Ranma vs. The World

Part 13

A Gentlemen's game

Part 2: A contest of strength.


"Where are we?" said Ryoga as he sat down at a small table in the
corner of the bar. Ranma hobbled over and moved to the seat beside
him. It was a rough looking place, various large looking men wandered
about the floor, many were quite drunk.

"This is the place we're supposed to meet this guy," replied Ranma
with a small shrug. She glanced around and frowned, the man wasn't
anywhere to be seen.

"Eh love," said one of the patrons as he approached the pair in a
drunken swagger. He was a bulky looking sailor and the odor from his
body was apparent from a considerable distance away.

Ranma continued her conversation, ignoring the man calmly. "We're
a bit early, he'll be here. After putting us up the way he did, I
doubt if he's going to back out now."

Ryoga nodded, he glanced at the drunken man and frowned.

Ranma merely lifted up one of her crutches and poked the man in
the neck without even glancing at him. The man fell to the floor and
she smirked at the surprised look on her companion's face. "Can't say
that old ghoul never taught me anything."

"Right," muttered Ryoga calmly.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to find you here. Hardly a place for
such a refined lady," said a familiar voice. Dudley approached the
table, stepping over the fallen drunkard casually. "It's nice to see
that you can take care of yourself, even in such an awful state."

Ryoga snorted crudely. "Refined...heh."

Ranma promptly whacked him over his head with her crutch in
irritation, giving Dudley a good whack for good measure.

"Quite a spirited woman you have there," commented the boxer

Ryoga burst into laughter, and Ranma growled at the both of them.
"Look, can we get this over with?"

"Quite, you may want to stay here miss, the clientele is a bit
more brutish where we're going," said the boxer, earning himself
another knock on the head.

"Who are you callin a lady?" snarled Ranma.

Ryoga almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard.

"Stupid jerk!" snapped Ranma as she hobbled after the confused
looking boxer.


"So, this is it?" said Ryoga as he cracked his knuckles.

They were in a back room of the bar, a small boxing ring was set
up in the center of a room that should have been used for storage.
Various barrels of ale lined the walls, and men sat around on
makeshift benches around the ring, small slips of paper in their hands
indicating their bets.

Ranma looked at her own ticket and smirked as she took a seat at
the ringside in Ryoga's corner. "We've got a lot riding on this one P-
chan, don't screw it up."

"Shut up!" snapped Ryoga harshly as he hung off the ropes and
grabbed for her.

"Calm down, he's waiting for you," said the pigtailed girl as she
pointed at the opposite corner of the ring.

Dudley was standing with his boxing gloves on, they were light
blue in color. His sleeves were rolled up and he had a smug looking
grin on his face. "I do hope you make this more interesting than the
usual fodder around here, sir."

"Heh, more interesting than you've seen," commented Ryoga as he
cracked his knuckles. A small greasy looking man handed him a pair of
boxing gloves and he tossed them over his shoulder. "Do I look like a
boxer to you?"

The man scurried away quickly and ducked under the ropes.

"Shall we begin?" asked the black man as he put his fists up.

Ryoga did the same and grinned. "Come on."

Someone outside the ring sounded a makeshift bell, and the two men
closed in on one another.

Dudley jabbed at Ryoga, landing a few punches on the boy's
forearms. The lost boy had quickly taken a defensive stand in the
battle and watched the boxer carefully.

"Are you going to quit fooling around?" snapped Ryoga as he moved
forward slightly, forcing Dudley to step back slightly. "I haven't
felt one of those cheap shots yet."

"Testing the waters tyke," said the man as he got a dangerous
glint in his eyes. Without warning he rushed forward and slammed an
uppercut under Ryoga's jaw. The lost boy sailed into the air and came
down hard on the mat.

"No! You idiot!" snapped Ranma as she stood up and grabbed the
edge of the ring in frustration.

"Well, that was certainly less entertaining than I'd hoped,"
snorted the boxer casually as he turned away.

"Heh. This isn't a boxing match, just cause I'm down, doesn't mean
I'm out yet," said Ryoga as he jumped to his feet in a single fluid
motion. "I barely felt that punch."

Dudley turned around and narrowed his eyes as he saw the boy was
unharmed by the blow. "Interesting indeed."

"You'll have to be much stronger than that if you want to beat
me," said Ryoga as he put up his fists again.

"Come on then," said Dudley as he waved the boy forward with his

Ryoga rushed forward and spun into a kick that was blocked by the
man's forearm. Dudley grunted in effort and jumped back away from the
follow up punch that Ryoga threw. "You're stronger than you look lad."

"Enough talking! Fight!" snarled Ryoga as he pressed his advantage
and moved in. Dudley moved back, dodging around the boy's blows.

Ryoga pummeled the man mercilessly, punching and kicking at the
man at a faster and faster rate. "Hold still damn you!" screamed the
boy as he punched with all his strength, overextending slightly as a

"Jet Uppercut!" cried Dudley as he sailed into the air and caught
his opponent across the jaw. Ryoga was sent sprawling across the
canvas again.

"Idiot! You're still losing!" snapped Ranma angrily.

"Shut up!" snarled Ryoga as he jumped up to his feet again. Dudley
took advantage of the distraction and rushed forward slamming several
super fast blows into Ryoga's stomach.

"Machinegun blow!"

Ryoga lurched forward, a small spray of blood coming out of his
mouth as he staggered back under the assault.

"You should pay attention," chided the man calmly as he stepped

"You've been hiding your real strength," commented Ryoga with a
small chuckle as he regained his footing and wiped his chin. "Well, I
hate to say this, but so have I."

Dudley frowned at this and readied his fists again, moving his
feet back and fourth as he moved around in one place excitedly.

Ryoga rushed forward again, kicking at the man again. Dudley spun
around the kick and attempted to backhand the boy in the face. Ryoga
was ready for the attack though and grabbed the man's wrist, stopping
him cold.

"What?" said Dudley in shock. He grit his teeth in pain as the boy
squeezed his wrist tightly.

"I'll show you what real strength his," said the lost boy coldly.
He lifted the man over his head and slammed him to the ground behind
him. Dudley was sprawled out painfully and gasped in pain as he lost
his breath for a moment. The boxer was on his feet in an instant
though and glared at the boy.

"That wasn't very nice," commented the man calmly as he regained
his senses for a moment.

"Come on! I know you've got more!" snapped Ryoga as he crouched
down and prepared to spring forward.

"I didn't think I'd have to go all out on you chap, quite
impressive," said the boxer as he got a strange grin on his face.

"If you had used all your strength from the beginning, you might
have had a chance at winning!" said Ryoga as he sprang forward.

"No! You idiot!" cried Ranma as she covered her eyes.

"You haven't won yet!" replied Dudley as he met the charge with
his own attack. "Corkscrew blow!" Chi energy swirled around his arm as
he dashed forward and struck forward at Ryoga. The boy landed just in
front of the blow, and smirked as he ducked and twisted at the same
time, causing the strike to miss.

"Ryoga!" gasped Ranma in shock as she recognized a familiar energy
in the air. Apparently he had felt the boxer charging his energy, and
had feigned ignorance in order to draw him in.

"You're mine! Ryu ken!" cried Ryoga as he thrust his arm upward.
The lost boy felt the power surge through his body, a tight wind
seemed to rip through the inside of his arm as he slammed his fist
into his opponent's jaw.

Dudley was thrown into the air and slammed down on his back hard.

"Heh, looks like I win," said Ryoga casually as he stared down at
the fallen man for a moment.

"As you said boy, this isn't a boxing match, down doesn't mean
out," said the man as he slowly rose to his feet. He was rubbing his
jaw with his glove and stared his opponent down.

"No way!" said Ranma in shock.

"Heh, you're right," said Ryoga as he smirked and put up his fists

"You've definitely made this fight interesting," said the boxer.
"I applaud your efforts."

"You're not bad yourself," said Ryoga with a small nod.

"Well, the hour grows late, I'm afraid I must conclude this
battle," said Dudley with a sad looking nod as he readied himself

Ryoga frowned and closed his stance defensively. "I need something
more to take him down. He's charging for something big," thought the
boy to himself. "Damn."

Dudley seemed to duck and rush forward at the same time. "Rolling
Thunder!" His fists blurred as he jabbed at Ryoga's body relentlessly.

The lost boy put up his leg and blocked most of the attack with
his arms and shins. He was still thrown back by the strikes, and
staggered back. Dudley wasn't finished yet and continued to press his

"I won't lose! Hikidasu Jimen Hado!" Ryoga fell to his knees from
the final punch of Dudley's attack. His hand touched the ground, and a
blue pillar of light erupted from in front of him, completely
consuming the boxer.

When the light faded, Ryoga was standing in the middle of the
ring, he looked rather worn and beaten. Dudley was out cold at his

"Whoa!" commented Ranma in shock.


Ranma stared at the boy for a moment. "That was new."

Ryoga looked almost as bad as she did now. His entire torso was
covered in bandages as well as both of his forearms. They sat in a
small first aid room that had once been a broom closet.

"Yeah, what of it? You aren't the only one who can make things up
you know," said the lost boy as he pulled his shirt on again.

"I guess," muttered Ranma with a small frown. "Where's that other

"I have taken the liberty of removing him," said a stuffy looking
old man who walked into the room and snorted at them. He was a thin
man with a mustache, all his hair was gray and he nodded at them. "He
expresses his thanks for the fight. This is your purse, and a letter
the master has asked me to deliver to you."

Ranma grinned as she took the bag of money and the note. "Great!
Thanks a lot."

"Quite," said the old man stuffily as he turned away.

"Note?" said Ryoga dumbly.

"Dear sirs,

I understand that you seek the man known as Ryu. In thanks for the
most glorious battle, I shall give you a little information. It is a
little known fact that he frequents America around this time of year.
A place called Seattle in the state of Washington. An old training
partner of his, by the name of Ken Masters, is known to live in that

I wish you luck on your journey my friends."

"That guy was weird," said Ranma as she finished reading the

"He was a nice guy though," said Ryoga with a small frown.

"So, I guess we're going to America," said Ranma with a shrug as
she tucked the note into her shirt.

"Washington, isn't that the capitol of America or something?" said
Ryoga with a slightly confused frown.

"How the heck should I know?" said Ranma irritably.

"Hey! You're the one who goes to school!" snapped Ryoga bitterly.

"It ain't like you couldn't ya know," said Ranma.

"I could not and you know it!" snapped Ryoga angrily.

"Yeah, yeah," grumbled Ranma.

"Are you sure we're going to the right Washington?" said Ryoga as
he pushed his anger aside for a moment.

"We asked the lady at the counter about it, remember?" said Ranma
with a small sigh. It was obviously a conversation that they had been
having for some time.

"She didn't have to laugh you know," muttered Ryoga bitterly as he
thought back too the incident.

"Jeez, don't worry about it," grumbled Ranma. It was obvious that
he was bothered by it as well. "I should be back to normal in a few
days, I'll take the next fight."

"The hell you will!" snapped Ryoga angrily.

"Shut up, porgy! You had your fun here!" retorted Ranma with a rough

"Care to repeat that?" snapped Ryoga angrily as he pulled his
companion up by his collar.

"Now boarding rows eleven through twenty," said a flight attendant
from the terminal door.

"Worry about that later, we have to board now," said Ranma as he
brushed the boy's hands off and stood up.

"You aren't squirming your way out of this one, Saotome!" snarled

"Cut it out you jerk! Do you want to get arrested?" said Ranma as
he moved a little faster towards the entrance to the plane.

"Come back here and take your beating!" snapped Ryoga as he
followed after him.


"Are you sure he didn't leave you?" said Sayuri as she looked at
the very irritated Akane.

"Yes!" snapped the girl in retort. Her aura was starting to burn
around her.

"Well, that's what everyone is saying! Ranma ran off to China with
Shampoo, or took off with that Kuonji girl!" agreed Yuka with a
worried looking frown.

"What?" said Ukyo as she appeared from around the corner. "Ranma
ran off to be with me? And he didn't take me with him?" The girl
looked completely serious.

"He didn't run away with anyone!" snapped Akane. "He's running
around with Ryoga, getting himself arrested!" She slapped her hands
over her mouth.

"So it's true! Ranma joined the Yakuza, and broke off all ties
with his fiancees!" cried Yuka in shock.

"No! This has to be your fault!" snapped Ukyo as she glared at
Akane. "I'm going to find him!"

"Good luck," muttered Akane as she gave the conversation up as a
lost cause finally. She poked at her lunch irritably with her
chopsticks and simply pouted.

"You know something?" said Ukyo as she narrowed her eyes. "There's
no way he ran off with that hussy Shampoo, I saw her here earlier
today. Where is my Ranchan?"

"You're just now noticing he's gone?" said Sayuri dumbly.

"Yeah, Ranma's been gone for more than a month," agreed Yuka as
she stared up at the chef.

"What?" said Ukyo as she staggered back under their gaze. "He's
been gone a month?"

"Almost two actually," commented Akane lazily. Strangely she was
starting to feel better as Ukyo floundered in shock.

"What did you do to my Ranchan?" screamed the girl in shock as she
turned towards Akane again.

"He's off looking for some martial arts guy, Ryu, or something.
He's been gone for almost two months," said the girl with a strangely
satisfied smile forming on her face.

"And nobody told me?" snapped Ukyo.

"We didn't tell you when we went to China that time," said Akane
with a small shrug. "Why would this be any different?"

