervous system with pressure points. He tried to
stand and his leg gave out under him causing him to fall again. Gen
smiled and walked over to Ranma.

"A good match boy but now it must end." he said and raised his hand.

Ryoga watched as Gen prepared to give Ranma the finishing blow and
stood angrily. "No one gets to kill him until I have!" he cried and
moved toward one step.

"Let it be," said a voice from directly behind him. Ryoga froze as he
became aware of a very powerful presence behind him. He quickly turned
and saw no one. He reluctantly took his seat and turned back to the
fight as Gen gloated over the fallen Ranma. The old man then raised
his hand to strike.

Ranma snorted into the dust and grit his teeth. "I'm not done yet!" he
cried as he rolled and slammed his good arm into Gen's crotch, hard.

Gen stood motionless for a moment and turned red. Ranma kicked the
elderly man's feet from under him causing him to land on his back. He
rolled away and stood shakily on his good leg. Gen rose from the
ground and glared at Ranma. "I'll teach you about pain before I kill
you now boy!" he sneered and stalked towards him.

Gen became a blur of motion and swung at Ranma from all directions
shifting his forms to confuse the desperately defensive boy. Ranma
growled as blows struck him almost causing him to lose his already
delicate balance. "What am I going to do?" he thought desperately.
Then it hit him. He was already doing it.

Gen leapt at Ranma and cried 'Ouga' as he spun in the air and came
down in a kick. Ranma ducked and shifted to avoid the blow, or so it
seemed to Gen. At the height of his kick Ranma did something he wasn't

"Hiryu shouten ha!" Gen gasped as the sleeping dragon enveloped him
and shot him high into the sky in the form of a powerful whirlwind.

As the blast died down Ranma collapsed as Gen came down nearby. Ranma
stood again after a few moments and felt his leg and arm throb in pain
as he regained control over them. He stood and wobbled towards Ryoga
and the amazed crowd.

"Wait. Finish it," said Gen from the ground as he also struggled to

Ranma turned to face him. "What?"

Gen pulled out a bag that jingled with coins, "Take this its yours
just finish what you've started boy. I wish to die in battle," said
Gen weakly.

"Put that away old man. I would have fought you for free if you hadn't
had any money. I can't be bought, and I don't kill," said Ranma as he
left Gen on the ground and walked away.

"Heh, a wise choice." said Gen.

Ranma turned to see that the man had vanished, he looked down to see
the bag of coins at his feet. Embroidered on the bag was, "The only
true assassins are those who use their hands to defeat their

He picked it up and looked in the bag. He almost passed out again. In
it was a small fortune in gold coins. He pulled out a small note
written with intricate handwriting that said. "For my successor."

Ryoga stood and watched coolly. "Ranma...How dare you beat up and rob
a helpless old man like that!"

From the shadows a dark figure stood watching. "If he is good enough
to defeat the assassin... Perhaps I should watch this one more
closely," it thought.


A few hours later Ranma walked out of the 1st China bank with a huge
grin. "What are you so happy about?" growled Ryoga.

"You dope! You don't get it do you. We never have to worry about money
again as long as we live. We are set for life!" said Ranma knocking on
Ryoga's head like it was a door.

"So?" said Ryoga sourly.

Ranma sighed and walked on. "There is just no pleasing some people,"
he said to himself. Ryoga walked a short distance behind him and

"Hey Ranma. I'm bored," he said finally.

"Well what do you want to do?" asked Ranma casually.

"If I knew that I wouldn't be bored would I?" snapped Ryoga.

"I'll buy you lunch I guess."

"I can buy my own," sneered Ryoga.

"Fine jeez! I try to be nice and this is what I get," said Ranma
throwing his hands into the air in frustration.

Ryoga stood and watched Ranma walk for a moment with a surprised look
on his face. "He was?" he thought before realizing that he would be
lost if he lost sight of Ranma.

"Hey, wait up!"


At the Tendo Dojo...

