Hello, all! This was a very random idea I got at around 2:30 in the morning. I ran with it. Please let me know what you think.

Summary: What if characters from Teen Titans, Phantom, KND, Charmed, Harry Potter, and possibly others, met in a chat room, then in real life? If you'd like me to add certain characters, send their names, and possibly a sn for them. I can't promise I'll get them all in.

Characters and SN's

Sakura (me)- ShadowWhisperer
Tomi (Sakura's half-sister)- TomiBabyGirl
Raven- DarkDemonGrl
Erik (Phantom)- angelofmusic
Numbuh 5- IceCreamPrincess (only name I could think of after seeing the episode about the 4th flavor.)
Prue Halliwell- MindOverMatter
Draco Malfoy- C8R2me

At the begginning of each chapter I'll put who's in it and their SN.

Oh, yeah...
> indicates something happening in the real world
"blah-blah-blah" talking in real world
'italicized' thoughts in real world
:blah-blah-blah: actions/thoughts on the computer (The names are in bold face)

Chapter 1

> Sakura sat on her bed, her silver laptop perched on her bed, her fingers flying over its keyboard. After several minutes, she hit enter. PING!
"Your invitations have been sent," her computer informed her in a robotic, mettaliccy voice.
'Awesome' Sakura thought, stretching her arms and yawning, as a door-squeak sound told her that someone had entered the chat room.
TomiBabyGirl- Sakura-chan? What's going on?
ShadowWhisperer- Koniichiwa, Oniichan. (A/N- Sakura and Tomi have lived in Kyoto, Japan for the last...oh, hundred and seven or so years. they're half-elf Koniichiwa means "hello", and Oniichan is a term for older sibling)
DarkDemonGrl- Hey, Sakura.
ShadowWhisperer- Hey.
TomiBabyGirl- "DarkDemonGrl"?
DarkDemonGrl- Shut up.
TomiBabyGirl- :pouts:
angelofmusic- Will somebody please tell me what's going on?
IceCreamPrincess- Really!
ShadowWhisperer- Just wait 'till everyone's here, 'K?
MindOverMatter- Well, they'd better hurry.
C8R2me- I'll say.
>Over the next 15 minutes, or so, several more people arrived.
ShadowWhisperer- OKAY! I'm sure everyone wants to know whats going on, so I'll give it to you briefly- keep it to a minimum of PG-13, or you'll be kicked out, understood?
ballet4eva- Why PG-13 min.?
LiTtLeLoTtE87- Meg, shut up!
DumbFop- Meg?
ShadowWhisperer- OK! No more disscussion of real names
ShadowWhisperer- You can tell someone in an IM ONLY what your real name is ONLY if you choose to and ONLY YOUR name, got it?
>Everyone gave their general agreement.
ShadowWhisperer- OK, go for it!

So, what'd ya' think. I know it was kinda' short, but I was in kind of a hurry. I think I got the basics of it down, though. Anyway, it's time for...random/trivia/logic question! This edition's is...LOGIC! YAY, LOGIC!

The Question:
Who does the screen name "Dumb Fop" belong to?

Just put your guess in your review at the end. First one to review and give the right answer gets a very special prize! (I'm sooooooo serious about the prize. I wanna tell you guys but, in the words of Willy Wonka aka- Johnny Depp. Sakura &Tomi- JOHNNY! "The best kinda' prize is a SUR-prize!)

Koniichiwa! (which also means good-bye in Japanese, like "aloha" hello and good-bye in Hawaiian)
>I Kill Stupid Fops (Yes I changed my screenname...AGAIN!)