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Insane Dreams- Prologue


Cold snow drifted slowly over the grounds of Hogwarts, covering everything in a blanket of white, adding even more to the fairy tale-like atmosphere. Sadly though, only a few teachers remained during the holidays to see the beauty of a white Christmas at Hogwarts: Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Poppy Pomfery, Severus Snape, and Harry Potter.

Having graduated three years ago, Harry now enjoyed a teaching post at the first place he ever considered home: Hogwarts. Having defeated Voldemort his seventh year, he would like to believe his part in the war was over. But the war still dragged on with Lucius Malfoy now heading the Death Eaters in their fool attempt for blood purity. And the wizarding community still expected the wearyman of only twentyto continue to fight for them.

Seeing him now, one would not know him from what he had appeared as before his sixth year. Chin length bangs framed his pale face. His hair was shorn unevenly, spiked, and tipped a Slytherin green. Exposed ears glinted silver with every movement, displaying hoops and studs collected from his two years of training. Childish glasses gone due to the medical procedures of muggles allowed hard emerald eyes outlined in kohl to shine freely. Black lips would pull back occasionally displaying perfect white teeth in a dazzling smile or snarl, momentarily bringing to life a small black goatee perched upon his chin. His lithe and petite form was encased in a deep green silk dress shirt, a pair of black leather pants, black boots, and a black robe everyday. One could mistake him for a Slytherin if they weren't careful.

If his appearance bothered anyone, he didn't care. He walked proudly down the halls, ignoring the appreciative stares of female and male eyes both. While still perfectly sociable if needed, he had become a recluse, and slightly insane. No one but he and his five trainers knew what his training for those two long years of his sixth and seventh school years consisted of. All anyone knew was that when he returned for graduation, he was silent, withdrawn, and discovered to be touched in the head if talked with long enough. But Albus Dumbledore wouldn't let this deter him from hiring the young man for the History post though. The students had breathed a sigh of relief when they learned Professor Binns had retired and Harry Potter had taken the ghost's place.

All was well for the time being. A war still hummed in the background, but Harry was safe, happy, and protecting innocent children. He couldn't ask for much more.


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Must be Salazar/Harry pairing.

Harry must be out of Hogwarts or at the very least in his seventh year and younger than Salazar.

Sal must be a teacher at Hogwarts and Harry must get a job at Hogwarts when he is dragged to the past. Doesn't matter what post. Try and be original.

Must be Sal that woos a, for whatever odd reason, reluctant Harry to him.

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