"He's my fiancee!" snapped the girl bitterly.

"You didn't think it was weird that he hadn't shown up in all this
time? You go to school with him," said Yuka in a sort of fascinated

"Well, the restaurant's been busy..." muttered Ukyo with a slight
blush forming on her face as she turned away from the group in shame.
"Where is he? I know you drove him away! This is your fault!" said
Ukyo as she turned her attention towards Akane once again.

"England, last I heard anyway," said Akane with another shrug.

"What's he doing in England?" said the hysterical Ukyo as she
grabbed Akane by her shoulders.

"Looking for some guy, I told you already. He's got this really
strong technique, Ranma wants to learn it or something," was the
unusually calm reply.

"That jackass left without telling me?" said Ukyo as she found a
new target for her anger.

"I guess so," said Akane as she started to realize how happy she
looked, her face fell and she feigned indifference.

"I'll kill him!" cried Ukyo as she rushed away.

Akane blushed, if Ukyo didn't know about this, then that meant
that Ranma wasn't writing her. She felt a surge of something well up
inside her chest for a moment.

Shampoo jumped up over the wall of the schoolyard with a delivery
box in her grasp. She glanced around for a moment and frowned. "Ranma
not back from training yet? Bad!" The Chinese girl bounced away with a
frustrated look on her face.

"Um, Akane?" said Yuka as she waved her hand in front of her
friend's face for a moment.

"You broke your..." said Sayuri.

Akane was simply glaring forward angrily, a pair of broken
chopsticks in her grip. "That jerk!" she cried angrily. "When he gets
back, I'll kill him!"


"What's wrong now?" said Ryoga with a frown as he glanced over his

Ranma had frozen in the terminal at the airport and shivered
slightly. "I dunno, just a chill I guess."

"Let's go, I want to find a hotel," snorted Ryoga indifferently as
he continued to walk through the crowd.

"Wait up! I don't want to spend all day looking for you!" cried
Ranma as he rushed after his companion.


Ranma vs. The World

Part 14

Land of opportunity


Hey Akane!

Been a while since I've written. We've been busy over the past few
days. Ryoga's still with me surprisingly enough. It's been a long
trip, and we hope we find what we're looking for. I don't know how
much longer I can take Ryoga's pig headedness. We're both fine of
course, and currently in a city called Seattle, it's in Washington.
Did ya know there's two Washingtons over here? I thought it was kinda
Anyway, we're inside this weird building on the picture on the
front. It's a restaurant that turns at the very top, so you can see
the whole city while you eat. I thought it was pretty cool, Ryoga
isn't much of a sightseer, seems he's been here before. Go figure.
Back to why we're here. There's a guy here named Ken, it seems
he's this Ryu's old training partner. We may be able to learn
something from him, but I'd still like to find Ryu though. We're both
having a blast, no matter how much Ryoga complains.

Hope to see you soon,



Dearest Akari,

I really hate Ranma. I really mean it, he's a real jerk, and he
snores when he sleeps. It wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't twice as
loud in his girl form. That ass spends almost all of his time like
that, flirting with men around the city. He says it's because it's
raining all the time here, but I know better! That jerk could buy an
umbrella like me if he really wanted too.
Despite that moron holding me back, the training is going really
well. Ranma and I are both close to finding this technique, even
though I'm closer. He still won't admit that. Anyway, we've both come
up with new techniques, but the one we're after still eludes us. I
hope I find it soon, then I can crush Ranma and be done with it.
I hope this letter finds you well, and I wish I could go back to
Japan right now, but I must defeat Ranma first.

Until then,

Ryoga Hibiki.


"Those idiots," snorted Akane as she flipped the postcard over and
looked at the photo on the front for a moment. Ranma and Ryoga were
both sitting at a table, casually posing. The city sprawled out behind
them into the distance. It looked wet outside, and there was a cloud
of smoke and fog seeming to shroud the view.

"I've always wanted to visit America though," said Akari
cheerfully. "It sure was nice of Ryoga to send me these earrings. She
put her hand behind her ear, showing them to Akane proudly, they were
two small round diamonds. "Did Ranma send you anything?"

"Just a stupid necklace," said Akane as she tried her best to look
grumpy. She pulled it out of her shirt and showed it to Akari for a

"Wow!" said the girl as her eyes went wide. It was a small
dolphin, with gemstones encrusted along the body. "That must have been

"He probably bought it at some junk store," commented Akane lazily
as she started to put it back in her shirt. A hand snaked over her
shoulder and grabbed her wrist, stopping her cold. "Huh?"

Nabiki had appeared out of nowhere, she peered at the necklace
carefully for a moment and gasped. "Where did you get this Akane?"

"Huh? Ranma sent it to me from America," said the girl dumbly as
she clutched her chest and attempted to catch her breath. Akari had a
similar expression on her face; the girl had surprised the both.

"Ranma can't afford this!" snapped Nabiki. "These are diamonds!
That's a ruby, these here are sapphires!" She pulled the necklace up
for closer inspection, weighing the gold in her palm. "This is at
least fourteen karats!"

"You mean it's real?" said Akane dumbly.

Nabiki paused and looked at her sister for a moment. "Um, no. I
was just joking. I'll take it off your hands for three thousand yen

"What? No way!" snapped Akane as she pulled the necklace from her
sister's grasp and tucked it in her shirt.

Nabiki cursed under her breath and faded away again, muttering to
herself as she did so.

"How does she do that?" said Akari as she watched the scene in

"You got me," muttered Akane as she tried her best to hide her


Ranma and Ryoga walked through the rain soaked streets glancing at
a slip of paper in Ranma's hand from time to time. "That guy says he
comes here a lot," said Ranma as she looked up at a blinking neon sign
for a moment.

Ryoga was holding his umbrella over his head and frowning as he stared
at the building. "He'd better be here, as much as we paid for that

Both of them paused and looked up as they almost ran into a
massive looking man. He was standing directly in front of them and
looking at a slip of paper. " Says he comes here a lot," said the man
in passable Japanese. It was obvious that he wasn't though. A rather
silly looking samurai helmet covered his face, and a long black poncho
covered his entire body.

"Who the?" said Ranma dumbly as she looked at the man for a

"Huh?" muttered the man as he stared down at the pair for a moment. He
pointed his finger at them and jumped up and down for a moment. "You!
You two are Japanese aren't you?"

"Um, yeah," said Ryoga as he blinked and looked at Ranma for a moment.

"I can tell just by looking, most people would think you were
Chinese, or Thai or something!" said the man proudly as he struck a
ridiculous looking pose.

"Well, the fact that we're speaking Japanese probably helped too,"
deadpanned Ranma.

"Yes, yes," said the man happily. "I am honored to meet you both,"
he bowed to them, almost touching his toes with his helmet as he did

"Yeah, we're gonna go in here now," said Ranma as she pulled on
Ryoga's arm and led him towards the door.

"So, you are looking for Ken Masters as well," said the man with a
slight nod.

"Huh?" said Ryoga as he stopped Ranma from moving any further.
"You too?"

"I am afraid I have come here to fight him, if your wish is the
same, I cannot allow you to find him first," said the man as he nodded
too himself. "I am Sodom, and I cannot rest until I have defeated the
ninja known as Guy. I must find strong opponents to better myself
before I can face him again."

"Guy? Hey! I remember him," said Ranma cheerfully.

"Then you know of my power, I am already stronger than him, but I
must be certain," said Sodom sagely. He crossed his arms in front of
himself, revealing a rather ridiculous cross between a samurai uniform
and a football uniform under his poncho.

"We know this man called Guy?" said Ryoga as he scratched his head
for a moment.

"Yeah, I beat him back in Japan, remember? In the airport?" said
Ranma proudly.

"Oh yeah, that fight you had to cheat to win. Hitting him from
behind that way, shameful really," said Ryoga with a small nod.

"I did not cheat!" snapped Ranma angrily.

"It matters not," said Sodom as he pulled two Jitte from behind
his back and took up a combat stance.

"Come on then," snorted Ranma.

"I am honored to do battle with you," said Sodom as he bowed

"Will you quit that?" said Ranma irritably as she backed away from

"We shall meet in honorable combat!" cried Sodom as he charged

Ranma jumped over his head and landed behind him. "You stupid

Sodom turned and stared at her for a moment. "I see that you are
as nimble as my hated nemesis."

Ranma slammed her fist into his face. The man staggered back under
the force of the blow. Ranma yelped in pain, clutching her hand.

"Idiot," muttered Ryoga as he leaned against the wall and watched.

Sodom glared down at Ranma for a moment and chuckled. "I am
protected by my armor, you cannot harm me."

The redhead responded by spinning into a kick that caught the side
of his helmet and turned him headfirst into the wall of the bar. The
wall cracked under the force, and Sodom staggered for a moment. "I
shall not fall for such an attack again."

"Hadoken!" said Ranma as she unleashed a fireball into his chest
and sent him sprawling across the pavement. She looked down at him for
a moment and frowned. "Jerk."

Ryoga let out a rough snort and followed her as she walked into
the bar.

Both teens paused and simply stared at the familiar looking man
sitting at one of the stools with a beer in his hand. The blonde
flattop and camouflage pants were enough to single him out of the
small crowd of airmen.

"You!" said Ryoga as he slowly backed into a combat stance.


Guile was not having the best day, or even the best month. Things
had not gotten any better since his return from China. Yet Bison still
eluded him. He looked down at the dog tags that rested in his palm as
he drank and frowned. "Damn you, I'll get you yet you bastard." He
turned his head and looked at the stool beside him for a moment. He
could almost see Charlie sitting there, drinking another of those damn
wine coolers and pushing his glasses up onto his face.

That was when the door opened, and two teenage Japanese walked
into the bar. Both of them were very familiar, the boy in particular.

"You," said the boy angrily. He backed away slowly, moving into a
ready stance. The girl with him eyed him angrily as well, but was much
more relaxed.

He turned and smiled at them for a moment. "Hello again," he said
in Japanese.

"Ryoga," warned the girl as she moved between them. She was
watching the rest of the crowd; everyone had turned to face them due
to the heat in the boy's voice.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to attack you," said the man calmly as
he turned back to his beer. "I suppose I should apologize for what
happened in China. You see, you aren't the only ones looking for Ryu."

"You too?" said Ranma cautiously. She noticed everyone else had
turned back to what they were doing.

"In a way, but not for the same reasons. We thought you were
working for the others. We were about to release you when you escaped.
Quite a nice maneuver, I might add."

"What do you want with Ryu?" said Ryoga as he calmed down visibly
all of a sudden.

"We don't want him, we want the others who are after him,
Shadowloo," said Guile angrily.

"I've heard about them," said Ranma as she took up a seat next to
the man.

"Really? What about them?" said the American as he eyed them both

"That they're some sort of crime syndicate. I'd never heard of
them before you arrested me," said Ranma with a slight tensing in her

Guile nodded and seemed to lose interest suddenly. "What brings
you here?"

"We're still looking for Ryu," said Ryoga calmly.

"Still want him to be your master do you?" said the man with a
small chuckle.

"I don't want to be his student," said Ranma calmly. "We only want
one thing from him."

"What's that?" said Guile in slight amusement.

"Shoryuken," said Ranma calmly. "I want to know how he does it."

"If that's all you want, there's a man here you can ask," said
Guile as he looked at the redhead for a moment.

"Ken Masters?" said Ranma with a slight smirk on her face.

"That's right, you were looking for him here?" asked Guile.

Both teens nodded in response.

"I'll tell you what, since I owe you for what happened in China,
I'll help you out." The man took a napkin and a pen from behind the
counter and began writing. He handed the paper to Ranma. "This is
Ken's address, go talk with him. Maybe he'll help you out."

Ranma blinked in surprise and took the paper.

"If it was just you, I'd have thrown you out the moment you walked
in," said the man as he turned to look at Ryoga. "A soldier never
leaves a man behind, much less a woman."

Ryoga returned the glare and snorted in disgust. "Ranma can take
care of himself. I'm not here to watch him, I'm here to make sure I
can defeat him once and for all."

The pair stood up and walked towards the door together. The
bartender was starting too look slightly nervous with the pair of
teens in his bar, but wasn't about to ask them to leave if they were
with Guile.

The man returned to his drink again, brooding silently. "Ranma
must be that other kid's name." He glanced at the door again and
frowned. "I have a feeling I'm going to see those two again."


It was late morning, and Ranma and Ryoga stood in the gates of a
rather lavish looking estate.

"This is it?" said Ryoga dumbly.

"Wow," muttered Ranma under his breath.

The pair looked on as the gates opened slowly.

"Did you do something?" said Ranma as he turned to look at his
companion for a moment.

Both of them were forced to jump out of the way a split second
later as a red convertible blasted from the gates at full speed. An
attractive looking blonde woman was at the wheel with a rather angry
scowl on her face. Hanging from the side of the car was a young blonde
man who was clawing at the passenger seat as he tried to climb inside.
The woman made a sharp turn and he was thrown off, and sent rolling
across the pavement.

"Damn it!" cried the man as he jumped to his feet and jogged out
to the middle of the street. "Man, she's really pissed this time."

"Um, excuse us," said Ranma as he looked at the scene with

The man paused and turned to look at them. "Huh?"


"So, you're Ken?" said Ranma as he followed the man through the
grounds of the mansion.

