Sometimes we are blinded from the truth and hurt those who are important. We must learn to move on, but If destiny brought one another together again, will you be able to get a another chance?

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Chapter 2: Farewell

Farewell false love, the oracle of lies, A mortal foe and enemy to rest, An envious boy, from whom all cares arise, A bastard vile, a beast with rage possessed, A way of error, a temple full of treason, In all effects contrary unto reason.

-Sir Walter Raleigh

Sakuras POV:

The faint music and the sounds of the crickets filled her mind and once again she found solace.

The brightness of the moon had reflected on the small pond as the young woman had sat down beside it, dipping the tips of her fingers into the cool water. She finally was alone. It was always better alone. But didn't it bring sadness either way? Thoughts had mixed into her head as she began to contemplate the events that were quickly passing by her just as a bitter wind leaving swiftfully without notice.

Why had she told herself that she had finally gotten over him after having hope that they would once again be together? Was it the fact that he promised that he would always protect her? But protecting and loving were two entirely different things that she couldn't get her mind to process. She was only 18 for gods sake! How could she possibly understand what love was? Was this just a teenage phase that was bound to happen?

Things began compiling on top of each other and that was beginning to break Sakura apart. But she wasn't going to leave Tomoyos party. She was her best friend damn it and she was going to stay until the last bloody guest leaves. Even if she had to face him. Sakura clenched her hand bag as she stood up and made her way back within the great hall.

Syaorans POV

Ah parties, one of the many things he hated the most. Looking about the famously detailed hall, he glanced about the glorious paintings that were painted above the celiing and the detailed interior designing from the crimson curtains to the perfectly crafted chinaware. After, he stared about the people, drawing in their conversations and speaking of the latest gossip. This might as well have been a masquarade since almost everyone had a mask that had covered their true selves. He understood this more than anyone else.

Taking another shot of his drink, he settled back in his dazing world. What was so noble of him anyways? How could people possibly put up with him? Drinking only numbed his pain, but he was glad for it since the liquir was killing him slowly. Hopefully he would die with tremendous suffering, he deserved it. Out of the crowds, he saw a slender small figure appear at the entrance. He studied her every movement as she shyly made her way through the crowds. He glanced at her hands as they nervously began fiddling around her dress. This was something that she had done occassionaly. When he saw her do this, he didn't feel as annoyed as he did before. Was it because she finally wasn't his? Why was the hell was he thinking of this? He only cared for her now. Noone else. The past was the past. Even Sakura should have understood that.

"Honey, do you want another drink?" The intoxicating scent of her filled his nostrils, but after staring into her face he felt different.

She paused waiting for a response, yet she didn't receive one. Syaoran continued his intent watch, thinking of the question that came to him everyday: was he satisfied?

Suddenly warm, lucious lips pressed gently against his. This was one of her wakeup calls that he was so well aquainted with. He watched her as she walked towards the bar.

He was happy, wasn't he? He had an amazing woman by his side that wanted his love more than anything. He was a young, wealthy, intelegent man whose high school years were finally over. What more could a guy ask for? Hes found what he wanted, theres no doubt about it. But something odd had occurred to him that he had never felt before. Why was it that right when Shang Huey's lips plunged into his. that a familiar face appeared? What the hell was this?

"Excuse me sir, you wanted to see me?"

The frightened young man had crept into the dim light that had overshadowed piles of documents and papers. Looking about the room he wasn't able to make out anything but only darkened outlines of foreign objects. Out of curiousity he looked over at the desk letting his eyes wander about until he had met the cold deep eyes of the man. Realizing his mistake, he took a step backwards and took in a heap of breath.

"I don't need that curiosity shit of yours understand asshole?" spat the man.

The darkened figure flipped over files and documents as his hands scurried about dumping files from here to there. After looking for half a minute he took out a red colored file and glanced at it for a moment and opened it.

"Hmmm Tohru is it?"

Just as an instinct he nodded quicker than the speed of light, still frightened from the crackled voice that made him jump back and bumps that began to tingle all around his arms.

"Yes sir."

A few moments of silence stood between them before the man spoke again.

"Is there something you want to tell me or are you just going to stand here like a wimpering dog? Tell me what you know about her that I couldn't possibly know."

After brushing his hand through his hair, he quickly took out a file and placed it onto the desk as the man quickly snatched it and opened it. After glancing at it for a long period of time, a smirk grew across his face. Slowly had had ran his fingers on a rich velvet box as he pulled out two fine imported cigars. Lighting both of them he held one out to Tohru as he slowly grabbed it.

"Well lad I think you just gave me the inspiration I needed."

Scattered on the desk were now dozens of photos. He had now gained enough evidence to obtain his goal. To capture his rightful prize.

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