Dear Akane,

Guess what? I'm in China again. Now before you get all mad at me I
just want to say that I'm not in any trouble or anything, I just ended
up here after our little training trip got underway. I guess we got a
little carried away. Me and Ryoga talked about it and decided we are
not going to visit Jusenkyo. If we did we would lose sight of our
goal, possibly forever.
I know I didn't explain much for you and your family. I guess I
thought this way would be easier. I am with Ryoga searching for a
technique called the Sho ryu ken. The only man we know of that knows
it is a man named Ryu. We are trying to find him, and it isn't easy.
He travels even more than Ryoga. Well I hope that clears things up a
little for you. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you earlier.
I miss every one there. Well almost.
Yes, I even miss you. You uncute Tomboy.
Ja! Ranma.
P.S. Ryoga says "Hi"
P.P.S. Ranma's just mad cause I learned a technique first...Ryoga.


Akane clutched the postcard to her chest and smiled. She started as
Nabiki entered the room and sat down. She quickly composed herself.

"What's that?" asked the middle Tendo.

"Oh, just a post card from Ranma," she said nonchatingly.

Nabiki plucked it from her grasp and glanced at it. Akane reached for
it defensively, but pulled back at the last moment.

"That dope hasn't changed a bit," said Akane with a slightly nervous

"I certainly hope not, you'd never forgive him if he did," commented
Nabiki as she handed it back.


Unryu pig farm...

Akari Unryu held an Identical post card in her hand. On the front was
a picture of Ranma and Ryoga standing in front of a large Chinese
building and smiling casually. She almost cried in joy that Ryoga
remembered her even on his voyage of training.

Dearest Akari,

I hate Traveling with Ranma, he's such a jerk. I think I'm going to
kill him. He's always such a pain in the ass. I miss you and hope to
see you as soon as I beat the crap out of Ranma for good. Ranma says
to say 'Hi'. I told him to quit hitting on you and hit him. That guy
is unbelievable.
I hope you are doing well.
Until we meet again.


"He's so romantic. Defending my honor that way. Just like a pig
would." sighed Akari happily as she clutched the card to her chest.


Back in China...

Ranma stood in a park in one of the nicer areas of Hong Kong and
watched the people go by. He smiled and waved as a group of
schoolgirls walked by giggling and watching him.

Ryoga stood next to him at a phone booth and flipped through the pages
of the phone book casually. He blushed slightly as he noticed some of
the girls were watching him as well. He ignored it and continued his
search. "Did ya find it yet?"

Ryoga snorted and frowned. "Yeah," he said and ripped out the page.
"And don't think I didn't notice you flirting with those girls
Saotome. I won't allow you to cheat on Akane like that." He smacked
Ranma upside his head with the book.


About an hour later Ranma and Ryoga walked into the Golden Dragon Pan
and waited as a pretty young girl walked up and greeted them. They
smiled politely and asked if she spoke Japanese. She bowed and walked

A short elderly woman walked up to them and smiled. Ranma and Ryoga
winced at the familiarity of the situation.

"What can I do for you boys?" she asked.

"We are looking for a man named Ryu. We understand he came here," said

The woman frowned and looked thoughtful. "I can't say I remember. We
get a lot of customers from all over."

"Oh well, thanks for your time," said Ryoga.

"Sorry I couldn't help," said the woman.

The pair stepped out of the restaurant and walked back towards the
hotel. About half way there they passed an alley. Am obviously female
figure in the shadows stepped out into the light. "I understand your
looking for Ryu."

"That's right," said Ranma stepping forward.

"I've found them," she said to no one.

Another figure stepped out of the shadows. This is them? he asked
with a snort in English.

"These are the men my contact said were sparing in the Gym. Obviously
collectors for Shadowloo," said the woman.

"What the hell are they talking about Ranma?" said Ryoga.

"Got me," replied Ranma coolly. He didn't like the look she was giving

The man standing opposite Ryoga got into a ready stance and Ryoga
followed. "So you want to fight?" asked Ryoga frowning at the much
larger man He had blocked blonde hair and wore camouflage pants with a
black leather jacket. He also stood like he knew what he was doing.

Ranma had his own problems. The woman hadn't even bothered to get into
a stance. "For my father!" she cried and charged at Ranma with a kick
that sent him into the alleyway. "My name is Chun li and your kind
killed my father scum. Prepare to die!" she said and charged at him

Ranma stood from the puddle she was in and punched the woman in the
face. "Now that were both girls, I don't have to go easy on you," she
said as a shocked Chun li stood and faced her new opponent.