"Yeah," said the man with a slight chuckle. He noticed the pair
was looking down the road, in the direction his girlfriend had taken
off in. "Don't worry about that. She does this sort of thing to me all
the time."

"Oh," said the pair as the forced themselves to look at the man

"What brings you here?"

"We're looking for Ryu," said Ranma.

Ken paused and turned to face them. "Huh?"

"We're looking for Ryu," repeated Ranma. "You used to train with
him, right?"

"Well, yeah. What do you want with him?" said the blonde man in
confusion. "He doesn't owe you any money does he?"

The two Japanese teens looked at each other for a moment and then
back to Ken again. Neither of them had quite understood what the man
had meant.

"Never mind, you two are definitely Japanese," muttered the man
with a small sigh. "Still, why would you two be looking for him?"

"He beat me in a fight in Nerima, I want to know how he did it,"
said Ranma with a little shame on his face.

"We both practice martial arts," said the blonde with a shrug.

"I want to learn the move he used," said Ranma with determination
in his eyes. "I've almost got it, but there's something missing."

"Oh, I see," muttered Ken as he rolled his eyes and motioned for
them too follow him.


"Where are we?" said Ryoga as he looked around at the building
they had walked into in wonder. It was a huge dojo, built in the
traditional Japanese style.

"Wow, this place makes the Tendo place look...small," said Ranma
as he stared at the dojo in awe.

"What was it he did?" said Ken as he turned to face the pair.

"Shoryuken," said Ryoga. "It was a..."

"I know what it is," said Ken as he interrupted and nodded towards
Ranma. "Show me what you've got so far."

Ranma blinked in surprise and pointed at himself.

"Yeah, come on," said Ken as he smirked at the boy.

The pigtailed boy walked into the center of the dojo and took up a
cat stance. He closed his eyes and began to breathe slowly.

Ken stood back and watched carefully. His eyes narrowed as a
familiar power began to form around the boy. "He's got it already? No,
something's wrong," he muttered too himself.

Ryoga overheard this and raised his eyebrow as he looked at the
man for a moment. His attention quickly returned to Ranma again

"Ryuken!" cried the boy as he shot his fist into the air.

Ken continued to watch as Ranma looked at his fist in frustration.
He chuckled to himself and strolled up to the boy. "I've never seen
anything like that before. It was a Shoryuken all right, but not a
complete one."

"What's missing?" said Ranma; a desperate hope seemed to flash in
his eyes for a moment.

Ken shook his head and sighed. "I don't know."

"Damn," muttered Ryoga.

"Don't get me wrong, Ryu couldn't help you either. The thing about
the Shoryuken is that you have to find it for yourself. No one can
teach you how."

"What do you mean?" said Ranma in confusion.

Ken smiled. "I'll tell you what my master told me. 'There is more
to the Shoryuken than simply focusing your ki and attacking. You have
to feel it completely, no one can explain it too you, or the training
is lost.'"

"In other words, you could tell us, but that isn't the point,"
said Ryoga with a slight nod.

"That's the basic idea," said Ken with a slight shrug. "Watch."

The blonde man stepped into the center of the dojo and took up a
solid karate stance. After only a second he jumped into the air and
his arm burst into flames. "Shoryuken!" He landed softly and turned to
face them. "You see? All I can do is show you the way, you have to
find it for yourself."

Ranma and Ryoga stood silently for a moment, both looking

Finally, Ranma spoke. "Thank you." He bowed and started towards
the exit.

Ryoga nodded in thanks as well and followed behind him.

"Wait up, I'll tell you what. You two can stay here tonight and
use the dojo. Mom will love to have you, she doesn't get to talk to
people from Japan very often, and Ryu isn't much of a
conversationalist when he does visit."

Ranma and Ryoga looked at each other for a moment and then back at
Ken again.

"Are you sure?" said Ranma in surprise.

"Sure, I can tell you two are the honest type," said Ken
cheerfully. "Just hang around here for a while. I'll get a room for

The two teens bowed deeply in thanks.


Ken was walking away, leaving the two boys alone to meditate. "So,
those two are Ranma and Ryoga? I wonder how someone knew they would be
here?" He pulled three letters out of his pocket and looked at them
while he walked. With the exception of the names, they were identical.
They were all personal invitations too a tournament in Thailand.

"It's been a while since I've been too Thailand, the last time was
definitely interesting." He put the invitations back into his pocket
and turned too look at the dojo for a moment. "Ryu will definitely be

His smile widened as he thought about it, this was something he
was definitely not going to miss. That was the whole reason his
girlfriend was angry, she had found out about it.


It was late evening; Ranma was still sitting across from Ryoga in
a lotus position. Sweat was beading on his forehead as he
concentrated, meditating on what was eluding him. Ryoga was doing the
exact same thing; the image was almost comical, the pair looked almost
like a mirror image of one another.

Both of them were running Ken demonstrating the attack to them
over and over inside their minds. Focusing on each motion, each
feeling they had gotten when he performed it. No detail had escaped
them, and they poured over it relentlessly, searching for the missing

Finally, they both jumped up in unison. "I've got it!" They cried
as one. They both paused and stared at one another. Ryoga nodded
first, and then Ranma.

Without a single word they charged one another. Both became a blur
of motion as they fought, their fists and feet working relentlessly as
they struck and blocked one another's strikes.

Ranma pushed his foot into the lost boy's chest, flipping off of
his chest and landing across from him.

Ryoga growled and charged forward again, punching at his rival.

Ranma responded by spinning under the strike and rolling away. He
pushed himself back onto his feet and thrust out his hands. "Hadoken!"

Ryoga responded by twirling around and repeating the same attack.

The two balls of fire collided, canceling each other out. The pair
was already in motion again, charging towards one another in another
flurry of attacks. Finally, they paused.


Both of them cried out the name of the attack at the same time,
rising into the air as one and slamming into one another. There was a
sound, like cloth tearing open as they ripped through the air, the
force of the other's attack threw both back. They landed on the ground
roughly, neither getting up from the blow.

"Ouch," muttered Ranma from his place on the ground. His eyes were
closed painfully.

"Damn you Ranma! How dare you learn the Shoryuken at the same time
as me!" muttered Ryoga. He was face down on the ground, and the dojo
floor muffled his voice.

"Can it pig boy," muttered Ranma painfully. "We weren't wrong, we
were doing it right. It was just too small."

"So, you figured it out?" said Ken as he walked into the dojo and
stood between them.

"Yeah," muttered Ranma as he finally forced himself to sit up.

"What were you doing wrong? I still haven't figured it out," said
Ken as he squat down next to him and smiled.

"We were trying to do it with just our fists," said Ryoga as he
pushed himself up and rolled onto his back. "We didn't realize that
the Shoryuken is something you do with your whole body."

"Ah, I get it now," said Ken as he stood up. "Come on, we'll eat
now. I've got something to talk with you about."


"Thailand?" asked Ranma. His mouth was full of food and he looked
up at the blonde man. They were all sitting around the table with a
large, traditional, Japanese dinner set out before them.

"That's right," said Ken as he pushed the letters across the table
towards them.

"You say Ryu will be there?" said Ryoga as he looked down at the
letter in confusion.

"He'll be there, I'm sure of it," said Ken with a short nod. "I
want to know who knew you were going to be here. Someone had to know
where you were going to be to send these here."

"I dunno, we weren't planning on coming here. That guy at the bar
sent us," said Ranma.

"This is weird," said Ken as he looked at his own letter.

"We weren't exactly keeping it a secret," said Ryoga with a small
shrug. "We've been asking around about Ryu for more than two months

"Someone may have figured that'd lead you here sooner or later,"
said Ken with a small nod. "I've just got one question. Are you two

Ranma looked up from eating again. "Sure. I guess we should. It'd
be kind of a waste too do all this searching and then stop now. I
still want to find Ryu, so I'm in."

Ryoga looked at the pair for a long moment. "No way am I going to
back out now. I've got to prove I'm better than Ranma once and for

Ken smiled at them. "Great, we'll go together then."

"Huh? You want to come with us?" said Ranma as he looked at the
man in surprise.

"Sure, I hate traveling alone," said Ken with a small shrug. "I
want to find out how this ends up for you two anyway."

"Okay," said Ranma with a small shrug before he started eating

"I don't see why not," said Ryoga in agreement.

"Great, the tournament is in three days. We'll leave tomorrow,"
said Ken cheerfully.


Ranma vs. The World!

Part 15

Thailand, the end, and beyond.


"So, this is Thailand?" muttered Ryoga as he glanced around at his

"Yeah," agreed Ranma with a small frown. Things were basically
what he had expected. Going through customs had been boring, and now
they were on the street again.

Ken approached the pair from behind and slapped them both on the
back. "Well, we made it."

"Yeah, now what?" said Ranma as he looked at the new land around
him with Ryoga.

Ken gave a small shrug. "We'll stop for a bite to eat, and then go
to the hotel for the night. We'll go to the village where the
tournament will be held tomorrow. It'll take all day, and that'll give
us a night to get ready once we arrive."

"Ryu will be there?" asked Ryoga with a slight impatience in his

"Probably not, he doesn't like hotels much. He'll probably find a
place to sleep outside, in the wilderness somewhere," said Ken with a
slight chuckle. "Don't worry, he won't miss this fight. He'll be there
when we get there."

"Good," snorted the lost boy roughly.

"Jeez, he kinda reminds me of Ryu," muttered Ken as he watched the
boy stand there with his arms crossed, looking rather intimidating,
despite the fact that he and Ranma were the shortest people in the

"Really?" said Ranma dumbly.

"Yeah, why are you two so hot to find him anyway?" said Ken as he
walked with them.

"He beat me in a fight in Nerima," said Ranma with a small shrug.
"I never back down from a challenge like that. I'll find him, and beat
him this time."

"Sounds like something he'd do," said Ken with a small sigh.
"Well, I'm not about to say I wouldn't do the same I suppose."

"We've been looking for months," said Ryoga casually as he moved
up beside them.

"Really? He travels a lot, I'm not surprised you've had trouble
finding him," said Ken as he looked up at the sky. "That doesn't
explain the whole Shoryuken thing though."

"It was the strongest move I'd ever seen, I couldn't think of a
way to counter it, so I figured I'd learn it," said Ranma calmly.

"I suppose that makes sense," said Ken with a small chuckle.

"What's with this tournament thing anyway?" said Ryoga.

Ken smirked at him for a moment. "Pretty simple, some guy named
Bison put up a bunch of cash that says no one can beat him. He's
holding a tournament to decide who gets to challenge him. Ryu knows
I'm here, so he'll be here. It'll attract all sorts of others too."

"Good," said Ryoga with a small nod.

"Well, this place looks good. I'll buy you guys lunch," said Ken
as he pointed out a restaurant.

"Yeah, thanks," said Ranma with a smile on his face.


"So, this is the place?" said Ranma as he looked around at the
dirt road that ran through the center of the town they found
themselves in.

"Pretty much, hasn't changed much since the last time I was here,"
said Ken as he glanced back at them for a moment.

Ryoga was relatively silent, and followed closely behind the pair.
"I don't see what the big deal is."

"Well, the tournament starts in the morning," said Ken as he
looked up at a small mountain that was just outside the town.
"According to the invitations, it'll be there." He pointed up at a
small temple about halfway up the rocky surface.

"We should go then," said Ranma.

"Right," agreed Ryoga.

"Well, it's sure to be one hell of a fight, if last time was any
indication," said Ken as he smiled to himself.

"Last time?" said Ranma as he looked back at the man for a moment.

"That's right, last time I was here, Ryu and I fought it out. I
lost, and he went on to beat Sagat, the Mui Thai champion. Thinking
back on it, I'm kinda glad I lost."

"Why is that?" said Ryoga in confusion.

"You've never seen Sagat," said Ken as he started forward.

Ranma and Ryoga quickly followed behind him.


"So, we're certain he'll be here?" muttered Chun Li as she glanced
up at the mountain. She was standing opposite Guile, on the other end
of town. Both of them were dressed in casual clothing, a shirt and
blue jeans.

"The smug bastard sent us invitations," said the man angrily.

"It could be a trap," warned Chun Li.

"I wouldn't doubt it," agreed Guile.

"There'll be a lot of fighters here, this is some kind of
underground event for street fighters," said Chun Li calmly. "Once a
year the best of them come here."

"I read the report, so we're entering? Or do we call for backup?"
said Guile with a smirk forming on his face.

"We'll call for help, after I've taken my revenge out of that
monster's hide," said Chun Li firmly.

"We could end up fighting against one another you know," said
Guile calmly as he lifted a duffel bag off the ground and pulled it
over his shoulder.

Chun Li merely glanced at him, and hefted a backpack up in the
same manner. "You'd better be ready to lose then."

Guile smirked at that and followed behind her and walked towards
the mountain.


"So, it begins," said Bison. He was sitting in a throne like chair
within a chamber made of metal walls. There was only a single light,
and a large screen in front of him.

"Ryu will be here," said Sagat coldly. He was standing directly
behind him with his arms crossed over his chest.

"That should be interesting indeed," commented Bison lazily. An
aura of power formed around him and he chuckled. "You'll get your
chance, we should weed out some of the weak first. I doubt if he'll be
defeated by anyone here."

"Of course not," agreed Sagat. "I shall enter this fight, I want
my skills to be sharp when I face him."

"Very well, you shall face him in the last match then. I shall see
to that personally," said Bison.

