Author: Dysis Nyx

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, but I want to own Hephaistion, because he is the hottest man alive.

Note from Author: It is rated what it is because of future stuff, not at first. This is a fanfic with the

point, then smut. Squeeeeeeeeeee (that is like a squeal and a whee wrapped in one)! I saw the movie,

loved Hephaistion, loved the love between Alexander and Hephaistion, hated the lack of...clears

throat...affection. Forget hugging, I want kissing and more declarations of love! The sections with

actual years with them are flashbacks of Alexander's. The ones that say "current" take place a few

weeks, months, some short time after Roxane's and Alexander's wedding. I hope you enjoy and keep

reading. I will try to update once a week.

Summary: Alexander realizes who his real friends are and how deep his feelings for Hephaistion are, while Hephaistion gets kidnapped and he tries to get to the bottom of this scheme.

Pella, Macedonia

344 B.C.

As the young boys headed back from their wrestling class a young Alexander ran to catch up to

Hephaistion. The boy greeted him with a smile and said, "It was a good match today, Alexander. I

almost didn't win. You will make a great king and soldier."

"I meant what I said, Hephaistion. Next match I won't lose."

Alexander watched as his friend lowered his head to give a small laugh. He raised his head and

looked Alexander right in the eye. For a moment his eyes softened like Alexander had never seen. No

one had ever looked that softly at him. His voice was a bit quiet, but still strong and proud as he said, "I

would expect no less from you,...Alexander."

"And I you, Hephaistion. It will be a good match, one that I do look forward to."

Even as Nearchus and Ptolemy came running up to them to join in did Alexander never look away from his new and most trustworthy friend.

From that day forward one would not see Alexander without Hephaistion. They would talk

during Aristotle's lessons, give tips on the other's wrestling, and just be growing boys together. Little

did they realize that as those years would pass that a love would blossom between them.

near the ancient city of Troy

around 334 B.C.

"You are insane, Alexander! I will not do it. Not even Achilles would have requested such a

ridiculous demand of Patroclus."

With a sly smile Alexander rebutted, "Ah, but, my dear Hephaistion, how do you know that he

did not dress him up as a sheik. We did it as boys, why not?"

Clearly Alexander was missing the point of Hephaistion's refusal which was very aggravating

to Hephaistion. Although he did have to give him a small laugh at his persistence. When Alexander

wanted something he strived for it till it was his. It had always been that way for Alexander. Hephaistion believed it had something to do with Philip, Alexander's late father, and his need for

acceptance with the man.

After awhile of silence Hephaistion let out a groan and said "If it is my King's wish, then his

will be done."

"Deny it not, my Hephaistion, you are looking forward to this. We will be students of Aristotle

again, back to our days of youth and innocence."

This comment gave Hephaistion a true laugh. The thought of Alexander thinking his youth as

innocent. When one looked back at their antics as boys "innocent" wasn't exactly the word to describe


a few moments later

Throwing his body back onto the bed Alexander panted heavily disregarding the worn wooden

scimitar to the floor of his tent. A second later Hephaistion's own wooden sword hit Alexander's. His

body too collapsed next to Alexander on the bed. Both men panted heavily with a bit of laughter hiding

in the exhaustion. The young, golden king being the first to speak "We have not done that since we

were boys."

"Yes, and I still beat you everytime, too, Alexander. It is a true wonder."

"It is your thighs that conquer me, not your skills with a sword." pausing for a short thought, Alexander continued "Tell me, Hephaistion, how did

we go from sword combat to hands on combat."

Thinking for a slight moment, then laughing out loud at the memory Hephaistion answered with

a bright smile "I was in the midst of thrashing your sword skills into the sand when you claimed to

have always beaten me at wrestling, I questioned you, so we fought it out. And for the record,

Alexander, I won."

Both men laughed at their stupidity and laid on their backs recalling the old times they used to

have as boys. Alexander thought on how he had never laughed and responded like that in years.

Hephaistion was the best and true friend he ever had. Never had any man struck him as amazing like

this one did. All his life people had fawned over him, pushed him, and strived for his attention. He

even knew of the secret hate that people shared for him. None of these had ever treated him like

Hephaistion did.

