Free me

I ask you only one question – Can you save me?

She grew up. It had to happen eventually. It was time, to sink or to swim. To carry on believing in everything and nothing, or to let herself be carried away by the current of everyone else. And so, she moved on. She made her choice.

The extraordinary girl, who had fought for and won back her brother, gone to the castle beyond the goblin city and broken the heart of a king, became very much part of a very much ordinary world.

Days passed and the vivid paints swirled into grey. The fire dimmed.

He came first in the mirror while she washed her hands, a reflection that wasn't quite hers.

Are you happy?

He mouthed the words, she stared back and something stirred inside. He faded with a smile as a someone burst into the toilets. The spell was broken. She left the room and ignored the regrets that drifted in her wake.

The next time, his hand on hers as she opened her door, a shadow over he shoulder as she walked in. A touch on her shoulder.

Are you happy?

Whirling round to an empty room, she slept that night with the lights on.

Stepping on a grey pavement, weaving through the faceless crowd drained of emotion. The princess had lost her heart in a bittersweet love story.

Tired eyes in her reflection show the sleepless nights filled with restless dreams.

She questioned herself, as the water drained down the sink.

Am I happy?

Drving through the rain, the soaked darkness falling in drops as heavy as tears. The yellow headlights reflect the scarlet red of the vanishing fox that disappears from her path.

The memories of something less than real return like lost friends, jewels shining in the halflight, the trust in the eyes of a monster, the strength of the small, and the final chime of the clock. The sweet taste of temptation in a twirling dance of charm and splendour.

It wasn't real, but was reality enough?

She carried on, walking through life still asking the same question.

Am I happy?

Meanwhile, he came, in snatches of moments to remind her of the pictures stored away, of toys in the attic, of a childhood she had left behind. He was the song on the radio, the deep sad summer nights and the longing in her heart.

Are you happy?

She answered, finally, one night when he sat quietly across the bedroom in a chair lit by the silent light from the hazy streetlights.

She lifted her head from her hands, to stare at him.

"No." she wonderingly "I suppose I'm not."

Then he smiled and stood. He casually wandered over to her and threaded his gloved fingers in her hair.

"Then you know what to do."

The clock struck thirteen.

"…I wish……"

This is kind of more serious than I'm used to...It happened in a dramatic mood...

...And perhaps slightly unhinged mood also. Its meant to be surreal, I suppose. And the main characters are Jareth and Sarah, in case its really not obvious...Most likely a one shot.

However, still want reviews!