"Thank you sir." Sagat turned and walked through an automatic door
just behind his master's chair.

"Balrog, has he arrived yet?"

A large black man dressed in a suit appeared on the screen in
front of Bison. Balrog blinked in surprise for a moment.

"No sir, he hasn't," he said dumbly.

"I grow impatient," said Bison with a slight frown.

"He'll be here, Ken Masters has arrived with two boys with him. I
know he won't miss this fight," said the man calmly.

"You'd better be right. I'm risking a lot by being here in
person," said Bison coldly.

"What of those two cops?" asked the man.

"Those pig headed fools, they are of no concern. They are too
consumed by their own thirst for vengeance to risk having me arrested
so soon." Bison chuckled to himself again. "Don't worry, they are
hardly a threat."

"Should we watch them? Just in case?" asked Balrog with a slight
nod of his head.

"Very well," said Bison. The screen went black again as he cut off
the transmission. His eyes started to glow as he stared forward
vacantly. "I feel his presence. He is here."


"Wow," said Ranma as they walked out onto the field. There were
several other fighters standing around.

Ken nodded and glanced around at the competition for a moment. "I
don't see Ryu yet."

"This isn't so bad," said Ryoga as he nodded at one of the passing

They continued to wander for a moment, passing a few others, but
never within more than ten feet. Everyone was purposely avoiding one

"This is weird," commented Ranma.

"They wish to avoid contact, so that their styles remain secret
until the battles begin," said a new voice from behind them.

The trio turned around in unison, Ken was the only one who did not
take up a stance.

"Tell me, did you find what you were searching for?" said the
skinny Indian monk who stood calmly beside them.

"You!" said Ranma in shock.

"Hey, Dhalsim. Long time no see," said Ken with a smirk on his

"It is agreeable to see you again," said the monk with a slight
bow of his head.

"You fighting?" asked Ken.

"Of course, I wish to face this evil as many of the others here
do," said the man in reply. "We have lost many of our allies, but now
others come to take their places."

"Evil?" muttered Ken in confusion. "I dunno what you're talking
about, but I look forward to the fight."

"Hmmm," mumbled the monk with another nod. "The dragon is also
drawn to face this darkness. I feel his chi, He is very near."

"Dragon?" said Ranma dumbly.

"He means Ryu," said Ken in a slightly amused tone. "I'm not sure
how he does that, but he's never wrong."

"Well, maybe we should find him then," said Ryoga as he glanced
around for a moment.

"No. We'll talk with him after the fight. Ryu will avoid me before
then, we won't see him until this is over, or if he's in the ring,"
said Ken with a small frown.


A shadowy figure waited patiently as Guile and Chun Li walked
towards the temple in the mountains. Cloaked in a baggy hood, the
figure let out a small snort before following close behind them.

"Bison won't escape so easily this time, I'll make sure of that."


The evening came and went, passing quietly for the most part. The
morning that followed bustled with life though; spectators came from
all over. Not only the village below, but also mobs of tourists,
mostly rich people who had somehow gotten wind of the events over the
years. Limousines seemed to fill the dirt streets as various thrill
seekers came from around the world, hoping to watch the battles.

"Man, I hate this part," muttered Ken as he pushed through the
crowds outside the temple gates. They towered overhead, hiding the
gigantic statues that rested along the grounds of the small shrine at
the center. Finally, he pushed through the crowd and showed his
invitation to one of the bulky looking uniformed guards.

The man waved him in and shoved several onlookers back forcefully.
"Spectators are not allowed inside until the fights begin."

"Damn, where did those two kids get off too?" said Ken as he
glanced around at the gathered warriors. He spotted them after a
moment and waved his arm. "Hey!"

"Hey look," said Ranma as he noticed the man waving at them. "Come

Ryoga frowned, but followed after him. "This had better be worth
all the trouble we've gone through."

"Hey, you left early?" said Ken as he jogged up to the pair.

"I wanted to make sure we made it here," said Ranma as he gave
Ryoga a quick glance.

The lost boy didn't seem to notice the comment and stood silently.
His arms were folded across his chest as he watched the area where the
fights would take place impatiently. It was a small clearing, just in
front of a large stone statue that was laid across the ground.

"Well, I wish I'd thought of coming sooner. It's a mob out there,"
said Ken as he looked back towards the gates. "You seen Ryu around?"

Ranma nodded and turned his head towards a small grassy area. The
Japanese martial artist was sitting in meditation, away from the area
where most of the other fighters had gathered. "He was like that when
we got here."

"That's normal, he's way too serious sometimes," muttered Ken as
he seemed to lose interest after finding out his friend had arrived.


About a half an hour later, a hole opened up in the ground. From
within some hidden chamber, deep inside the earth, a chair slowly rose
from the ground.

"Welcome fighters!" said the scarlet clad man who rose from the
throne like chair. "Today, we shall see who is truly the strongest in
the world! You fight for the chance to face me in battle, along with a
generous cash prize as well. Whatever your motivation, do not think
for a moment that your battle will be an easy one. Now, we will
begin." He turned away, seating himself back in his chair once again.
Without another word, he flicked a switch, and was slowly lowered back
into the earth again.

"Here we go," said Ken calmly as he watched the first pair of men
step into the ring. One a small man dressed in a pink dogi.

His opponent was much more intimidating, a huge man bulging with
muscles upon muscles. His body covered in scars, including a rather
large one that ran up his chest. He also sported an eye patch over one

"Whoa," muttered Ranma as he watched the man stand over his
opponent and glare down at him.

"That's Sagat," said Ken.

"Hey, I know that guy," said Ryoga, as he looked at the man in the
pink dogi for a moment.

"Huh?" said Ranma as he glanced at his companion in confusion.

"I only met him once. That's my cousin, Dan Hibiki."


Dan Hibiki had been waiting for this day for years. At last, he
finally had his chance. His martial arts were perfected, and he was
confident he was as strong as he'd ever be.

Sagat glared down at him coldly, not bothering to speak.

He looked up and smirked at the man. "I'll have my revenge at

"You'll die," said Sagat coldly as he took up a stance.

"Ha! Take this!" cried Dan as he jumped forward and attacked. He
lashed out in a flying kick that was easily deflected by the massive
man's forearm.

Sagat said nothing, but crouched down before Dan landed. His body
tensed and he thrust his arms forward. "Tiger!" A small blast of
flames slammed into Dan before he hit the ground, blasting him back
several feet before he landed.

"I barely felt that," muttered Dan as he struggled to his feet. He
turned his head and spit out a small amount of blood.

Sagat chuckled and grabbed the man by his head, lifting him off
the ground. "Pathetic," he said quietly as the man simply hung there.

Dan punched at the man's chest, missing by several inches with
each swing.

Sagat snarled and slammed his knee into the man's body over and
over, switching sides. Bones could be heard breaking as he
relentlessly pounded the man in his grip. Dan's screams of pain were
muffled by Sagat's palm as he kept his grip firmly planted on the
man's face.

Finally, Dan went limp. Sagat lowered him to the ground, and
dragged him away by his face off the field.


Ryoga was in shock. His mouth hung open as he watched his cousin
being beaten within an inch of his life. "No..."

Ranma's expression was similar. "That was inhuman!"

"Now you've met Sagat," said Ken with a tight frown on his face.

"That monster! I'll kill him!" raged Ryoga. His battle aura
burning around him like a bonfire.

"You'll calm down, right now," snapped Ken. He turned to face the
boy and glared at him for a moment. "You'll get your chance if you're
strong enough. If you go charging through here, you'll piss a lot of
people off. People who wouldn't think anything of breaking you in half
to make sure the tournament goes on. I don't care how strong you are,
you couldn't fight all of them."

Ryoga stepped back and lowered his head. He calmed visibly and
growled in anger and frustration.

Ranma mostly ignored the scene. He watched the ring as the next
two competitors walked in. "Ryu's fighting."

"Is he?" said Ken as he turned his attention back again.

Ryoga's interest was in another place, he walked towards where
Sagat had dumped Dan. He didn't particularly care if he got lost after
that at this point, but he had to check on the man.


Ryu stood off against a beastly looking man. The thing was green,
with a shock of bright orange hair hanging around his face. "It's been
a while."

The thing grunted in recognition. "Yes, Blanka not like losing so

"Well, you've gotten stronger since the last time. Maybe you'll
win?" said Ryu as a smirk formed on his face.

"Blanka very strong, but he know limits very well. He must be very
lucky to beat," said the green man with a slight chuckle. "Who know,
maybe lucky day?"

"Maybe," agreed Ryu as he put up his fists.

Blanka roared, his body beginning too buzz with electrical power.
A shower of golden sparks shot into the ground from his back, sliding
across his arms and legs before dispersing into the earth.

Ryu simply waited, and the beast didn't make him wait. The wild
man jumped forward, rolling into a ball as he sailed through the air.

The Japanese man sidestepped, and lashed out with a kick that
caught the beast man as he landed. Blanka grunted in pain and brought
fourth his electrical field again, but he wasn't fast enough and Ryu
pulled his leg away and stepped back again to wait.

"Heh, man cannot wait forever," said Blanka as he continued to
create his shield. "Blanka stay here as long as it takes."

"Your call," said Ryu as he shifted his stance. He thrust his
hands out and forward. "Hadoken!" The fireball blasted forward and
slammed into the wild man's chest, sending him sprawling across the

"Ooh, Blanka forget about that, bad," muttered the thing as he
rubbed at his head for a moment.

"You would do well to remember in the future," said Ryu as he
charged forward as the wild man stood to his feet.

"Uh oh."



"Ouch," commented Ken as he turned his head away.

"Where's Ryoga?" muttered Ranma as he realized his friend was

"Huh? I dunno?" said Ken as he glanced around the field for a

"Damn him!" snapped Ranma as he jogged off to find him. "Stupid
lost boy!"


"Hey, don't I know you?" muttered Dan painfully as he looked up at
the blur standing over him.

"Yeah," said Ryoga. He was bandaging the man's arm as best he
could. "It's me, Ryoga."

"Heh, li'l Ryoga?" said the man with a slight delirium in his voice.

"That's right. How do you feel?" said the boy as he helped the man
sit up.

"I dunno, like someone just kicked the shit out of me?" said Dan
irritably. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm fighting," said Ryoga.

"What? You can't! You'll be..." said Dan in shock.

"I saw your fight, man, you're pathetic," said Ryoga with a slight
smirk forming on your face.

"Hey, I was doing martial arts when you were just..."

"What did you mean 'revenge?" interrupted Ryoga.

Dan hung his head. "Oh yeah, I failed. I guess I'm not one to

"Listen, I don't know what's going on, but I recognized where you
were aiming that kick. You weren't trying to just beat him."

"You know about that?" said Dan in shock.

"I used to use the sealed move of the Hibiki family myself a lot.
Back when I first met Ranma," said Ryoga with a dark look forming in
his eyes. "It never worked out, and eventually I had to find something

"Who's Ranma? Is he dead?" asked Dan with a surprised look on his

"No, he's here too. I'm not too concerned with killing him these
days," said Ryoga with his features growing slightly lighter.

"At any rate, that monster, he's the one who killed your Uncle
Jiro," said Dan with a hateful frown. "I'm going to get my revenge,
just as soon as I can stand up again."

"You're going to stay here," said Ryoga calmly. "You're in no
condition to fight right now."

"You'd better stay away from Sagat," said Dan with a warning tone
in his voice.

"Like you can stop me," said the lost boy with a small chuckle.
"I'm not here for revenge. I've got my own problems. This man, he will
pay though."

"The hell! He's mine!" Dan punched at his cousin, and gasped in
shock as the boy casually caught his fist.

"Stay out of trouble for now," said Ryoga as he stood up and
walked away, leaving him to rest on the grass.


"Come on, ya gotta git wit da rhythm," said the Jamaican man who
stood dancing from foot to foot in front of Ranma.

"Damn!" said the pigtailed boy as he jumped over a wide sweeping
kick and landed a short distance back. "Rhythm huh?" A smirk formed on
his face as he watched the man move around. "I think I get it."

DeeJay charged forward again, lashing out with a combination
attack. He picked up his tempo as the boy dodged around his attack

"Wha? How you is doin dis?"

Ranma's smirk widened into a grin, and he began to count out time
out loud as he dodged. "One, two, three, one, two, three..." He ducked
low under one of the man's kicks and spun around to dodge the other
leg. "It's a nice dance, but once you figure out the beat..."

"We'll just change de tempo den," said the man with his grin

"No thanks, I don't dance with guys," said Ranma as he jumped high
into the air. "Metsubo Ryu Kiyaku!" He sliced downward through the air
at an angle, with his leg extended towards the ground. Unfortunately,
DeeJay was between him and the ground.

The black man was tossed back and down, rolling across the ground
as the kick connected.

"That's the end of that," said Ranma as he looked down at the man
for a moment. He turned away and walked out of the clearing.

Ken met him at the sidelines, Ryoga was standing beside him.

"Nice move, I found your friend by the way."

"Thanks, I'd hate too miss the rest of this cause he wandered
off," said Ranma cheerfully.

"Shut up, Saotome!" said Ryoga angrily.

"Hey! I was lookin for you, I almost missed that fight cause of
you!" said the pigtailed boy in retort.

"I just went too check on my cousin," said Ryoga as he turned his
head away.

"How is he?" asked Ken.

"He'll live," muttered Ryoga. He then turned towards Ranma again.
"You've got a new move."