He was the one man to always tell Alexander the truth, to always know what he was capable of

and help him to that, not push him, like the others. The love he shared for him was one that no one, not

even the goddess Aphrodite herself understood. No man, woman, or beast could give him what

Hephaistion did in life.

Looking at those eyes now and the glow they gave off as they laughed Hephaistion couldn't

help, but smile to himself. He knew he was the only one who would walk across fire on Alexander's

command. Without even realizing it in years past Hephaistion knew now just how badly he was

drowning in his desires for the full heart of this one man. How he hated sharing that heart with

Alexander's dreams and hopes. It gave him some comfort that at the end, after the dreams were gone,

the other men and woman dead, the world conquered, at the end of it all he, Hephaistion would be the

only one there standing by his Alexander.

A single hand reached out touched a single cheek. Alexander's palm was so warm on

Hephaistion's ardent cheek. Alexander in the softest voice said, "Tomorrow, my Hephaistion, we will

see the very sand where our forebears stood. Tomorrow we see Achilles and Patroclus's fighting




Standing out on the balcony Alexander stood in silence. The view of the city and the setting sun

drove him into a revered hush. The one thought that all that was his. He was king of all Asia, he was

Alexander. Was his mother right? Would there be no other like him? Could he really live up to what

everyone expected of him?

His strong fingers ran themselves through his golden locks as he let out all his frustrations in a

single breath. These were thoughts that plagued Alexander like a ritual. To this very second from the

moment of his conception he thought these things. Weak or divine?

Suddenly strong arms began to slowly massage his problems away. He could feel Hephaistion's

comforting hands kneading into his tensed shoulders. He could tell through Hephaistion's expression

that this thinking Alexander worried him. Although he never looked back at his face, he knew the exact

look that Hephaistion was giving him.

"Why do you care so much as to whether I am relaxed or not? This is something that Roxane or

Bagoas could perform. Why are you taking the responsibility?"

Without a moment's hesitation Hephaistion answered with amusement "Ah, but what of Briseis

over Patroclus? If our proud Achilles had her, then why keep around Patroclus? Why avenge him? This

I ask you, my Achilles?"

He had to see his face. Alexander turned to face Hephaistion and as soon as he saw that

beautiful face he lay his forehead to his chest "Because he loved him. No more questions tonight, dear

Hephaistion. Tonight we rest. My mind needs time to recover. Time to focus on what is ahead."

"What is it that you thought of before?"

With a swift push Alexander turned away. Once again he was looking back into the sea of

buildings as he remembered those proud memories "I thought of our boyhood when our friendship first

began. I thought of that night near Troy. These are things that still linger with me."

"When do you plan to leave to conquer some more of your lands?"

Trouble stirred in the air as Hephaistion dared to bring up this topic with Alexander in his

present mood. The young king was clearly not in a mood for discussing these things. His mind was in

several places and this was one topic he did not want to hear from Hephaistion's lips.

The repetitive action of his hands through his hair turned to one of a desperate force. His voice

seethed "I will not think of this now, especially from you." feeling ashamed of his cruelty, Alexander

turned and grabbed Hephaistion's face in his hands. This action forced Hephaistion to look Alexander

in the eyes. Now continuing with explanation clear in his voice Alexander justified "To you I am not

king, I am Alexander, simply Alexander."

"You are never 'simply', my friend. You are illustriously or greatly, never 'simply'." A smile

and humor danced in Hephaistion's eyes as he finished his comment.

an hour later at dinner

Sitting in his all high throne Alexander looked on at his people. Everyone was laughing and

seemed to be enjoying themselves. Occasionally one of his veteran soldiers would pull a nearby server,

male or female, onto their lap and lay a very passionate kiss on them. Sometimes they would play

along, or other times they would practically leap off and scamper away. Of course, Roxane sat next to

him with her panther eyes glimmering with rage. Despite the fact her eyes screamed rage, her face

showed a sign of indifference.

