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Bad to the Bone

Chapter 1: Kicked Out

It was the last week of Raven Roth's junior year at Saint Raphael's all-girl private high school.

"Just don't do anything stupid!" Were the last words her father said to her before he left for work.

Driving to school, Raven was lecturing herself, for the past three years she's been 'nothing but trouble' at school. Raven was constantly getting suspended or detention and she always ended her school years with only one or two suspensions left until she was expelled. Lucky for her this school started over with their counting every year. She must have gone to at least three different junior highs because she kept getting kicked out of those.

This year, if Raven got suspended one more time, it would be her last. He father also said that if she did get expelled, she was going to be sent to a public school. He thought it was a threat, but Raven was delighted. She thought that is she went one more year without male interaction she would become attracted to girls instead. But she didn't want to disappoint her father because besides him, her brother, and their house keeper who was more of a nanny, everyone else was already disappointed in her.

The first two days at school of that week were fine, but on the third-to-last day of school, Raven got into a fight was a girl who made fun of her because he mother died.

"Raven, you were so close to making it too!" The principal exclaimed, taking a seat behind her desk and facing the already seated Raven. Christie, the girl Raven fought with, was on Raven's right, cradling a fat lip and black eye.

"Sister Elizabeth, Raven attacked me first," Christie exclaimed.

"I don't want to hear it Miss Smith! I know what you did to provoke Miss Roth into attacking you and it was a very low blow. Raven's mother died of heavy blood loss by the way, not shame!" Sister Elizabeth informed Christie, who was looking down in shame.

"Raven, I'm sorry, but the punishment for fighting is suspension and you know you don't have any more free bees. And rules are rules. You may leave to clean out your locker. I will miss you."

"How come Raven gets special treatment?" Christie asked.

"Raven gets 'special treatment' because she talks to me more than any other student. Not including when she's in trouble," Sister Elizabeth replied. Then she continued to give the girl a stern talking to.

Raven went to her locker and emptied out everything that she had in there. On her way out she passed by Christie who was talking to her friends.

"I'm getting suspended for the rest of the year, but it's a fair price for getting rid of Raven Roth! She won't be coming back next year!" Christie said smugly, and just loud enough for Raven to hear while she passed by. And not being able to help herself, Raven shoved Christie right into the locker she was standing in front of face first, then continued walking down the hall way.

Raven threw her stuff into the car, pissed as hell. And boy was he father going to be surprised when he saw her when he came home for lunch. And boy was he.

"Please tell me they're letting you guys come home for lunch," He groaned when he saw Raven at the kitchen table, eating her sandwich.

"I got into a fight," Raven explained.

"Raven, you were so close to making it!" Trenton said groaning again.

"It's all Christie's fault," Raven said.

"I know she's a bitchy whore, but that's no reason to punch her," Trenton exclaimed.

"She insulted Mom, Dad!" Raven said defensively.

"That's really low," Trenton declared, saddened by the thought of his wife who died after child birth with Raven's brother 12 years ago.

"I know it was a long time ago, but it still hurts," Raven said.

"I know, and it hurts me too," Trenton said, "Don't tell him, but sometimes I can't look at your brother."

"Same here, even though I know it's not his fault. Sometimes he thinks it is," Raven said.

"Well, why don't you go get changed and I'll take you out for lunch?" Trenton suggested.

"Dad, I got suspended, shouldn't I be like, grounded, or something, not rewarded?" Raven asked.

"I really don't think that it was your fault. Growing up without your mother has been really hard on you. And I know one of these days you'd be expelled," Trenton said.

"Thanks for believing in me Dad!" Raven cried sarcastically.

"Any time honey," Trenton said, hugging his daughter before letting her go get changed.

After they came back from lunch, Raven was enjoying not being grounded. At three o'clock she left to pick Damian up from school. She figured that if she was home she might as well not make him take the bus which he despised so much because of all the kids picking on him.

Raven pulled up to the school at 3:10, she had five minutes to wait or more so she stuck her Jimmy Eat World CD in.