"Yeah, it's a reversed Dragon Punch. More offensive, and Saotome
Ryu is mostly airborne," said Ranma.

"I noticed," said Ken with a smirk forming on his face. "It's
faster, but less powerful. Your style is based off of speed, so it
would actually fit your needs better."

"Um yeah," said Ranma. "Something like that."


Chun Li found herself standing across from a cloaked figure. She
frowned as she recognized the face hidden within the robes. "Well, I
didn't expect to find you here."

"I could have you both arrested," said a feminine voice as Cammy
removed the hood from her head. She smirked and narrowed her eyes at
the woman. "Taking things into your own hands this way. I know that
neither one of you is strong enough to beat lord Bison."

Chun Li narrowed her eyes. "You traitorous little bitch, you would
do something like that."

"You know, you aren't helping your case love," said Cammy coolly.
"I've already called for backup. I'm not going to have your revenge
screw this up. It'll be some time before they arrive, so this
tournament should keep him here."

"Does Guile know?" said Chun Li coldly.

"I don't think you quite understand the situation love. I'm not
here to arrest you, I don't care if you get yourself killed trying to
avenge your father. I don't want Bison escaping because you two were
too stupid to call for help. I know you wouldn't, you'd both have died

Chun Li growled and took up an offensive stance. "What about you

Cammy smirked at her. "That bastard stole my mind, I'll gladly die
to avenge that. I just might in fact, but I'll die knowing I had the
last laugh."

Chun Li nodded, she couldn't fault the girl's logic there. "But,
it seems we've drawn lucky straws then. Only one of us will get the
chance to avenge ourselves now."

"It's just as well, I've always wanted to see just how strong you
really are," said Cammy coldly.

"Come on, and I'll show you," said Chun Li.

"I've killed men a hundred times better than you!" snapped Cammy
as she charged forward.

"I am the strongest woman in the world!" cried Chun Li as she met
the charge by jumping into the air and hopping off of the woman's

Cammy staggered under the force of the blow and turned quickly. It
was too late though. "Damn!"

"Spinning Bird Kick!"

Cammy was struck by the attack twice before Chun Li stopped
spinning and landed on the ground in a low stance.

"That hurt!" snapped the British girl angrily.

"Stop complaining and fight!" countered Chun Li as she lashed out
with a kick.

Cammy snarled as she ducked under the strike and kicked up,
sailing into the air and catching her opponent across her jaw. "Cannon

Rather than reel back from the blow, Chun Li performed a backflip,
she landed back on her feet and rushed forward. "I have you!
Yayayayayayayayaya!" Her leg became a blur as she caught Cammy in mid
air as she came down. The fight was over. The Chinese woman looked
down at her opponent's beaten body and smirked. "You know, I've always
wanted to do that to you." She turned away and walked off, leaving the
woman on the ground.


The next fight belonged to Ken. He stood in front of the giant
statue and looked up at his opponent. "Hiya."

Zangief towered over him, glaring down at him. "So, we meet again
little one."

"Um yeah, I guess we're next," said Ken cheerfully.

"I had hoped to try new move against other, but you do nice," said
the gigantic Russian.

"New move?" said Ken nervously. Fighting Zangief was not a
painless experience the last time he had done it.

"Yes, little man, Zangief has finally perfected his pile driver!"
The Russian roared with laughter for a moment after he said that.

"Oh boy," muttered Ken nervously as he stepped back into a ready

"Come, we will fight now!" said Zangief as he spread his arms wide
and slowly stalked forward.

"If you insist!" said Ken as he jumped straight up and kicked the
man dead in his face.

Zangief staggered back, holding his nose. Ken wasted no time
pressing his advantage, he rushed forward punching the man in his gut
repeatedly. Unfortunately, Zangief had recovered, and slammed his fist
into the much smaller man.

Ken was thrown into the air by the force of the blow, and rolled
across the ground for a moment. "Ouch."

"Ha ha ha! I like you as always, even if you are an American. Not
many can take even one of my blows!" said the Russian cheerfully.

"Yeah, glad to oblige," muttered Ken as he kicked himself back
onto his feet and prepared himself again.

"Come!" said Zangief as he waved his opponent towards him.

"Right," said Ken with a small sigh as he put up his fists and
rushed forward.

Zangief dove forward, his arms spread wide as he attempted to land
on top of Ken and grab him. He half expected him to move aside,
unfortunately, the smaller man didn't even falter.

"Sho Ryu Ken!"

Zangief's momentum was reversed in an instant, and his entire body
burst into flames. He sailed in a wide arc and came down on his back.
The flames died out as soon as he landed and he merely remained where
he was.

"Are you done already?" said Ken in confusion.

"I not remember move being so hot before," muttered the Russian in
confusion. He had a strangely contemplative look about him.

"Um, yeah," said Ken as he leaned over and looked down at the
man's face.

"Well, I not alone in perfecting moves then. Not ready for such an
attack. I lose."

"Well, I hope I get to see that move sometime," said Ken as he
walked away.

"Perhaps I put a bit more work into it," said the Russian as he
stood up and shrugged his shoulders.


"What's he doing here?" said Ryoga as he looked at the next pair
of fighters.

"Hey! It's that guy!" said Ranma as she watched Guile walk up to
Dhalsim. The monk was waiting for him calmly, floating above the
in a meditative pose.

"I dunno," said Ken as he eyed the man. "Man, I haven't seen him
in a while. We used to hang around his partner on occasion. That guy
isn't much of a people person though."

"Tell me about it," said Ryoga as he watched the fight start.


"Yoga!" Dhalsim lurched forward, spitting a ball of flames at his

"Sonic Boom!" cried Guile as he countered with two vacuum blades that
spun towards the monk and disintegrated his flame attack.

"You are most skilled, but I have the light on my side," said
Dhalsim calmly.

"I'm not here for you, stand down," said the American firmly.

"I cannot, although it pains me to push aside Mohammed's ideals. I
must fight, for the sake of my people," said the monk as he floated in
the air opposite the man.

"How do you expect this to help your people?" said Guile with a
frown on his face.

"The money I shall win from this battle will help my country. It
will be used to feed the hungry, and clothe our children. Muhammad was
not able to save their lives with all his ideals, but perhaps I can
save but a few. This will ensure that future generations will grow,
and with that strength, we shall overcome the disgusting poverty in
which my people suffer."

"I feel sorry for you, but I'm not here for the money," said Guile
as he put up his fists again.

"It is not the money alone that had drawn me here. I must face the
darkness that is here as well," said Dhalsim with a small nod.
it is not our destiny, but I can see that we both must try."

"I think you're completely nuts," said Guile as he rushed up to
the monk. Dhalsim vanished from in front of him as he punched at him.

"Fear, anger, hatred, the dark side are they," said the monk as he
appeared behind the man.

"Flash Kick!" cried Guile as he spun around and flipped into his
chi powered kick. Dhalsim could not teleport away in time, and took
full brunt of the blow.

The monk was on the ground and struggling back too his feet when
Guile charged again, sending his knee into the man's face. The fight
ended rather quickly after that. "I hated that movie," said Guile as
he turned away.

Dhalsim struggled and pushed himself up onto his hands again.
"Wait! I know not what you speak of, but if you face this darkness
with these emotions within you, they will consume you!"

Guile paused and looked over his shoulder. "If that's true, I was
lost a long time ago."

"Then I was correct, it is not your destiny either," with that
said, the monk passed out.


Ryoga was the next up for a fight. He cracked his knuckles
impatiently and frowned as he found himself standing in front of a
towering Native American.

"Are we the only normal sized people here?" grumbled the boy

"I came here to face strong fighters, and this is what I find?"
said the man as he glared down at Ryoga.

"You don't know what strong is," snorted the lost boy angrily.

"I do not have time for children's games boy, walk away before I
am forced to harm you," said the man calmly.

"I don't have to take this from you! Come on!" snarled Ryoga as he
moved into a combat stance.

"I am Thunder Hawk! Greatest warrior of my people! You are too
small and frail to fight me boy," said the man angrily.

"I'll show you!" snapped Ryoga as he rushed forward and slammed
his fist into the man's gut.

T. Hawk bent forward with a surprised look on his face. "S-such
strength?" He staggered back for a moment and chopped at Ryoga's

The boy just stood there and took the blow. He glanced at the spot
and rubbed at it in irritation. "That hurt."

"What?" said the Native American as he gasped in horror.



"Well, that was short," said Ranma as he watched the scene calmly.

"What is this guy? He took a blow like that and he's still
standing?" muttered Ken as he looked on in shock.

"There ain't much that can hurt Ryoga," said Ranma with a small
nod. "He's trained his endurance to the limit. He's got weaknesses

"Like what?" asked Ken.

Ryoga walked over too them, an irritated frown on his face. He
opened his mouth, and then fell forward, landing on his knees. He held
his shoulder and grit his teeth painfully. "That really hurt! I can't
believe I was dumb enough to just stand there!"

Ken rolled his eyes and sighed.


Ranma vs. The World

Part 16

Honor and Anger.


Ryu stood off against a massive looking black man dressed in a
torn sweatshirt and boxing shorts. The man grinned at him, revealing a
missing tooth. His opponent slammed his gloves together in
anticipation. Ryu simply stood calmly, watching the man.

"So, you must be Ryu," said the man cockily.

"That's right," he replied.

"I hear you're the strongest there is. I don't see it," said the
black man calmly.

"I've heard about you also, banned from boxing in your own country
for excessive brutality. Balrog, the one time heavyweight champion of
the world," said Ryu as he looked the man up and down for a moment.

"Yeah, it was boring anyway," said Balrog with a small shrug. "I
prefer a real fight."

Ryu just nodded and put up his fists.

Balrog closed in slowly, taking quick jabs at his opponent.
Despite his rough demeanor, he was an experienced fighter, and
therefore cautious.

Ryu backed away, waiting for an opening in the man's defense.
There wasn't much there, any holes were quickly closed, traps for less
experienced fighters.

Balrog shot forward, extending his arm in a hard strike. Ryu
ducked under it and lashed out with a quick jab to the man's stomach.

Balrog quickly closed himself up and backed away. "You're stronger
than you look."

Ryu just nodded, his senses were on full alert though. The man
could punch hard. Just the force of his arm passing was enough to tell
him that. He wouldn't be able to take many strikes at all.

"Come on!" snarled Balrog as he moved his arms excitedly,
attempting to fake the smaller fighter out. "I'm gettin tired of
playin around."

Ryu calmly advanced, slowly. Balrog responded by lashing out with
a right hook.

The martial artist lashed out with his leg, striking his
opponent's shins and forcing him back again. His eyes narrowed and he
tightened up his body. "His legs..." he thought to himself.

"That's more like it! Come on!" snapped the boxer.

Ryu rushed forward, straight into the man's waiting punch
combination. The strikes were missed though, as Ryu fell on his back
and lashed out in a quick scissors kick that sent the boxer down face
first into the dust. Before the larger man could recover, he slammed
his knee into the man's face, causing him to roll across the dirt.

"Damn," muttered Balrog as he staggered to his feet and rubbed at
his face for a moment.

Ryu was already charging forward, before the boxer got his senses
back he jumped into a kick that caught him in his face again and sent
him down hard on his back. Ryu landed softly opposite him, a good
distance away.

"Not bad," said Balrog as he stood up again. He moved his head
from side to side, cracking his neck loudly.

Ryu's frown deepened and he prepared himself again. Balrog did not
disappoint him. The larger man rushed forward, his fists flying and
tearing through the air. Ryu was barely able to keep away as he ducked
and juked out of the man's range. Finally, Balrog slowed.

Ryu took advantage of the man's momentary disorientation and
fatigue. He jumped up, slamming his knee into the man's jaw. Balrog
sailed up into the air and came down on his back once again. This
time, he didn't get up.


Ranma stood with Ken and Ryoga, none of them had spoken for some
time as they watched the fighting. There wasn't much else to do
really, and there were quite a few impressive fighters there. All of
them watched every battle with careful stares. Absorbing the styles,
and contemplating counter measures for what they saw.

"Ranma, you're up," said Ken with a small nod.

The pigtailed boy turned his head slightly and watched the ring
for a moment. He saw someone familiar moving through the crowd towards
the dirt arena. "Ryoga, give me that water," said the boy calmly.

"Huh? No way! Go buy your own!" snapped the lost boy as he pulled
the bottled water he had been drinking to his chest protectively.

"Damn it, P-chan!" snapped Ranma irritably.

"How dare you call me that!" snapped Ryoga as he splashed the boy
with his drink.

"Heh, thanks piggy!" said Ranma with a dumb looking grin as she
rushed towards the arena.

Ken simply stared at the scene calmly, not saying a word.

"I can't believe that jerk! The nerve of him! When this is over,
I'm gonna..." Ryoga trailed off as he noticed Ken's expression had not
changed, and he had not yet moved. "Hey." He waved his hand in front
of the man's face and got no response. "Hey!" Ken simply stood, not
moving. "Great," muttered Ryoga as he poked the man's cheek for a
moment. "Out cold."


Chun Li stood in the middle of the arena impatiently. Bison had
appeared for a moment at the beginning of the fights, but had vanished
before she could attack. He was somewhere very secure most likely, and
out of her reach until he returned in the final bout.

"Where the heck is this guy?" she muttered irritably. No one had
yet entered to challenge her.

"Hey, lookin for someone?" said Ranma as she stepped into the
ring, eyeing the Chinese woman angrily.