Bagoas stood at his usual post of directly behind Alexander with a single hand on his shoulder.

The man looked around the sight of drunken fools with both pity and disgust. Though no one could

tell, because his expression never really changed. Although his mystery and his beauty was the only

thing that kept him tied to Alexander. He was a passing amusement, but only one other soul knew this

besides Bagoas and it wasn't Alexander.

Then finally Alexander's absorbed eyes finally caught a familiar sight. The warming view of

Hephaistion standing across the square. The people that sat around it, the dancers frolicking about in

the middle, even the servers & slaves walking around catering could not block him. He stood there

leaning against a wall with the light from two torches lighting his face. He could tell that Hephaistion

was clearly watching, protecting, even seducing him with those soot covered eyes of his. The burning

sensation that Alexander got from that stare was enough to make him smile in an amused merriment.

To see his golden god staring directly at him staring at him made Hephaistion feel the need to

look away, but his eyes wouldn't allow it. His arms stayed crossed. His shoulders still leaned against

the wall casually. All while his eyes kept Alexander's. His heart beat at the sight of such glory and

honor being placed upon his Alexander.

He was finally getting all the attention he deserved. All was fine for the most part. The thought

of losing this man to all the world, to glory, to riches, to fame, even to Roxane still drove him wild

with jealousy. This being an emotion he would never show to Alexander, maybe tell like he did before,

but never show.

Yes, he would stand aside and watch him get everything he strived for. He would be the one

helping him no matter what. This was the comforting thought about it.

After a few moments both men got distracted by something or other, so their fiery gaze was


While Alexander talked with Roxane, Hephaistion was being dragged off to the stables by a

young Athenian boy named Colin. His lightly tanned skin and chocolate curls led him to be quite the

pretty lad. His blue eyes even reminded Hephaistion of a boy he used to know when he was ten. For a

second time Hephaistion asked, "What is wrong with Bucephalus again? If this matter is serious, then

Alexander should be informed."

"Indeed, sir, but I was only sent by another to collect you. I asked the same question, but he told

me that the king seemed to be enjoying himself and should not be disturbed. I used my best judgment,


The boy must have been new to them, because his face was unfamiliar.

When they reached the might black horse he appeared to be fine. As Hephaistion entered the

horse's quarters it let out a nicker of displeased greeting to his master's long-time friend.

He didn't like the horse's unsteadiness with his presence. Clearly something was wrong.

Bucephalus had known him for years and the horse had always proved to permit him. Though he

permitted him that didn't mean it was a pleasant permitting. He let Hephaistion know this through the

small head-butts, also through the tiny bites and the stepping on the toes. They had the dysfunctional


This time it was not a playful abuse, it was a threatening one, almost as if he was trying to get

rid of Hephaistion from this place.

Clearly not taking the hint Hephaistion stepped closer to the superb beast. He calmed and

soothed him through small noises and stroking slowly of the fur. Finally, after a minute or two the

horse calmed down. He was quiet letting out small content snorting sounds. Hephaistion let out a small

chuckle and smiled "You are about as proud and stubborn as our Alexander. You suit him better than

he or you know. Sometimes, he-"

A hand clamped around Hephaistion's mouth, while another around his waist. He tried to

muffle and struggle, but a thought rushed into his head. Alexander.

It was definitely Alexander playing a game on him. this was something they would do as

children. So, without struggling Hephaistion muffled under the hand "Awethanser..."

Then the arms tightened, constricting all his air and nearly crushed his ribs. Slowly, steadily,

they crushed him. His life, his breath, his world seemed to fade as his breathed quickened, then slowed

as he went under. This was not Alexander.

Back at dinner and the party the world paused and turned cold for Alexander. He paused in

mid-conversation with Ptolemy and Cleitus. Their laughing stopped as they noticed Alexander's

sudden pause and look of dread.

Only Ptolemy dared to ask "What is it, Alexander? Is something wrong?"

With a quick, alert look around at the faces of the drunken fools and whores around him

Alexander stated absently "I feel as heart has just...failed. Something is not right here.

Something is amiss"

to be continued