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Chapter 1

Four, powerful, black legs raced through the snow covered fields of Scotland, reaching speeds that would rival a firebolt at its fastest. The beast took a powerful leap clear over a small river as piercing green eyes scanned the area for any danger and two tails ringed with silver floated behind it delicately. A thin, silver lighting bolt scar could be visible on the forehead among the thick black fur.

"Weee! Faster Harry, Faster!" squealed a slender girl with long, curly black hair pulled into a high ponytail. She was perched on the back of the fire cat, holding his powerful sides fast between her thighs and gripping the ebony hair of his mane. She loved the rides she could get out of the love of her life. Just a few cute pouts and some eye lash fluttering and she could get just about anything from him. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't realize that the animagus had eventually slowed to a stop until the body underneath her transformed into a much smaller, humanoid one.

"Harry!" she screamed as she suddenly found herself piggybacking the laughing nineteen year old, "Don't do that you jerk!"

She began repeatedly whacking him on the head with her free hand as her other arm wrapped around his neck.

"Ack! Bridget! You're killing me!" Harry choked trying to get her off him, "I'm sorry I was tired and I promised your dad I'd have you home before dinner!"

He threw himself forward in a last ditch effort that resulted in Bridget flipping over his head and falling into his arms.

"Why are you such a pain in the ass?" he asked as she giggled cutely, "I should just leave your ass here."

Bridget extracted herself from Harry's arms and turned to face him, smiling, "Don't act all bad ass with me just because my father somehow managed to convince the PTB to let you take over the guardianship of the damn gate. At least I plan on finishing my magical education unlike SOME people I know. Then I can whip you."

Harry let out a playful growl, quite used to the friendly banter the two of them shared.

"Hey, I'm 'dead' remember? It's not like I can waltz back into school anytime I fell like it. And what the hell are you talking about? You haven't even started school yet. You've got one more year left, kiddo."

Bridget scowled, "Don't call me kiddo. You'll be calling me your bitch in a few years."

"Yeah," Harry snorted, "once you hit puberty? Don't talk to me like that; you make me sound like a pedophile."

"You can't cheat fate, Harry. Dad is hundreds of years older than the women he dates."

"Key word being women," Harry replied.

"I'm plenty woman," Bridget declared while sticking out her flat chest, "Just check out these babies."

Harry snorted, "Yeah, come on, we've got to get back for dinner."

Bridget held onto Harry's arm as they disappeared in a swirl of smoke.



"What took you so long?" Alaina asked as she saw her sister and her former crush appear in her uncle's kitchen. She had been preparing drinks for the adults, "You were going to miss the New Years Eve party."

Every year their uncle Sesshomaru who lived in Japan would host a little get together of friends and family on new years. This year wasn't any different.

"Why would that matter? It's not like dad will let me have any alcohol anyway," Bridget groused, "Unless..."

Harry caught the look she was giving him.

"Oh no," he said backing away, "Don't even ask. Your dad would catch me; he always does!"

But Bridget ignored his pleas, opting to give him the most adorable amber puppy eyes imaginable.

"Not the eyes...no...must...resist..." Harry ground out, turning his face away from her.

"Please? Pleasy, pleasy, pleasy?"

"Pleasy what?" Inuyasha asked, stepping into the kitchen. Harry could never figure out why Inuyasha seemed to have such a problem when Alaina was attracted to him, but when Bridget was all over him he didn't seem to care.

"Your small child just wants to get into that twenty-year-old's pants again," Kouga answered, walking up right behind him.

"I'm nineteen, not twenty," Harry told the wolf demon, who shrugged.

"Yeah," Bridget agreed, "and if I had any desire to be in Harry's pants at this time I'd be there."

Inuyasha looked at Harry with raised eyebrows.

"No she wouldn't!" Harry said quickly.

"I would too!" Bridget exclaimed

"No, you wouldn't," Harry bit out, avoiding eye contact with her father.

"Just get over yourself and admit it already. You want my hot bod."

"What bod? You come up to my elbows!"

"How dare you! I come up to your pectorals!"

A red headed woman with jade eyes and pointed ears stepped into the kitchen next and promptly smacked Kouga upside the head, "See what you've started?"

"Ouch! Ayame," her mate whined pathetically, "I didn't do anything!"

"Cry about it, why don't you?" Shippo laughed, walking in from another room. Like everyone else in the house, he was in his natural demon form, keeping his short, wavy auburn hair and aqua colored eyes. He was much shorter than the rest of the men reaching only 5'9'', which apparently was natural for kitsune demons.

Shortly following him was a woman a few inches under than him with black hair slicked back into a tight bun and bright, crimson eyes.