Chun Li felt her jaw drop. "You!"

"I never thought I'd see you here," said the redhead as she
cracked her knuckles.

Chun Li narrowed her eyes. "I'm sorry about what happened to you.
Your record is cleared, but don't think I'm going to go easy on you
now. This is more important than you could understand."

"I wouldn't want you to go easy on me. I don't usually fight
girls, but a night in that cell was enough to convince me you need
this," said Ranma angrily.

"You're deluding yourself! You remember what happened too you last
time?" snapped Chun Li. "Stand down, or I'll have to hurt you!"

"Ha! I was injured the last time we fought, and I'm a lot stronger
now than I was then," said the redhead confidently as she spread her
feet and prepared herself.

"Have it your way then," growled the Chinese woman as she did the

Ranma rushed forward, running in a full sprint.

"Idiot!" muttered Chun Li under her breath. She prepared to simply
deck the girl, when she vanished from in front of her. "What the?!"

"Ha!" Ranma descended from above and landed on the woman's back,
sending her staggering forward.

"How did?" muttered Chun Li as she stared back at the girl in

"Surprised?" said Ranma cheerfully.

"I'm impressed, but I'm afraid that trick won't work twice," said
Chun Li calmly.

"Good, you won't be surprised when you lose then," said Ranma as
she charged forward again.

Chun Li growled at the girl's cocky attitude. They clashed in the
center of the ring.

"Yahyahyahyahyahyahyah!" cried the Chinese woman as she worked her
leg in her signature move.

Ranma kept up the pace easily this time. "Katsutenshin
Amaguriken!" Chun Li found herself tiring quickly, while Ranma merely
switched from one arm too the other, doing nothing more than blocking
the kicks. "What's the matter? Gettin tired old lady?"

"Old?" snapped Chun Li irritably. "I am the strongest woman in the
world!" She jumped up, slashing at the girl with an arcing kick.

Ranma nimbly backed out of range of the strike, smirking wider
than ever. "Ha! Too bad I'm not a woman!"

"You little brat!" snarled the Chinese woman angrily. "I am not

"Sure thing hag!" said Ranma as she stuck out her tongue and
backed away from the angry swipes the woman was giving her. "You take
that back little girl!"

"Hey! Who are you callin a girl?" snapped Ranma as she jumped
forward and passed through Chun Li's defenses as if they weren't

"What?" said the woman in shock as she jumped back.

Ranma merely frowned at her, with her arms tucked at her sides.
"Hadoken!" cried the girl as she unleashed a ball of flames at her.

"Damn! Kikoken!" retorted Chun Li as she countered the projectile
with her own. They canceled each other out as they met and vanished.
"This girl has some serious power!"

"Got ya!" cried Ranma as she jumped into the air and descended on
Chun Li.

"Ha! Spinning Air Kick!" cried Chun Li as she twisted and rose
into a vertical version of her Spinning Bird Kick attack.

Ranma saw the move a split second before it connected. "Metsubo
Ryu Kyaku!"

The pair collided in mid-air, slamming into one another. Both of
them landed flat on their backs and lay still for a moment.

Chun Li staggered to her feet and looked at the girl with an odd
expression on her face. She then fell to her knees and then collapsed
on the ground.

Ranma stood up shakily and looked down at the woman. She smirked
at her and walked over beside her. "You know, you ain't bad. You sure
aren't the strongest woman in the world. I know a little old lady
who'd beat you in about two seconds lady." She turned away and calmly
walked out of the arena.


"First he cheats to beat some ninja, then he robs an old man, then
he gets arrested, now he beats up some defenseless woman. Ranma
Saotome! Have you no honor at all?!"

"Can it, Porky," said Ranma irritably as she poured a cup of tea
she had bought from one of the vendors over her head. "That chick had
it coming."

Ryoga snorted and strolled towards the ring. "Well, how lucky. We
both get a fight we've had before."

Guile was standing in the center now, simply waiting for him.

Ranma ignored this and turned to look at Ken, who was still
standing like he had been when he turned into a girl and left. "Hey.
You all right?" He paused and waved his hand in front of the man's
face for a moment. "Jeez. I wonder what's wrong with him?"


Guile cursed under his breath as he saw who was moving towards
him. "Shit, this guy again?"

"Well, we meet again," said Ryoga as he cracked his knuckles.

"You were lucky to get away last time," said Guile coldly.

"You were lucky I let you off," replied the boy with a vicious
looking smirk forming on his face.

"I won't lose to you. I've got something to do here," said the man
as he glared at the boy for a moment.

"Enough talking," said Ryoga.

"Fine by me!" replied the American.

They both rushed forward. Ryoga and Guile clashed in the center of
the arena, grabbing each other's shoulders. They pushed against one
another, trying to force each other down and back.

Guile strained, glaring into the boy's eyes. Ryoga grit his teeth
and grunted with effort as they stood in a stalemate.

"Not bad kid," said the man through his gasps.

"I'm not even trying that hard!" snapped Ryoga as he shifted his
momentum suddenly and lifted his opponent off of his feet. He held him
over his head by his shoulders.

"What the?" snapped Guile in shock. "You're strong kid, I'll give
you that!" He lashed out with both of his legs, catching Ryoga in his
chest and sending him sprawling across the dirt. "But it'll take more
than brute strength to beat me."

"Good thing I'm skilled too," said Ryoga as he stood up and dusted
himself off. The place where Guile had kicked him burned with a
throbbing pain. "He's not that strong, but he's fast, and his kicks
are powerful," thought the boy too himself.

Guile's thoughts were along a similar vein. "Beating this kid
isn't going to be easy. It's like trying to beat a dump truck into
submission. I've got to keep my distance."

Ryoga started to stalk forward cautiously.

Guile stepped back and moved around in a circle along the edge of
the arena. Occasionally, the boy would switch directions suddenly,
forcing him to do the same. "What's he up too?"

"Quit running away you coward! This isn't a game of tag!" snarled
Ryoga as he began to grow impatient with the little game.

"All right, if that's the way you want it," said Guile firmly as
he stood his ground suddenly. He reared back both his arms and slashed
at the air. "Sonic Boom!" Two vacuum blades of air spun through the
air towards his opponent.

Ryoga jumped into the air, easily avoiding the strikes. He reached
up and pulled off one of his bandannas. "Here's a trick I haven't used
in a while!" He spun it in his hand and tossed it at Guile.

The man stood there dumbly and watched the projectile pass by him
just too his right. "What the?" he muttered in confusion. That was
when he felt the sharp pain in his right shoulder, he glanced down and
saw a small cut begin to bleed just over his tattoo. He turned his
eyes towards the Japanese boy and gasped, the boy had around twelve of
the bandannas in his hand now. He stepped back away from the boy. "How
many of those are you wearing?"

"Do you really want to find out?" snarled Ryoga as he sent all of
his spinning projectiles into the air. They flew around erratically,
cutting through the air in crude but curving patterns.

Guile jumped back and forth through the mess of bandannas. Ryoga
charged forward almost blindly. "Can't jump around can you? There's
nowhere to run now!"

"Shit!" growled Guile as the boy punched and kicked at him. He
blocked and dodged as best he could, but the boy's attacks, combined
with the task of avoiding the spinning projectiles was too much. Ryoga
managed to land a solid hit across his face with a right hook.

Guile was sent down to his knees by the blow. Ryoga spread his
arms and prepared to grab the man and crush him. Unfortunately for
him, Guile was ready. The American jumped straight up, and slashed out
with a flipping kick that created a vacuum of air. The attack took
Ryoga dead in his chest, and sent him flying back. Guile landed
lightly, and the last few bandannas fell too the ground around the

Ryoga was lying on his back and not moving for a few seconds.
Guile snorted and started to turn away. The lost boy slowly rose to
his feet, his shirt had a long tear in the front, and there was a gash
along the length of his chest. "Where do you think you're going?"

"What?" said Guile as he turned to face the boy.

"I'll admit that really hurts, but there's no way I'm letting you
off this easy!" said the boy as he ripped the remains of his torn
shirt off and tossed them aside.

Guile gasped, the boy's normal body size must have been tiny,
because he was as muscular as Zangief under his thick clothing.

Ryoga bared his teeth, revealing a pair of menacing looking fangs.
"This fight is over! Take this! Hadoken!"

Guile turned and attempted to counter the strike with his Sonic
Boom, but it was too late. The wave of chi energy struck him dead in
his chest. He fell down in a heap and gasped for breath, the wind
knocked out of his body by the strike. Ryoga charged forward and
stepped on his neck before he could recover.

Guile cursed under his breath, and shifted his eyes away. He had


Ranma looked on in surprise at how muscular Ryoga had become.
"Wow, this training must really be paying off for us."

"What the heck are you talking about?" said Ryoga angrily.

"You were always a little bigger than me, but this?" The boy poked
Ryoga in his chest. "I wonder if I look any different?" he looked down
at himself and spread his arms to get a better view. "Do I look any
bigger to you?"

"I suppose so, that shirt could be making you look fat,"
deadpanned Ryoga.

Ranma looked up at him and narrowed his eyes. "Har har."

Ken turned his head towards Ranma. "Why did you turn into a girl?"

Both boys looked at him dumbly for a moment. "Huh?"

Ranma shrugged his shoulders. "You think that's impressive? You
should see what he can do."

"Shut your mouth, Saotome!" snapped Ryoga in a panicked voice.

"All right. Jeez, don't blow yer top," muttered the pigtailed boy
as he rolled his eyes.

"I've never seen a martial arts move like that," said Ken in

"Martial arts? Naw, it's just some weird curse I picked up in
China," said the boy as he waved the comment off. "Hey, you're up."

Ken nodded and wandered towards the arena.


"I know you, you're one of Sagat's zealots," said Ken as he stood
off against the thin Mui Thai warrior. The man had red hair that shot
back, and had an almost bird-like appearance too him.

"I have renounced that loser. I've come for his title," snapped
the man. "I am Adon, and I'll not be associated with that overbearing
old man."

"Well, that's nice," said Ken cheerfully. "Shall we get started?"

"You're just another stepping stone on my path," snorted the man
in disgust. "Hurry up and lose."

"Boy, you sure are friendly," muttered Ken as he put up his fists.

Adon moved forward and kicked out at Ken. The man responded by
casually swatting aside the strike. The Mui Thai fighter then lashed
out with a groin strike with his knee. Ken backed away and glared at
him. "Hey! Watch it!" He punched the man in his face as he recovered
from the strike.

Adon staggered back for a moment and narrowed his eyes. He jumped
into the air and spun backwards for a moment. He then stuck out his
leg and slashed down at an angle, towards Ken. "Jaguar Kick!"

Ken took the blow in his chest and managed to stay on his feet. He
spun around in a flashy roundhouse that was blocked by Adon's forearm.
Unfortunately Ken wasn't finished. "Tatsumakisenpukayaku!" Ken spun
through the air, striking his opponent several times in his face with
his foot.

Adon was pushed back, but resumed his assault as soon as his
opponent landed. "Jaguar Elbow!" He rushed forward with a quick elbow
strike that barely missed as the martial artist sidestepped the blow.
This left the Mui Thai warrior wide open.

Ken lashed out with an axe kick that hit the man twice. Adon was
pushed back and clutched at the side of his face painfully. The
martial artist then spun around into a spinning back kick to his face
that finished him off. Adon was laid out across the dirt and did not

"Man, what a loser," snorted Ken as he turned away in disgust.


"So, who's next?" said Ranma impatiently as he looked up at the

"There are only a few fighters left," said Ken.

"So we're almost finished then?" said Ryoga as he glanced at the
arena. One of the small men who assigned the fights walked up too him
and pointed. He nodded and looked at his companions for a moment.
"Looks like I'm next."

"Right," agreed Ranma. "Good luck, you're gonna need it," said
Ranma as he looked at the towering figure in the center of the arena.

"Sagat," muttered Ken. He turned towards Ryoga and frowned. "Be
careful, he isn't known for being merciful."

"Got it," said Ryoga as he started to walk towards the ring, or so
he thought. Ranma grabbed him by his collar and turned him in the
right direction.

As the boy walked off, Ken turned towards Ranma. "Are you sure he
was going in the wrong direction that time?"

The pigtailed boy shrugged his shoulders. "He's the only one who
can say for sure."


Sagat chuckled as the muscular looking boy stepped up to him and
looked up. "Well, what have we here? It'd be a shame to kill one so

"Yeah, I'd much rather die old, like you," replied the lost boy

Sagat frowned for a moment, and then burst into laughter. "No fear
in this one. I like that, perhaps I'll allow you to become my student
after I beat you. If you're still not afraid that is."

"My life has been pure hell for the last sixteen years, I doubt
you've got much for me to be afraid of," commented the boy bitterly.

"So, you're like me then. Suffering has made us strong," said the
man with a serious frown.

"I'm nothing like you. You murdered a Hibiki, and it's my duty to
make sure you pay for that," said the boy firmly.

"So, you intend to kill me then boy?" said the man with another
amused smirk.

"Killing you won't bring him back, making you suffer will allow
him to rest in peace," said Ryoga with a slight smirk of his own. "It
isn't my place to exact revenge for him. His son asked that I save
some of you for him."

