A/N: Pardon my french. Literally. I'm an ameteur at French, so please don't laugh (kidding. you can if you want.). Short beginning chappie! Enjoy!

Seto Kaiba stood tall and proud, as well as bored, as he made his way along the busy morning streets in Domino City on his way to another day of wasting his time at a most dreadful school he was forced to share with the friendship club. Normally, he would call for a ride to spare him the task of walking, but this particular morning he didn't very much want to be trapped in that stuffy limousine if he was going to be trapped in a crowded classroom all day.

Swinging his schoolbag over his shoulder casually, he glared down at admiring girls, jealous boys, and running-late adults scattering the sidewalks. He sighed knowing his day would hardly improve. He checked the street clock as he passed by, seeing he had plenty of time to get to school. As he neared a street corner, he stopped to wait to cross noticing a distressed teenage girl standing next to him. She wore a red and tan uniform, proving she went to another school somewhere in the area. Her red hair was pulled into a loose braid that whipped around almost dangerously as she frantically looked up at the street corner, to a map in her hand, and a slip of paper with something scribbled in a foreign language.

Kaiba had to step back a bit to avoid getting whipped by the girl's braid. He couldn't help but notice a small Blue Eyes keychain attached to her bag, silently watching the busy streets around it. The girl's grey colored eyes were studying the map with worry, obviously unable to read it judging by her reactions.

The manners seeped their way out on their own, so in turn, Kaiba couldn't help but ask, "Are you lost?" in his usual, uncaring, bored, I'm-better-than-you tone.

"Excusez-moi," the girl questioned, looking up more confused than before.

Kaiba asked once more with a bit of agitation, half towards the slow light, the other half towards the clueless teenager.

"Parlez lentement, s'il vous plait," she replied. She hastily looked down to a dictionary of some kind and replied back in Japanese, and in very bad pronunciation, "I speak little Japanese." She bit her lip embarrassingly and looked up at him, really having to look up for his height was a good six inches or more than where she stood.

The brunette had to think way back to his foreign language studies, remembering a few phrases and words. Rolling his eyes at the inconvenience this was causing him he asked where she was going.

She pointed to a school on the map, but the map was in Japanese so she most likely couldn't read it judging by her speech. He began pointing to things and trying his best to explain how to get there, utterly confused why anyone who couldn't speak Japanese was going to school in Japan.

When he finished his explanation and charades, she thanked him and stopped to ask, "Comment vous appellez-vous?" which he figured out by watching her hand motions and her last comment, "Je m'appelle Adeline." Adeline smiled and pointed to herself politely.

"Kaiba," he replied expressionlessly. He straightened up as she thanked him and hurried off in another direction as the light changed. He figured she wouldn't last a day here, especially after seeing some of the other students going to the same school. They were tough, mean, wealthy teens that Kaiba preferred not to learn with. He had actually chosen Domino High over that dreadful place they called Nigai Academy. He shrugged and crossed the street calmly and entered the school gates of Domino High, watching Yugi's fan club gather round the petit boy as they did every single day. He inwardly gagged at the sight and continued on quietly and remained quiet the entire school day, as usual. Kaiba's day was just same old, same old and dragged on and on making the urge to do something productive like improve a program on his laptop or duel deck so strong he almost stood up and walked out of the classroom. But instead, he remained his seat and immersed himself in a novel until the end of the day. The school bell never sounds so nice until the end and of course after the school cleaning. Kaiba just hated o soji, but loved the chance to go home and enjoyed the exhausted looks upon his rival's face proving to himself he was still the stronger man. He walked to the car waiting for him up front briskly, taking no time to enjoy the nice day and became engulfed by his book once more as he was driven away.