Walking out of Saint James Junior High, Damian Roth surveyed the street in front of him hoping Nanu had come to pick him up. He did this every day and most of the time his hopes were let down. But you can imagine his shock when he discovered his sister's custom Ford F1-50 that was black with red flames sitting front and center. If the paint job didn't give it away as his sister's car, then the Jimmy Eat World blaring from the open windows into the hot California air did.

Raven found her brother and turned the music down. "Damian, get in, we're going for ice cream!"

"Alright! Hey wait a minute; you don't get out of school for another 15 minutes!" Damian exclaimed.

"Au contraire! I got out at eleven!" Raven said, pulling out of the line of waiting moms and heading towards the nearest Baskin Robins.

"You got a half day!" Damian complained.

"You want a little cheese with that wine? No, I didn't get a half day," Raven replied.

"You got expelled?" Damian asked eagerly.

"Why are you so excited about that?" Raven inquired.

"Well, Dad said that if you get to go to public school then I could too. And besides, your stories about the fights and things that get you suspended are really good," Damian said.

"You're cute kid," Raven said.

"Raven, I got another detention because of Marcus," Damian told her.

"What did you go to get this detention?" Raven asked.

"He threw food at me last week so today I got him back by, um, putting itching powder in his jock strap," Damian confessed.

"That's awesome! You know, you should do as much stuff to the people who picked on you as possible on the last day of school, because you won't be seeing them next year," Raven suggested.

"Yeah, I should! But I owe you one! Now I'm going to get to go to school with Tommy!" Damian exclaimed, referring to his best friend who lived next door who went to public school.

Raven pulled into a parking spot right up front and she and Damian got out. They got pints of ice cream and then went home to eat them.

They got home around 3:45 and they played video game together before Nanu told them to clean up and help her make dinner around 4:30. It was ready at 5:30 when Trenton came home. Damian told his father that he had gotten another detention. His father wasn't disappointed at all, or ever mad.

After anything from dinner was cleaned up, the Roth family and Nanu went into the family room to watch Case Closed which TiVo had recorded that morning. When that was done they watched their other show that was on TV on Wednesdays. By the time both shows were over it was only 9 o'clock so everyone just did whatever they wanted. Damian sat in his room and wrote until 10, Raven was ready, and Trenton was finishing up some work.

The last two days of school for Damian were fairly easier for him because Raven drove him to and from school. On the last day he did pull a load of pranks and tricks on the people who had made his like a living hell. He never got caught either because Raven helped him plan everything out to make sure he wasn't going to get caught.

They spent the rest of the summer buying new clothes that they could wear to school. Raven and Damian must have ordered things from a dozen times.

By the time school started on August 29, the Roth kids had brand new wardrobes.

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

Seventeen year old Richard Grayson was like any normal kid, except for the fact that he was always in trouble and he had an identical twin brother named Ryan. He came from the second wealthiest family in all of Gotham, second only to the Roths. But he didn't like to think about that because many people tried to use him because they wanted the money that 'came with the package.' Richard and Ryan were both sent to Saint Paul's all-boy private high school. Ryan always had better grades and didn't even have one detention on his record unlike Richard who had so many detentions and suspensions for the first three years of high school the school had lost count and gotten very frustrated. Frustrated enough that he only had one last chance and then they were going to kick him out.

Richard used up that one last chance on the first day of the last week of school. They were in the cafeteria for the last lunch of the day, there were only two hours left in the school day. He couldn't help himself, Rich stood up and threw his pudding at a random person and yelled food fight. The cafeteria was thrown into automatic pandemonium and just about all the food that had been paid for was being thrown around. It took the administrators about ten minutes to assemble and then make it down to the cafeteria.

The lunch ladies hadn't been paying attention to who had started it and most of the students didn't know who started the fight. The person who ratted out Rich was his own brother, Ryan. This proved that even though the only physical thing different about that was their finger prints and Rich's six pack, the Grayson twins were two completely different people.

"Richard Grayson, we meet again," The principal, Father Miocene, said.

"Hello Father Miocene," Richard said, not bothering to look up at him.

"Richard, why would you do something like this?" He asked.

"I don't know," Rich replied.