"I see, a fight merely to fight then. I accept this offer," said
Sagat coldly. He lashed out with his knee, catching Ryoga in the chest
and lifting the boy into the air. He casually swiped him out of the
air with his hand and held him at arm's length. "You're as weak as the
other." He slammed his knee into the boy's side, but gasped as Ryoga
reached out and latched onto it with his arms. Sagat pulled for a
moment and gasped as he was unable to free himself. Finally, he
released the boy's head and snapped his leg out, throwing the boy
across the ring.

Ryoga landed on his feet and slowly stood upright. "I hope you can
hit harder than that."

Sagat frowned, no man had ever smiled after being struck by him
before. He pulled his arms back and roared with anger. "Tiger!"

"Hadoken!" snapped Ryoga as he countered the projectile with his

"Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!" Sagat repeated his attack again and again.
Ryoga attempted to counter, but he could not keep up. He screamed in
rage and pain as the fireballs struck him again and again.

"Damn you!" snarled the lost boy as he walked into the attacks,
staggering, but moving ever closer too his opponent. "I won't lose!"

"Stubborn whelp!" said Sagat as the boy began to move too close
for his liking. He ducked low and struck out just as the boy was
within range. "Tiger Uppercut!"

Ryoga was lifted more than fifteen feet off the ground by the
force of the blow. He felt himself wavering in and out of
consciousness for a moment and steeled himself as he hit the ground.
Slowly, he rose to his feet again. "You'll pay for that," growled the
boy angrily.


"Ryoga! What the hell are you doing?" cried Ranma as he watched
the boy take everything Sagat could dish out.

"No," said Ken quietly. "He's going to get himself killed! He's
got too give up! There's nothing we can do unless he does!"

"Idiot!" cried Ranma with a panicked look on his face.


Ryoga heard none of this, he only saw his target. The man had an
angry looking scowl on his face as he beat on him from a distance with
more of the flaming projectiles.

Finally, Sagat stopped and glared at the boy hatefully. "This is
impossible! I'll destroy him! Just die!" He rushed Ryoga, who was far
too beaten to do much beyond stand there. "Tiger Rage!" Sagat
performed the Tiger Uppercut, followed by a flying kick. At the end of
the strike, his leg burst into flames, and Ryoga was shot across the
arena, skidding to a halt across the dirt.

Sagat glared down at the fallen boy and noticed a boy standing
next to Ken masters crying out to him. He was pushing against the
crowd to get out, but they blocked his way. He smirked and stared the
boy down with his one good eye. He casually lifted the boy up by his
head and held him aloft again. "Perhaps your friend would like too
join you in the afterlife?"

Ryoga's eyes flew open, he glared at Sagat hatefully. "I'm not
beaten yet, I won't allow this too go on you monster!"

"Impossible!" gasped Sagat in horror. There was no way he could
still be conscious. There were obviously dozens of broken bones, and
no one had ever recovered from his Tiger Rage attack. The boy was in
no condition to speak, much less fight on. That was when Sagat
realized that his hand was very warm.



Ranma's eyes went wide as he saw the blue flame forming around
Ryoga's body. "Oh shit." He slowly backed away from the edge of the
crowd and bumped into Ken.

"What the hell?" muttered the man as he watched Ryoga in shock.

"We should leave," said Ranma as he pulled on his arm. "Right

"Huh? Why? What's happening?" Ken blinked and looked around.
Several of the martial artists were slowly backing away from the ring,
some of the spectators had begun to realize something was up as well.


Ryoga strained with effort as Sagat merely watched in petrified
horror as the power flared around his fallen opponent. "...Hadoken!" A
pillar of pure chi energy shot up from the boy's body, a massive wave
that enveloped them both. Sagat screamed in pain and dropped the boy
to the ground. Finally, the attack faded away. He stood up and glared
down at the fallen boy for a moment hatefully.

"I'll destroy you for that!" snarled the man.

"Not over yet, heh," muttered Ryoga from his place on the ground.

Sagat paused and noticed that the ringside was now vacant. "What?"
He looked up, and wished that he hadn't. A chi ball the size of a
mansion was descending down from the sky above, and it was far too
late for him to run away. He put up his hands and screamed in horror.


There was a flash of light from the arena, spectators were lifted off
their feet and tossed as much as ten feet by the shock wave of the
blast. After a moment, the light died down, and there was silence.

Ranma stood watching the scene next to a group of fighters who had
lost in earlier bouts.

"What the hell was that?" muttered Guile.

"The stupidest thing that idiot has ever done, that's what," said
Ranma irritably.

"A self destructive move," said Dhalsim calmly.

"That moron, Hado energy doesn't work the same as his heavy ki.
He'll be lucky to still be alive," said Ranma angrily. It was obvious
that he was worried as well.

"Come on!" said Ken as he rushed forward.

Ranma was already ahead of him.


Ryoga was lying next to the fallen Sagat, both of them were still
smoking, and Sagat was out cold. The once proud looking statue that
had rested beside the battleground was now nothing more than a few
shattered stones scattered about the field. Fortunately, both men were
still breathing.

"You dope! You could have killed yourself!" snapped Ranma angrily.

"Hey, Saotome..." gasped Ryoga.

"What is it?" said the boy with a small sigh.

"Remind me to never do that again," said Ryoga weakly.

"I'd better not have too," retorted Ranma.

Ryoga turned towards Ken and smiled as best he could. "Did I win?"

"Naw, I'd call this one a draw," said Ken with a slight smirk as
he looked down at the boy.

"Damn," muttered Ryoga before he passed out.

Ranma sighed and hefted him over his shoulder. "I'll take him over
to where the injured are."

"Right," said Ken as he looked back over his shoulder and saw that
the crowd was slowly returning.


Ranma vs The World!

Part 18

The Final Bout!


Ken stood opposite Ranma and smiled at the boy. "Well, I never
expected you to make it this far."

"I'm just full of surprises," said Ranma with a confident smirk on
his face.

"Well, I think I can enjoy this," said Ken as stepped back into a
ready stance.

"I hope so," agreed Ranma as he did the same.

The pair faced off for a long moment, staring at each other

Finally, Ranma spoke up. "You should go first."

"No, I insist," said Ken cheerfully.

"All right then, fine," said Ranma as he thrust his hands forward.

Ken countered with the same move. "Hadoken!"

Both blasts met in mid-air, canceling each other out. The pair was
already in motion, they jumped towards one another meeting in the air.


"Metsubo Ryu Kayaku!"

The two moves collided, Ranma came in a little higher, and Ken was
knocked out of the air. He rolled across the ground for a moment and
was quickly back on his feet. "Not bad."

Ranma charged forward, punching at the man fiercely.

Ken backed away as fast as he could under the assault. It seemed
as if there were hundreds of fists attempting to strike him at one

"Damn! He's faster than I thought he'd be!" they both thought in
unison as they backed away from each other.

"Come on!" cried Ranma as he charged again.

"Waitin on ya!" retorted Ken as he did the same. They passed by
each other a few times, trading blows. Ken was obviously hit more, but
he was also stronger than Ranma, so his counted more. In the end, it
appeared to be somewhat of a stalemate.

"You're strong kid, I'll give you that," said Ken as he stood
opposite the boy. His breath was short, and he almost panted out the

"You ain't so bad yourself, for an old timer," replied Ranma in
much the same manner.

"Right," said Ken with a slightly irritated frown. "I'll show you
who's old kid."

Ranma smiled to himself for a moment, his best poker face. "Got ya!"

Ken charged forward in a flurry of motion, and Ranma suddenly
closed himself up, going on the complete defensive.

"What's the matter kid? You gettin tired?" said Ken. In his mind,
warning bells were sounding. He knew the kid was up to something, that
stupid grin should be enough to alert him to that, but his aura had
gone completely silent suddenly.

Ken stopped suddenly as they neared the center of the field.
Unfortunately, it was too late.

"Hiryuushoutenha!" cried Ranma as he punched upward with his arm.

Ken managed to mutter a slightly confused sound before the
whirlwind shot him high into the air above. He rolled up into a
defensive ball immediately, closing his eyes and concentrating. Within
a split second, he realized that the attack was powered by his own
energy. In an instant, his aura had vanished as he closed his mind
completely. No more than a few seconds later, he began to loose

Ranma frowned as he looked up at the dwindling tornado. "Something is
wrong, as much power as he had, this should have lasted a lot longer."

As the last winds died down, he saw a red figure closing in on him
from above. Ken had a wild grin on his face as he descended down from
the sky above. "Hado..."

Ranma's eyes went wide as he saw the chi buildup the man had
tucked at his side. "Oh shit!"


"Hiyaku Ryu ha Kiyoda!" cried Ranma as he jumped upward. His arm a
blur of motion as he rose into the sky and slammed into his opponent
just as the blast sailed out of his hands.

Ranma passed through the Hadoken as if it wasn't there, and Ken's
eyes went wide as he saw the boy's fist slam into his face, and then
all over his body. "Damn!" He managed to get his arms up after the
first blow, but the attack still took it's toll. He landed on his back
hard and remained still for a moment. Then, he slowly groaned and sat
upright. "That's good kid, you've already figured out one of the
advantages of the Shoryuken."

Ranma was patting himself down, looking for burn marks from the
fireball. "I know it hit me," he muttered to himself.

"Or maybe you haven't," said Ken with a slight chuckle as he
struggled to his feet. "The Shoryuken is a powerful move, made even
more so by the fact that it grants temporary immunity to most chi

"What?" said Ranma dumbly as he looked at the man in shock.

"At first I thought you had just managed to create a move that
looked the same, and had almost as much power. Now I can see that
you've managed to recreate something than no one has ever been able to
recreate. Martial arts masters have attempted to copy my master's
techniques for years. Generations even, you and your friend are the
first to ever get it right." He chuckled and slowly staggered forward.
"But now you learn a new lesson." He moved into a ready stance and
stared Ranma down coldly.

"Huh?" said the boy dumbly. "You still want to fight?"

"Yup, there's one more thing you really need to know kid," said
Ken with an evil looking grin forming on his face.

"What's that?" asked Ranma as he returned to a combat stance.

"There are levels beyond both Hadoken and Shoryuken, you've only
learned the basics of a much greater art," said the man as he rushed

"No way!" gasped Ranma as he backed away. He could feel the
immense power emanating from the man.

"Shoryureppa!" A shadow-like image formed behind Ken's body as he
performed three consecutive dragon punches in a row, slamming into
Ranma repeatedly.

The boy was tossed into the air like a rag doll, when he came
down, Ken stood over him and offered him his hand.

"You've already managed variations on the techniques, that says
something for you. If you really want to beat me next time, you're
going to have to push it further than that."

Ranma accepted the man's hand and allowed himself to be carried
off the arena.

They passed by Ryu, who was waiting at the edge of the ring.

The Japanese man spoke up, turning towards his old friend. "So, it
doesn't look like we'll get to compete this time."

"I'm afraid not," agreed Ken. "I'm in no condition for you."

"Next time then," said Ryu with a slight nod. Ranma noticed that
he was looking directly at him when he said that.

"Who was he talkin to?" said the boy dumbly as he looked up at

"Both of us most likely," said Ken with a small shrug. "He
appreciates a good fighter."

"Right," muttered Ranma with a small sigh.


Ryu stood in the center of the arena, his arms crossed in front of
his chest. "Looks like I'm all that's left."

"Indeed," said the booming voice of Bison from several
loudspeakers. The ground slowly opened up, and the massive man rose
from the earth dramatically. This time he was standing, and had a long
cape draped across his shoulders. He casually tossed it aside and
walked out into the arena. "It seems that you are the one worthy of
facing me."

"Looks like," agreed Ryu calmly.

"Are you prepared fighter, are you ready to meet your fate? I will
destroy your mind and soul, and your power will become mine," said
Bison coldly.

"You've got to beat me first. That's all I'm interested in,"
replied Ryu as he took up a stance.

"Hmmm, a worthy opponent indeed," said Bison as he put up his
hands. A strange aura began to burn across his fingers, and eventually
spread across his whole body. "My Psycho Power is more than enough to
destroy you."

"You sure talk a lot," commented Ryu.

Bison frowned and nodded his head. "I see, we shall begin then!"

Ryu gasped as the man vanished from in front of him and appeared
behind him. He felt an intense burning pain as Bison slammed his fist
into the side of his body. He was thrown across the arena and into a
large stone that had once been a part of the great statue.

"No sport at all," said Bison as he slid across the ground and
attempted to clip Ryu as he passed. The martial artist rolled away and
got back on his feet.

"There, you're standing again! Much better!" said Bison as he
appeared next to the man. "You'll die now!"

Ryu had anticipated this though. "Tatsumakisenpukayaku!"

Bison reeled as the man's foot repeatedly slammed into his face.
He staggered for a moment, and then growled. His eyes began to glow
with power as he snarled at Ryu angrily.

"You have made me very angry," said Bison as he slowly stalked
forward, his aura grew with each passing moment.

Ryu backed away, watching the man closely. Finally, Bison went on
the offensive. He slid across the ground again, attempting to trip his
opponent, but Ryu nimbly stepped aside. Unfortunately, Bison had
anticipated this as well, and he sailed into the air, coming down on
top of Ryu's head feet first.

The martial artist grunted with effort as he moved himself out
from underneath the man's feet and rolled away. Bison was forced to
jump back as Ryu moved and made it difficult to balance where he had
been standing.

"Come on!" snarled the madman as he glared at Ryu hatefully.

The martial artist simply moved back into a stance again, putting
his fists up and waiting.

