A Life Less Ordinary

This story is dedicated to Ange.

As Haley James felt the sparks of envy radiate from every Tree Hill citizen she passed, she felt proud. It never occurred to her that they should be proud of her for her brains, or her service to the community. To her, their envy was enough.

Lucas Scott looked up in surprise when his girlfriend's car pulled into the circular drive of his red brick mansion. He ambled over to her, refusing to hurry.

"I thought I was going to pick you up," he said, eyeing her Juicy sweatsuit.

"What, afraid this'll make you any less of a man? Get in," she said. Lucas appeared to consider his options for a moment. They had, after all, taken his car the previous day, and arguing with Haley was generally not a good idea. Reluctantly he got into the passenger side.

Yes, Haley James did have reasons for her pride. Her red convertible, her popularity, her beauty, her status as cheerleading captain dating the basketball captain made her everything that was enviable in Tree Hill.

"I have basketball practise after school today," he said, as they pulled into the school parking lot and she parked.

"I have cheerleading," she said.

"Cheerleading goes on longer than basketball," he complained. Haley smirked.

"Guess that means you're going to have to hang around for a while longer and stare at me prancing around in a skintight uniform," she said. He smiled, leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.

Haley's smile turned to a frown as another car pulled into the lot: a tired Jeep that had seen many, many better days. Lucas followed her gaze to the two people getting out of it, talking animatedly: a brunette girl with sparkling brown eyes, dressed in inexpensive clothes that she managed to wear with style, and a dark haired boy, Lucas' height, with deep blue eyes and a brilliant smile. The only two people in Tree Hill that Haley truly detested.

Brooke Davis and Nathan Lee.

Lucas smiled at Brooke. He couldn't help it. Haley was his girlfriend and he loved her, but Brooke Davis fascinated him. Haley was so predictable to him. Moody, snappy, but infinitely predictable. He hadn't even truly registered Brooke's existence since a few months previously, but he'd always known she was around.

Of course he did. She was his girlfriend's sister. Half-sister.

Lucas grabbed Haley's arm and attempted to steer her away from the parking lot, hoping inexplicably that she hadn't noticed them, hoping inexplicably that the sight of Bevin with a new hair cut would attract more attention.

It didn't.

"It's amazing what you can do with what resources you have. Your clothes… they're really special," said Haley, smirking at her slightly elder sister.

"I always thought it was amazing what you could do with so little fabric," retorted Brooke angrily, blushing just the same.

Lucas coughed to hide the laugh that rose in his throat, but Brooke noticed, and looked at him oddly. He almost blushed at his imagine in her eyes: just another basketball players infatuated with voluptuous little sister.

"Oh, that stings. Because you know I definitely dress for your opinion," said Haley, rolling her eyes empathetically.

"What, you hear things besides praise? Who knew?" said Brooke.

"I guess that's what we have in common-I'm lacking in hearing and you're lacking in taste," snapped Haley, smirking both at Lucas and Brooke's outfit.

"Knock it off," said Nathan, stepping between them.

"Yeah, because I'm going to listen to you," said Haley, contradicting herself and flouncing off. Lucas offered a half apologetic smile before running off to join her and slipping his arm around her waist, squeezing her ass.

"Sometimes I really, really hate her," fumed Brooke, double-checking her reflection.

"Don't bother. She's just an empty headed cheerleader," said Nathan comfortingly.

"It's even weirder to think that I could have turned out to be like her if our dad had married my mom and not hers," said Brooke. Nathan smiled down at her.

"You could never be like her. First of all I can't see you as head cheerleader…" began Nathan, as the two made their way through the central hallway to their lockers.

"Not that you'd mind," she teased.

"Not that I'd mind," he agreed. It was a silent agreement that he had: they didn't date, because they'd grown up together, but he would acknowledge her as a woman when the topic came up.

"And secondly, like you'd date him," said Nathan, as the other set appeared through the opposite doors. Brooke looked up at Lucas Scott, and noticed instantly the casual way he carried his books, the twinkle in his eyes, the light hair on his face. Brooke gasped as they met eyes and she felt a shiver in her spine.

"God no," she agreed, thankful that he didn't notice.

"Who's that guy that's always hanging around?" wondered Haley, looking spitefully at him.

"Oh, Nathan?" pondered Lucas.

"Sure, whatever. Could he want her more?"

"We don't know that he doesn't have her," said Lucas.

"Please," she said, scoffing at the very idea that Haley James would be anything but not up to date in the latest gossip.

"So, we meeting at your house later?" he asked.

"Why?" she asked innocently.

Lucas smiled. He enjoyed Haley's company, even if their relationship wasn't as healthy as it had once been.

"Because if it's this…" Haley paused to brush a kiss on her unsuspecting boyfriend's lips. "We can do it right here."

As Lucas pulled her into a supply closet, her giggle could be heard along the entire hall.