"How about I give you something to cry about," she growled at Shippo while baring her fangs, "You always have some smart ass comment for everything, don't you?"

"Come on Souten, I was just joking. He knows that," he said nervously while backing away from his mate.

"And that Harry is why I'm not married," Inuyasha concluded as they observed the bickering couples. Harry nodded solemnly in understanding.

"You are not married because no woman feels the need to be subjected to your uncouth attitude and appalling lack of manners until her untimely death. Do not even get me started on why you cannot get a mate," a cold and superior voice drawled.

Harry turned to see Inuyasha's older half-brother Sesshomaru, who was hosting the little get together for the turn of the century. Sesshomaru was around the same height as Inuyasha with long, strait, silver locks pulled into a low pony tail and was never was seen without a tailor-made suit. The two brothers were about as opposite as night and day when it came to personalities; Sesshomaru being the refined and classy one and Inuyasha taking the part as the rugged, outspoken brother. Though they slightly resembled each other in hair and eye color, Sesshomaru's features were more aristocratic than Inuyasha's, with his smooth, pointed face, slimmer eyebrows, sharper nose, thinner lips, and demonic nobility markings.

"I heart you too Fluffy," Inuyasha said languidly. Harry snorted into his drink. He couldn't picture anyone other than Inuyasha saying something like that to this guy.

"Your grammar is atrocious," was the indifferent reply, "Don't speak to me."

"Come on, Fluffernutter, you love me. You do." Inuyasha said, poking his brother repeatedly in the stomach. The demon simply raised a delicate eyebrow.

"If it weren't for the fact that you are clinically insane, I would kill you," Sesshomaru stated, stepping away from the offending finger.

"Alaina darling, would you be a dear and get your uncle a drink?" Rin asked, walking up to her mate and putting a calming hand on his forearm. There was no one on the face of the earth who could get the Inuyoukai worked up like his own brother. Rin had grown into an extraordinary woman over time, both strong and beautiful, with long, silken black hair and warm, chocolate eyes. The perfect mate for the former Lord of the Western lands and no one could tell him any different.

"Way ahead of you," Alaina said, handing over a scotch. Harry laughed at the family's antics. His family's antics.

The next couple hours were filled with laughter, stories and drinks. Harry got to see a lot of Inuyasha's kids who were grown and had their own lives. Most of them inherited their father's amber eyes but only a few actually got the silver hair and even fewer with the dog ears. Apparently those were recessive genes.

The countdown was about to start in another minute and everyone was situated in the grandiose living room to watch the ball drop in New York on the television.

"So, who are you going to kiss?" Harry asked Inuyasha slyly seeing that every female there was either related to him or mated.

"You of course!" Inuyasha replied enthusiastically and reached out to grab him, "Let's practice."

"Get away from me," Harry laughed dodging away from the hanyou's arms, "I'm going to kiss one of you're daughters!"

"Not if you're busy sucking face with me."

"Eww, no, you like dead chicks, not live, little boys."

"Yeah, right, you're almost as tall as me..."

The laughter suddenly died on Inuyasha's face to be replaced with a look of deep concern.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, thinking it was something he said. But before Inuyasha could answer, he felt it as well. There was a sharp tug somewhere around his stomach and something in the back of his mind was telling him something as terribly wrong.

"What is that?" he whispered, so not to attract any attention from the partiers. Inuyasha blinked a few times before meeting Harry's eyes.

"There's something wrong with your gate if you're feeling what I'm feeling."

"Yeah, I think your right. But how do I know what you're feeling?"

"You just know, ok?"

"Um...ok," Harry said, but the tugging got harder and dread began to fill his body. It felt like his whole ribcage was starting to shake and there was nothing he could do to stop it. "What do I do?"

"We've got to go check out our gates. We should probably be back before anyone notices and then I can get my kiss."

"Ugh, I think I'll take my time," Harry said before dissolving into an inconspicuous wisp of smoke. Inuyasha forced a small smile before disappearing as well.



There's the sequel to Demon Hunter. YAAAAAY!

Nothing really happened in this chappy, it was mostly to let you know what was going on in life.

And just to clear a few things up:

— This is three years after the big battle.

--Harry studied and learned to become an animagus, and Inuyasha managed to bitch the PTB into letting him take over the ninth gate of hell.

--Inuyasha and Morgana didn't last. She's still teaching at Hogwarts.

--Harry lives with Inuyasha for now, he's practically family.

--Inuyasha is as tall as fluffy because he's all growed up now, kapiesh? And fluffy plays better with others, much to the work of Rin.

--There IS a reason this is calls Millennium.

--Yes, there will be Kagome, be patient.

--Inuyasha was just joking about kissing Harry...unless you want him to.