Bison snorted in disgust and charged forward again. Ryu prepared
to duck, ready for another one of his sliding attacks. He didn't
expect what happened though. Bison flipped and kicked him as he
continued to move forward.

Ryu was forced back, but the move did not do as much damage as the
evil madman had hoped. Ryu thrust his hands forward and released his
power. "Hadoken!"

The evil general staggered under the force of the blow, but was
not really harmed by the strike. His aura had protected him from most
of the force behind the attack. "You'll have to do better than that,

Ryu was already moving forward, he closed in as his opponent was
finishing his taunt. "Shoryuken!"

This time, the force of the attack floored Bison. He remained on
the ground for a moment and shook his head. "That hurt."

"Yup," said Ryu calmly as he waited for the man to get up again.

Instead of picking himself up, Bison merely floated back to his
feet again, as if his feet were on hinges in the ground.

"Taste my true power! Psycho Crusher!" Bison blasted forward with
a powerful dark energy pouring from his body. "Nothing can harm me! I
am all powerful!"

"I think you're wrong," said Ryu calmly as he reacted to the

Bison's eyes went wide as the massive wave of energy slammed into
his attack, halting his forward momentum, and washing away the dark
energy like a raging torrent of water. He screamed as his final layer
of defense fell away, and the attack struck home. "This cannot be!"

Ryu stood, staring down at the evil man for a moment. He turned
and looked up at the sky. Several helicopters were approaching, all of
them had Interpol markings on them. He snorted and turned away,
walking in a random direction. After a moment he paused and cocked his
head. "I'm hungry. I wonder if there's a good place to eat around
here?" With that said, he walked off into the sunset.


"What do you mean he ain't here?" said Ranma as he looked at Ken.

"He must have taken off, he isn't here," said Ken with a shrug.

"But, this is the awards ceremony!" said Ranma. "How can he not be

"I dunno, he doesn't like this sort of thing," said the man
calmly. He was standing next to Ryoga, who had a third place trophy in
his arms.

"Damn you Ranma! You mean we came all this way, and we didn't even
get to talk to him?" snarled Ryoga angrily as he heard the news.

"Shut up! We got what we came after!" snapped Ranma.

"You mean I got what I came after," said Ryoga as he held up his

"We didn't come here for that crap!" snapped Ranma.

"I've finally proven that I'm better than you! Admit it!" snapped
Ryoga angrily.

"The hell you are!" retorted Ranma. "If you want to have it out
right here, I'll be glad to settle this now!"

"How dare you threaten an injured man that way!" snapped Ryoga as
he pointed out the fact that his arm was in a sling, and his entire
chest was bandaged.

"Just you wait until you get better Porky! I'm gonna kick your but
and prove you wrong!" snapped Ranma as he grabbed the lost boy by his

"Man, and I thought me and Ryu used to be bad," muttered Ken with
a heavy sigh. "Well, I'll see you guys later. I've got a plane to

Ranma and Ryoga paused and looked at the man dumbly for a moment.
"Oh yeah, we should go home now," muttered Ryoga.

"Right," agreed Ranma dumbly.

Ken laughed and pat them both on the back. "Just remember to
practice. I want a good match the next time I see you two."

"Ouch!" cried Ryoga painfully.

"Heh, sorry," said Ken as he walked away and gave them a small

"Well, that's that," said Ranma as he pulled his backpack up and
hoisted it onto his shoulders.

Ryoga paused and looked down at a small slip of paper that fell
out. "Hey, what's this?"

"Huh? I dunno, probably some trash or something. There were a lot
of people here."

Ryoga's eyes went wide as he stared down at what appeared to be a
neatly folded piece of paper. He slowly unfolded it and began to read
out loud. "I Ranma Saotome, and I Ryoga Hibiki, do solemnly swear that
our two children, if they be born of opposite sex, shall be engaged to
marry, and thus unite the Saotome and Hibiki lines..."

"Huh?" said Ranma dumbly as he looked over the boy's shoulder.
"What is this? Some kind of joke?"

"Ranma! This is my signature! How dare you take my word of honor
like this!" snapped Ryoga angrily.

"Hey! I don't remember signing this thing!" cried Ranma

Ryoga blinked as a memory popped inside his head. Ranma did
exactly the same.

"Hey, I remember now..." said Ranma.

"That bar..." muttered Ryoga in horror.

"Great, Akane's gonna kill me," grumbled Ranma as he hung his

"AKANE! The hell she will! This is all your fault, Saotome!
Prepare to die!"

"What? My fault! You were as drunk as me, Piggy!" cried Ranma as
he took off running.

"And now you insult me! Coward, come back and take your beating
like a man!" snarled Ryoga as he jogged after him.

"How dare you take away my child's purity that way!" cried Ryoga.

"What about my kid, huh?" retorted Ranma.

"Your child? First you steal Akane away, and now my unborn child!"
snapped Ryoga angrily.

"Calm down!" cried Ranma.

"The hell I will! Because of you, my child will see hell!"

And thus, they vanished over the horizon, and into the sunset.

"Cut it out you stupid jerk.


Ranma vs. The World



"Tendo, Bringing Ryoga back from China. Ranma."

"Oh, how I've waited for this day!" cried Soun happily.

"Quite so, Tendo," agreed Genma from beside him.

"That jerk! He's late!" snarled Akane as she sat at the table
looking angry.

Akari sat beside her, smiling cheerfully. "Don't worry. I'm sure
they'll be here soon!"

"Yeah, but soon to her is like weeks," commented Nabiki.

Everyone looked at her for a moment and frowned.

"Oh come on, let's not be stupid. We all know who her boyfriend
is," said Nabiki as she rolled her eyes.

Everyone nodded in embarrassed agreement and looked away from
Akari. She was simply sitting blissfully.

Genma leaned in to his old friend and whispered secretively.
"Tendo, you did remember to book the minister?"

"He's on the speed dial, Saotome! Available twenty four hours a
day!" said the man giddily in reply.

"Excellent, as soon as the boy returns, we'll finally unite the

"Yes, he and my little Akane will be so happy to see each other,
that they won't even notice it's happening to them!" said Soun with a
slightly evil chuckle.



"How the hell did we end up in Kyoto!?" snapped Ranma as he glared
at his traveling companion.

"You should know better than to give me the map by now!" retorted
Ryoga angrily.

Ranma sighed and hung his head. "Yeah, you're right. Come on,
let's just go."

"Sure thing, you child stealer," said Ryoga grumpily.

"Oh will you just drop it! That's as much your fault as it is

Ryoga paused and shifted uncomfortably. "Ranma, we aren't going to
tell Akari and Akane about this, are we?"

Ranma looked at the boy, put on his most honorable face, and
smiled. "Ryoga, of course." He then smacked the boy on the side of his
head. "What are you nuts? Those two will kill us!"

Ryoga shuddered. "I'd kinda like to be able to have children one

"Then it's agreed," said the pigtailed boy with a small nod.

"Yeah, not a word until the time comes," said Ryoga with a small

"Right, come on then," said Ranma as he continued to stroll down
the wooded path they found themselves on.

Ryoga paused and shivered suddenly. "Ranma, stop."

"Huh? What is it?" said the pigtailed boy obliviously.

"I...feel something." Ranma turned and saw Ryoga looking around

"What the heck are you tal..." That was when he realized that he
also sensed it.

"Who's there? Come out and show yourself!" cried Ryoga.

"I have been waiting for you," said a booming voice.

The sky suddenly darkened, and lightening crashed across the
darkness. The pair stood back to back, searching their surroundings
for the intruder.

Finally, a shadowy figure stepped out into the open. His eyes
glowed with a hateful power.

"Who? The guy from Thailand?" muttered Ranma in shock.

The figure laughed, a cold and cruel sound.

"I have been watching you from afar, waiting until you were worthy
enough to face me. One of you would be no challenge, but the two of
you together..."

"No," said Ryoga in answer to Ranma's question. "This guy is
different. The power is just as strong, but different."

"Who are you?" said Ranma as he stepped forward confidently.

"I...am power made flesh," snarled the man as he stepped forward
into the light.

"Whoa!" gasped Ranma as he stepped back. The man was massive, he
had dark skin and red hair. A string of thick beads hung around his
neck, and his clothing was a dark purple dogi with the sleeves torn

"Are you prepared to meet your destiny?" asked the thing.

"I got places to be pal! I'm late enough as it is!" snapped Ranma.

"Ranma, this is what's been following us! I've felt this before!"
said Ryoga nervously.

"Come, if you wish to return home, you must pass through me," said
the thing as he took up a stance.

"Fine," said Ranma as he moved into a stance.

"Ready, Saotome?" said Ryoga as he took up a position beside the

"Get him!" cried Ranma as he charged forward.

The thing slid across the ground, seeming to pass right through
Ranma. It slammed it's fist into Ryoga's face and then spun into a
spinning kick that knocked the lost boy off of his feet.

Ryoga landed and rolled on the ground, clutching his chest in
pain. "Damn!"

Ranma gasped. "No way! How?"

The thing turned to face him and snarled. It thrust it's hands
forward and shot a fireball at him with only a grunt of effort.

"Hadoken!" cried Ranma as he countered, but the thing had jumped
into the air and threw two more at him, both of them slammed into his
body, causing him to fall to the ground as a dark flame of power
burned around him.

The thing wasn't finished yet, it charged forward just as Ryoga
was standing up and slammed it's fist into his gut. It then performed
a shoryuken, only grunting with slight effort to perform it.

"Ryoga!" cried Ranma as he rushed to his companion's aid. "If you
want to fight, I'll be your opponent!"

"Heh," said the thing as it vanished as Ranma kicked at it. Ranma
found himself surrounded by several images of the creature.

"I've seen this trick before!" snarled Ranma with a frown forming
on his face.

Ranma jumped straight up and flipped back in mid-air.
"Metsuboryukayaku!" He slammed into one of the images and met with
nothing but air. "No way!" he gasped as he realized that he had

The thing appeared in front of him and backhanded him across his
face, sending him sprawling across the ground.

"Ranma! No one gets to kill you until I do!" snarled Ryoga as he
unleashed a hadoken on the thing from behind. It simply faded out of
existence and reappeared after the projectile had passed. With an
almost casual air, it raised it's palm and blasted the lost boy in his
chest, sending him flying into a nearby tree.

"You are too weak to survive!" said the thing as it lifted Ranma
up by his collar. It sneered at him, revealing rows of sharp teeth
behind its lips.

Ranma hung in the thing's grasp, helpless to do anything about the
power build up that was coming from the creature. He closed his eyes,
and waited. "I can't die! Not like this!"


Two voices cried out from behind them, the creature dropped him
and vanished into thin air. Ranma screamed in pain as two fireballs
slammed into his body. He fell to the ground, and opened his eyes
slowly. He saw a familiar figure standing over him, looking down.

"Are you all right?" said the man gently.

"Ryu?" muttered Ranma in confusion.

"That's right, I wasn't expecting too see you again so soon," said
the man with a small nod.

Ryoga was standing up from where he had landed when the creature
had blasted him. He lowered his hand and gasped for breath, the
hadoken had taken away almost all the energy he had left. He hobbled
over painfully, and turned to Ryu. "What are you doing here?"

"Following him," said the man with a small shrug. "It seems my
travels are random, but I can feel his presence as much as you can."

"You're trying to fight that thing?" said Ranma in confusion.

"Eventually," said Ryu with a light smirk forming on his face.
"When I feel ready, I will."

"To avenge your master?" said Ryoga with a slight nod of

"No, because he's stronger than I am," said Ryu with a simple

"Oh," said Ranma in confusion. "He's after us now."

"Don't worry, he rarely fights the same people twice. If he
challenges you again, it'll be when he thinks you're strong enough.
This was just a test."

"Huh?" said Ranma dumbly.

"He did the same thing to me," said Ryu as he stood up and pulled
his traveling bag over his shoulder. With that said, he walked off,
leaving them alone.

Ryoga simply watched him go silently.

Ranma stepped after him. "Wait! I..."

The lost boy put his hand on Ranma's shoulder and shook his head.
"It's obvious that we have no choice but to become stronger, Ranma."

The pigtailed boy simply looked at him and then nodded. "Come on,
let's go home."


Just outside the Tendo dojo, three days later...

"Well, we made it," said Ranma with a slight smirk on his face as
he looked at the wooden gates. "You ready?"

"Do I have an option?" asked Ryoga irritably. He looked at Ranma
and shrugged his shoulders. "I wanna see Akari again."

Ranma sighed and nodded. "Well, it seems we'd better get this over
with then."

"I wonder where they have the minister hiding this time?" said
Ranma as he glanced around the street absently.

"I'm sure you can handle that," said Ryoga with a slight nod.

"Right," agreed Ranma. "I may decide to show Pop some of what I

The two boys grinned at each other for a moment, and then opened
the gates.


The End.

Moves List For Ranma and Ryoga's New Techniques:

Ranma : Metsubo Ryu Kayaku = Falling Dragon Kick

A reverse Dragon Punch.

Hiyaku Ryu Ha Kiyoda = Hundred Dragon's Teeth Blow

A combination of the Shoryuken, and the Chestnut Fist.

Ryoga : Hikidasu Jimen Hado: Discharge Ground Hado

Ryoga creates a pillar of chi energy that shoots straight up
from the ground in front of him.

That's it, every other move is either in the Street Fighter Games,
or in the Ranma 1/2 show.