Love Hina Once Again

Chapter 30

"Kitsune!" Misaki Saiki waved, the attractive albino woman striding down the street.

"Wow," Ema muttered at seeing the white haired woman with red eyes. She was wearing a dress with a slit running WAY up her thigh, and... was that NO panties?!

"Kitsune?" Shizue echoed, amused. Then her eyes widened slightly.

Kitsune also looked startled, interestingly enough. "Shizue? It's... been awhile."

"You two know each other?" Misaki asked, looking intrigued.

"LONG story," Kitsune quickly said.

Shizue looked arch but decided not to object.

Motoko frowned as she looked between them, sensing something was going on. "Ladies," she nodded to them.

"Is that a KATANA?" Misaki had to ask.

"Yes. I have a permit," Motoko answered calmly.

"Back up..." Ema waved a hand, "you both know Kitsune?"

Misaki snorted in amusement. "yes, this con-artist had some run ins with my father's department," she explained.

"I object to con-artist," Kitsune pouted, "I prefer 'self motivated business woman,' please."

Motoko bit back a chuckle at that.

"We knew each other back when Kitsune was more of a party girl," Shizue said rather neutrally.

"Ah," Ema nodded slightly.

Kitsune was looking at Misaki thoughtfully for a moment. "Here about the Dullahan?" she asked her.

Misaki looked at bit surprised. "You too?" she blinked.

"Yeah. Wonder if you were sent out here by the same guy...," Kitsune made a face.

"It IS kind of suspicious," Shizue offered mildly. "I know we're getting paid etc etc for this, but do you really want to keep playing along?"

"I'm here as a government employee," Misaki defended herself.

"And I don't think I'll keep playing this as usual, anyway," Kitsune added, taking out her phone.

"Who are you calling?" Motoko asked as she kept a wary eye out. This part of Tokyo was just too odd, even for her.

"Texting, actually. Hopefully the message gets seen," Kitsune said as she put her phone away.

"So what do we do now?" Ema asked reasonably.

"Let's go grab a coffee while we wait," Kitsune suggested.


Mikado Ryuugamine was a fairly average kid. He went to school, he went out with friends, he had a club. What was different about him was that his 'club' was the invisible, online gang the Dollars, and he was the leader of the group, more or less.

(It had started as an online prank, more or less. But someone caused the group to grow, the Dollars started acting in the real world, and things soon spiralled out of control. The original members mostly fled, but Mikado stayed, and eventually ended up in some degree of control.)

The Dullahan, Celty, was a friend of his, and had helped the Dollars out of severakl jams, as well as being a member herself. So when he heard there were people after her, he had mobilized the Dollars to stall them, while he found out what they were dealing with.

Misaki Saiki was, as best as he could tell, a real medium. She could apparently let a roaming spirit possess her, then say what it wanted and/or do what it needed to do to pass on. It was fascinating, if eerie.

She was ALSO a professional dominatrix, and Mikado was VERY glad he wasn't on a public computer when he googled her. While he had safe search on, the images that came up were still very... uhm... erotic, to out it bluntly. Mind you, as a healthy young man he had been rather intrigued, but it was still startling. He didn't know people could BEND like that...

Phantom Quest Corp was, thankfully, weird but not in a sexually disturbing way. Who knew there were professional monster hunters in this day and age. Plus, they were on youtube. He originally thought they were some strange web series, but it did appear legit. Which made him wonder if they could actually hurt Celty...

A chime announced a new post on the Dollar site, and Mikado looked over curiously. "Huh," he blinked, and clicked on the post.

PHANTOM QUEST CORP WISHES PEACEFUL CONTACT WITH CELTY the thread read. Then continued, 'Willing to meet in location of your choosing. No conditions. Please reply soonest.'

Mikado hadn't realized one of the Corp members was on his Dollars site. Clearly Izaya or someone else had recruited him or her. Well, at least this was progress of a sort...

Picking up his phone Mikado dialed a familiar number. "Shinra? Has Celty seen the post on the site, yet?" he asked.

"Yeah, though she's not sure what to do about it," Shinra conceded, the back alley doctor and ally sounding more amused than anything.

"I'm thinking go see them, but with backup," Mikado suggested. "Anri and Shizuo, maybe. If something DOES happen, they can escape."

"But you don't think something will," Shinra noted, picking up his tone of voice.

"Just my gut instinct," Mikado admitted, "that's why I say bring back up. Just in case."


"So we wasted a day wandering Ikebukuro when you could have just posted on the internet?" Rei Hino protested indignantly.

Kitsune shrugged and said, "I didn't know she was connected to the Dollars, or I would have tried that earlier."

"She has a point," Ami Mizuno pointed out reasonably.

"This is the weirdest city..." Utena noted as she and Anthy returned, "and I say that as someone who's seen some shit."

Both Utena AND Anthy looked rather rough around the corners. "What happened?" Ema asked them worriedly.

"What didn't happen! First there were the crazy otakus, then the Yellow Scarves attacked, a bunch of Blue Squares COUNTER-attacked, then..." Utena waved her hands in frustration.

"There there Utena-sama," Anthy patted her arm comfortingly.

"Grab a soda, we may be waiting a bit," Motoko added flatly. She did NOT like the idea of just waiting for the Dullahan to contact them. Still, Kitsune was their leader... plus, wandering around town wasn't accomplishing much.

The group had settled in a ice cream shop while they waited for a reply from the Dullahan. It was a brightly lit, sort of homey joint, and had several customers looking rather bemusedly at the adults occupying the corner tables.

"Miss Hino," Misaki nodded politely.

Rei smiled back wryly, "I'm surprised you're willing to speak with me, Miss Saiki."

"Misaki, please. And the mess wasn't your fault," she said with a laugh.

"Rei, then. And thank you for your forgiveness," she sighed.

Ami looked at them curiously, "I take it you've met?" She firmly stomped on feelings of jealousy inspired by how sexy Misaki looked in that slinky outfit.

"Back before I met you," Rei squeezed her hand. "Grandfather and I were involved in a haunting, along with Misaki. It didn't go well."

Misaki burst out laughing.

"Understatement?" Ami asked with a wry smile.

"Well, yes," Rei conceded. "We thought we were there to seal a out of control nature spirit. It wasn't. Then it fully busted loose..."

"Then I got possessed and we spent the next hour getting the thing OUT of me, while running around the town...," Misaki shook her head, "It was a mess."

"Not to mention Grandfather hitting on you," Rei added, shaking her head.

"He hits on anything with a pulse," Ami noted, amusing.

Misaki snickered but said cheerfully, "I hope I'm that energetic at his age."

Tentatively Rei asked, "Uhm, what's up with your friend and Kitsune?"

"To be honest I don't know..." Misaki admitted as they saw Kitsune and Shizue talking together off to one side. Shizue looked less than happy, too.

"Hopefully it doesn't cause any problems," Ami said neutrally as they all heard Kitsune's phone go off.

Kitsune checked the display then announced, "We have a confirmed meeting."

"Where do we have to go?" Motoko asked crisply.

Kitsune checked the name to be sure then said dubiously, "Russian sushi?"

To be continued...

Notes: Ema, Motoko and Kitsune are from Love Hina. Utena and Anthy are from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rei and Ami are from Sailor Moon, Misaki and Shizue are from Ghosttalker's Daydream and Celty, Shinra and Mikadio are all from Durarara.

Haven't done a characters note in a while, so there ya go.

I am VAGUELY tempted to write a short fic (2 chapters maybe?) on Rei and Misaki's first meeting. It could be pretty funny if I do it right. We'll see though...