"I think you do know. Subconsciously maybe, but I think you do know. You haven't had much time to think about it though. But you know what this means. You've used up your last chance and I'm going to have to expel you. You can go get your things and leave," Father Miocene said, trying to get it over with. He and Rich had become closer than any other student to pass through the school while he was the principal.

"Am I being suspended?" Rich asked.

"Yes, that's the punishment for this sort of thing. And you should have known better than to do that. You know that this school has a very low tolerance for any sort of interruption. We will be contacting your parents; we just didn't think it was necessary to bring them here because we are aware of their busy schedules.

"Alright, I guess this is good bye," Rich said, standing up from his usual chair and exiting without saying anything further.

He walked down the hall way to what had been his locker for the last year. He emptied out the few things he had left in there and threw them in his back pack. He went to his gym locker and took all of the things he had in there also. Walking out of school, Rich tried to remember where he had parked his car. It only took him a second to locate it, his parents had bought him the car for his 16th birthday, it was a black Ford Escape with red stripes. It was a custom color and the inside had leather seats. Rich and his brother were so different that they couldn't really stand to be too close to each other so his brother had a different car. It was a white Escape with nothing special added to it, it didn't even have leather seats.

Rich climbed into his car and threw his back pack into the back of it. He took off in the car. Leaving the school behind him, Rich took out his cell phone and called his dad to tell him what had happened.

"Wayne Enterprises, how may I help you?" The receptionist said.

"Hey, this is Richard Grayson; could I speak to my father?" Rich asked.

"Just a minute Mr. Grayson, let me transfer you," The receptionist said.

"Bruce Wayne, how may I help you?" Bruce answered the phone.

"Hey Dad, it's me, Rich," Rich said.

"Richard, you're supposed to be in school, why are you calling me?" Bruce asked, even though he pretty much knew what the reason was.

"I got expelled Dad," Rich said.

"I knew this would happen, what did you do this time?" Bruce asked.

"I started a food fight," Rich said, as he turned the corner into the development that he lived in, West Winds.

"You started a food fight, why in the world would you do that?" Bruce asked.

"I don't know, I just did it," Rich replied.

"You know what this means, you're going to have to go to public school next year," Bruce said.

"I know, and actually, I'm glad. If I had one more year with just guys, I think I might become gay, and I think that's already happened to little brother Ryan," Rich said.

"He's not that much younger than you, you know," Bruce said, surprising Rich that he wasn't told off for calling his brother gay.

"I know, but he's still my little brother," Rich replied.

"Okay, you had a food fight, that's two days suspension, but you've also been expelled, alright, you're grounded for a week and a half.

"Alright," Rich said in mock depression, he really didn't have many friends to hang out with so it just meant a week and a half without his laptop; he had plenty of good books to read. And he knew his mom wasn't going to add anything more, she usually didn't like to punish her sons.

Rich pulled into the drive way and parked his car in the back of it. He took his key out of his pocket and entered in through the kitchen door.

"Rich, what are you doing home?" The housekeeper, Darcy, asked.

"I got expelled from school," Rich said casually, grabbing an apple from the bowl on the table, rubbing it on his shirt and then taking a bite. He walked up to his room where he unloaded his back pack.

Later that night he took all of his stuff that he wasn't going to need anymore and burned it in the fire pit. He spent the rest of the five days he had free of Ryan doing various things around the house, because as soon as summer break hit and Ryan was home, Rich was not going to be. He had plenty of girls to scout. Being in an all boys school made it very difficult to get a girl friend. On the third day of him being out of school he was outside reading when he saw a very pissed Raven driving by in her truck. After all of these years living in West Winds, he had never seen either of the Roth children, even though the only live about three streets behind him. They were usually out of school and home by the time his school was out so this is the first time he had seen her. At that time he had no clue who it was, all he knew was that she was really hot. But it was weird, seeing a girl go by in a car that looked similar to his. Their cars had the exact same colors but she had flames instead of stripes.

When he got home he asked Darcy about it.

"Hey Darcy, do you know any family that has a teenage girl, about my age who drives a truck?" Richard asked, because during the day, Darcy had nothing better to do then look out the windows and spy on the neighbors.

"Yeah, I knew a few. If you tell me what the truck looks like, I could probably tell you who the girl is," Darcy said.

"It's a black 2005 Ford F1-50 and it has red flames," Rich described.

"That truck belongs to Raven Roth, she has black hair with artificial red highlights. She goes to Saint Raphael's all-girls high school," Darcy said.

'Damn, she's got to be way to preppy for me. And she probably won't even give me a second glance if she were to find out about my record,' Rich thought.

"Rumor has it though that she's been expelled recently, and I'm guessing you just saw her and wanted to know more about her because she's attractive. I have reason to believe that if the rumor that she's been expelled is true then she will be going to Gotham City High School," Darcy informed him.

"That's where I'm going, right?" Rich asked.

"Yes, that's where you're going. Why don't you go make yourself acquainted with her?
Darcy suggested.

"I think I will," Rich said, but he never actually got around to it until later that summer when Ryan was done with school.

"Ha, you have to go to public school with those poor people! And you're going to have to put up with all those girls!" Ryan said.

"You're not helping your case against my suspicion that you're gay," Rich said as he left the kitchen and took his car over to Raven's house to meet her.

He knocked on the door and a thirteen year old boy answered it.

"Who are you?" Damian asked.

"I'm Richard Wayne, I've come to meet your sister, Raven," Rich said.

"She's not interested," Damian replied, shutting the door in Rich's face. He knocked on the door.

"I told you she wasn't interested," Damian said, opening the door up again. And before he could close it, Rich had his hand in the way, stopping that from happening.

"Listen, could I just talk to her? I've heard she's been expelled and it going to be going to Gotham City High School next year. I've been suspended from my school too and I just want to talk to her," Rich said.

"Yeah right, just talk, I'm sure. You probably saw her and your dick did the thinking for you," Damian said. And then Raven made her appearance.

"Damian, I can handle this, Nanu made lunch, why don't you go eat yours," Raven said.

"Hi, you must be Raven. My name is Richard Wayne. I heard that you got expelled from your private high school. I too have expirenced the same fate. I believe we are both going to be attending the same public high school this fall and I came here to meet you in hopes of having at least one friend when I went to school," Rich introduced himself.

"Alright, please don't tell me you talk like that all the time or else I'm going to shut the door right now," Raven said.

"No I don't, I've just been raised to attempt to make a good first appearance," Rich said.

"So have I, follow me, I'm sure there's some extra lunch you can have," Raven said.

"I already ate," Rich replied.

"Good," Raven responded.

"So, am I right that you're going to be going to the same school as me?" Rich asked.

"Yeah, it's true," Raven said, somewhat smiling. They sat down at the kitchen table and Damian glared at Rich.

"My school kicked me out too and my dad's sending me to the public high school too. I'm just so glad because I really need to get away from my twin brother. We are the worst twins ever," Rich said.

"How so?" Raven asked.

"He is completely opposite from me. I'm pretty much the evil twin because the worst thing he's ever done is skipped a class because he had a doctor's appointment," Rich said.

"So your brother's a pansy?" Raven asked.

"Yes, he is, I was going to say that and I'm so glad that you did," Rich said, "But I'm just glad to be leaving my old school because I'm getting away from him. And it was an all boys school and if I spent one more year there I think I was going to become gay like my brother. That's not proven yet, so keep that on the down low."

"I had the exact same thought when I got kicked out of my school!" Raven said.

Raven and Robin talked for a little while longer until Robin's got a call from his nervous brother wondering where he was.

"It's been nice meeting you Raven, and I'm sure hope we can do it again sometime, but I've been gone for over 15 minutes so Ryan's freaking out," Rich said.

Raven showed him back to the front door. She opened it for him and she stood outside on the porch while she watched him walk towards the car that's paint job looked like hers.

"By the way, your first impression was ruined when my little brother busted you for one of the reasons why you came over here," Raven said.

"What?" Rich asked, not remembering what that was.

"When he said your dick did all the thinking for you in this decision," Raven reminded him.

"You are very attractive," Rich retorted before he climbed into his car. Before taking off down the street Rich saw Raven in his rear view mirror with was looked like a slight blush on her face. He chuckled to himself. He wasn't gay after all.

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